Dr. M

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Dear Dr. M,

I’m quite nervous about the upcoming exam but I have class during your tutorial hours. May I come into your office for extra help?

Thank you,



Sure. 3:30pm on Thursday is fine.

Dr. M

Dear Dr. M,

Thank you very much. See you then.



John arrived late at 3:35pm and announced himself with a sheepish knock on the door. “Come in. You’re late. You cannot be late next time. Close the door behind you,” I said plainly without looking up from my computer and added, “Have a seat.” I motioned for him to sit down on the chair across from me on the other side of the desk. He nervously walked in. The solid wood door closed louder than either one of us expected and we both jumped at the noise. John placed his bookbag beside the simple wooden chair and sat down gently as instructed while I continued to work on the computer.

I dressed purposefully and did not bother with any undergarments today because I knew he was coming. The marigold jersey knit dress was sleeveless and form fitting on top, with a more daring neckline than my usual outfits on teaching days. The color complemented my honeyed skin and the dark wavy black hair that brushed my shoulders. I accentuated my small pert breasts with a corseted brown leather belt. I may not be busty with a B cup, but I know how to show off the goods that I have. The material of the dress was stretchy and thin enough to see the dark outlines of my always hard nipples. The temperatures in all of the university buildings were never warm enough, something about austere measures during economic downturn. I paired the dress with a smart jacket to conceal my nipples. The bottom half of the dress flared and would sit slight above the knees if I were to stand up. The material fell loosely on my toned legs and round bottom. My 40 years have been kind and the thrice weekly Pilates class really helped to keep all the right things in the right places. This morning, I chose to wear one of my gold necklaces that would fall perfectly at my modest cleavage. I had taken off my jacket and hung it up on the back of my chair while working, as well as taking off my patent leather pumps too so I was barefoot. I preferred to be as comfortable as possible while writing up my research or preparing reports. Today was I preparing a summary report for a research grant.

“I’ll be just a minute. Take out the materials we’re working on this week. Just give me a second.”

John shifted nervously in his seat and began pulling out various wrinkled sheets of paper from his bookbag, then placing them on his side of the desk. His notebook was overstuffed and frayed with pages half torn off and one corner folded up. From the corner of my eye, I could see his wide hazel eyes peering at me and staring at my hard nipples from behind his thick brown bangs. I reached up my left hand to play with my necklace, tracing the tips of my fingers up and down the chain of my necklace. John began biting nervously at his lower lip, eyes fixed on my breasts. I pretended to absently stroke my neck as if I were thinking, using the tips of my fingers to gently trace along my collarbone and down my cleavage, ending at the pendant which rested just above the low neckline of my dress. His gaze followed and his slender fingers began fidgeting with the stray pieces of paper protruding from the binding of his notebook. I slowly returned my hand to the keyboard and the only sound in the room came from my fingers clicking away.

A couple of minutes later and in silence, I finished up my work and saved my files. I spun the monitor sideway and pushed it aside so I could look directly at John. He was wearing his usual outfit, athletic pants, a tee shirt, and what looked to be one of those expensive pairs of designer trainers. His pants draped over his sizeable package as he was slumped in the seat across from me. My eyes landed on the shape underneath his pants right away when I turned towards him. In truth, I’ve noticed the pronounced bulge before when he’d stood in front of the class to present a reading summary (for which he also performed poorly). John was quite tall, probably 200 cm if he were to ever stand up straight. He wasn’t muscular but had some muscle definition, as young men his age often do if they were even the slightest active. Bless them and their fast metabolism. His thin white shirt loosely hung on him, its collar worn and stretched out, Star Trek insignia faded. Even though he was so tall, seated down during lecture I always saw those wide hazel eyes looking up at me, bewildered or confused, I was never sure. But since he was in my office for help with the course materials, I suppose it was a bit of both. In truth, John was quite regular looking but there was something that caught my attention from the first day of term. Maybe it was his deep voice. Maybe his meekness. His nervous fidgeting?

“How can I help you, John?” I asked, breaking my own train of thought. I noticed that his hair was slightly damp. zeytinburnu escort I glanced quickly up to the small window positioned high up on the wall. It was not raining. He must have just taken a shower.

“I don’t know. I’m just really struggling. The exam was horrible.”

