Down the Block to the Right

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Standing on the stage in front of three hundred students and over six hundred family members made her choke back her stage fright and take a deep breath before beginning her speech. Instead of having her speak before they handed out the diplomas like every other high school in the area, they had her speak afterwards but before they switched their tassels over. Addressing them all, she started out happy and even made them laugh but by the end of her spiel there wasn’t very many dry eyes left in the crowd; though none of the tears were really, truly sad. Even though they were three hundred strong the senior class was the strongest and closest that the school had ever seen. When she did finally finish she led them in the traditional singing of the alma mater before the Principal joined her at the podium so they could switch their tassels over and become official graduates.

-x- Two hours and fifteen minutes later -x-

“Mom! It’s just a black party! I don’t have to dress up!”

“Jeez Louise, Mya. You just graduated! I jus-“

“Mom…it’s outside and its hot and there will be plenty of water balloons and guns if I know my classmates, which I do.”


Mya didn’t understand what the big fuss was about, it wasn’t as if she was dressed badly. She had on a pair of board shorts and white camisole over her bathing suit, the bright red straps peeking out at the back of neck easily since she had her hair up in a top knot. Heading outside, the dark lenses of her sunglasses came down to shield her eyes, the strength of the sun making her pause and blink until her eyes fully adjusted. Heading down the sidewalk at her pace, her ultimate destination was the Baranova house where the majority of the grill masters were doing their thing but she stopped to chat with her friends and neighbors every bit of the way. She almost wished that she had brought a small bag with her to carry all the cards people gave her but she didn’t feel like turning back to grab one from her house just yet. Seeing Ember, she excused herself and practically pounced her best friend, giggling as they lost their balanced and bumped into a very tall, very solid wall of pure muscle. Looking up, they smiled up at Mr. Baranova as he helped steady them with his free hand.

“Mya, Ember. Congratulations, first all of. Second, is everything okay?”

“Oh! Absolutely Mr. B! I just got a little overexcited and we lost our balance, sorry! Thanks though.”

“No apology necessary, I’m sure your allowed to be overexcited, today especially. Let me just say, your speech was fantastic.”

“You were there?”

“Well…yes. Just because our little one is still little doesn’t mean we don’t support you guys. Besides, you’re the best babysitter we’ve ever had. Being there was the least we could do, as well as give you this and give you a raise when you sit for us the next time.” An envelope was retrieved from his back pocket and handed over to her. Ember had been called over to help with something so she opened the card right then, smiling at what it said and gasping sharply when two five hundred dollar bills were revealed when she looked inside.

“Mr. B…”

“Just say thank you and smile because I won’t accept any form of argument.”

She nodded and tucked the money into her pocket for safe keeping with all the other bills from the other cards before stepping in and hugging him tightly. It took him a second for him to hug back, he was clearly surprised but when he did hug her back, he squeezed her hard and tight and even kissed the top of her head before she stepped back. “Thank you Mr. B. It won’t go to waste, I promise.”

“I know it won’t. So, how do you like your burgers? Most are well-done but I’ve had requests for medium-rare, too.”

“Blech! Definitely well-done for me, blood grosses me out.”

“Well-done it is. No, go spend time with your friends, don’t waste your whole day talking to an old man like me.”

“You’re so not old, Mr. B. You’re like…thirty! That’s still young, Jeez.”

“Feed the ego, yes. But still, go have fun.”


Lounging out by her own pool with Ember, Janie and Claire, she and Em got up to dive into the pool to cool off a bit as the other two sat back to tan a while longer. As they neared the small waterfall at one end of the massive pool, Ember nudged her hip with her own and latched onto the side to rest. “So I totally noticed something earlier.”

“What? That Jimmy loves Ashley but Ash is in love with Billy?”

“Noooooo! That Mr. B totally has the hots for you.”

“What? No wayyyyyyy! Not even possible. I mean…Have you seen his wife? She’s a hundred on a scale of one to ten, Em. He’d never go for a girl like me!”

“So you admit you like him like that.” It wasn’t even a question, more of a direct statement she couldn’t deny.

“Well…Maybe.” She lowered her voice even though the sound of the waterfall covered their voices easily. “Okay, yes. Ever since I started babysitting for them. He’s so nice to me they both are really but he’s canlı bahis got a wife, a family. What would he want with a girl like me? As young as me?”

