Explorations Pt. 02

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Part 2: A Proposition

“J, what the hell are you doing? D is right there in the other room!” I whispered over my shoulder, trying to keep things quiet.

“Oh, he won’t be a problem at all. We’ve already talked about it and he thinks I should play with you. I agree. Don’t you agree, T?” As she spoke, she casually began to stroke my cock, encouraging it to further grow.

My mind was flooded with endorphins as J was teasing my cock. “Uh…yes…I agree.” I could hear myself say through a fog.

“Good, then we’ll play.” To my dismay, however, J was tucking me back into my boxer briefs and zipping me up. “Come on out, we can play.” J pulled back from me and let herself the cramped bathroom. I washed my hands and took a moment to catch my breath as I looked in the vanity mirror. I mouthed “What the fuck?” to my reflection before heading back to the kitchen.

I walked back out to the kitchen and took a seat at the island, though it did take a bit of adjustment to get comfortable with the obvious tent at the front of my pants.

J sat at the counter looking like the cat that got the cream. “Oh, sarıyer escort you’re dry, let me get you another beer.” Without particularly asking if I wanted another, she was back at the refrigerator, bending over to reach the bottom drawer again. This time, however, she gave a little wiggle and looked back to ensure I was watching. “See anything you like, T?”

“It all looks good to me,” I said as I took in the sight of her round ass shaking slightly in her tight black pants.

“Good, I’m glad you like the view,” J said, standing up and closing the door. She walked back towards me and set the bottle in front of me. “I want to make sure I’m really taking care of my friend and guest.” J grabbed her now empty wine glass and poured herself another long pour of red wine. She took a seat and asked, “So, did I surprise you in the bathroom?”

“Surprise hardly begins to cover it. It was probably the last thing I expected to happen.”

“Well, I think if you were surprised by that, then I have plenty more surprises up my sleeve. Tell me about that dick. E said it was big, she didn’t silivri escort tell me how big. How big are you, T?”

“E and I measured once. One of the few times she was feeling frisky, I guess. It came to nine and a half inches.”

J chuckled, “Oh, I’ll bet it came. I bet it comes and comes and comes. You’re fucking hung, T, that thing is thick as hell.”

“Heh, thanks J. That’s good for a newly single man to hear, I think.”

“It certainly is. You’re going to be a very popular date if word of that gets around. Us ladies talk, you know. You know, T, maybe E wasn’t having sex because that thing hurts. Did she ever say anything about that?”

“No, she never said it hurt, she’d just say she wasn’t in the mood…ever. And when we were dating in college, she certainly had no problem taking it. We were like crazed teens back then though.”

“Yeah, I get it, it can fall off a bit over the years. Take D and I. We used to fuck like mad. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. But that does slow down. However, we never stopped and we never go more than a few days without şirinevler escort getting sexual. And we have ways of keeping things exciting. Like playing with other people. As you now know. You said E had no problem taking it, what did you mean by that?”

“Oh, I just meant she certainly used to enjoy sex and it never seemed to hurt her.”

“Right, but what kinds of sex, did she go down on you? Did she ever take it in her ass? Or was she a pussy only kind of woman?”

I couldn’t believe we were having this conversation. J, my ex wife’s best friend and a textbook suburban mom was sitting across from me asking if her friend liked anal or oral. It was a bit surreal. “Well, it was almost always straight to her pussy. And we both really enjoyed how that felt. I know I did. She would occasionally give me a bit of head, but not for long as she said it was too big for her jaw. And we only tried anal once, she said it just wasn’t going to happen.”

“Well, T, I can’t really fault her on a few things now that I’ve seen you. Hell, I think you’d probably wreck me. I do, however, take real pride in my blowjobs. It’s something I’ve enjoyed for years and believe me, D has absolutely never complained. Neither have a few other people, but that’s another story. I don’t know if I could get you in my mouth, but I’m willing to give it the old college try. What do you say, T?”

To be continued in Part 3…

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