Diary Of “L” Entry 03

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Bob’s Homecuming


I am writing this preface because Bob is coming to town and I have put a great deal of thought into this date. This entry into my diary is only that. I felt like writing about my thoughts and preparations for this weekend.

Bob and I have only been together twice since we met. He had to leave shortly after we had that steamy first date and he has been gone close to a month. I spoke to him last night and was so excited to find out he has returned to our area and would like to see me this weekend. I can hardly wait.

I have been thinking about this meeting so much for the last few weeks, planning and anticipating it. I cannot believe that it is here. Everyday I seem to think about what might happen and how I will make preparations to make this the most perfect weekend that I can imagine.

Bob mentioned to me once in an insignificant conversation over the phone, that he likes a smooth, soft, shaved pussy. At the time he mentioned this I remember thinking that it made me a little sad because I just did not think I could do that. I suppose to a great many people that sounds odd. I think though, that anytime I do something that alters my body in an extreme manner however slight it may seem to others, it is a bit on the scary side.

An example is cutting my hair. It changes the way you feel and see yourself get an extreme hair cut. Another example is tanning. I love the way my skin looks with a tan. When spring comes and I realize how pale I have gotten, after the skin starts to become brown it just makes me feel good.There is something about having dark skin that is just so sexy.

I could explain with more examples but I don’t think it is necessary. Last night I was taking a bubble bath . I had the candles lit and music on with scented bath oil, gardenia which is my favorite. I began to shave my legs. I had shaving cream on the first leg. It looked so beautiful in the candlelit room, raised high above the water, creamy and white, it made me imagine it was whipped cream being licked from ankle to pussy.

I took the razor and very slowly and lightly began to make the journey from my ankle up my thigh and to the crease between my leg and torso. When I finished this I began with the other leg and as I did, I imagined Bob was sitting behind me and I was leaning into his chest.

I could almost feel his arms underneath mine reaching around to cup my breasts with his soft hands. It was a beautiful scene. We weren’t talking or laughing, we were just being beşiktaş escort quietly together feeling each others warm, wet skin touching each other.

I let my mind take me on a journey with him taking his hand all sudsy and warm sliding it down my belly and in between my legs, spreading them slightly apart with his fingers. The gap was just wide enough that he could place his finger over my clit and barely inside of my pussy.

As I think of this, the thought of the warm water and smell of gardenias with the flickering candles and Eric Clapton singing “Wonderful Tonight” softly playing, with Bob lightly caressing my clit with one hand and pinching my nipple with the other hand it is overwhelming.

After thinking about this I gave some thought to what he had said about shaving my pussy. I thought what a huge grin he would have if he lifted my skirt this time to find a bare, naked pussy. That was it. I stood up, lathered myself from naval to thighs and I actually kissed the razor and began.

It was such an odd sensation. I watched each time I rinsed the razor as the hair floated away and it was so intensely pleasurable. There are some things that I just cannot put into words. When I was finished, I took the shower head from its perch and ran the hot water over my abdomen and down my legs and then in between them for a final rinse of my new pussy, I don’t know how much is mental and how much is physical but my God it felt so good.

Once again, just by letting go and accepting a minimal risk I had experienced the most sensational rush. It scares me to think of the pleasure I might have gone a lifetime never knowing just because I thought I “might” be doing something wrong or inappropriate. I have to ask myself sometimes when did I let this controlling madness take me over and decide for me who I was going to be and what I was allowed to feel.

When all was complete, I lifted a towel from the rack and smelled it drinking in the softness and fragrance of a newly laundered towel then began to dry off. When I reached the freshly shaven area I had a slight pleasurable moment as the towel seemed to float over my smooth abdomen and between my legs and gently into my pussy making it completely dry.

It was time for inspection. I went into my room and stood before a full length mirror and let the towel go, dropping to the floor around my feet. There it was. I studied the sight for a moment and then I ran my hands across the entire area from abdomen to inner thighs beşiktaş eve gelen escort and right back up between the opening of my pussy. It was so amazing. I cannot believe the feeling that emerges after the hair is removed.

