Dark Obsession

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I came in off the busy street and stepped into the elevator along with dozens of others. We packed tightly into the small compartment, all pressed into each other as the elevator started to rise. I could feel the flesh of others all around me, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary at first. By the fifth floor, however, after a couple of stops that let off only a couple of people, I was aware of a bulging protrusion that was pressing against my ass.

There was no doubt at all in my mind as to what it was. It was a hard, stiff cock that was demanding attention, and it had definitely gained mine. It moved about a little until it found my ass crack and then probed along it. I should have moved discreetly away as best I could, but it felt good and I didn’t move a muscle at first. Instead, I glanced over my shoulder to see a tall, elegant-looking black man in a suit. He smiled slightly and I could feel a surge in his penis as it pressed into my posterior.

Unashamedly, I flexed my ass to caress his big tool and began to imagine what that cock might look like. From what I could feel I could tell it was enormous and hot. At the 14th floor, more people got out and it was less crowded, but still he remained pressed against me and his cock was now throbbing against my buttocks. Then I felt his fingers caress my ass cheek and a wave of erotic sensation rippled through my whole body. I could feel the juices oozing from my pussy and beginning to run down my thigh. His cock had control of my mind.

But then the elevator reached the 17th floor, my floor. I was tempted to stand still and ride his cock as high as he would take me, but the practical side of me suddenly overcame my fantasy and I lurched forward out of the elevator just before the doors closed again and carried the mystery cock further up the high-rise.

I found my way, hot with excitement and a little wobbly, to the offices of Laidlow Enterprises, where I was a secretary for Mr. Laidlow. Mr. Laidlow was an elderly gentlemen who had never made a pass at me and was a paragon of virtue. It never even occurred to me that he had a cock until now, but I was suddenly so horny that I would have seized on any cock in sight. But his wasn’t.

I tried to put all this out of my mind as I dropped my handbag on my desk and went to the kitchenette to fix Mr. Laidlow’s coffee. He was always there before I arrived and I carried his coffee into his office and said, “Good morning, Mr. Laidlow.” Mr. Laidlow mumbled a thank you but did not look up, so he never noticed my rosy complexion and excited look. tuzla ukraynalı escort He simply handed me a file and asked me to take care of it.

I returned to my desk and started to work, but the image of a hard, stiff, beautiful, ebony cock kept coming back to me. I pecked away at my computer fitfully, but soon let my right hand wander under my skirt, pulling down my panty hose a bit so I could reach my pussy. I fingerfucked myself feverishly, rubbing my dripping clitoris into a hot, swollen love button.

I had almost fingered myself into an orgasm when Mr. Laidlow buzzed me. I somehow composed myself and scurried into his office, where he asked me for a group of files. I got the files and brought them to him. Then I returned to my own office and settled down to my work at the computer. Yet the big black cock lingered in my mind.

I couldn’t get away from the image of a glistening black shaft that had just come out of my cunt, still wet from my fingerfucking. I imagined running my tongue along it slowly and then closing my mouth over its head and sucking eagerly.

There were more interruptions that tore me away from this fantasy, as people came in to see Mr. Laidlow, or he called me in for some new chore. Yet the big black cock never left my mind entirely. I was eager to suck it. I wanted to suck it and feel it cum in my mouth. I imagined its climax in three or four long steady squirts of hot cum into my throat, and I could even taste the salty flavor that I knew it would have. I couldn’t explain this obsession with a penis I had never actually even seen, yet had felt sensuously in the elevator this morning.

At noon I went to lunch with Annie Benson, from the Order Department. We were good friends and had often gone off together on weekends. We’d check in at some resort and look for guys to buy us drinks or dinner and then give us a good fuck. Sometimes we were lucky. Other times we ended up in our room licking each other’s pussies and at least having a good orgasm. Yet I wasn’t sure I was ready to talk to Annie about my dark meat obsession.

We went down to the cafeteria on the second floor, went through the line, and sat down at a table in the middle of the restaurant. We chatted about nothing in particular, but when we were almost finished eating I noticed that at a nearby table was the black man in the elevator, seated with a sexy black woman. She was vivacious and obviously playing up to the man. Her stylish, if simple white dress showed off a great figure and the nipples of her breasts were prominent tuzla rus escort through the dress’s material.

