Fantasy Becomes Reality Part 1

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All the plans had been made. My heart raced as I drove to the hotel where we were supposed to meet. I’d been waiting over a year to finally get to feel your sweet touch that I had dreamed about so often. When I arrived at the hotel to check in I was handed my key and a beautifully wrapped package. “This was left here for you,” Said the lady behind the front desk. I knew then that you had beaten me there. I opened the card on the package it said, “I ran out for a few things, slip this on when you get to the room and I’ll see you soon. It was signed… passionate kisses, Nick. I couldn’t find our room fast enough. When I entered the room, I found candles flickering throughout the dimly lit room, the shadows sensually dancing on the walls.

I was amazed at how nervous I was. I felt I knew you so well yet I really didn’t know you at all. I wondered if you would be as attracted with me in person as you were in our cyber romance. I had dreamed and fantasized about your passionate loving touch for so long. I wanted you so bad .My body ached and yearned to feel your touch, to taste your sweet kisses, to breath in your smell, to taste your skin as my soft lips and tongue caress your neck.

I realized I was daydreaming again and laughed softly as I set down my suitcase and walked to sit on the edge of the bed. I untie the ribbon on the package, with trembling hands, and I carefully unwrap it. Opening the box, I found a white lace bustier, a while lace garter belt, a pair of white silk stockings and a pair of white high heeled leather pumps. The outfit was so beautiful. The pattern on the lace shimmered in the flickering candlelight.

I stepped into the bathroom to change. The first thing that caught my eye as I stepped into the bathroom was the mirror that covered one whole wall. On the opposite side of the room there was a large bathtub with water jets, more than big enough for 2 people. I smiled as possible scenarios involving the tub ran through my mind. I slipped out of my jacket and tank top and removed my short black skirt and stockings and began changing. I wanted everything to be so perfect. I stood looking at my reflection in the full mirror. The outfit you fulya escort had given me was so perfect. It fit me like a lace glove. It hugged every curve of my body. My nipples were exposed by the half cups of the bustier. The silk stockings felt so wonderful on my long legs. My smooth shaven pussy just barely visible below the garter belt. The high heels accentuate my calves. I feel almost gothic, covered entirely in lace. I looked down and noticed another small box in the larger box that had held my gift. I opened it to find a white satin choker necklace embroidered with small white beads. It was so beautiful. I put my hair up loosely curling the long wisps of hair in perfect corkscrew curls and put on the necklace.

I hear you enter the other room. My hand trembles as I turn the doorknob and walked out into the room. You are standing with your back towards me. You didn’t hear me come in. You turn around and a smile instantly plays across your sexy lips. You’re blue eyes sparkling, as you look me over head to toe. Your grin is so mischievous. God you are sexier than I ever imagined you would be. My heart is pounding in my chest, my nipples hard with excitement as my breasts rise and fall with every nervous breath. “Did you like your present Babycakes?” you ask. Your voice is so sexy. Your accent sends shivers up my spine. “I love it Nicky.” I say with a grin. “The question is do you like it?” You reach out your hand to me and I eagerly take it, feeling you pull me to you. My breasts crush against your chest as you caress my neck before pulling my lips to yours. I drink in your kiss like a fine wine, savoring your taste. I wrap my arms around you, holding you tight. My nervousness magically disappearing replaced by a passion stronger than I had ever felt before in my life.

Your hands caress me, following the curve of my neck. You’re tender touch moving over my shoulders. Your fingers play softly on my skin as your hands move down to my breasts. Your fingertips gently circling my exposed nipples before moving down, following the curves of my hips, moving slowly down to cup my bare cheeks as you pull me closer to you. You’re gentle touches gebze escort setting my senses on fire with tingles of pleasure.

I slip my hands under your shirt, caressing your sexy chest. I slip your shirt off. My hand moving to your cheek, caressing you as I look into your beautiful big blue eyes.” I love you so much Nicky. I’ve dreamed of this for so long. I can’t believe you are actually here.” You chuckle softly.” I love you too Becky” You reply. Your lips move back to mine. Our tongues dancing together as our hands explore each other’s bodies for the first time.

I reach down and unfasten your pants slowly, letting them fall to the floor. I notice your excitement growing through your silk boxers. “I have never wanted any one as badly as I want you right now Nicky.” I say breathlessly. “Well, lets see if we can do something about that.” You say laughing softly as you lead you lead me to the huge bed. When we reach the bed you pull me close and kiss me again. “Becky you look beautiful in that outfit I brought you. It looks as if it was made for you.” A light blush washes over my cheeks. “Thank you Nick, I truly love it. It’s beautiful.” My hands slip down to your hips. I slowly pull your boxers down. My hot breath caresses your skin as I kneel, bringing them down to the floor. I stand back up, looking at your perfect sexy body. I want you so bad that my body aches in demand for it. I kiss you again. My hands following every curve of your body as they tenderly explore every inch of you.

You take me in your arms, gently guiding me to the bed, urging me to sit and lay back. Your hot sweet kisses start at my neck and slowly move down to my shoulders. Your hands caressing and exploring my body as your kisses move to my breasts. Your tongue circles my hard nipples one by one, your teeth gently sinking into my tender flesh as you nibble and suck on them. Tingles of excitement shoot through my body making my clit throb with desire. Your hands follow the curves of my hips, gently parting my legs slightly. Your feather light touch grazes over my thighs as your fingers move up to explore my hot wet excitement. A soft moan escapes my lips gültepe escort as you move down between my legs. I feel your hot breath as you tongue begins to explore every fold, circling my clit lightly. My moans grow louder as my body quivers slightly with pleasure and desire. You gently push my legs up and circle your arms around my hips pulling me closer to you as your tongue continues to explore and flicker over my glistening wet pussy, delving inside me before moving back to my clit. My moans turn to cries of pleasure as I build to a climax. My body trembles as let the waves of pleasure wash over me. My sticky sweetness rushing into your mouth.

You slowly move back up my body, Your hands on my knees as you push my legs back. You reach down between us slowly caressing my slick clit with the head of your hard cock before letting it enter me. My pussy grips at your cock as you fill me with one long slow thrust of your hips. Your lips move to mine kissing me passionately. The taste of my excitement on your sweet lips turning me on even more. You push my legs back further as you begin your slow rhythmic thrusts. My pussy gripping your cock each time you delve deep inside my tight smooth walls. Our moans fill the room as we make passionate love. I reach up grasping your sweet cheeks, pulling you into me harder. My fingertips pressing into your skin as your muscles flex with each deep hard thrust. You let the weight of your body fall into me sending your hard pulsing cock deeper inside me.

You slip my legs over your shoulders, your thrusts growing even harder, filling me completely. Your balls slapping gently on my ass as you drive your rigid cock into my hot wet pussy. Our breathless moans fill the room. Our bodies glistening with sweat as we satisfy the intense longing that has built up over the time we have known each other. Our bodies quiver as we build to a climax together. Our moans turn to exhilarated cries of sweet release. I feel your hot thick cum mingling with my sticky sweetness as we both let the slow shooting tingles of pleasure flow through our bodies. My pussy gripping your cock with each explosive wave of pleasure.

We collapse trying to catch our breath as we hold each other tight. Your sweet kisses on my neck gently caressing my skin. “I love you so much Nick. This is like dream come true.” I kiss your sweet lips as we lay in each other’s arms, snuggling close, talking until we both doze off in a light sleep.

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