I am beginning to understand why he likes a soft smooth pussy, I think I do to. I admired my work for a few more minutes and took my hands and let them wander completely over the entire area once again. I put my fingers slightly inside the bare and visible lips of my pussy and spread them gently apart. It was incredible.

I decided to get a chair and sit in front of the mirror and see if the new improved pussy could thrill me with the same intensity of the old model. I sat in front of the mirror with legs spread to reveal myself in a different way than ever before. I was so aroused by the sight of the mirror image. I placed two fingers of one hand over my clit and began to massage the clit very lightly and it began to show it’s appreciation almost immediately.

I relaxed back into the chair and let my back arch and my head fell back where I was no longer able to see myself in the mirror. I didn’t care about the mirror anymore, all I cared about was the raging heat and waves of pleasure flowing through me at that moment. I could feel the orgasm building as it overpowered me and rendered me completely helpless to it’s eventual eruption from between my legs.

I have to admit that when I let myself cum I was weak and dizzy and tears filled my eyes from just being so pleased with myself. I did this. I did it completely alone by just letting myself go. I cannot explain it better than this at this moment. It was so worth it.

It is my plan to meet Bob this weekend wearing a white short skirt. I don’t plan to wear anything under it and I have a shear red blouse with a bustier underneath. I am thinking white thigh high stockings with lace at the top and the highest heels I have, about 4 inches. That will put me at about five feet and 9 inches with legs that go all the way to heaven.

I get so aroused just thinking about what he will look like when he raises my skirt. I can hardly bare to think about the sensations of his mouth on me and his tongue exploring every inch of the new and improved playground that I am going to offer to him.

I called this a preface but perhaps it should be called a tease. I am teasing a bit because I cannot possibly write what is to happen this weekend before it takes place. That being said, beşiktaş grup yapan escort I am so excited and completely overflowing with lust right now I thought those who like to read my diary would enjoy the anticipation with me. This is my gift to you. We will anticipate the outcome together only I will get the details first.

I have had so many fantasies about this weekend, that I am sure they won’t all happen. As I have mentioned previously Bob has made some specific promises to me of things he has planned for me this weekend. One of them is being blindfolded. I have tried to imagine this over these last weeks. I think it would be an erotic experience in the bedroom but going out into the night air with the sounds and the open space, the air or breeze tickling me and the slightly uncomfortable feeling of not knowing what is about to happen makes me so aroused.

My body just takes it’s lead from my mind and within moments of this thought it starts to do wonderful things. My nipples become so erect and hard that they actually throb. My pussy becomes wet and aches in a way that makes me grin. Even my lips have a sensation that just beg to be kissed. When I add the anticipation of the additional act of tying my hands behind me I almost have to sit down. I have to admit that honestly even though excited and aroused I really am afraid. It took me a long time to be in control of myself and my life. For the first time I am about to surrender complete control to a man that I have only known 2 months. It is a huge step for me.

I think though that this experience may be the most erotic and pleasurable thing I have ever done because of the unknown factor. When he told me he would have surprises for me my mind went into overdrive trying to imagine what these might be. I have imagined so many possibilities but what a powerful sensation the incredible building of bliss and arousal and lust all together because my mind knows something is going to happen to me but it doesn’t know what, so it is unable to prepare me for this. It is so very intriguing to think about.

I am sure that whatever happens to me this weekend will be far better than even I imagine. I heard in a song one time a line that went ” I feel sorry for anyone that isn’t me tonight”. Maybe a little arrogant but please forgive this and understand that I wish everyone could be me right now. My life may not stay this way forever or even for long, I just try to live each day and fill it with as much ecstasy and pleasure as I can.

Until my next entry I want to say thank you to all of those who have encouraged me to continue this journey and have given me the great comments regarding writing about it. I would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to all Veterans, their families and I salute those who never made it home. Happy Memorial day, you are remembered. My sincerest THANKS!!!

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