Free Birds Ch. 03

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My name is Emily Sterling. I’m a college student, attending USC, my parents, and sister are all apparently wonderful and happy. We live in a beautifully appointed house in Los Angeles – what could be better?

The problem is, I’m miserable. Maybe I should start at the beginning.

My sister Kira and I have always been very close, which is understandable since we’re fraternal twins. We think similarly, in many respects, but we don’t look that much alike, although there’s definitely a family resemblance. Kira has long blonde hair, blue eyes, she’s petite, she’s pretty full-figured, and athletic. Her C cups are luscious, especially with her pink nipples and areolas, and perhaps they’re her best physical feature, if her hot ass and beautiful face aren’t.

I, on the other hand, am taller and slimmer, not full figured, my breasts are definitely smaller than Kira’s, A cups, but with identical pink nips, and my hair is reddish-copper colored, and cut very short, in a tomboy or pixie cut. Hey, if you had to say one of us was lez, you’d pick me out. Actually, that’s about right. Kira’s been bi, going out with boys and girls ever since we started dating, but I’ve never been attracted to dicks. I’ve always gone for a wet, smokin’ pussy, and that’s always gotten me in trouble.

Kira’s been kind of a ‘straight arrow,’ in the sense that she hasn’t really gotten in trouble (certainly not in the sense that she’s hetero – I just explained that.) I’ve been a lot more daring, and other girls have, time after time, gotten me in trouble. Have you heard the expression that some girl was “leading him around by his dick?” Well, I don’t have a dick, except in my bedside drawer, but that’s what my problem is. Girls get me so fucking hot, that I lose it over a piece of ass. I guess I get led around by my clit, she’s always looking for a girl’s lips to nibble her, or a cute girl’s finger to diddle her.

Kira and I had gotten into each other’s body from an early age, even being interested in watching, and ‘helping,’ each other poop and pee from time to time. But it was when we reached puberty that we really became interested in each other’s delicious bodies, as the small tremors we’d had as little girls from masturbating ourselves or each other, became magnified as our bodies became more womanly.

We discovered how much fun kissing, and petting, and stroking and finally fucking and licking each other’s pussies and eventually ass holes, could be. But we were all natural. We had no ideas that there were things like vibrators or dildoes out there ….. and even without help, we got VERY good at cumming at another girl’s touch, even if that other girl was my sister.

For example, when we were both freshmen in high school, I was on the basketball team (girls’, of course) and Kira was a cheerleader. I used to really enjoy the time in the locker room pre and postgame, and before and after practices. Before was nice, because it was one big amateur strip show, just for me, and after games and practices, when we were all sweaty and ready for a shower. One time that freshman year of high school, right after the season started, before practice, there were 4 other girls and me changing from our school clothes (Lutheran school, little plaid skirts, white peter pan collared blouses, white socks, patent leather shoes – whether you’re a girl or guy reading this, tell me you NEVER fantasized with making it with me, or somebody LIKE me, dressed up like that. Heck, it’s no WONDER I got in trouble, LOL).

Anyway, we were undressing, and I could NOT take my eyes off two of the girls, who started a ‘pretend striptease,’ just for a goof. Cindy, and Melody, God, Cindy was a junior, a kind of ‘cream with coffee’ girl from Barbados – I think her mother was white, and her father from the Islands, slim, and a nice ass and tits. She coulda been a Playboy centerfold even as a high school junior. She was 6′ 0″ tall, and played center for our team. She was pretty good, and ended up getting a scholly to one of the JCs north of San Francisco. I think she’s got a good shot at getting a scholly to a 4 year school like UC-Berkeley, or maybe even USC or UCLA. Anyway, she had long brown hair that she liked to tie up into corn rows, even though she wasn’t really black. Her tits were 36D’s, really humongous. She had a sweet ass, too, plump and round. My mouth had been watering from the first time I saw it, er, her, LOL.

