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As the door was pulled closed behind her, Dr Jade Cointreau was hit by a wave of scent. The small cell was filled with smoke, no not smoke, vapour — Swirling clouds that felt chill against her pale skin. The smell a rich chocolate which, as she took her first breath, melted into a sweet cherry blended with softening vanilla cream. The flavours seemed to caress their way down into her lungs. The feeling not an unpleasant one compared to the sterile air in the rest of the facility. Jade found herself licking her lips and taking another, deeper, breath before remembering her purpose.

Clearing her throat, she looked down at her clipboard held loosely in her left-hand its pen, hanging loose, dangling on a chain of carefully looped coloured paperclips (Purples and yellows interlocked)

“Mr J…”

“It’s just Jinx” she was interrupted by a voice from the clouded shadows. The voice was soft and relaxed. She did not feel like he intended to be rude, in fact the warmth was infectious and she found herself replying in kind.

“Well, Jinx…” A smile beginning to form on her red lips as she sounded out his name. Christ! Jade thought, his name and I’m grinning “I’m Doctor … My name is Jade” She gripped her clipboard a little tighter and continued. “I have been sent to finish your final assess…”

Jinx had sat up. Bare feet in heavy boots, with the laces missing, pointed straight at her. Jeans, so worn and frayed they seemed to be more white than blue. With more holes than denim they barely covered his legs. The soft denim had pulled tight over muscled thighs as he stood. Tall and lean, face still wreathed in the swirling mist of vapour. He was bare chested, his navy shirt only had one button fastened (And that had been put through the wrong button hole) One tail now hung down low over the bulge at his groin, whilst the other barely reached his slim waist. He wasn’t intimidating but his presence certainly awoke something inside her.

Jade appeared to be staring so Jinx helpfully finished her sentence.

“Records say that I’ve reached the end of my useful purpose and you’re here to assess what use I can be now”

Trying to regain composure, Jade took another glance down at her clipboard… DEFUNCT … in large block letters were stamped across the paperwork. Slowly she turned the board to face her thigh, although she somehow felt that Jinx already knew what the notes said. Feeling his eyes on her, Jade was slow to look back up, she finally had to meet his gaze. His face was lined, partially hidden behind long curls of dirty blonde hair. Short greying hairs lined a strong jaw. His eyes though were bright. Even in the dim light Jade was held by their intensity. (How could he know?? Jade felt a rush of heat coming from within.) Her white lab coat suddenly didn’t seem to be covering enough and she reached to pull at a collar.

* * * * *

“Erm yes… shall we begin with your cognitive assessment?” Jade was flustered and beneath the unblinking gaze of Jinx attempted to reassert some sort of control.

“Cock-native what?” Jinx spoke the word quickly; Jade wasn’t sure if she heard him correctly… It didn’t matter the words had had the effect Jinx desired, her eyes had instinctively dropped to his groin. The top of his jeans were already open and the soft denim hung low, showing one hip, she could tell he was naked beneath the worn fabric. Just a few straining buttons separated her from, what she began to imagine was, a healthy erection.

Jinx’s boots scuffed closer… “Can I think straight? Aware of my surroundings? Hmmmm” For a moment Jade thought he was going to confront her. Her heart started to race. There was another flash of heat, as for a second, she thought she would quite like to have him standing close. Her heart only started to beat faster though as instead of moving to face her… He began to circle.

“DOCTOR… Jade Cointreau” (Wait. What? How does he know my full name?)

Jade wasn’t allowed time to think. Jinx spoke softly and his voice faded each time he walked around behind her. She found herself stilled and bakırköy escort straining to hear every word. Her head turning from one way to the other as she tried to keep him in sight.

“You’ll have to forgive me, I’m terrible with ages… So, I’m going to say thirty. Just. That watch at your wrist is new and you thought of treating yourself to mark the big day.” (That watch had just recorded a spike in her heartbeat, perhaps she was imagining it, but she thought that she felt the warmth of his breath against the back of her slim neck as he spoke those last words).

Coming back into view Jade felt herself within his spotlight. Temporarily blinded by his, correct, observation. She spent all day putting men under her scrutinizing gaze, now with the tables turned, she was off balance. A few, choice, comebacks were on the tip of her tongue. Once again, just as she was about to speak, he continued…

“There is no Mr. or nearly Mr. Cointreau — If there were a significant other in your life you wouldn’t be working so late into the night. Oh, and about work …” Jinx paused and as she watched he shamelessly took a long moment to let his piercing gaze play from the point of her high heels right up to the high bun of her deep red hair … “Work. You enjoy the pay, those are Louboutin’s … Last years though, so maybe they don’t pay you enough. But it’s not what you want to do and the work bores you…”

“I…” Jade failed again to stem the flow of truths.

