DreamWorks Ch. 1

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(Copyright Princess Katie 2002)

(All characters are above 18)

(This is the first of a 2 part story and is the first one I have ever written so I hope you like it)


It started as a normal day like any other day.

The sun shined through the window into his room, the curtains swayed slightly from the wind, Chris opened his eyes and sat up rubbing his eyes from his sleep, he looked around and smiled-it was Saturday.

He got up, put on his dressing gown and went down for some early morning coffee.

He looked at the clock-8am and quiet all over the place.

(Christopher was one of those guys who was shy mysterious and quiet-the kind of guy who you could warm to even if you did not know him. At 21 he was married with a wife and kids with a job that paid more than enough to keep him happy)

He picked up a control and switched on the TV.

There was some news report on about politics and the usual banter of topics.

He goes back to the kitchen and sits down at the bar.

He looks at himself in the mirror and suddenly feels a stirring down below.

He looks down at his cock and it looks bigger than usual.

He downs some more coffee and takes a better look.

At normal length his cock would be 8 inches and fairly thick but now it looked more like 12 inches and thicker than a large sausage.

He groans in pain as it starts to grow longer and longer.

The intensity increased as he grabbed it and started working on it.

By now it was 20 inches long and with little sign of slowing down-Chris felt like he would burst from the pain.

He canlı bahis şirketleri felt the eruption building up inside him willing him on to cum and burst forth.

Faster and faster he went as the pressure grew.

OH GOD I’M GOING TO CUM!!! He said to himself.

Pre cum trickled down the side of his cock providing further stimulation.

I’M CUMMMMMMMINGGGGGG!!!! He yelled out in agony.

The head of the cock enlarged in size and opened up.

He suddenly came gushing forth blast after blast of fresh cum.

More and more burst forth as he relieved the pressure and returned to normal.

Damn thought Chris how the hell am I going to clean up this kitchen?

(The alarm goes off ending the dream)


He woke up breathing heavily from his dream.

To the side of him was Susan his wife dressed in a pink sexy looking nightdress and in a room nearby their 2 children Kate and Katie-Twins.

(They are only 1 year old each but they play no part in the story)

Bunny what’s the matter? Asked Susan.

Oh nothing just bad dreams that’s all reply’s Chris.

She gently kisses him on the lips slowly running her hand along his face.

Here she says to him, feel this.

She guides his hand to her enlarged tummy and he feels some kicking.

How many are in there? He says to her, feels like an entire army down there.

It’s quadruplets she reply’s, and I yearn for more afterwards.

(At this point I should tell you about Susan-She is very bright and intelligent and very cute. She loves looking after kids and always wanted her own. She weighs in at 16 canlı kaçak iddaa stone with 44EE breasts and a body to die for as she exercises a lot.

She is 20 years old and married to Chris. They have 2 daughters and she is now pregnant with quadruplets)

He lies back in bed as she gets up and stands in front of him and spreads her legs showing off her silk black stockings.

She leans back and stretches making her pregnant tummy look even bigger.

Oh fluffy bunny you look so good up there he tells Susan from his comfortable position.

She lifts up her dress revealing her small blue knickers wrapped around her engorged vagina.

She smiles at him; I am the best female in this house, so lucky to have you as a husband.

She squats down as he looks at her large thighs.

Sorry bunny I need the toilet she whispers at him.

Well come on then he replies, he moves to lie flat on the bed giving her room to crouch over him.

She moves and positions herself over his face and mouth.

Susan proceeds to lower her knickers and she grimaces as a huge torrent of liquid flows out of her and onto Chris’s face.

OH YES!!!! She tells him as the pressure on her bladder starts to disappear.

She spreads her legs more and sits on his face burying him.

The foul smelling liquid continues to burst forth into Chris’s mouth as he swallows some and spits out the rest.

Susan looks down at herself in amazement as even more pours down onto him.

Finally the waterfall ends and she sits on his face exhausted by the effort.

Chris proceeds to lick her anal area cleaning away the remainder of her piss.

Oh canlı kaçak bahis bunny that felt so nice she says to him.

She rolls over and slumps next to him in the bed.

They kiss and cuddle for a few minutes then Chris pulls her up.

Lets do some practise he says to her, a smile appearing on his face.

Susan turns around and gets down on all fours as Chris gets behind her, doggie style position.

He presses his body against hers as his cock begins to swell.

Oh yes bunny I feel that she tells him.

He positions himself behind her and presses it up against her nightdress.

He moves his hands to her swollen breasts and squeezes them hard.

Careful bunny she says to him, I am in a sensitive condition remember.

They move back and forth together for a few minutes as his cock grows ever-bigger pressing on her huge bum.

Susan opens her mouth and gasps in quick breaths as they move with more speed.

He gently moves his hands down her massive body feeling every bump and curve lovingly.

Oh god she gasps, I think I am Cumming.

She lifts up her dress and he pushes against her knickers making her groan with pleasure.

OOOOOOHHHHH YEEESSSSSSS!!!! She gasps breathlessly as he thrusts his body onto her faster and faster.

Suddenly her vagina enlarges and she moans loudly as her juices flow out of her and spills onto Chris’s enormous cock.

OH YES CHRIS I AM CUMMMMMMMINGGGGGG!!!! She screams at him as spurt after spurt of sticky white cum bursts out of her pussy and all over his huge member.

She spreads her legs and convulses as the full blown orgasm hits her like a thousand knifes all over her body.

She breaks out in a sweat and shakes and shudders as it flows through her from head to foot.

They both collapse onto the bed tired and worn out from the excitement of it all.

(Part Two coming April 2002)

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