From Terror to Pleasure

5 Ocak 2021 0 Yazar: admin

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I love the summer, everything seems to slow down and I can relax a bit. It also means that I can get a late evening walk in after my kids go to bed without it being cool enough to need a jacket. I usually have a set route I take so I know how far I’m walking. When I can walk it in a faster time, I add a couple of blocks. I’ve been trying to get myself back in shape after a long, stressful winter. Tonight I’m feeling adventurous. It’s very warm so all I’m wearing is a tank shirt, no bra, and a pair of stretch shorts with a thong. I crank up the volume on my CD player and I’m all set to go. I decided that I’m going to skip my usual route and head out the opposite direction. There is only a slight breeze so I know the sweat is going to have me drenched by the time I get back. I start my pace slow so as to warm up my muscles, no need to risk pulling or straining anything. Considering I walk in the city, it’s very quiet on the streets because of the hour. No traffic and very few people out.

I become lost in my music and before I know I’ve already walked about two miles. From the spot I’m at, I can head one of two directions. Left will keep me on the city streets where it is hot and right will take me through a park where it might be slightly cooler. Not using my best judgment I head right. It’s so peaceful here at night, no kids, no squirrels, no birds, just quiet. bahis firmaları I turn off my CD player so I can enjoy the quiet, something I rarely get at home. I’m about half way through the park and a strange feeling starts creeping over me. I’m not quite sure what it is, but it’s giving me the shivers. I stop and look around. I don’t see anything and all I hear is my breathing. I try to shake it off and start walking again. After a short distance the feeling is back, so I stop and look around again. Bad idea. Next thing I know I’m being grabbed from behind and pulled toward a clump of bushes.

Once behind the bushes, I feel a knife at my throat and all I can think of are my kids at home. A male voice tells me to be quiet and I won’t get hurt. Though the voice is definitely male it had a younger sound to it. Next thing I know his free hand starts groping my tits roughly. I beg him not to hurt me, I have kids at home. Again he tells me if I do what I’m told and stay quiet, I won’t get hurt. He slides his hand down and inside the front of my pants. After a couple of minutes fingering me, he orders me to strip naked. While I’m removing my clothes, I ask him why he’s doing this. He tells me his girlfriend broke up with him because she said he wasn’t man enough for her and he was going to prove her wrong. I asked him how raping me was going to prove anything to her. He kaçak iddaa said she told him his cock wasn’t big enough to fuck any woman, so he was going to fuck me and brag to her about it. He came around to the front of me and I saw his face. He couldn’t have been older than nineteen at most.

I figured if I kept talking to him he would start seeing me as a real person and not just a body, hoping it would be harder for him to hurt me. I told him his girlfriend wasn’t being fair to him, that cock size isn’t as important as knowing how to use it. His face told me he was unsure if I was telling him the truth. I took this moment to tell him that as an older woman I’ve had all different sizes and some of my worst sex was with big cocks because the guy didn’t know how to use it.

Then I took him by surprise and asked to see his cock. He opened his pants and pulled it out. It was still soft and very small. I felt so sorry for him that unconsciously I dropped to my knees and took it in my hand. I put my mouth to it and played with it with my tongue. Then I sucked it into my mouth until I felt it start to grow and harden. When it seemed it was as big and hard as it was going to get, I backed my face away from him and looked at it. It was no longer than four inches. He couldn’t believe I did that without being told to. I told him to lie down and I mounted him. I lowered myself kaçak bahis onto his tiny cock and rode him as best I could without losing it. I then told him to get on top. I told him to pound the shit out of me. He pushed my legs wide apart and back toward my head. He went at me as hard and rough as he could. When he said he was ready to cum, I told him to spew inside me. When the last drop of cum came out, his cock immediately went limp. He backed away from me with a confused look on his face.

I told him that felt real good and now he can go tell his girlfriend he not only fucked a woman but satisfied her as well. He smiled, but again got this totally confused look on his face. He was intent on raping me but instead had willing sex with me. I asked him if it was OK if I got dressed now. He said yes, and closed up his pants. When I turned around only half dressed, he was running down the path away from me. The knife he had was on the ground where we were fucking. I never even noticed that he had dropped it. My head was still spinning as far as what had just happened and I finished dressing.

I started walking, going over and over in my head what I had just done. I had kept myself from being forcibly raped and hurt, but more than that, I kept a young guy from making a big mistake and also gave his self esteem a big boost. This evening in the park started out in terror but ended in pleasure. It wasn’t the best fuck I ever had, but I bet it will be one he never forgets. I put a big smile on my face, cranked up my CD player, and headed home for a nice cool shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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