“You didn’t perform well on that,” I replied. He received 3 points out of 50. To say that he did not perform well was being extremely generous.

“Where are you struggling? How can I help? How would you like me to help you?”

John shrugged, slumped further into his chair, and looked down. We sat in silence for a moment.

“I’m just so bad at this,” he finally said, patting his palms on the disheveled notebook on my desk.

“Everyone thinks that,” I replied and instinctively reached out over the desk to comfort him. He turned his hands over and squeezed my hands. His hands were so soft and warm. I was surprised to see well-manicured nails. Good boy, I thought to myself. Suddenly, John realized what he had done and quickly withdrew his hands from mine, throwing them back onto his lap. My eyes followed his hands and saw them landing on his slightly erect penis that was pushing up against his sweatpants. His wide hazel eyes darted up and saw me staring at his package. He sat up straight against the back of the chair, trying in vain to hide his enlarging cock.

We both pretended like I didn’t see anything and that he wasn’t getting hard.

“Ok, now, let’s see where we can begin,” I managed to say, clearing my throat. “Take out the readings from class and open your notebook to this week’s discussion points.”

He obeyed obediently and silently. His notebook was a mess and he paged through back and forth, frantically scanning what looked to me like random scribbles. His breathing quickened until he finally gave up and slid down in his chair again.

“Dr. M. I’m so bad at this. I don’t even know where my notes are. I really need your help. I’m sorry. I really need you.” And with that he stopped and I stopped.

I broke the silence to comfort him, “It’s ok. Just do as I say and we’ll figure this out.”

“Yes, Dr. M. Tell me what to do. Just tell me what to do,” his voice trailed off defeatedly.

“Do you trust me to help you?” I asked plainly. After a pause, John opened his mouth to speak but I quickly intercepted, “Take a moment to really think before you answer. Do not answer until you’re absolutely sure. Take your time. Think about it before you answer.”

We sat there for a moment in complete silence, John chewing on his lower lip and me sitting straight up in my seat with my hands folded neatly in front of me on the desk. I smiled at seeing his brows scrunched in careful consideration. He really was taking his time to decide.

John slowly sat up, raised his head, and his eyes met mine. I gently held his gaze there and let the moment marinade, then signaled him to speak with a small nod.

“Yes, Dr. M. I do. I trust you. I trust you.” The way he straightened his posture and brushed his bangs out of the way as he answered assured me of the truth in his words. We were now fully looking at each other with no obstruction.

“Thank you, John. Thank you for that,” I nodded in appreciation. “In return, I trust that you will do as I say and when I say it. That will be my expectation, do you understand?”

“Yes, Dr. M.”

“Good. Thank you. Shall we begin?” I smiled.

“Yes, Dr. M.,” John replied confidently and eagerly, his hazel eyes fixed on me in anticipation.

“Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Lean back into your chair.” John obeyed.

“Now take three more deep breaths in that position, holding each for 3 counts, and then exhale fully.” I am focused on his mouth now. His lips are full and pink. They glisten from his saliva from when he was biting his lower lip. He did that when he was thinking and when panicked from not knowing the answer to a question posed in class. Our small seminar was designed to help acclimate first year students to the rigor of academia and enrolment was capped at fifteen students per class. The intimate setting meant that I noticed everything. For example, one of his female classmates fancies John and has been trying to flirt with him by playing with her own hair. She leans in really close to him when they have pair work and finds reasons to touch him while she giggles, the way awkward young women do around the young men they find attractive. She’s repeatedly offered to help him with class materials but he’s yet to take up her offer. As for John, he was adorably clueless, just nervously laughing along with her, never quite knowing why they were laughing in the first place.

John took the second breath and is holding it for three counts, as commanded. Good boy, I thought to myself proudly. While he did the breathing exercise, I maneuvered myself to the other side of the desk and slid myself between John’s wide opened legs and the edge of my desk. I pushed his notebook aksaray escort back slightly so I can sit facing him.

“Ok, once you’re ready, reach your hands out and put them back on the desk. Keep your eyes closed.”

“Yes, Dr. M,” he replied softly with no signs of being startled by my proximity to him. John moved forward in the chair, steadying himself by putting his weight on both feet that were firmly planted on the floor. His breathing was controlled and slow. His shoulders relaxed and dropped down from their normal state of a permanent shrug. The tenseness in his brow was gone and his eyelids closed gently over eyes. Slowly and assuredly, he reached his hands out to place them on the desk and jumped a bit to find them landing on my legs. I felt his hands tensing up and could tell he was going to take them away.

