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It all started a few months ago when I came home from work late one evening. My husband was home cleaning the house for a dinner party we were having the next day. I walked in and found him vacuuming the living room carpet. I was surprised to see him wearing a pair of cut-off blue jeans that were cut a little too short. So short, in fact, that I could see the bottom of his buns where the curve breaks away from the straight line of his strong thighs. He was wearing a short t-shirt that came to the top of the shorts. I don’t think the shorts were more than 5 inches waist to leg.

“Hmmm, interesting attire for cleaning house,” I said surprising him. The sound of the vacuum must have drowned out my footsteps.

“Oh, I didn’t see you. So, you like my shorts? Remember that pair of jeans you were telling me I was cutting too short? Well, I cut them a little shorter. They are quite comfortable and cool.”

I continued to complement him on the work he had done. Later in bed he was particularly frisky. We fucked twice and then fell asleep.

A few days later I came home to find him once again cleaning the house wearing the shorts. I knew he had a bit of a clothes fetish but didn’t expect to see it again so soon. Together we cleaned more of the house and fell into bed. This time he only massaged my back until I fell asleep.

The next week the dishes and laundry was stacking up. I had to take our daughter to a birthday party and didn’t have time to even start on them. I left my husband a note asking him to clean up. I also set out the short-shorts and a shirt with another note that said “do a good job and you’ll get a special reward.”

When I got home I found him cleaning the bathroom. It wasn’t even on the list. I put our daughter ankara escort in bed. She had fallen asleep on the way home. I went in to the bathroom and gave my husband a hot kiss. I had been fantasizing about him on his knees scrubbing the floor in his shorts all through the party. I smacked him on the ass. My hand struck a little harder than I intended.

“Oh…” he exclaimed.

“You’re doing a great job. I’m going to sit back and watch you for a while.” I took a seat outside the bathroom and watched him scrub the bathtub. I started rubbing my thighs together and playing with my nipples. “When you’re done in there I want you to come out here.” I said, sounding a little more demanding than usual.

I went into the living room and sat down on the couch. I continued to rub my tits and clit. When he came out I was feeling pretty hot. He immediately pulled down my pants and started licking my clit. The feeling was delicious. Within minutes I was cumming for all I was worth.

When he was done I got up and opened the front of his shorts. I took out his rock-hard tool and started rubbing it with my hand.

“Mmmm… You’ve been a good boy tonight. I think you deserve something special. Would you like me to suck on your cock? If you ask nicely you just might get it!” I said with sultry abandon.

“Yes, please suck my cock. I need it so bad.” He said.

I got down on my knees and took him into my mouth. He was hard as steel and seemed bigger than usual. I licked his shaft from his balls to the head of his cock. I lingered on the tip of his cock, tickling it with my tongue. Then I swallowed as much of it as I could like I was trying to eat it all in one bite.

“Oh, yesssss…” he moaned.

Almost immediately escort ankara he came in my mouth. He dropped to t he couch and waited for me to come out of the kitchen after cleaning out my mouth. When I went into the living room he was playing with himself. He looked at me like he wanted to jump my bones. I looked back sternly and said: “You’ve gotten your treat for tonight. Maybe if you are good tomorrow you will get more.”

The next night the other bathroom was spotless. He emptied all the kitchen cabinets and cleaned deep inside. He moved all the furniture, vacuuming and cleaning around each piece. The house was really looking good and I didn’t have to lift a finger. That night I let him eat my cunt but didn’t give him a blow job. Instead I just gave him a hand job.

Afterwards we were talking about what was going on. He told me that he put on the shorts the first time just to get worked up enough to masturbate. But I came in before he could get started. He was afraid that if he masturbated before finishing the cleaning he’d fall asleep. He knew the next day neither of us had time to clean.

He went on to tell me that he found that by providing a little sexual stimulation, from his clothes and his imagination, he was able to utilize the energy he felt when making love for other things. He’d always been able to drum up more than enough energy for a good long fuck even when I thought he’d be passed out. He also mentioned that the sexual activities we engaged in afterwards was enough to keep him focused. He wasn’t wasting time masturbating when he knew if he held out he’d get something real. He said he enjoyed getting direction from me. I was a little worried about the clothes. I knew he liked to cross-dress when we first married. ankara escort bayan He told me that he wasn’t really into that as much anymore and that he preferred more masculine clothing, but definitely something I’d find appealing.

Later that week I tried a few experiments. I found I could get him to do just about anything around the house provided I left him instructions as to what needed to be done and what to wear. Of course, the clothes had to be a bit stimulating for him. Usually a pair of spandex shorts or a tight thong. I also found, to my surprise that he was content with just eating my cunt and then masturbating. Sometimes I’d have to fuck him because I was too horny.

The next week I went to the athletic store and bought him an array of workout clothes. Mostly tight spandex or really short running shorts. Also, I bought a Speedo swimsuit. The next morning I gave him the clothes in a box with a note. I detailed the workout I wanted him to do during his lunch break. I also specified exactly what to wear for each part of the workout and then what to eat for lunch. He thanked me and left for work.

That night I came home to find him doing the chores I laid out for him. This time he was painting a room. Since we started this “game” the house had been staying spotless and now we were working on some renovations. I came in a sat down on the couch. He came up to me, got on his knees and said: “Thank you, m’love, for the workout. If it would please you, I’d like to show my gratitude by licking your pussy.”

After a few months of this treatment the house was in great shape as was my husband. He was starting to look like a real hard-body. He was running 5 miles before breakfast, working out for 45 minutes during lunch, and swimming 100 laps each night. Then he was coming home to work in the yard while my daughter played. When he got her to sleep he started cleaning. His wardrobe has gotten more extensive. We’ve even added some butt-plugs and few other toys.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32