Finishing School – Episode 01

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“Now pay attention, girls. I’m going to ask Johnson to enter the room. Please ensure you have a clear view of the front of the room. It is most imperative that you are able to see this demonstration in its entirety. I understand that for those of you with a sensitive disposition this may seem somewhat confronting, but I must insist that you do not leave the room nor look away. The success of your schooling over the next six weeks depends upon our setting a solid foundation.”

The girls shuffled on their chairs. Some looked around nervously, others leaned forward in eager anticipation. Petticoats rustled, corsets creaked. It was their first day of lessons at Mrs Castlewick’s School for Young Ladies. They were from the local area or the surrounding counties, and were here because their parents had heard that Mrs Castlewick had a particular talent for giving ladies of marriageable age every advantage in securing a husband. What their parents did not know was the nature of the education, since all students of the school were sworn to secrecy the minute they arrived.

Mrs Castlewick was a woman of a certain age. Mr Castlewick had been a man of some means and admirable proportions, but had departed this life at an unseasonably early age a decade-and-a-half earlier. His wife had not felt the urge to take another husband, so sure was she that no man could ever fill the space that Mr Castlewick left behind. Anxious to avoid the ruin that would surely befall her if her inheritance were frittered away, she sought to secure her future by taking in young ladies and completing their education.

For Mrs Castlewick had firm views on the subject of marriage, and more particularly on the subject of how best to improve the prospects of finding a good catch. There was one sure way to a man’s affections, she believed, having taken that route herself to secure her wedlock with Mr Castlewick and to maintain a firm hold on his attention throughout their all-too-short time together. Her reasoning was simple — equip a young lady with the skills, experience, and self-possession to attract an eligible man and she would not want for comfort and security through her life. To put it bluntly, if a young woman could bahis firmaları fuck like a whore then an absence of wealth, looks or talent need not stand in the way of an advantageous match.

Over the years her enterprise had flourished, so that she now occupied a stately manor house with ample grounds and more than sufficient room for the servants, gardeners, cooks and housemaids needed to cater to her needs and those of the twenty ladies who were in residence with her at any one time.

Mrs Castlewick looked sternly about the room, and the fidgeting and whispered comments faded to silence. “Very well. Let us begin.” She turned towards the door and called out, “Johnson. Enter, if you please.”

The door opened and in walked a bear of a man. Tall, broad across the shoulders, thick around the arms and legs, Johnson was as fine a specimen of masculinity as you would hope to find. One of the gardeners, he had been in Mrs Castlewick’s employ for three years and was well-versed in what was required of him. He walked to the front of the room and stood next to Mrs Castlewick. The contrast between the coarse labourer with his dark, unkempt hair and muddied clothes next to the taut, starched and very proper teacher was quite marked.

Without being asked, he removed his boots, then his trousers and drawers and finally his shirt, to stand naked before the assembled ladies. It was inevitable, of course, that this act combined with his undeniable handsomeness would draw a reaction from the students, and Mrs Castlewock allowed a moment of gasps, titters and exclamations before she barked, “Silence!”

“Before you, you see the male member. The technical term is penis. The common classes refer to it by a number of other names, of which ‘cock’, ‘dick’, and ‘knob’ are the most common. It will be the focus of your study for the next six weeks, so pay close attention as I point out its significant features.” She indicated the end of the organ with her pointing-stick. “This is the foreskin. It covers the head of the penis, or glans to give it its medical name. It may be retracted to expose the head. The head is the most sensitive part of the member, and you will find that concentrating your attention kaçak iddaa on the very end of the penis will produce a very desirable reaction.”

“But that is not to say that you may neglect other regions. The shaft is the name given to the length of the member. Although not as sensitive as the glans, it nevertheless can yield welcome sensations to its owner with the proper attention. Below the shaft hang the testicles, or ‘balls’ as they are commonly known. Treated roughly they can cause excruciating pain, which of course must be avoided at all costs. Gentle touching, licking or sucking, however, will be a valuable string to your bow, which you shall learn in due course.”

“Now, any questions? Yes, Miss Fairview?”

“Ma’am, I was told that the male member is a huge, throbbing thing and was made quite afraid to hear it. What lies before us certainly does not seem to match that description, being quite inoffensive-looking, hanging down like that. Was I misinformed?”

“A perceptive question, Miss Fairview. Your informer was most certainly correct. You see, the penis has two states, flaccid and erect. For the most part, it is as you see it now. However, when a gentleman becomes aroused by the sight, touch or even in some cases the smell or the taste of a lady his member grows enormously in proportion. Observe as I demonstrate.

Mrs Castlewick removed the lid from a jar on the desk beside her and dipped her hand into it. When she withdrew it, it was covered in oil. She then applied her hand, dripping with the oil, to Johnson’s penis. The girls all gasped in amazement at the transformation that took place. As Mrs Castlewick slid her hand up and down the shaft, Johnson’s member grew before their eyes, reaching up towards the ceiling, thickening and stiffening, until in a matter of moments he was fully erect.

Now it resembled the thing that Amelia Fairview had heard her cousin describe to her. Ten inches long, thick as a Cumberland sausage, with a bulbous head and thick veins straining down its length. It was an object of horror to some of the girls, for how could such a thing ever fit inside them. To others it held a great fascination, and more than a few of the ladies felt themselves kaçak bahis becoming moist at the sight.

“Now, I must say,” continued Mrs Castlewick, “that not all men are of such generous proportions as Johnson. Many are considerably smaller. But it is much easier to demonstrate to a large group when one is using a prominent member. In our next lesson you will all have the opportunity to become better acquainted with the penis, but for now I wish to show you the end goal of our ministrations to a gentleman’s member.”

She began to run Johnson with her hand. He looked ahead impassively, hands by his side and feet planted slightly apart. Mrs Castlewick had masturbated Johnson many times, of course, and was intimately familiar with his manhood and his preferences for the handling of it. Knowing that the class would become restless if she delayed too long, she gripped him firmly and rolled the end of his penis with the palm of her hand, while with her other hand she gently kneaded his balls.

After a few moments, she said, “Pay attention, girls. Johnson is about to ejaculate or ‘cum’ as we also say, aren’t you Johnson?”

“I am, ma’am. I’m about to cum.”

“Good man. Watching, girls. It will happen any second now, I should think.”

Johnson grunted two or three times, but otherwise made no sound as his penis twitched and then spurted forth several gushes of white, sticky fluid. There could be no preventing the young ladies from expressing their surprise, shock and — in one case — hysterical amusement as Johnson shot gob after gob of semen onto the parquet floor of the classroom. The last dregs of his ejaculation ran down his shaft and dripped on to Mrs Castlewick’s hand.

Squeezing the final drop from him, she wiped Johnson’s sticky fluid from her hand with a pocket handkerchief and turned to the class. “And that, ladies, is what we call semen — also known as ‘spunk’ or ‘cum’. You will become quite familiar with it by the end of your time here, I can assure you. For now, however, that will do. I believe that tea will be served in the garden room, presently, so I shall bid you goodbye for today. I shall see you all here tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock sharp for your next lesson. Johnson, thank you. You may go also.”

As Johnson dressed himself, the latest class at Mrs Castlewick’s School for Young Ladies made their chattering, laughing, gasping way out the door and down to tea.

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