But what I most noticed was the obvious bulge in the man’s trousers. As they got up to leave, he made no effort to conceal this, and he walked right past our table with his cock pushing his pants out in front of him to a scandalous degree that no one could mistake. He smiled at me as he passed our table and I know I blushed again, but also felt another surge of electricity ripple through my pussy. Once more I held the image of his huge black cock before my eyes and, oh, how much I wanted to suck it.

“Do you know that guy?” asked Annie, aware of my fascination with him.

“Oh, no, not really, I just see him in the elevator sometimes,” I replied nonchalantly.

The afternoon was a repeat of the morning. Work kept me occupied and little chores occasionally took my mind off the cock, but it kept coming back. I kept fingerfucking myself and licking my fingers when no one was in the office. At one point I went up on the Internet and looked up some porn sites to find images of what I was craving. I watched Megacockcravers.com for awhile, but was scared that Mr. Laidlow might catch me watching porn on company time, so I quit that. But it made me hornier than ever. By the time quitting time came I was ready to find any cock at all and go down on it. Gawd, I was horny!

I actually quit a little early, making excuses, and descended quickly on an empty elevator to the street level. On my way to the subway I passed an “adult” shop, and couldn’t resist going in and looking at their big dildos. I could feel my white cunt twittering as I saw a handsome big black toy penis, battery-operated with trigger control. I felt like I wanted that inside me RIGHT NOW! It was expensive, but I bought it and hurried out of the shop and down into the bowels of New York City, my dildo tucked away in a plastic bag in my hot little hand. My apartment was only a short stop from my subway stop, but I couldn’t get home fast enough, eager to try out my new toy. I fumbled with my keys, but finally got the door open, the image of the black man’s massive cock still looming in my brain.

I kicked off my shoes, and headed for the bedroom, but stopped off at the kitchen to pour myself a stiff rye and soda. I was ready to relax a little now, but still obsessed by the cock of my dreams.

I had an enormous urge to get naked. I pulled off my sweater and unsnapped my bra, letting it fall to the floor as I unbuttoned my skirt and let it drop, escort bayan too. I peeled away my panty hose and flopped back on the bed, admiring my slim, curvy body in the dresser mirror opposite the bed.

I pulled the box out of the bag and tore it open. It was easy to figure out where the batteries went, but I was so keyed up that I dropped one and had to scramble under the bed to find it before I got it right.

I rubbed my cunt with my hand, it was warm and juicy, and no lubrication was needed for me to ease the large dildo between the lips of my pussy and into my aching cunt. Oooooh – that felt so good. As I pushed it in further I started its motor and tingled with sensation as the dildo sent little vibrations of ecstasy from my cunt throughout my body. I moaned with pleasure as I pushed it hard up into my steaming cunthole while my other hand fingered my clitoris and began to massage it gently.

The pent-up pleasure that had been suppressed all day now came surging forth and made me feel heavenly. I moaned and screamed with pleasure as I pumped the black cock in and out of my pussy. I pulled the trigger harder and the cock began to make strong, slow surges, like it was cumming in me. I felt SO great.

I was near cumming myself and as I took my fingers off my clit and put them in my mouth to taste my love juice I felt the first wave of orgasm sweep over my whole being. I kept jabbing the dildo, sliding it in and out, stimulating more and more sensation from my cunt, as a second, and then a third magnificent wave consumed me. I pictured the black man in my mind, pulling his dripping cock from my pussy and straddling my chest so he could thrust it into my mouth. I pulled the dildo from between my legs and brought it to my mouth, licking my juice from it eagerly and still moaning from the passion with which I had fucked myself.

I sipped my rye, and then took a shower, pleased with myself and a little less horny. Yet by the time I dried off and walked back into the bedroom and noticed the huge black dildo lying on the bed, I once more felt a twinge of desire to do it all again. I pushed my fingers into my cunt as if to say “shush,” but it only kindled the fire anew. Once more I rammed the dildo into my cunt and once more I began to fuck myself into a frenzied ecstasy of cunt-love until I had cum again. And yet again!

I ate a little supper and then let the black cock bring me off once more before I fell asleep, leaving the toy in my cunt all night. I dreamed nice dreams of licking the balls of a real black cock and watching it spurt its creamy cum from the strong, hard shaft beyond.

By morning I was back to normal and off to work. I have never seen the black man again, but I have his hard black cock all to myself, and it frequently brings me a new taste of the pleasure I felt that night.

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