She spoke with a musical Caribbean lilt, and had green eyes to go with her deep casino siteleri tan coloring. Before I joined the team, I’d heard rumors that she was lez, but then I heard that about most of the basketball team. Thank God it was true!

Melody was a sophomore, she looked like one of those goody two shoes types, who you’d figure never even heard about sex – plain looking, mediul length black hair, glasses, nothing to write home about body-wise, but respectably medium-sized tits, maybe an A+ size cup, a fit, tight ass, and trim. She was our ‘6th man,’ and at 5′ 11″ could play guard or forward fairly well. I never had heard anything about her being gay, so I had no idea what to expect from her. I thought that if she WERE lez, she might be fun.

Anyway, Cindy started the whole thing this one time, and Melody joined in. The two of them started doing this mock striptease thing in the locker room, just the 5 of us, Cindy, Melody, a girl named Sharon and another named Eve, and, oh yeah, me. The two of them were dancing around, and humming that strip tease music. We started cracking up. Cindy unbuttoned her blouse and slowly stripped it off, striking poses the whole way. She looked pretty nice when she had the blouse off, with just a plain white Maidenform sports bra contrasting with her tan skin.

I started to get very interested. I could see how her breasts were straining to get out of her bra, and I thought that I’d be happy to help her! Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric of the bra. I wondered what they’d taste like. Melody copied Cindy’s moves, until her blouse was off too, but her tits were a lot smaller than Cindy’s. Still, she had a nice flat tummy, and broad shoulders, some muscle development in her upper arms too, from lifting, and her back was nice and smooth, no zits or anything. Funny, she had shoulders like linebacker, and shoulder blades like a supermodel, but tits like the supermodel’s younger sister. A very fuckable younger sister, though. I thought it might be nice to seduce her, if it turned out she wasn’t a lezzy like me.

Anyway, Cindy upped the ante by teasingly slipping off her bra. Unhooking it, but holding the cups over her big D tits, then, flashing one, then the other. The other girls got really quiet when we got flashes of her brown nipples on her light brown breasts, and Melody joined in. I know I started to feel wet between my legs, anyway. Melody’s A’s weren’t nearly as impressive as Cindy’s, of course, but they’d fill your mouth if you sucked her, and when Melody pressed herself against Cindy’s boobs, well, now, that was pretty impressive. And I guess I got an answer about Melody’s sexual inclinations, very good news indeed.

Cindy got slightly pissed that Melody was trying to top her, given Cindy’s automatic win on size alone, so Cindy started dancing around right in front of Melody, and put her hands on Melody’s hips, sliding them up and down her muscular midriff, then sliding both hands around back to cup Melody’s ass …. first over her plaid school skirt, then, slipping her hands under Melody’s plaid skirt and cupping her nice round bottom through her panties. I could see Cindy rolling Melody’s trim butt cheeks around – she was really groping her.

Melody got a surprised look on her face then, but moved closer to Cindy. Their faces got closer, and before anybody else knew what was happening, they were kissing. Oh, it was sweet. Melody’s full pink lips, and Cindy’s pink lips together, grinding, and from looking at their cheeks, it looked like they were frenching each other too. God! I was getting really wet now!

Then Melody’s hands went right under Cindy’s skirt, and now SHE was rubbing Cindy’s fine round ass, while Cindy continued to feel up Melody. Their hands, by squeezing each other’s butts so hard, were pulling their bodies together in front, and I guess their bushes were rubbing against each other, through their panties. Their naked breasts were rubbing together, and their nipples looked to be pretty long on both of them as they were stiff and erect. I wasn’t even conscious of it, but my hand was between my legs, stroking the outside of my panties, right over my clit, which was making a tiny little bump in the cotton of the panties. There was a little wet spot starting there, too, and I could smell myself, all of which made me even hotter. I flipped up my skirt, and looked at the little wet spot between my legs, and it was definitely growing. There was even a little skin of cream on the outside canlı casino where it was wettest, and I rubbed my finger over it to feel the slick wetness. It felt nice.

