Gay for Moments, Straight for Life Ch. 02

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Big Tits

(Thank you for all the kind feedback. I have also taken criticisms to heart-thank you for those as well.)

In Part 1, straight Brian reluctantly told gay Mark a story he has never told anyone. In Part 2, things have gotten a little awkward. They’re both aroused and Brian is having a lot of internal dialogue. The saga continues.

I pull out my phone, pretending not to notice all the attention Mark’s eyes are paying my dick. I lean back into the corner of the couch. I spread my legs just a little more. His brazen curiosity eggs me on. I can do whatever I want.

I search for some porn on my phone and pick a video I like. Two “straight” girls are 69-ing while a big gardener’s cock fucks one of them in the ass. My phone is silent. Mark has no idea what I’m doing. It’s thrilling.

I just told my gay friend about the only gay experience I’ve ever had, which no one else knew about-not even my girlfriends. And here I am with a raging boner. In front of my friend who is a dude. He is just staring at it. I guess I am letting him stare at it.

Up to this moment, there was no convincing me I would put myself in a situation like this. Sure, occasionally I have buried in my mind the idea of a fooling around with a dude. Just a vague fantasy that feels off-limits but empowering. Seeing a cock take up an entire frame in porn, or a close up of a girl sucking a dick, the thought has crossed my mind, if only for a millisecond.

I know Mark. He’s trustworthy. I know from stories he loves dick. At any point, I can say no. He would understand. This porn is hot and I’m horny. I’m going to do whatever I want.

I readjust my jeans and my cock so that its full length and girth is visible. Mark leans into the opposite corner of the couch. On the periphery of the porn on my phone are the subtle movements of Mark’s hands over his bulge. I turn up the volume. The grunts and moans of a threesome are faint, but noticeable, even with the TV on.

My heart pounds in my ears. I can say no at any point. Without looking away from these hot girls I reach for the remote and turn the TV off. The room falls silent except for my phone’s screaming girls. I turn up the volume some more. I squeeze my cock through my jeans. I exhale. It feels like I’ve been holding my breath for hours.

I look at Mark. He’s fixed on my hand. His full pink lips are slightly parted. He breathes heavily. He looks up at me and our eyes meet. He looks thirsty while I try to remain expressionless. I try to look indifferent like I don’t care what happens next. I don’t need him.

But my heart beats faster. I know where this going and, to my surprise, I haven’t held back yet.

After what feels like days, Mark breaks the silence. We both knew he would be the one to break the silence.

Short of breath, he whispers, “I’ll do the work.”

Our hands move over our pants. I say nothing.

“Just friends.”

Neither of us moves. I say nothing.

“Just us,” he says quietly.

I break eye contact casino oyna with him to watch the porn. I move my hand away from my dick and turn up the volume. I’m convinced I don’t care, that whatever happens next can easily be forgotten tomorrow. Besides, this is more for him than it is for me. He’s practically begging. And saying no to him could be a hassle. I could hurt his feelings. This is much easier.

My jeans are soaked in pre-cum. Porn stars are screaming. Mark lunges over the length of the couch and unzips and unbuttons my jeans. I can feel his hand on my cock through my boxer briefs. I swear my chest will explode.

I submit to the fact that this feels good. I realize it’s been a long time since a hand aside from my own has touched my cock. Maybe this isn’t just for Mark. It’s also for my cock. A nice change of pace after six months of near celibacy. My cock has earned some attention. I owe it.

Mark runs his mouth and hot breath the length of my cock to its head where a gooey spot of my boxer briefs is soaked with pre-cum. He sucks intensely on the spot, like venom from a wound. His saliva drenches my underwear just around the head of my cock.

“Suck it,” I say calmly. I don’t want to appear overly enthusiastic about a dude sucking me, even if it is someone I trust and it feels this good. But if this is about my cock, I need to advocate for it.

He grabs both my waistbands and tugs at my underwear and jeans. Never looking from my phone, I sit up so that he can pull both off.

“Shirt,” Mark says, grabbing the base of my dick with one hand.

I look away from my phone to tell him I don’t want to take off my shirt. It seems pointless. He’s seen my tattoos before. Anyway, he’s just going to jack me off. Why would he need to see my chest?.

But the minute I open my mouth he takes half of my dick into his own mouth. His insatiable eyes meet mine. I see my cock in the mouth of someone who has a genuine love for dick-sucking. For his enthusiasm, I should reward him. Besides, he’s thoughtful enough to keep his own dick in his pants.

I quickly remove my shirt and expose my hairy chest. I’m practically chaste, so there’s no need to trim the dark patch of fur that covers the tattoos across my chest. Mark, still sucking, runs his hands through my chest hair, while I watch my porn. I wonder for a moment if he wishes I had bigger pecs, but remember that his attraction to me has no bearing on my enjoyment. I can stop this whenever I want.

On my periphery I can see his head enthusiastically bobbing up and down, almost dancing, with my cock tightly sealed in between his shiny pink lips. I use my phone to hide my gaze. I don’t want him thinking that his intense throating of my cock was a special, intimate moment between us. It’s just a secret favor between two good friends. A secret favor that is sublimely toothless.

Mark gives a great blowjob, but can a dude make me cum. Mark hasn’t slowed down but I’m worried if I last a little longer he will just wear canlı casino out. I start to say something, maybe about how I’ll finish myself off. I could cum on his face to make him happy. The sooner the better.