“I dunno, you either can’t leave because you either like the safety of a solid occupation or can’t because you’re afraid that you couldn’t cope without the luxuries you’ve grown accustomed to.” This time Jade was sure his lips were close, they were, his voice was barely a whisper when he uttered to next few words into her ear, “Trust me, you would be just as fucking stunning in a pair of fifteen-year-old Converse.” Jade’s legs weakened.

Jinx quickly continued, as if the whispered phrase hadn’t been said at all… “Yes. You’re bored at work and bored by the people at work. Your highest heels and fishnets on a work day?” Hair fell over Jinx’s face as his head shook and he tutted “Nobody around here excites you, you have had to dress up, beneath that awful white coat, to try and remind yourself that you are not quite ready for the DEFUNCT pile yet”

At “Defunct” Jinx snatched the clipboard from Jade’s hand — Without her ‘Shield’ Jade now she felt almost naked and would have shouted for the guard were it not for tingling sensations that were now running from head to toe. Jinx wasn’t looking at the notes but the board itself. “You bought this yourself. Stock, from the stationary cupboard, is too dull for a creative girl like you.” Jinx smiled, with approval, lifted the notes to reveal the cute puppy pictures hidden beneath, then smiled again, he too would have had a faithful friend waiting at home… If he had a home to go back to “I bet you’ve a pup at home too… Lucky bitch.”

Why did he do that? Switch from charm to profanity.

“AND the pen!” Jinx carefully unclipped the expensive fountain pen from its colourful chain. “Now this is really special…” There was a genuine appreciation in his voice and then pen was held with respect. The clipboard was tossed, clattering, into an empty corner of the room and Jinx held the pen up close between them “This was a gift. You must like to write.”

The enameled pen shone between them and there was a moment of calm as Jade remembered, tearfully, opening the gift box nine years ago. Whilst Jinx’s fantastic mind was spinning fast and free, behind his impenetrable eyes the prim Doctor was using the precious pen to masturbate — Slipping that cold barrel down inside sheer, black silk panties. The smooth rounded end brushing the hood of her clit…

Jade noticed the glazing of his eyes and used the moment to try and regain control, she reached out to take back her pen. Their fingers briefly touched. Both freezing at the contact, a spark of connection, like electricity flowing between them. Jade took a half step beşiktaş escort back and held the lid in shaking fingertips. Jinx, whose mind was still inside Jade’s knickers, had kept hold of the pen itself.

“Red ink! My… Aren’t you the dangerous one.” Jinx turned the open pen in his fingers, its exposed nib catching the light, flashing gold. “Should I be worried?” Jade jumped! Senses on full alert as Jinx closed the gap between them. “What happens if I tell you, I love the taste of danger.” With those words he licked the pen. Fast over the smooth barrel, then slow, he allowed a shocking blood red line to blossom down the centre of his tongue.

Jade’s jaw dropped, if she hadn’t known he held a pen in his hand, it could have been a knife. The dark ink now stained his lips. She reached, not for the pen but for Jinx’s wrist, her fingers stroking a thick black leather bracelet that looked like it had been worn for so long it was part of Jinx’s body. She had to take back control. Had to do it now.

“I’d tell you to put a lid on it.” The pen closed with a satisfying click and she slipped it from his fingers.

It was Jinx’s turn to be silent. A fire had been lit behind those sparkling green eyes (So that’s where the name came from.) He looked away for a second, a habitual pause, his hand reaching to push the tangles of hair away from his face and then a finger brushed to his lips — It came away red. Odd, he couldn’t taste the ink, his mind was still thinking about Jade’s black lace panties, warm and moist against the good doctors most intimate folds.

“Jinx!” He felt a stab against his chest as Jade used the pen to poke him back a step and bring him back from whatever had caused that distant look in his eyes. She wanted his full attention when she next spoke

“Nearly fifty years old and has nothing to show for it” Jade hadn’t realised just how hurt Jinx’s assessment had made her feel. Now that anger was being reflected back.

“Had it easy. Soft parents giving him everything he ever wanted.”

“Expected life to be given to him on a plate”

Each line was punctuated by another hard jab with the pen. Jinx was backing up but Jade was following, not letting him have an inch of space.

“I bet it came as quite a fucking surprise when those riches didn’t just appear” Stab

“Poor little Jinx, watching as his friends bought new cars and took expensive holidays” Stab

“So, you hid behind a bottle!” Stab

“No”Several long locks of shimmering red hair fell across Jade’s face as her head shook as she realised her mistake.

“No, your life went up in smoke!” This time she hit him twice. Stab. Stab.

The back of Jinx’s thighs hit a table, he winced in pain, taking the full force Jade’s pen on his chest — The same spot every single time. He knew there would be bruise, above his heart, in the morning. If her words had not been cutting so deep, he might have tried to avoid them. As it was, the pain in his chest made the listening easier.