“Hot, uninhibited monkey sex.”


“What? If I was a guy I’d so bang you. Your totally a babe, babes. I mean, look at you. Your body is perfect and you’ve got this Marilyn Monroe type of beauty working for you. What guy in his right mind wouldn’t want you? I’ll tell you. A gay on and Mr. B is definitely not gay.”

“Em…Just shut up. Nothing is ever gonna happen. Besides, I’m going to college in the fall, so yeah…”

“So? He could visit your dorm all ninja-like.”


“Fiiiinnneeeee. Subject dropped.”


Over the course of the next month and a half she worked the early morning and afternoon shifts at the local vets office and filled her nights with babysitting or spending time with friends though the former greatly outweighed the latter. Mrs. Baranova had called a week in advance to book her for tonight, apparently she was leaving tomorrow on yet another month long business trip in Europe. Having packed her normal supply kit of games and activities and her Netflix DVD as well as a first aid kit, she told her mom where she was going and headed downed the block to their house.

Greenridge was a very high-class neighborhood where only the privately wealthy chose to live. They had million dollar homes on a good sized bit of land where their children had plenty of room to play and grow up. The community was very tight knit, almost like extended family in a way. Looking up at the dark green front door, she knocked and stepped back, adjusting her bag on her shoulder. Not even half a minute later a six year old half-pint was peering through the window to the left of the door before hastily trying (and eventually succeeding) to open the door.

“Mya, Mya, Mya, Mya, Mya!”

She swept the hyper little girl off her feet and into her arms, playfully groaning as if she had trouble holding her up. “When did you get so big?! Your almost as big as me now! What are they feeding you?”

“Icky green veggie-tables.”

“Ohhhh…you know…I used to hate them too, but if you drizzle a little bit of cheese over them with your mommy’s or daddy’s help, they become really tasty. Besides, they keep you healthy and strong and keep making you grooowwww.” She dragged the word out, tickling the little girl as she entered the house and shut the door behind her. Smiling as Mr. B came out of the kitchen, she laughed when Madeline all but dragged her to him.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy! Look whose here!”

“I see, my precious. Hey Mya, how’re you tonight?”

“I’m good, what about you Mr. B?” Was it just her imagination or had he given her the once over when she hoisted Maddie up and swung her around again? Probably just her imagination running wild again, just like every night since the block party.

“I’m doing well, thanks.”

“Oh, Mya. I thought I heard your voice. Thank you for tonight, it means a lot.”

“Oh, it’s no problem. I love seeing Maddie, she’s the best little princess in alllll the lands, isn’t that right, Princess Madeline?”


“Well, we appreciate it none-the-less. You know where everything is, we left money for pizza or Chinese if you want to order in. We’ll get out of your hair though, Maddie, behave.”


“We’ll be fine, Mrs. B. You two have fun tonight and don’t worry about us.”


Getting Maddie ready for bed after her bath, she tucked the girl in and leaned down to kiss her forehead. “Mya, can you read me a story? Pwetty pwease?”

“Of course sweetie-pie. Which one?”

“Errmm…Snow White?”

“Sure, whatever the princess wants.” Grabbing the big book of fairy tales from the bookshelf, she moved to lay beside her. Propping the book on her knee, she settled her other arm around Maddie as she nestled against her side comfortably. Beginning to read, she altered her voice for all the characters just like Maddie liked, she always liked seeing how the little girl would giggle and clap when good things happened and frowned when the bad things happened. Half-way through the story she began to doze off and she softened her voice to further soothe and lull her to sleep. When she did drift off, she set the book aside and turned onto her side to hold her close as she descended into dreamland. Eventually she began to doze as well, imagining things that probably wouldn’t ever happen outside of her dreams. Vaguely, she heard the front door close but it was a part of her dream, however weird and random it was. Mary didn’t even stop to check in on them, she just motored right past the open door to their room where she promptly slammed the door.

Alek sighed and ascended the stairs, loosening his tie and unbuttoning the top few buttons of his shirt. Leaning against the door jamb to Madeline’s room, he smiled at the sight that filled his eyes. Moving into the room, he gently laid a hand on Mya’s shoulder and shook her bahis siteleri slightly to wake her up. “Mya..”

