Dylan Makes a Wish

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(This won’t have any growth in it, or complete sex, we’ll get there. I’d like to build anticipation, and I’m completely open to criticism. This is my first time writing anything like this, so let me know what you guys think and any ideas for a part two.)

Dylan’s eyes stared lazily ahead. Once again, he found himself stuck in an antique store with his mom while she browsed through the random crap in his store. He was the only one who didn’t want to be there; his sister was even in the basement trying to pick out some “new” tops that were cheap. (Today’s color is: RED! Any item with a red tag is now 50% off!)

The bells at the store entrance jingled and glanced up to see a girl about his age walking in. She had to be 20 at the oldest. Just by looking at her, Dylan got the impression she was the kind of girl who would know the difference between Aquarius and Scorpio. Her hair was straightened brunette with some blond highlights at the end, and her skin was tanned from hours out at the beaches. She was cute—definitely out of his league cute. Her thighs had the toned look of a runner, and the khaki shorts and crop top mix said she had some style.

He nodded to her as she passed him by, the corner of her mouth quirking up a little. Dang, those shorts were tight. He could see the ridge in the middle where it was riding up her ass. As if she could read minds, she pinched at the shorts and pulled the wedgie out.

Someone cleared their throat, and he was jerked out of checking out the girl. “What’s up?” he asked turning to see his sister in front of him.

“You just gonna keep burning holes in that chick’s ass or are you ready to go?” Sarah asked him raising an eyebrow.

Dylan let out a nervous laugh. “I wasn’t even checking her out; I thought she dropped something. We’re leaving?” (Great save, Douchebag)

“Mom’s buying a couple things, and I’ve got some shirts to pay for, but I think we’re ready. Wanna see something cool?”

“Define cool…” he began, but she was already pulling something out of the pile of clothes in her bag.

“What is that?” He asked her as she lifted something up.

“Mom thinks it’s copper; she asked me to have you clean it when we get home.”

“Why me?” Dylan scowled shaking his chores.

“She’s gotta make dinner and I have Jessica coming over. Please just take one for the team? I’ll owe you something for it.”

Dylan shook his head. “Fine, but you can’t just randomly bring me a smoothie or something, I get to choose what you do.”

“Thanks, Dude!” Sarah said before practically skipping away to check out. As much as he hated working, his older sister was at least sweet when he did her a favor.

Dylan sat down in the garage. He’d already finished cleaning off an assortment of so-called goods his mom had brought him. Namely, a rustic painting can, and some old watch his mom had wanted to pick up. He poured out some rust-removed onto the old lamp—that’s what it was according to his mom. Then he took the rag he’d been using and began to scrub at it. Little by little, the grime began to clean off, and the metal underneath began to actually shine. It actually did look like copper, or maybe brass. either way, they’d get more than the four dollars his mom paid for it.

“You know you can stop rubbing that right?” Someone asked from behind him. Dylan’s heart leapt into his throat and he nearly fell out of the chair he was in.


“The lamp. You can stop rubbing it, I’m already here.”

He turned around to see a dude standing there, leaning against the garage. He had a mild smile on his face, and the deep blue of his eyes almost seemed to shine.

“And who… are you exactly?” Dylan asked slowly, he was backing up further and further away from the stranger hoping to get to his dad’s worktable. There HAD to be a hammer on it.

“Oh shit! Do you not know what you just did?” The genie asked him, and Dylan—unable to breath—shook his head no. “Fuck, Man, this is about canlı bahis to blow your MIND. I’m a genie. Like, Aladdin, crank out of those three wishes sort of thing, you know?”

Dylan stared at him, mouth-gaping, and completely shocked. “What?”

“Robin Williams? Hell, Will Smith? Come on, everyone knows Aladdin. Seriously, everyone.”

“You’re telling me I can wish for anything?”

“Not everything, nobody back from the dead—over rated honestly, no infinite wishes—just pick wisely and you’ll be fine, nobody to fall in love with you—love is a construct, don’t feel bad.”

“P-prove it.”

“Prove it?” the “genie” asked Dylan. He had his eyebrows raised in disbelief.

“Prove it.” Dylan repeated, this time

much more sure of himself.

As soon as the words left his mouth, something happened. The 20-something, lacrosse type looking guy before him, began to change. It happened too fast for Dylan to even process.

He was staring at a chick now. A chick with jet black hair, straight as a ruler, that hung to her shoulders. she was wearing thigh-high leather boots that were high heels at the bottom. A black leather corset that made her waist seem impossibly small, and if her breasts peaked out the top. Lily-white skin, with cleavage that barely seemed there at all. The emo chick stepped her legs apart, and Dylan’s cheek blushed as he realized she was wearing a lacy thong, and that was all that was covering her.