Jade hadn’t seen the table either, stepping forward expecting him to move back, now her body pushed up against his. Shining black Louboutin’s stepping on worn out Dr Marten’s.

“Such an intelligent” Stab

“Talented” Stab. This time the pen flew from Jade’s fingers and it was her hand that struck Jinx’s chest. Only now did she see the reddening skin, high on his ribs, her hand remained on his hot body. She felt the powerful beat of his heart beneath her palm, slim fingers spreading open, trying to smooth away the hot red mark.

As the heat from his body began to spread into hers the anger began to melt away. Replaced by a pulsating urge in her core, which had been simmering ever since she saw him, that now erupted inside her flooding her body with arousal.

Jade’s lab coat fell open as Jinx’s hands pushed inside, his thumbs each stroking the curved bone of her narrow hips as he took Jade into his arms.

His ink-stained lips silenced her with a tender kiss which saved them both from speaking. Now it was their bodies which were shouting. beylikdüzü escort Every touch sending bolts of hot lust through their shaking bodies.

The last button on his shirt popped free as Jade ran a hand over his torso, nails raking three long lines around beneath his ribs as she pulled him closer. Their tongues touched. The kiss ignited and at once their mouths began to work against each other with a furious passion.

Jinx’s strong hands pulled at Jade’s slim waist; their bodies pulled even tighter together. Jade’s breasts were crushed to his chest, straining against the white silk of her blouse, nipples aching in their hardness.

Jade’s hand ran from his chest and up behind Jinx’s neck, slim fingers catching in his tangles, pulling him down onto her. Inviting kiss after kiss. Insatiable hunger had been released and she couldn’t allow this feeling to stop. Not for a second. Not for a heartbeat. That ferocious desire centering on the wet heat between her legs. Her pussy was soaked.

Jinx moaned into the kiss. He could only think of devouring her. His hands slipped around her waist and down onto her firm arse, fingers curling, to squeeze tight and pull her heat against the agonizing hardness of his cock. He gripped tighter and lifted. Spinning and lifting so that Jade’s arse slid onto the table. Without pause his hands shifted, pushing beneath her short skirt to reach for those black panties he had imagined … Only Jade wasn’t wearing any.

Jade felt her tights being torn, thin fishnets digging into her creamy thighs, as Jinx clawed at her. She gasped as they tightened. Then moaned with the rips and spread her legs wide, wrapping them around his powerful body and inviting him in. “Yessss … Yesssss”

Instinct drove Jinx forward. One hand to pull open the buttons on his jeans and the other to reach and guide his cock to her. It was he who broke the kiss. Jade biting at his lower lip as he pulled away. Their eyes locked. Neither were prepared but neither could wait. There was a brief moment of delightful, teasing, pleasure as the swollen tip of Jinx’s manhood stroked down through Jade’s glistening sex. Then worlds exploded.

Jade screamed. Hands thrown back onto the table as Jinx lifted her hips as he thrust. She felt impaled. Minutes earlier she had imagined what Jinx looked like. Now she felt every hot, thick, and, hard inch of him inside her. Fuck! Her vision swam. Body taken over by the burst of heat as he filled her and the waves of pure, lust fueled, pleasure that crashed through her body each time he pulled away and thrust again.

Jinx roared with her. Nothing was held back from the very first, searing, thrust. Every stroke was full and deep. Jade’s body shaking as he gave his all. Even as he felt the surge of his climax, he kept thrusting forward. The walls of Jades tight pussy milking and squeezing his long shaft as his cum mixed with the floods of her own juices. The slap of their bodies growing louder as it began to spill from her lips, coating their groins. The scent of sex, joining the howls of climax, and filling the tiny room.

Moments later, Jade too, was thrown from the edges of reason and reality. Falling into her own climactic release.

It was then that the guards burst in and the room went black.

* * * * *

It was days later.

Jade Cointreau was perched in a window sill. Rain outside hammering down against the glass.

She was wearing woolen socks and a giant white woolen jumper that she had stretched over bent legs. Resting on her lap, a clipboard, seeing his name again had awoken her body. Now as she read over her report, she rolled her favourite pen between slim fingers.

‘Following the unforeseen events during my initial assessment, I have been unable to form a balanced opinion of the patient.

Further testing will be required.’

Satisfied she signed her name, in red, along the bottom of the paperwork. Clicking the pen closed, Jade stretched out. Long, bare legs escaping from beneath the sweater and out along the narrow seat. Feeling the chill of the painted woodwork beneath her Jade shivered and reached to stroke her thigh. Her enamel pen skimming against the pale white skin. Jade started to consider what the further tests might be and a warmth began to spread through her, still aching, body. As it did, her pen began to slowly inch higher…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32