Ethan and Carrie Ch. 02

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The idea of spending an entire three day weekend with Carrie and her parents at their cabin in the middle of nowhere was a daunting prospect at best. Ethan agreed to go when Carrie asked him but was uncomfortable with the idea from the very start. He didn’t even put up much resistance when she tried to talk him into it. He knew it meant a lot to her to spend time with her family at the cabin this weekend and that was why he agreed to go with them.

Ethan and Carrie rode up with her mother. Her father was planning to meet them there early on Saturday. The drive was not as long as he had expected, but it was long nevertheless.

Carrie’s mother was very nice. She had a wonderful sense of humor and was very friendly. She was also quite attractive, Ethan thought. She and Carrie both shared the same blonde hair and features, such as nose and eyes and even figures, although Carrie was taller than her mom. He figured she must have got that from her father.

Ethan sat in the back of the Explorer and dozed for most of the trip while Carrie and her mother talked the whole way up, occasionally waking Ethan to ask him a question or two. They eventually gave up trying to keep him involved in the conversation and let him sleep.

By the time they arrived and had everything unpacked, Carrie and her mother were exhausted and Ethan was wide awake. Although Ethan and Carrie both wanted to sleep together, they knew her mother would insist that they sleep apart. Judging from the layout of the cabin, Ethan knew it would have been impossible anyway. Carrie’s bed was in the loft over her parent’s room. If they found themselves in the mood to make love, which he had certainly felt during the entire trip, he was sure her parents would not find it amusing to listen to every detail of their own daughter being screwed by her boyfriend.

Instead, Ethan kissed Carrie good night and laid out on the couch under some heavy quilts for a very comfortable sleep, although he was not the least bit tired. Carrie was in her bed and her mom was in her bed and all Ethan could hear was the crickets outside. The only light in the room was the dim glow from the moon through the kitchen window. His eyes adjusted to the darkness very slowly, but even so, the only things he could make out in the room were dark shapes.

As the tension from the long trip in the confined space of the truck with Carrie’s mother eased from his body, Ethan began to grow an erection. In his mind was the image of Carrie’s supine form on the bed not far from where he lay. He could imagine her golden hair spread across the mattress and her bright blue eyes shining as he drew back the blankets and revealed her naked form. His hand slipped down under the quilts and he stroked his cock, smiling to himself as he thought about the joy of their bodies they had shared together and the greater joy it was possible for them to experience.

He heard a soft, muffled sound and tried to see who it was. He heard the soft pad of footsteps approaching the bed but he couldn’t see Carrie until she was right in front of him and then he could only make out the highlight of her blonde hair in the moonlight. She touched Ethan’s lips with her finger and whispered.

“Shh. She’ll hear us,” was all he heard.

“Let’s make love,” Ethan whispered, reaching for her, and Carrie giggled softly. He pulled her head down and kissed her, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. She seemed hesitant at first, then returned the kiss fervently. His penis grew harder and ached.

She broke the kiss with a loud smack and he felt her drawing back the quilts. She was breathing as hard as he was. He knew that if they could see it, his long penis would be making his pajamas stand up like a tent big enough for two people. He felt her hands groping around his belly and groin for his penis and when she found it she gasped and rubbed it and stroked it like she had never felt anything like it before.

“Oh my,” she whispered, and Ethan thought he must have been harder than usual. Maybe it was the dangerous element of having her mother so near when they were about to perform an act so intimate and lascivious. Whatever it was, his penis hurt and he was dying to feel it slip into Carrie’s tight pussy.

Ethan untied the bottoms and Carrie whisked them down to his knees. Then he lost her in the darkness for a moment. He wondered if she was removing her night gown. He hoped she hadn’t left him. His pants were down and his shirt was pulled up and his penis was sticking straight up. It was pitch black so no one could see him in that position, but if her mother wandered in and flicked on the light she would be terribly shocked and probably quite furious.

“Carrie?” Ethan whispered. He was beginning to feel a little attack of anxiety.