“Keep your hands where they are.” John obeyed but had to slightly grip my legs to prevent them from sliding off of my legs, which was the point. “Now push my dress up to my hips. Keep your eyes closed.”

“Yes, Dr. M.”

The soft jersey fabric slowly moved up my legs until my mound was exposed. His brow raised at the realization that I had no panties on. John’s hands had stopped where my legs met my hips. One of my ex-lovers told me that it was his favorite spot. Something about the curve of it had fit perfectly in his hands which meant it functioned as well-positioned handles when I allowed him to penetrate me from behind.

“Now move forward in the chair but keep your hands where they are. Use your feet to steady yourself. Do not open your eyes.” John transferred some of his weight on to his hands and moved them slightly beneath me, fully gripping the sides of my bare ass. I noticed his bulge twitch. With him holding me firmly with his two hands, I raised both my legs up at the same time he repositioned himself so that my feet rested on either side of him on the chair. He must have been able to smell my scent with how close he was to me and how wet I was getting.

“Very good. Good boy. Now use your left thumb to find my clit and play with it until I tell you to stop.” With no hesitation John slowly guided his left hand down, parting my lips with his thumb and began methodically rubbing and pushing against my clit. I gasped at his skillful maneuvering which caused a smirk to form on his face. I gathered myself and scolded, “I didn’t tell you to smile.” The smile immediately disappeared from his face and his hand quickened its pace. John’s right hand began to also slide down towards my sex. “No, you may not.” And just as fast it returned to my hip bone. Holy hell, this boy knows what he’s doing. Even without a single finger in me, I was ready to cum. Fuck.

“You may use your right hand to put your fingers in me now,” I instructed as calmly as I could manage given the state I was in.

“Yes, Dr. M.” As permitted, John’s right hand began to stroke my dripping wet hole, spreading my juice all over my swollen and smooth nether lips. First one finger entered me, then two, then three. His left thumb continued its steady pace. His cock was fully erect now and it struggled against the confines of his pants. John relentlessly penetrated my hole with three fingers and frenziedly worked my clit with his thumb. I felt faint, like I was melting into the desk. I wanted to move my feet to pleasure John with them but they were tinkling and seemed so far away from where I sat. I reached for John to ground myself. With one hand on his shoulder, I dug my other hand in and grabbed on to his hair.

“Good boy. You’re such a good boy,” I whimpered. Encouraged, he rallied and thrusted his fingers even faster and was ravaging my clit with his thumb. I was helpless against the barrage of pleasure, the sheer force of the orgasm that pushed over me and succumbed to it, crying out, “John.”

On cue, he slowed his strokes and began to gently rub my swollen clit and lips. I slumped forward fully onto him. I nuzzled and kissed his face while whispering approvingly, “Good boy. You can stop now.”

The motion immediate ceased but we remained in our position with our weight leaning on each other. I stayed there, relishing the intimacy and enjoying John breathing me deeply into him with every breath taken against my breast. I gave him a small kiss on his temple and added, “You may clean your hands now.” I withdrew from our quasi-embrace just as John’s hands withdrew from me. I was disappointed to feel his fingers slip out of me. John moved his hands towards his pants. “No,” I commanded. “Use your mouth. Clean them with your mouth. I want you to taste me, really savor me. And open your eyes. Look at me.”

“Yes, Dr. M.,” he confirmed and sat straight up again, slowly lifting his head up to aim his hazel eyes right at me. Without breaking our gaze, his hands moved up to his mouth and John licked and sucked his three fingers like they were an ice cream bar.

“That’s it. Clean them up, taste me. Don’t stop until I tell you to. Do you understand?” ataköy escort John nodded eagerly, not being able to verbally reply because his fingers were reinserted deep into his mouth. “Fuck your mouth with your own hand.” With that, I began to play with my clit as I watched his fingers entering and exiting his mouth, sliding past his pink full lips. His eyes began to water and saliva was dripped from his mouth on to his hand and down his wrist. John matched his speed to the rhythm I was rubbing my clit and finger-fucking myself. Streams of tears ran down his cheeks, but he never took his teary eyes off of me. I imagined his fingers were back in me and that his purposefully moving tongue were lapping up my juice. “That’s it, push those fingers in there,” I panted. I was getting close now. Fuck Fuck. “Yes. That’s it, John. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes,” I whimpered as shivers shot through my whole body with the orgasm. When he heard my last cry, John stopped.