“Hmmph.” She blinked heavily, wiping her eyes before slowly disengaging herself from little Madeline. Re-tucking her in, she stretched her arms out over her head and smiled up at him. “Sorry, I guess I dozed off. I read Snow White for her and she’s so sweet, she cuddled right up against me and went to sleep.”

“It’s okay, sometimes I fall asleep in here too, when she cuddles up to me.”

“She’s so precious, really.”

“Thank you. Sorry we’re later than we said we’d be. There was a lot of traffic going to a from the ballet.”

“It’s okay, you guys are my favorite…customers? Clients? I don’t know.” She let out a faint, musical laugh.

“Yes, well, you’re our favorite baby sitter, Mya. Maddie loves you, you know. Very much.”

“Well, I love her too, she really is a little princess to me.”

“And to me as well.”

Taking her jacket from the coat rack by the front door, she smiled when he stepped up behind her to help her. Feeling his fingertips brush across the back of her neck, she blushed deeply before turning to face him. Watching him tuck an envelope into her jacket pocket, she laughed softly. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you. I’m surprised you have so much time to devote to babysitting. I would think you’d have a boyfriend to spend time with.”

“No. No, I don’t need a boyfriend. Besides, school is coming up in the fall..Which means I won’t be able to baby sit, so I’ve been getting it in as much as I can before I leave.”

“What college are you going to?”

“FIT. I’ll be able to come home for holidays but that’s it, sadly.”

“I’ll have to bring Maddie up to see you then, she’ll miss you a lot. I probably will too.”

“I’ll miss her too,’ll miss me?” Her head tilted at that, her brow furrowing adorably as she tucked a strand of pale blonde hair back behind her ear.

“Yeah..I like talking with you. Your smart and funny and sweet.”

“ can still call me to talk, Mr. B. I hope you know that. Though seeing you and Maddie sounds good too, I know your busy a lot and you have Mrs. B, too.”

He shook his head, a frown overtaking his handsome features. Leaning back against the door, she paused nervously when he shifted closer only to laugh when he gripped the door handle. “Can we sit outside?”

“Of course.” Heading outside with him, they sat on the porch swing and she folded one leg up beneath her comfortably as he crossed his legs at the ankles.

“Mary and I…We might be getting a divorce. We’ve both been unfaithful for the past few years…Our marriage has been over for a long time. That’s why she goes on so many business trips, actually. Though I’ve only cheated once. I will admit though, that there is a woman that I wish I could be with. I just don’t know if she feels the same.”

She was a bit shocked at first but then she started piecing everything that she’d seen or heard over the last few years together. Nodding absently, she picked at her fingernails, the red polish already chipped beyond repair. “Maybe you should just feel her out, this other woman. Drop hints, flirt, be yourself. Any woman, who isn’t like Mrs. B, would be lucky to have you in her life. I know I am.”

“Honestly what would you think if a man in my position chased after you?”

“If he meant business and I liked him and we both wanted to see if we could last…I’d want him to get the divorce out of the way first. Get everything settled so the fact that he and I were contemplating a relationship wouldn’t put any more pressure on the proceedings.”

“Your very wise you know that? Are you working tomorrow?”

“I try to be, I guess. And yeah, but just the morning shift, then I have the rest of the day off.”

“Well, do you mind watching Maddie for a few hours? You’ve given me good advice, which I’m going to take and begin the divorce process. Better sooner than later, right?”

“I suppose so, yeah. And of course I’ll watch her, there’s a kid’s movie playing at the theater, is it okay if I take her to see it?”

“You know, she was begging Mary to see it when it first came out but Mary kept saying no so yeah, it’s more than okay.”

“Good, should I pick her up at a certain time?”

“What time do you get off? I can drop her off on my way to the firm.”

“Sounds good to me. Noon-ish, usually.” Standing, she brushed her hair back and smiled down at him. “I should get going, I hope all goes well tomorrow.”

“Wait…Can I tell you something Maddie said?”

“Well yeah.”

“Mary and I were fighting at dinner one night and she piped up and just asked, ‘Why can’t you be like Mommy Mya?’ Needless to say that pissed Mary off and she just up and left, didn’t come back for three days.” He stood and looked down at her, reaching out to tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear as the wind picked up gently and blew it across her cheek. She blushed slightly and stared up at him, trying so hard not to turn bahis şirketleri and nuzzle his hand.

“She called me that? Mommy Mya?”

