Everything Has A Price

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Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Simon, I am in my early fifties, medium height, deep blue eyes and my only downfall is my stomach which I am afraid to say has fallen foul of the dreaded mid-life paunch disease or as some would say the good life. I have a very good job as a manager of a leisure centre earning around £50k a year with bonuses.

I have on average fifty staff under my control and as many managers will tell you apart from running the place you also have to be a social worker. You can guarantee that at least one of the staff each week will have a problem of some kind, it can range from being evicted to boyfriend troubles.

This week was no different one of my staff had asked to see me, as she needed some independent advice on something that was troubling her.

Sarah entered my office and I waved to her to sit down, she looked nervous and deep in thought as she sat her extremely sexy body into the chair. Sarah had medium length blonde hair, hypnotic brown eyes, legs that went all the way up to her ass and tits that I could only dream about. It was times like this that I wished I were thirty years younger as this voluptuous woman of twenty-three sat before me.

“Simon I have a predicament and I don’t know what to do about it. My ex-boyfriend wants to have sex with me, actually he wants to pay to have sex with me and I do need the money for my holiday and I really don’t know what to do,” she said not lifting her gaze from the floor.

“Firstly you have to consider the worst scenario, what if he tells your husband or even if he finds out, your marriage could be destroyed. Second question I assume that when you two were going out together that you had sex, so it’s not like you have never done it with him before, only difference is that he wants you and is willing to pay for the pleasure,” I said while disbelieving that I was having this conversation.

“Well yes and no. He is offering me £100 but he wants a blowjob and for me to swallow and he also wants to do me up the ass and I find both of those things revolting.”

“You have answered your own question, you don’t want to do these things so your answer to him is no. On the other hand look at it from his perspective, he wants maltepe escort to pay to do things that he probably fantasises about and any man in the same position would make the same demands if he was paying.”

Sarah sat in silence while my points mulled around in her head, as she sat there my eyes kept straying towards her tits and the thought of paying for sex with her was beginning to turn me on. Eventually she looked towards me, smiled and thanked me for the advice and left.

It was over a week later that once more she asked to speak with me. She told me she had done the deed but didn’t swallow and certainly didn’t let him take her up the ass, but he had also only given her half the money and she was still in financial trouble. My mind was in turmoil, the thought of paying was really getting to me and I was tempted to see how far she would go for money.

“Is there any chance that the company could give me a loan,” she pleaded.

My answer was in the negative but as every second passed my brain was dropping lower and lower until it arrived in my trousers.

“Could you give me a loan, just £100 would be enough I promise I’ll pay you back over the next four weeks,” She pleaded once again.

“I’m sorry I’ve been stung enough times already, I just don’t lend money anymore,” I replied.

“The air conditioning was all that could be heard as once more Sarah sat silently, her gaze went from the floor to the ceiling to me and back to the floor.

“You want to fuck me,” she blurted out.

I was surprised by her remark, “I don’t think that would be a professional thing to do, do you?” I replied even though I was very tempted and getting extremely horny at the thought.

I told her to wait as I left the room and went to the ATM to withdraw some money, I was going to lend her the money against my better judgement.

“There you go,” I said as I threw the money on the table.

Sarah stood up and began to unbutton her blouse, for a split second I was lost for words but by the time I had thought of something to say Sarah’s naked tits were staring me in the face. I knew what was about to happen was wrong but I no longer had control over my own emotions, the pressure mecidiyeköy escort in my trousers saw to that. As each piece of clothing vanished from her body I could see why her ex was willing to pay, she was a vision of beauty. Seductively she ran her fingers through her pussy lips finishing up licking them clean of her erotic juices. My mouth was watering with desire while my brain screamed at me to stop before I went too far, but I had no control, I was a slave to the feelings of lust that was now consuming my mind.

Sarah glanced down at my growing bulge, her eyes revealed the mischievous thoughts circulating in her head. She dropped to her knees and shuffled forwards as she prised my legs apart and began to free my trapped cock from it’s confines. Without any resistance from me she pulled my trousers and underwear off, her head moved closer until I could feel her warm breath caressing my private parts making it twitch with anticipation. Her tongue made patterns on my balls before engulfing my member deep into her mouth, as she sucked and chewed on my cock her hands were deftly unbuttoning my shirt until I to was naked and at her mercy.

Her long nails carved thin white lines across my nipples and down my chest bringing me ever closer to release as I felt my balls tightening. She stood up and manoeuvred my legs together, I knew I shouldn’t be allowing her to do this but the tension throbbing within my cock had me under total control. Slowly she lowered her body down onto mine, she was sitting on my lap with my cock fully inside her, her pussy muscles clenching me tightly and making it hard for me to control myself. Raising and lowering herself Sarah rhythmically began fucking me, as I moved closer to climaxing I closed my eyes, my head went back and suddenly the whole world seemed to explode in my head as the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced exploded within me. My arms were grabbed and pulled behind me and as the cold metal brought me back to reality my eyes sprung open to find not only Sarah but her husband as well, why oh why didn’t I lock the door was the first thought to enter my mind. Sarah moved away and started to get dressed, I tried to stand up but Ray had his nişantaşı escort hands pressing down on my shoulders.

“What the fuck’s going on,” I muttered with a hint of fear in my voice.

Ray said nothing as he tied the handcuffs to the rear of the chair, I was confused and my mind was numb with the precarious position I had allowed myself to get into.

Ray moved to the front of me and pushed the chair back further, I don’t know if it was the fact that he had caught me with his wife or being tied naked to a chair with a man looking at me that was causing me to tremble, either way I knew I was in trouble.

Ray fumbled in his bag and produced a camera that he sat upon a tripod facing directly at me, next he hung a sign around my neck that said ‘Adulterer’ and then he clicked away ensuring that he had plenty of pictures of me in this embarrassing position.

Sarah sat on the table in front of me and speaking slowly she said, “each week you will pay me twenty hours overtime, if you don’t these pictures will be sent to your boss and your wife, do you understand.”

“Why, what did I ever do to hurt you,” I said pleading for an answer.

“I was sick and tired of your sexual innuendo’s, you’ve been trying to get into my knickers for the past six months and then you add insult to injury by giving me money and treating me like a whore,” she replied bitterly.

“But you fucked me” I started to say as I felt the full force of Ray’s hand on my face.

He packed up his belongings and they both left leaving me naked and vulnerable, the sweat poured down my face not knowing who would be first to come to my office and see me like this. I didn’t have to wait too long as my assistant manager walked in and I could tell by his face that he wanted to laugh at my predicament.

“Well boss looks like you have a problem,” he said with a snicker.

He walked over to me and sat on the desk, without any warning his hand swiped my balls bringing tears to my eyes at the excruciating pain, “that’s for making me work all over Christmas and giving me a bad appraisal.”

He got his mobile phone out of his pocket and took a couple of pictures of me, “that’s to make sure my life gets easier in the future.”

Once again he slapped my balls causing me even greater pain before releasing me. The next day I resigned there was no way anyone was going to blackmail me, two weeks later I received an email with a URL attached, I may have left but my pictures were plastered on the internet for all to see.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32