“O-o-ok… okay, point proven.” the genie smiled slightly as tilted her head with smug cockiness.

“Umm… what should I wish for?”

“That parts kinda on you dude.” She said with a low and mature, but still feminine voice.

“Ok, I wish money was never an object for me.”

“Alright, done.”


“I’m not going to keep trying to convince you that I’m magic.”

“Umm… I wish I was super charming.”

“Dont we all?”


“Nothing! Done!”

“I… uhh… I wish…”

“Dude, come on this cant be this hard.”

“As if you know what it’s like to actually make wishes.”

“Ouch, that hurts. Maybe just say the first thing to come to mind?”

“Well, I don’t really feel like I should say it.” Dylan admitted.

“I’m an immortal being who has existed since before ethereal form existed, I really don’t think I’ll care.”

“Fine. I wish I could control people. Their bodies and minds. Mental and physical.”

“Holy shit, Dude! That’s so fucked! There’s no way I’m doing that for you.” the genie burst out, her mouth falling into a shocked “O”.

“What? I’m sorry—I—

“Yeah, just kidding, I don’t care.” She snapped, and that was it. The goth dominatrix was gone.

Dylan’s gut twisted itself into knots. Had he messed up? How did he know it’d even worked? Had he made a mistake with his wishes? He hadn’t really thought about it too hard. He’d gotten a little distracted with the smooth skin of the genies thighs. The way the tops of the insides of her thighs had began to curve in to meet her—

He cut himself off. He wasn’t supposed to think about that, it wasn’t right.

Dylan glanced at the lamp, still partially dirty on

the table. Mom would probably want him to finish cleaning it so she could still sell it for a… the thought broke off. If he wasn’t crazy—if that entire exchange had been real, then money was no problem. He’d never need to work again in his life. Of course, he could be batshit crazy. But it might would pay to find out first. How would it work? Was his bank account just filled with trillions of dollars? Would money just appear anytime he wanted something? He pulled out his phone as he had an idea.

On his phone, he pulled up Amazon Prime. Right there on his “Deal of the Week” was a mini-fridge that’d cost like $3,000. (On sale this week only for $2,499.99! Shipping and packaging included!)

He clicked on it and gave his thumb print when requested. As it registered, the app told him it would be bahis siteleri delivered on Monday. He laughed a shocked, unsure chuckle. It was real. His life of working had ended before ever having to well… work.

It was late, and Dylan had been busy. He’d spent the last few hours shopping and just buying a bunch of random crap in general. Anything he might want, honestly. New TV? Absolutely. New VR headset? Obviously. A new car? Holy shit—he hadnt even bought a new car yet. He decided he’d scroll while taking a piss. As he walked to the bathroom, he was passing Sarah’s room when he heard some giggling. He stopped trying to think of what could be going on. He knocked on the door.

“Just a minute!” Sarah called. He only had to wait a few moments before the door swung open, and she greeted him. She had one of her new shirts on—a red button up unbuttoned two buttons and tied off at the stomach. Her stomach had the definition of abs with a little fat filling it off. Her skin was a golden brown, and she’d evidently curled her hair. “What’s up?” She asked. Dylan’s eyes flicked from the curls in her blonde hair to the tops of her cleavage. He’d seen a bra tag once—B cups. Average, but average never failed to catch his eyes’ attention.

“Jessica over?”

“Yeah, she is.”

“I just kinda got lonely. I wanted to come out with you guys.”

“We’re doing girl stuff, sorry, Dude.”

His next words poured out like a switch had been flipped. “Hey, please? I’m lonely, and besides you owe me one.” Sarah’s eyes widened a little, and he could see she felt bad. That must’ve been his “charming” wish. She swung the door open and let him in. Jessica was a Latina—21, a year old than Sarah. “Hey!” she said with a smile, and her dark brown eyes met his. Her dark eyes made her smile look… soft. She’d always been cute, and a little part of Dylan melted a little.

It didn’t hurt that her round face was filled out, and she had chubby cheeks that seemed to take a couple years off. She was all dressed up—similar to how Sarah was dressed cutesy except with her own style. Fishnet leggings up to a short black skirt that cut off at the mid thigh. She was even wearing a matching black sweater.

“You guys going out or something?”

Sarah clenched her jaw and shut the door, refusing to talk. Jessica let out a small giggle at her reaction.

“Yeahhh… we were gonna sneak out in like thirty minutes.”

“You were sneaking out at 11:30?”

“We planned for a late night!” Sarah excused as she flopped down on the bed next to her friend.

“Do you mind if I come?” Dylan couldnt help but ask. He’d gotten bored at home and wanted to see how much his money could actually do. Besides, he could save Jessica and Sarah a couple bucks in drinks or whatever.

