Happy Birthday To Us

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“SURPRISE!” came a shriek that nearly knocked him over.

He glanced around his apartment and watched as his friend ran up to him and tackled him to the floor.

Naked. Tony was naked.

“Dude, what the fuck are you doing?” he laughed.

“It’s your birthday,” Tony beamed.

“Yes, and?” Billy stammered, climbing back to his feet.

“And pretty soon it’ll be my birthday,” Tony winked.

“Umm, Tone?” Billy laughed. “You’re standing in my apartment naked. This begs several questions, none of which have to do with your birthday or mine. Mine was yesterday, incidentally.”

Tony cocked his eyebrow and shook his dick at Billy, causing the younger man to laugh uncomfortably.

“First, how did you get in here?” Billy sighed.

“My loverman let me in,” Tony grinned.

Billy nodded. Benji had a spare key to the place, just in case of emergency.

“And why are you running around with no clothing on?” Billy asked sternly.

Tony shrugged his shoulders. “Because I can?”

Billy chuckled lightly and placed his keys on a nearby table. “Well, could you please, for my heterosexuality’s sake, put something on that lily white ass of yours?”

Tony made a silly frowning face and padded into the hallway. “Suit yourself.”

“That’s what you need to do, Tony,” Billy yelled after the blonde. “SUIT yourself!”

He laughed at his own humor, though there was no response from Tony.

“So, I was thinking,” came a giggle from the hallway and Billy practically jumped.

“That must have been difficult for you, I’m so sorry,” Billy grinned.

Tony scratched his head and stared at his friend. “Huh?”

“Nothing,” Billy snorted. He was now washing the dishes in his sink.

“Dude, you are so fuckin domestic,” Tony laughed, searching through Billy’s refrigerator and coming away with a can of Budweiser.

Billy glared at the other man as he chugged the beer then let out a loud belch.

“I’m not domestic,” he defended. “I just like to keep things clean.”

“That’s called domestic,” Tony snorted. “You’re like my grandma, always cleaning.”

“I see,” Billy dismissed and continued to rinse his dirty silverware.

“Look, dude,” Tony’s voice boomed through the small kitchen. “I’ve got this SPECTACULAR present for you and me for our birthdays.”

Billy cocked an eyebrow.

“She’ll be here ANY minute!” Tony glowed.

“Tony, you didn’t!” Billy sighed. “You did casino siteleri not invite a girl to my place, dude.”

“I did!” Tony clapped. “Isn’t it great?”

Billy sighed loudly and turned to glare at Tony. “Tony, I love you bro, but seriously. You’ve got to stop inviting people over here. At least ask me first. What if I had plans tonight?”

“Do you?” Tony cocked an eyebrow.

“No,” Billy sighed.

“See!” Tony grinned. “Now you do!”

“Wonderful,” Billy grumbled as he wiped his hands on a dishcloth.


“And that’s how I met Tony here,” she giggled. “He was really cool, and he said that it was your birthday, so.”

Billy nodded.

“So, I was thinking,” Tony grinned, slapping Nicci’s thigh. “We should probably cut the bullshit and do what needs doing, right?”

Nicci glanced up from her glass and eyed Tony suspiciously. Billy watched the pair interact, amused at Tony’s utter brashness and lack of tact. Further amused by that fact that, as always, girls never seemed to care with Tony. He could say or do anything, and they still fawned over him.

Nicci, Billy observed, was a leggy brunette who seemed to have no problem with Tony glaring up her miniskirt everytime she recrossed her legs. Her hair was long and flowing, natural curls present throughout. Her eyes were a tranquil turquoise, a shade that Billy surmised was not real and probably some expensive contact lenses. Her beauty- and Billy noted that she was gorgeous- was marred by a miniscule gem in her right nostril, and a matching, equally tiny diamond in her chin. Interesting that a girl who could easily be a model was adorned with piercings.

Odd, Billy thought. But it was this contradiction about Nicci that made her sexy.

“Earth to William Dean Martin,” Tony was laughing loudly. “Come on, Space Boy, come on!”

“Huh, yeah?” Billy questioned, tuning back to reality.

“Nicci asked you a question, Bill,” Tony snickered.

“Sorry, Nicci,” Billy sighed. “What’s up?”

Nicci giggled. “I asked if you were single.”

Billy stared at the girl as she batted her eyelashes seductively at him. She was legal and that somehow made it okay to flirt back, even if he wanted her and Tony gone so he could go to bed and watch TV.

“Yes,” Billy smiled casually. “I’m single. You?”

Nicci giggled again. “Yeah, I’m very much single. You have to be in my line of work.”

“Oh?” Billy cocked his pierced canlı casino eyebrow.

“I’m a stripper,” Nicci smiled. “I said that before, hello!”

Billy laughed at this, smiling stupidly. “Sorry, I must have zoned.”