I looked up at Melody and Cindy now, and they were both moaning. Cindy put her fingers on Melody’s skirt snap, and undid it. Melody gave a little hip shake, and her skirt fell around her ankles. Cindy then hooked her fingers in the waistband of Melody’s bikini panties, and slid them down to mid thigh on Melody’s legs. Melody had a nice, trimmed black bush above her wet little slit, which was nice and pink inside, and shining with her wetness.

Melody returned the favor, sliding her fingers under Cindy’s panties, under her skirt, and cupping Cindy’s pussy in the palm of her hand. Cindy had a trim little brown bush at her pussy, tight, wiry pubic hair. Melody’s bush was bigger, sticking way out, but trimmed. They started pushing their pussies together, and every time their little swollen clits connected with the other’s pussy or leg, they gave a little jerk, as though they were cumming. I looked over at Sharon and Eve, the other two girls that I’d been ignoring during this show, and, shit, you’ll never guess what THEY were doing!

They both still had their white uniform blouses on, buttoned up and everything, but from the waist on down, they were completely naked, their panties and plaid skirts lying on the floor near them. Sharon was kneeling between Eve’s legs, and Eve had her knees pulled up to her chin, sitting on the edge of the bench, the panties long gone of course. Eve had something I had never seen on a girl over 14 or so – her pussy was completely shaved, bald and smooth so that I could see each and every fold of her labia, the deeper pink inside her dripping wet pussy, and even the round pink pearl of her engorged clit. Her pussy being so completely naked like that, turned me on immensely! Eve was blonde, with long hair, but like I said, no hair at all around her cunt.

Sharon, a red head, was tonguing Eve’s pussy for all she was worth, and with a death grip on Eve’s lightly tanned thighs. God, I didn’t know which to look at first – Sharon’s head between Eve’s legs, or Sharon’s lovely round creamy white ass cheeks, which were bouncing with the motion from her very aggressive carpet munching. I thought Sharon was going to stick her head up Eve’s cunt, and that made me even hotter.

But it looked like there wasn’t anybody for me, so I lay flat on my back on the bench, where I could see both pairs of girls, and pulled my knees up to my breasts, and slipped my panties off, showing my own little twat, which back then I hadn’t started shaving. I had a nicely trimmed red patch right above my stiff clit, and I started playing with it, pulling hairs up to pinch myself, then stroking my button.

It was seeing Eve’s bald pussy though, that gave me the idea of shaving my own little puss, and when I experienced the pleasure of licking a girl’s smooth hole, combined with Eve telling me that her pleasure was multiplied with no hair to get in the way of another girl’s tongue, and sometimes her tongue stud, I knew that was the way for me, too.

I listened to the sighs and moans from the two sets of girls, and closed my eyes, pretending that they were fucking me, and my finger was going crazy between my legs, diddling my cunt and clit. My index finger and thumb on my left hand were holding my pussy lips spread wide, and my index finger on my right hand was tracing my pussy lips, and stroking lightly over my clit, making me jump, and I pretended that I was Eve, and Sharon was beginning to finger fuck me.

My finger would start to dip deeper inside my pink hole, and I started moaning with the pleasure of it, until I had two fingers slipping inside me, while my thumb scratched over top of my clit, as I came, again and again. I heard some clicks, and a whining sound, and I opened my eyes to see Melody taking pictures of me with a digital camera, of my pussy, my spread legs, my face, and two fingers that were deep inside of me, and I knew I was in trouble.

“Give me that,” I said, and Melody laughed, and danced away. Probably if I’d played it cool she wouldn’t have done anything with it, but because I got flustered she knew I was scared and she could control me.

“Unh unh unh,” she said. “I think I’ll have to decide what to do with some very juicy pictures of you playing with your little freshman twat,” she said. “Of course, if you cooperate it’ll go easier on you….”

“What kaçak casino do you want?” I said, getting a little mad. I hate to be teased.