“I dont care.” Jessica shrugged.

Sarah threw her a vicious look. “This was supposed to be girl’s night!”

Jessica rolled her eyes. “Come on, anytime we’re together is girl’s night.”

“I can be one of the girls.” Dylan claimed as he sat down in a chair.

“Really?” Sarah cocked an eyebrow.

“Best tits you’ve ever seen.” he told them.

Sarah snorted and shook her head. “Fine, let me just go put on some makeup and then we’ll be ready to go.”

She stepped out of the room letting the door swing shut behind her. “Best tits you’ve ever seen? Really?” Jessica asked him with a small laugh.

“Listen, I don’t lie. i’m drop dead gorgeous.”

“I’m sure you are.” she said, and her eyes flicked away from his. Her gaze was down… no way. She was checking out his dick. It was half of a second at most, but it was there. Undeniably, he’d seen it.

He felt his package pulse with the very thought of it, as if he were just ITCHING to give people a better view.

His gaze ran down her back, and he couldn’t but linger on her ass. She had a wide set of hips, that set the perfect framework for a thick ass. She might’ve been just a tad flat from the side, but from bahis şirketleri the back she looked like a full meal. That wasn’t even beginning to mention how thick her massive thighs were. Her hams made any volleyball player he’d seen look like they were fifteen. His erection was growing stiff now. If she were to look again, she’d be able to catch a good look.

“So… Jessica, what’s a girl like you actually want to do on a night like out?”

She hesitated. “Ummm… I mean get laid?” She asked as if it were that obvious.

“You don’t have a boyfriend?” Dylan asked his eyebrows furrowing. He knew answer now, of course—but he couldn’t help himself. That sort of compliment was just to easy.

She pushed herself out of her laying position and

sat on her legs.

Her skirt hiked up a little higher, and Dylan couldn’t help but try to catch a glance at what lies beneath. He saw her mouth open ever so slightly as if she wanted to speak but she didnt. After changing what she wanted to say, she said “I guess guys don’t want a girl with a little bit of stomach.” Her hand rested on her lap, as if she were about to reach up and grab hold of her stomach. She might’ve been a little chubby, but she was a pear. Besides, who woudln’t hit that?

“Some do…” he murmured unable to help himself.

Her eyebrows raised now, and she shot another glance down. She could see the bulge now, there was no doubt about it.

“Can I ask you a weird question?” he asked clearing his throat a little.

“Yeahh, sure…” Jessica tucked her hair behind her ears.

“If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? and why?”

“I’d… I’d wanna way 130 maybe.”

“You’d take off weight?” he asked breathlessly. Her arms folded, pushing her breasts together under her sweater.

“Yeah, why?” She asked, and Dylan moved over to the bed and touched a hand to her leg.

“Because I wouldnt want to take off weight.” She gave him another look with those soft brown eyes again, and her hand took his slowly moving it up her thigh to touch the bottom of her skirt. Then she leaned forward and kissed him. Her lips were soft, pressed against his. A shiver and a tickle rushed through his body as her tongue danced out and brushed against his lips. She drew back for a moment still eyeing him with that dewy-eyed look.

His hand rubbed at her thigh, and he raised an eyebrow. She smiled and nodded as she began to lean back on the bed. Her hand pressed against his peck over his heart, and slowly ran down before squeezing the bulge in his pants. A burst of energy hit him, and he felt a little urgency. His hand slid further up her thigh, his fingers tugging at the fish net. He squeezed her massive leg feeling how soft her skin was. And them he hat that point—the same

point he couldn’t help but look at on the genie. His hand slid towards the center of her legs and his fingers caught onto her damp panties. Warmth was rushing through to meet his fingers, and he hesitated waiting for a hint to continue. The hint came as her hand shifted under his shirt and dipped down into his underwear. Her fingers wrapped around his shaft and she gave a light squeeze.

Dylan swayed a little, and she began to stroke. Shit, that was all the encouragement he needed. He pushed his fingers under her panties and pushed them up into her vagina. His fingers slid in, slick with desire all the way up to his knuckles. His thumb rubbed at the slit of her clit, and she bucked her hips off the bed and his right hand jerked forward compelled to grab the fullness of her ass. His hand clenched up her full cheek, and his fingers pressed up against her asshole.

She kissed him again, pulling him towards her dick first, and right as she began to work on his buckle, the doorknob began to turn.

He rolled over onto his back and she onto her stomach, each of them whipping out their phones. Dylan shoved his wet hand into his pants as Sarah walked into the room. “Ready to go?” Sarah asked them. Dylan was flushed, and Jessica’s face completely red and a little damp with sweat.

“Yup!” Jessica said a little too enthusiastically. Sarah eyeballed the two of them before shrugging and closing the door.

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