But before I can get through the first syllable Mark dives. He’s done it. He’s done the impossible. Something I thought I would never get to experience. My entire cock is all the way down this dude’s throat.

Startled, I drop the phone.

“Holy shit,” I bellow, my face contorted.

I instinctively put both of my hands on the back of Mark’s head. I thought the feeling of a dude’s buzzcut would turn me off, but I barely notice. All I notice is that I’ve managed to push Mark’s mouth further down onto my cock, his nose completely buried in my trimmed pubes. They probably feel prickly. His chin pushes my shaved balls apart. If he has stubble I couldn’t feel it.

Like a snake eats its prey, Mark’s throat muscles take in more of my cock. His tongue slides out of his mouth and lathers my ball sack. He sticks it out even further and massages my taint with the tip. This is clarity. I will remember this moment forever. A man (a male, a dude, a guy, someone without a vagina and boobs) has my entire cock in his throat, his tongue dangerously close to my ass, and I, with my hands on his head, am encouraging it. I’m aware of what’s happening but I’m not stopping it.

Before I’m completely sucked out of the moment, Mark lifts his head up and gasps for air. I lean back into the corner of the couch. My cock and balls are sopping wet. Mark’s face glistens with tears. He’s going to say he’s done. That’s probably for the best. That was amazing but also a little weird.

“Have you ever gotten to face-fuck someone?” Mark asks eagerly.

Shocked, I shake my head. Coyly pleased, he gets up from the couch and sits on his ankles, the tops of his feet on the floor. He tells me to stand up and come over to him. He’s still clothed, but that pre-cum spot on his jeans has grown tenfold and he’s still hard. He must really like doing this.

My cock is immovable. I’ve always wanted to ask a girl to let me face-fuck her, but worry it would hurt or offend. Now it’s being offered to me and I’m not passing up this opportunity, no matter the gender.

I steer my cock towards Mark’s mouth again. It’s wide open, waiting. I slowly extend my arms, expecting Mark to change his mind. I put my hands on either side of his behind his ears. Mark rests his hands on my thighs. I’m not conscious of a guy touching me intimately now. He flicks his tongue across the head of my cock, making it bounce. He moves down to my balls and sucks both, swollen with what will eventually erupt, into his mouth, lightly tugging on them.

“Fuck me,” he demands.

Mark rams his face into my body, my cock fitting snugly into his throat. I can feel the bones of his jaw and nose pressed into my flesh. He gags and coughs a little, but doesn’t push against me, only into me. I’m sure he can’t go any deeper, but kaçak casino I try anyway, shoving his face further into my pelvis. He pushes lightly on my thighs so I back off.

I squeeze my cock from base to tip while he catches his breath, milking all seven-and-a-half inches of pre-cum out of it.

“Do you want this?”

Mark, with tears and sweat streaming down his face, sucks the juice out of me.

“Again,” he says, ready for another round.

I slam my cock down his throat and his face into my body like the first time. I back off to let him catch some air before I take his head again. Now I close my eyes and fuck his face. In and out, in and out. Spit is running down his chin, his eyes are watery and red. His grunts and snorts and coughs are getting louder. And he is taking all of my dick in and out of his entire throat. His throat might as well be a pussy.

My legs start to feel weak. My knees are shaking. One second his face is buried in my crotch, the next he is gasping for air. Repeat. With each dive, I think I’m going to lose control. My chest is tightening and my face might burst. It’s happening.

I shove Mark’s head down on my cock one last time. I forget he’s a living thing. I yell, “Lick my balls!” He manages to get his tongue out past my dick, past his teeth, his lips and his distended jaw and finally down to my balls. I lose control for a brief second.

I have to see this. I have to open my eyes.

I look at the crane of Mark’s said. I can feel my thick cock, already in a tight space, expand to let out what seems like endless shots of cum during an endless orgasm. I look down at Mark, struggling to stay still while I put my cum in his stomach. He keeps his throat wide open for the deposit.

The ultimate gift is swallowing. Every girl that swallows is inducted to the Spank Bank Hall of Fame, never to be forgotten. I guess my best friend just got inducted.

My hands fall to my sides. He catches his breath but holds my dick, intermittently sucking on it while it goes soft, hoping to squeeze out more cum. Whatever drove me to let a guy suck my cock has been drained from me. Sobered by my orgasm, it makes me uncomfortable to watch Mark suck on the last of me. But he worked so hard for it. He deserves these last moments.

I thank him because I think that’s what you’re supposed to do. He assures me it was no problem and that he was just helping out. I give him a kitchen towel for his face. He stands, revealing an erection in his jeans. The pre-cum looks like a large stain.

“I’d help with that,” I said, pointing at his cock, “but I’m just not into it. Please don’t be mad.”

For some reason, I don’t get dressed while Mark gets his things. He remains complete clothed and erect, while I bare all flaccid. Maybe I don’t want the power dynamics to change.

“Oh, I’m not mad. I was helping you out and I enjoyed it. We both enjoyed it. Besides, you can find some other way to return the favor, I’m sure.”

Mark opens the apartment door and I follow.

“You know, I’m here when you need me,” he says, slowly shutting the door.

In Part 3 we find out if Brian needs Mark again, or if their friendship can even survive Brian’s confusion.

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