“Did I tell you to stop?”

“No, Dr. M,” John muffled through the fingers in his mouth and quickly resumed sucking on them.

“Look at what happened. You made me cum and now you have to clean me up. Come here,” I used my feet that were still on either side of him on the chair to pull him towards me. “Come clean my pussy with your mouth, the way you cleaned your fingers.” I grabbed his head, right hand wet from making myself cum, and guided it between my legs. John slid forward and fell from the chair, landing on his knees. His long torso made it so his mouth was perfectly aligned to my dripping hole when kneeled. “Now start cleaning. You may use your hands to steady yourself on my desk.”

“Yes, Dr. M,” he muffled from between my legs. John began enthusiastically lapping and nibbling at my clit. The more he licked, the juicier my pussy became and the more he would have to lap up. This was a cycle I was happy to be stuck in. He sucked on my clit and murmured, “Dr. M. Dr. M. Dr. M.” The vibrations from my own name on my clit sent me over the edge again and I collapsed backwards onto my desk and onto his notebook. “Dr. M. Dr. M. Dr. M,” he repeated over and over until I exploded into a loud scream. My whole body went limp after that and John slowed down the rhythm of his licking to long and gentle strokes.

“You can stop now,” I whispered between breaths. “You can stop now. Good boy.” I slid my hand down the desk towards his. The tips of our fingers intertwined and he rested his head on my inner thigh. “Good boy.” We stayed there for a moment, contented. I could feel his warm and still quick breath between my legs and they were turning me on again. “John.”

“Yes, Dr. M,” he firmly replied and instinctively sprung up into a straight posture, my hand still in his.

“Stand up now and take off your pants,” I instructed.

“Yes, Dr. M.” John locked his lusty gaze on me and pushed himself up with his free hand. With the other, he gave my hand a squeeze before letting go. I propped myself up onto my elbows so I can watch him undress. One by one, he discarded pieces of clothing to the side all while locking his hungry eyes on me. His enormous cock that was straining against the thin fabric of his pants sprung and bounced when he pull it out from his pants. As he undressed, I slid forward on the desk until my bottom were nearly off of the desk, getting my pussy in position for what I was about to demand from him.

“Come and put your beautiful cock into me. Start slow. That’s a lot of cock for me to handle. Do not cum until permitted. Do you understand? You may kiss me, touch my breast, and play with my nipples. Now lift my feet into position on your shoulders.”

“Yes, Dr. M,” John answered firmly. He gently hoisted my feet into the air and rested my ankles securely on his shoulders so that my opening was easily accessible for his throbbing rod as commanded. With a decisive but slow push, he guided himself all the way into me. I whimpered at the fullness of his cock as he began to slide slowly in and out of me. Fuck fuck fuck. He feels so good. John was just as attentive and eager a lover with his cock as he was with his fingers and mouth. Steadily, he slid faster and faster. Oh my god, I’m gonna cum. Fucking hell, he’s feels so good. As he pumped faster and faster, he steadied himself by holding on to my tits. My small breasts barely filled his large hands but he relished them.

“Suck on my nipples.”

“Yes, Dr. M,” he answered, quickly pulling down my daring neckline to expose my breasts. His mouth took hold of my nipples, the tip of his tongue flicking playfully at them, his teeth lightly biting them. He had slid one hand, I couldn’t tell which, underneath me and lifted me up towards him, using my shoulder as leverage to push us closer together. He was deep in me now and I wasn’t able to utter a single command anymore. He’d fucked me speechless. The only things that came out of my mouth were whimpers that tried to resemble a “yes” which he stifled with a passionate kiss. I arched my back and let my head fall back away from him. Somehow John knew to use his free hand to grab my neck. His hand was so big, the tips of his fingers nearly touch when they were wrapped around my neck. I can smell myself on him and moaned in approval. He tightened the grip. The tighter he gripped, the lighter I felt, like I was floating.

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