“Shhh,” she whispered. She was not as far from him as he had thought. He could hear the rustling of fabric and he knew for sure she was removing her night gown. She knelt on the other bursa escort end of the sofa, settling herself between his legs, and he felt her hand close around his cock again. Her face was very close to the end of it because he could feel her warm, heavy breath on the head. Then he felt her hot, silky-soft lips wrap themselves around his cock and slide down the length of it.

“Oh God,” he moaned softly. He was probably getting the best head of his life, but he wondered where the hell Carrie had picked up this new technique. She was sucking him deeper than she ever had before. Her mouth felt velvety-smooth around him and warm and wet, all at the same time. His hips rose off the couch as if she had pulled him off merely by sucking him up with her mouth, and he revelled in the joy of fucking her greedy mouth. He almost wished her mother would switch on the light and catch them like this. There was something about that sense of danger that turned him on like he had rarely felt in his life.

The head touched the back of her mouth once, then twice, and Ethan came almost instantly. He gasped. The tension had increased in his body until he shuddered as it released. His balls jerked convulsively in their sack and, without even noticing, he was pumping thick wads of cum harder than he could remember into her sweet, horny mouth. Carrie swallowed every drop she received, moaning with delight. When Ethan’s orgasm finished, she kept sucking, rolling the head around in her mouth with a load of cum on her tongue.

Ethan was panting and sweating and trying to be as quiet as he could. He luxuriated in the feel of Carrie’s warm, wet, inviting mouth around the end of his cock like it was a deep massage or a warm bath after a hard workout. His cock was not nearly as hard as it had been only moments before, but it had not begun to go soft. He still had other things on his mind before he let it go soft.

Carrie sucked her mouth off with another loud, lewd smack and crawled up on top of him. Ethan was disappointed to feel her night gown between their skin. Her thighs spread automatically over his waist. He reached up and squeezed her breasts.

“Sleep well,” she whispered and kissed him deeply. For a moment he thought her voice sounded different, a little deeper maybe, but then he dismissed it as probably caused by the cum she had just swallowed. He could taste the remaining bits of his own sperm on her tongue. She ground her crotch on his hard belly, then started to get up.

“Don’t go,” he whispered fiercely. He held her arms and pulled her back down on top of him. “Let’s make love like the first time.”

“But …” she tried to protest, but Ethan kissed her again. He held her head locked down to his and worked the bottom of her night gown up over her ass. She was squirming on top of him like she was terribly afraid of something but he had no idea what it could be.

“Your Mom will never hear us,” Ethan whispered in her ear. Her hands were on his chest like she was trying to push him away. Ethan noticed she was very tense. He had his hand between her legs and around his penis, trying to find the opening of her pussy in the dark. The head brushed across her clitoris and she flinched with a gasp he was sure her mother had heard. Finally, she reached down between her legs to help him guide the head to her opening, just as Ethan was hoping she would. He let go and put his hands on her hips and let her do the rest.

She seemed very adept with his penis in her hands for her short amount of experience with him, but then, she had given him the impression that she was naturally skilled at making love. He pushed his hands up her sides, under her night gown, and squeezed her soft tits. Her nipples were hard points under his thumbs. He pinched them lightly and rolled them between his thumb and forefinger. She was warm all over and breathing hard. Her body heat made Ethan feel cozy and comfortable.

She slipped the head of Ethan’s cock between the lips of her pussy and straightened her back to push herself down on it. Her cunt made a soft, wet, squishing sound as it slowly engulfed his entire shaft. He could hear a groan from Carrie, held back by her tightly closed mouth. She stopped when it was only halfway inside her. Ethan slid his hands back down to her hips and pulled her down the rest of the way.

She collapsed on top of him, gasping in his ear.

“Oh my God,” she whispered weakly. Her voice did sound deeper and huskier, he remarked to himself. He ran his right hand along the back of her left thigh to the bend of her knee, which was squeezed in against his side. His hips rose and fell and hers rocked with them. Her heavy, warm breath was loud in his ear. Every time he pushed his hips up he heard a quiet groan from her. Odd, he thought. Carrie had never done that the few times they had made love before. She was more talkative. He would have expected her to whisper things in his ear as she usually did, but he was not about to hold bursa escort bayan anything against her if this was what she felt.