“Yep, I thought it was adorable, honestly. She’s right though, you’re more of a mother to her than Mary ever was or will be.”

“It’s not hard to be motherly when you care about someone.”

“Your absolutely right, but I’ll let you get home. Let me know when you get there.”

“I will, Mr. B. G’night.”

She turned to walk down the path but only got a few feet before he called out for her to wait. Turning just as he reached her, she was shocked when he caught her up in his arms and pulled her closer. “Mr. B…” He shushed her and tilted his head down, capturing her mouth in a kiss; a soft one, one that lasted for minutes on end but that felt like an eternity had passed them by. By the time he drew back she was clinging to him with one hand cupping the back of his neck while the other caressed his stubble tainted jaw. It took a second but when she was finally able to open her eyes and look up at him, they were dark and moody, like the sky during a heavy storm. Stifling a quiet mewl of surprisingly strong need, she bit her lip hard enough for it to turn a bright shade of pink, almost bordering on white. “Wh..what was that for?”

“I’ve been wanting to kiss you for so damn long.”


“Yeah. You’re the woman I was talking about. The one I wish I could be with. But I’m filing for divorce first, before anything else happens. If you want anything else to happen…Do you?”

She thought back to all the dreams she’d had about him, all the times that she fantasized about being his wife. About every time she’d wondered what it would be like to kiss him which, by the way, was so much better then she could ever have imagined it to be. Nodding, she smiled slightly and leaned a little closer. “I do actually, I’ve…kinda had a crush on you for a while.”

Well then. When Mary leaves how about you come over for dinner? I’ll cook for you.”

“I’d really like that but what about Maddie?”

“She has a play-date slash slumber party at a friend’s house this weekend.”

“Then…it’s a date.”

“Indeed it is though I’ll still see you tomorrow.”

“Until tomorrow then.” Emboldened by everything that had happened in the last five minutes she went onto the tips of her toes and kissed him again, much lighter than before. Pulling away reluctantly she headed home, looking back occasionally only to see him standing in the same spot, watching her until she was safely home.


The next day after her parents left for work, he pulled into the driveway and called her just as she was pouring her morning dose of coffee into her thermos. Pulling her phone out, she immediately smiled as she answered. “Well hello there.”

“Good morning beautiful. I figured I’d give you a ride to work. I cleared my schedule for the next week so I can pick you up from work today and we can all go to the movies later.”

“Wow. That sounds…great. Did you have plans for the rest of the week?” Taking a sip of her coffee, she headed for the door and picked up the knapsack that she used as a purse. Slinging it over her shoulder, she scraped the messy tangle of keys off the entrance-way table and stepped out, locking the door behind her.

“I thought I’d let you decide whether you want to do anything, before I go planning things.” He watched her as she neared the car, admiring the way her scrub uniform looked on her.

Waiting until she was in the car to respond, she smiled and leaned over to kiss him since his windows were tinted so dark they were almost presidential black. Hearing a happy giggle from the backseat, she blushed and turned, leaning in between the seats to Eskimo kiss Maddie. “Well hello there Princess. How are you today?”

“I’m good Mya, Mya, Mya!”

“That’s spectacular and hello to you too, by the way.” She sat back down in her seat and buckled her seatbelt as she smiled over at him. “And as for plans I actually have two days off next week, maybe three if Mrs. Dillards decides to go to the conference. Maybe we can go somewhere no one knows us, so we don’t have to hide our…affections.”

“That’s a great idea. We can leave tonight, unless you work weekends?” He glanced at her as he headed out of their subdivision and towards town.

“I don’t, so that sounds amazing. Good thing it’s Monday through Wednesday, maybe Tuesday.” She smiled and went through her bag, making sure everything was there.

“When we pick you up late, do you want us to wait outside in the parking lot?” He reached over and took her hand, lacing his fingers with hers gently as she nodded.

“If you don’t mind, just so we don’t arouse suspicion.”

“That’s the only thing you don’t wanna arouse, right?”

She blushed lightly but nodded, laughing quietly as he lifted her hand to kiss and nibble as lightly and teasingly at her knuckles as possible. Nodding, she leaned over to kiss the corner of his lips much to Maddie’s delight.

“Mommy Mya!” Her eyes went wide and she actually teared up, about to speak up and correct her when he spoke up first.

“That’s right baby girl. Mommy Mya. If that’s okay with you, of course.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32