“Dude!” Tony laughed. “You DID zone! You’re such a fuckin schmuck!”

Billy exhaled and leaned back into the sofa. “So.”

“Sew buttons?” Nicci asked seriously, then erupted into a fit of laughter.

Tony glanced at the girl, then to Billy and shrugged.

“As I was saying,” Tony stated again, louder this time. “I think we should take this to the BOUDOIR!”

“You have no tact whatsoever, Tony,” Billy laughed, blushing at the thought of Tony’s suggestion.

“I don’t pretend to,” Tony shrugged. “Besides, Nicci already knows why I invited her to YOUR place.”

Nicci nodded and patted Billy’s thigh. “He told me that you’re a virgin.”

“WHAT?” Billy shrieked.

Tony erupted into a fit of giggles.

Nicci’s eyes beamed with mirth. Billy stared into them, realizing that he was easily pink with embarrassment.

“It’s not something to be ashamed of,” Nicci smiled reassuringly.

Tony was on the floor howling.

“Nicci,” Billy shook his head, laughing now. “I’m not a virgin! Tony’s just a jackass.”

Tony stopped laughing long enough to grin and agree with Billy, then returned to his rolling on the carpet.

“Oh,” Nicci smiled, still slightly confused.

“I’m very much NOT A VIRGIN,” Billy yelled at Tony, still rolling around like a jackass.

Nicci slid onto Billy’s lap and grinned. “Then why don’t you come show me everything you know.”

Billy grinned at the girl, picking her up and carrying her towards his bedroom. He shut the door but left it unlocked. Tony would, no doubt, follow shortly behind.


He was visibly excited by his own words. Billy watched his friend as Nicci’s head continued to bob in his lap. Moans escaping his mouth, he continued to eye Tony closely.

“Yeah, whore, suck his cock, whore,” Tony was moaning as he worked his own erection feverishly with his hand.

Tony’s moans seemed to escalate with Billy’s, the two men’s voices filling the air with a thick sexual heat. For her part, Nicci cooed along whenever her work allowed her to remove her mouth from Billy’s slick cock.

In no time, the three bodies were tangled on the bed. Nicci’s body seemed to mold perfectly with Billy’s, his intrusion kaçak casino of her petal soft genitals bringing a loud gasp from the tiny female. They shared passionate kisses as he rode her, his attentions diverting occasionally to the strategically placed silver rings in her nipples.

“Why did you do that?” he asked her with mock horror.

“Why not?” she grinned.

“Fuck, that’s sexy,” Tony teased, hooking his pinky inside the one ring.

Billy swatted his hand away, grinning. “Mine!”

Nicci seemed to ignore their childish antics, simply continuing her hip gyrations, bringing moans and groans from the depths of Billy’s throat.

“Alright, I want to play too,” Tony giggled, getting into position behind Nicci and massaging her back slowly.

Billy watched as he spit into his own hand, then stroked himself slowly.

“You ready?” he asked Nicci, smirking.

“I’m ready,” she grinned as he plunged deep inside her and releasing a guttural moan.

“Oh god,” he growled. “You’re so tight!”

Overcome with the sensation of having both men inside her at once, Nicci began to scream.

Tony’s drove his impressively thick, long cock into her ass, while Billy met these vicious strokes inside her vagina. Every now and then, Tony managed to rub a finger languidly across Nicci’s pierced clitoris. He did so with painstakingly slow hands, making the young girl practically beg for more of his amazing touch.

“Am I hurting you?” Tony grunts, grabbing a handful of Nicci’s long hair and tugging gently.

“I’m fine,” she hisses in response.

Billy watches the entire scenario with awe tainting his soft blue eyes.

“Fuck, Billy, fuck,” Tony moans. “She’s so fuckin tight. I can feel you.”

Billy nods and continues to kiss Nicci slowly, rubbing her breasts tenderly.

“Oh fuck, I’m done,” Tony manages to hiss before he pulls out and shoots his load all over Nicci’s back.

“Oh fuck, Tony, that’s nasty,” Billy hisses and then he’s done in as well.

“That’s not fair!” Nicci laughed as she rolled off Billy. “I’m not done yet!”

Tony grinned. “Come here, baby, I’ll take care of you.”

Billy watched as Tony hooked Nicci’s legs over his shoulder and dipped his tongue inside her lithe body. Her head crashed backwards, her mouth opening and releasing a loud moan.

“Mmm, lil Billy,” Tony grins up from between Nicci’s thighs. “You taste good!”

Billy wrinkled his nose at his friend and padded towards the bathroom. “I’m taking a shower.”

“Happy….oh fuck….happy birthday,” Nicci yelled, cumming as she watched Billy move around naked in the bathroom.

“Yeah,” Tony laughed. “Happy Birthday to us!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32