“Well, you’ll just have to join in our little reindeer games, won’t you? So that we know you’re trustworthy, I mean” she said. The other girls, all with just their panties back on, stood around and smiled at me. “It’s not so bad, you’ll like it,” Eve said.

I had fucked all sorts of ways with Kira, so I wasn’t a virgin to girl-girl action, but believe it or not, I’d never so much as kissed any other girl, or sucked another girl’s tits. Remember, I was 14, a freshman, and had just barely reached puberty myself. I sighed, though secretly I was elated. Each girl had a body to die for, if you were another girl who liked pussy. And, apparently I was. “Okay,” I said, without even hearing the terms of my surrender.

The four girls squealed and hugged me. “Now, lay back on the bench, like you were,” Melody said. I did as she ordered, and she straddled the bench, her panty-covered pussy over my face. She lowered her plump young teenage girl twat on to my face, and I could smell her hot pussy juices, as the wet spot on her cotton panties touched my lips. “Kiss my pussy,” she sighed, and I pretended I was kissing her pussy lips, the smell of her sex inflaming me and making me hot. “Umm yeah, that’s nice,” she said, rotating her hips so that my mouth touched her all over. I got frustrated with the panties keeping me from really enjoying her, so I used my hands to pull her panties off her fine ass and hips, and she lifted a leg up so that I could pull them all the way off her.

Then she put her foot down again, and now her hairy crotch was all over my face, her bush tickling my nose as she tried to hump her wet slit on my tongue. I was happy to help, and I felt her cream oozing onto me as it overflowed from her heated cunt. I licked the lips of her pussy, the loose flesh there already swelling as her excitement increased, as she got hotter, and wetter, on my face. I stuck my tongue as far out as I could and fucked her tight hole with it, her cream coating my tongue, and lips, and flowing into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but it was getting all over my face and neck. It made me even hotter to know that I smelled like another teenaged girl’s snatch.

I put my thumb and forefinger on her clit, gently squeezing it between them, which made her jump, then she started shaking as her cum hit her, my tongue trying to stay rooted inside her hot hole. After wetting my finger in her abundant pussy juice, I slipped it into her ass hole, which was apparently virginal, because she moaned and came all over me (again), excess fluid jetting from her vagina into my mouth the instant my finger sunk in as far up her ass as I could get it.

Ass play was nothing new for me, since Kira and I had both been interested in each other’s full, round bottoms and tight ass holes even as kids, but our love for girl’s asses blossomed further when we discovered how warm and tight another developed girl’s ass could be, and how nice and hot it could taste and smell. After Melody calmed down a little, I whispered that she should switch herself around, so that her plump ass was facing me, instead of her wet pink hole. She did so readily, anxious to try something new, and I found myself looking at Melody’s puckered brown hole, lying tight between her full, round butt cheeks, which were now flushed a rosy red.

I could feel the heat off her ass, and the sweet musk of a girl’s sweaty ass hole, as I pulled her bottom down onto my face. My nose and mouth fit right in between her hot cheeks, and my tongue slipped into her tight anus. She smelled and tasted like she was ready to be fucked (again), so I did, fucking my tongue in and out of her delicious ass, while two of my fingers together went inside her deliciously wet and slick pussy. Fucking both her tight holes that way at once, she was bouncing up and down on my face and hand. I flicked my thumb across her engorged clit, and she popped, screaming, “Fuck! Fuck me, Emily!! Fuck!!” over and over until Eve had to put her hand over Melody’s mouth to shut her up.

“Sshh, Melody!! You’ll queer it for the rest of us!” Eve hissed.

“God, I’ve NEVER cum like that!” exclaimed Melody. “You’ve got the best mouth I’ve ever felt,” Emily said. She turned herself around yet again, her sweet little tush disappearing from my view, her hot little box reappearing. She leaned down and kissed my wet, musky face a long, french kiss, her tongue swabbing out all her cream and ass juices that collected there, then she licked my wet, cum-covered face for a while, before reluctantly moving away to give one of the others a chance.

Then it was Sharon’s turn.

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