He wrapped his arms around her and held her down tight to his chest. He turned his head to find her mouth and kissed her when he did. Her tongue was eager to find its way into his mouth. He opened wide to allow her to plunge it in without any obstacle.

Her lips danced on his with the tender, gentle touch of an experienced woman. The touch of her tongue was teasing, evasive, finding his tongue then withdrawing to tantalize him until he thought he might go crazy with desire. Her performance exceeded all his expectations of what she was capable with her body and her limited experience. His love for her was deeper at that moment than it ever had been in their brief relationship, just as his cum was spurting inside her womb.

Her back arched and she writhed uncontrollably. Her mouth was locked onto his but he could hear her screams deep in her throat. He hoped she was cumming as well. He stroked her back and smeared the light perspiration that coated her skin like a fresh morning dew. She pulled her mouth away from his and she was breathing hard.

“I’ve got to go,” she whispered and climbed off. She kissed him once and then she was gone again. Ethan pulled up his pajamas and the last thing he remembered was hearing the crickets again before he fell asleep.

Ethan woke up when he heard the bathroom door close. For a moment he was disoriented by the unfamiliar surroundings. When he remembered where he was he relaxed and yawned. Then he remembered what had happened during the night and he grinned wickedly. His penis stirred in his pajamas again, ready for more action after a good rest.

He threw back the covers and got up to go to the bathroom, not even caring if his stiffening penis was visible in the front of his pajamas.

Carrie was just coming down from the loft, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She looked ravishing in her white flannel night gown with the tiny flower prints.

“Good morning,” she said with a yawn, and touched Ethan’s arm.

“Good morning,” Ethan said, grinning lewdly at her. He bent forward and kissed her lightly on the cheek. Carrie just blushed, with a puzzled look on her face.

He went into the bathroom and swung the door shut, feeling so gleeful he began to whistle his favorite song. He untied his pajamas and dropped them to his ankles. His penis was thick and strong and hung almost to his knees. He picked up the shaft in his hand and examined it with admiration. He was proud to have a member this size. He figured he had been blessed, since he knew that most of his friends, indeed most men in the world, wished they could have and appendage as long and as thick as his.

He came out of the bathroom anxious for the first moment when he could be alone with Carrie again. He could smell the first hints of coffee and bacon from the kitchen. His mouth was curled up in a smile on its own. His mostly-erect penis swung back and forth in his pajamas. He felt as if he was radiating happiness.

Carrie’s mother opened the door to her bedroom and came out as Ethan was going by. She was practically glowing, he noticed absently. She looked so beautiful and fresh it was hard to tell she had even slept. He stopped to let her go by.

“Good morning,” Ethan said, grinning like a fool.

“Good morning yourself,” she said in a deep, husky voice. Her hand came right up to his crotch and squeezed his hard cock before he had a chance to react. She quickly gave him a very deep and sensual kiss. Ethan’s eyes were wide open, almost in shock. She pressed herself against him while she stroked his penis. He could feel her hard nipples in his chest through the thin pieces of flannel fabric that separated their bodies. She broke apart the kiss with a soft smack and whispered again in her seductive, husky voice.

“I’ll see you for breakfast.” She slipped quietly into the bathroom, smiling knowingly, and closed the door.

Ethan walked slowly to the kitchen to find Carrie, almost in a daze. His head was spinning. He’d just been given a very hot, very sensual kiss from his girlfriend’s mother, and her tongue tasted very distinctly of his own sperm. He had kissed his sister and other girls often enough after they had blown him to know the taste of his own sperm, and she had it.

The very idea that it was she and not Carrie who had sucked his cock last night gave him a tremendous hard on that astonished him. Even more startling than having found out that not only was Carrie’s mother a horny, expert cocksucker but that she liked her sex mixed with a little danger. The danger of being discovered having sex had excited him, too, but now it was a completely different sort of danger, one he had never even considered.

Ethan stumbled into the kitchen, still looking dazed and confused.

“What are you thinking about?” Carrie said. She was standing at escort bursa the counter, serving egg and bacon and toast on three individual plates. She went to the refrigerator and removed the jug of milk and the orange juice. She turned back to him. Her eyes drifted down to the very obvious tent in the front of Ethan’s pajamas. “You’ve got a hard on,” she said quietly, with a grin.

