Freaky, Sexy Love Store-y

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Double Penetration

What.A.Morning. Pre-breakfast nookie, check. Glow from lovemaking, check. I shower, not wanting to wash off the scent of sex that exudes from my pores, but the day must go on. I make my man breakfast, his favorite, pancakes, scrambled eggs, and his black coffee.

The phone rings, and I see it’s the manager at my clothing boutique. Thinking to myself, oh gosh, what does she want? I don’t have time for problems today. She informs me that she’s had an emergency and can’t get a replacement to cover. Well isn’t this just great, I hadn’t planned on going there today, but I have to do what I have to do. My boutique caters to the sexy, sophisticated, confident woman, so I need to stay open to give the ladies what they need.

Sitting at the kitchen table in his boxers, dick peeking out, he asks where I’m going. I let him know what’s going on and head to my closet and find a dress I’d picked from my inventory. Red/black/white, low cut, cleavage bearing, form fitting, and hits just above the knee. Finish off the look with my sexy, strappy sandals. When I get back downstairs, he winks and says he likes that! I should get plenty of sales today when people find out I carry it.

Business is going well, I’ve made several sales. Three p.m. rolls around and things start to settle down. I see my boo’s ride pull up to the front of the store, flowers in hand. He’s so sweet and thinks about me like that. He picked the right time to show up too. I always have time kadıköy escort to see his sexy face, it makes my entire day.

I run to greet him at the door and give him a big kiss, tongue action, and I feel that bulge already. I can make that dick stand at attention with just a touch. Grabbing his hand, take him towards the back of the store. Anybody in here, he asks. Nobody was at the moment. I know what that question was all about. He so nasty, insatiable.

As we stand against the counter, he kisses me with so much passion, my pussy is starting to stir with excitement. He starts massaging my breasts. Ahhhhhhhhh, you’re not wearing a bra, he sees. Slipping a tit out, he licks and sucks my nipple, drinks of my milk. Kissing the space between, he takes the other.

Baby abruptly turns me to face the counter, hands pressed against the glass. He gets on his knees and slides down my lacy, red thong. It’s already soaking wet and getting in the way. Back on his feet, he raises up my dress. I feel his fingers massaging my clit. I moan. Juices run down my thigh. He sniffs, then tastes. He loves the scent of my pus. He inhales the aroma, whispers in my ear that he has to have my lips to his tongue. Downtown he goes, eating pussy from the back. A master he is. I am so weak in the knees I can barely stand. My bald kitty feels every little trick he has up his sleeve to please üsküdar escort me. One lip sucked, then the other. A curved finger to hit the spot. In and out. Harder. Faster.

Play with your dick, I tell him. He does as I command. Then he does what sends me a bliss and licks my asshole. O.M.G. Stop, stop, I say, or else I’m going to fall straight to the floor. He stands up, dick is rock hard. I feel it pressed up against my ass. I turn around long enough to unfasten his belt and drop his slacks to the floor. I turn back to face the counter, spread wide for the fucking I’m about to receive. He slides inside me so hard, I scream. Pussy is feeling so good to him, he’s thrusting in and out, in and out. It’s hurting so good. So slippery and wet, the dick is fighting to stay in.

People are walking by the store, and someone could walk in at any moment and get more than they expect. This is one time I’m glad no one is coming in, I’m all about this fucking and not making a dollar right now. Babe bends me over to where my hands almost can touch the floor. That dick is deep. I feel it in my stomach. We break for a minute, stand back up. Wobbly from being fucked so forcefully, but I like that rough shit.

What are you doing to me Baby? He grins and says I’m not finished yet. We hurry to a dressing room where there are chairs and different seating to make my customers comfortable. You better not break my furniture, I jokingly tuzla escort say. He just tells me he’ll buy me more!

I lay back in the most comfy chair, he kneels in front of me to wet me up again. His dick absorbed every drop I had before, but he knows how to get it going again. He likes to spit on my pussy when he is orally loving me. My hips are starting to feel it. Dick ready for action. Give me what you got Papi. I lick my lips at him.

Time to receive again. My legs go over his shoulders, hips elevated slightly off the chair. My other favorite position, and this seating is perfect for it. Hadn’t even thought of that when I ordered it, but it’s perfect for getting frisky. When we fuck like this, and he strokes it just right, I will come fast. He’s already flicking with my sensitive nipples, making me even more aroused. I feel him, all 10 inches, the thickness. Hitting it perfectly. Balls start to tighten.

Oh shit, the door chimes. Somebody just walked in. I do my best to let them know I’ll be right out without sounding like I’m doing the obvious. We are almost there, I’m trying to get these nuts on the quiet tip, but I want us to finish, satisfied. Don’t stop I tell him…almost, almost…yes, yes, yes. Cum Baby. That manly roar erupts, as does my sound of orgasm. My pussy is full, his nuts empty. Inside me.

No time for our usual after sex pleasantries. I clean up as best I can, fix my dress. Watch him pull his pants back up and get back to GQ. I’m enjoying seeing him get back together, but I must attend to my customer. I’m sure she can smell the sex funkiness in the air. This is my store, and I can do what I want. As she tells me what she’s looking, Honey finally leaves the dressing room, walks by and kisses me on the cheek and says he’ll see me at home later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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