He stepped toward her and she held out her arms, the milk in one hand and the orange juice in the other. The end of his cock brushed against her thigh. She puckered up to kiss him and Ethan pressed his lips against hers. Ethan pulled up her night gown, reached into her panties and gently slipped his finger into her slot.

“Oh my God, Ethan,” Carrie whispered, trying vainly to push away from him. “My Mom will hear us.”

“She’s in the shower,” Ethan growled. He wouldn’t have cared if her mother and her father or her whole family walked in on them right then. He wanted to have her right there. She moved back to try to get away from him and me moved with her, his hand still in her panties. She bumped against the door of the refrigerator and stood there with her hips sagged and her knees spread, writhing and groaning. Ethan pushed his finger deeper and deeper. She gasped.

“Oh Ethan,” she moaned. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open and she was squealing out loud. She was still holding the milk and the orange juice in each hand. Her knees began to give out and only Ethan’s hand between her legs held her up. Ethan grabbed the milk with his free hand before it slipped out of her hand, set it on the counter and did the same with the pitcher of orange juice without Carrie even noticing. She slumped further toward the floor. Her quick, wet orgasm left her as limp as a dishrag.

Ethan withdrew his hand from her panties and pulled Carrie back up to her feet, although she was still weak and leaned back against the refrigerator for support. With a swift tug, her panties came down her thighs. He lifted her left leg out of the panties, leaving them around her right ankle, and placed her left leg back down sufficiently far enough apart from the right leg so that he could move between them.

Carrie opened her eyes to look at him. By then he had his pajama top open and was busy untying the bottoms. The hem of her night gown had dropped to the floor, covering her again. She bunched it up in her hands and raised it over her breasts, waiting for Ethan to do what he would to her.

Ethan did not make her wait long. He dropped the pajamas to the floor around his ankles and moved between her spread legs, his huge, hard cock bobbing in front of him with each shuffled step. Carrie was panting hard. Ethan curled his right arm around Carrie’s left thigh to lift her up a little and held his cock in his left hand. Carrie held the refrigerator door tightly while Ethan inserted the swollen head of his cock between the moist, tender lips of her pussy.

“Oh yes, Ethan,” Carrie gasped. The head penetrated her vagina and she sucked in her breath. He had inserted his penis inside her on several occasions but she was still not used to the feeling of the thick thing sliding into her. There was no one she would have been happier to give her virginity up to. Ethan put his hands around her hips and lifted her completely off the ground and used her own weight to slide her down on him. She pressed one of her hands against his chest to held steady herself and gritted her teeth together. She was rapidly going all the way down on his cock without any way of controlling herself.

“Ungh,” Carrie grunted when she hit bottom. Ethan’s enormous organ was lodged way up inside her. She wished her mother could have a chance to experience this sort of sexual pleasure for herself. She knew that her parents did not get along too well anymore, which meant there was no way she was ever going to have a baby brother or sister. She could only imagine how frustrated her mother must be without anyone to make love with. She only wished she could propose the idea to either one of them without being afraid of offending both of them.

Completely off the ground with her back against the refrigerator for support, Carrie wrapped her legs tightly around Ethan’s hips, forcing herself further down on his erection. She groaned and he grunted. She was concerned that he might exert himself too much trying to hold her off the ground, but it was a distant thought in her mind when the tip of his penis jammed itself deeper into her womb than she ever thought it would go.

Ethan’s left hand came up and squeezed Carrie’s right breast. It looked so beautiful and sexy when it jiggled with every thrust of his hips. Her pale pink nipples stood perfectly off the tip of the round, fleshy, tanned globe. It was firm and resilient, yet soft and warm.

Carrie grunted more. Her teeth were gritted together. Her gaze was locked onto Ethan’s eyes like an attack radar. He could sense that she was close to an orgasm. Her channel was closing around his shaft tighter and tighter. He held off as long as he could but she was so tight, so warm and wet and so velvety smooth that it took everything he had not to shoot his cum inside her too early.

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