Howl O’ Screeeeam

3 Nisan 2021 0 Yazar: admin

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I got a gig at the amusement park, down here! I was emceeing a show on Saturdays until last weekend and now I’m just acting in the big Howl-o-Scream show!

A couple weeks ago, I was a Shrunken Head in a “Cursed” scare-zone; I looked like the guy at the end of “Beetle Juice.”

Anyway, I was walking back to our dressing area and passed an outdoor dance floor and there was this young, blond hottie shakin’ it on the floor, all alone. So, I danced up to her, in my costume and danced real close to her gyrating hips! Without missing a beat, she looked around and started to Booty-shake herself at me. When she ground her ass into my crotch I’m sure she felt my hard-on get harder because I thought I smelled a definite whiff of pussy coming from her jeans! I reached my hand around to make sure, and heard her squeal as she felt my fingers brush against her wet vagina through her tight pants.

Well, neither of us knew who the other was but it really didn’t matter. I grabbed her hand and led her behind a thick clump of bushes. The music was beating loudly as the DJ spun another song and there was no way anyone could have heard us, even if we’d screamed.

Once concealed from czech casting porno the throng, we tore at each other’s clothing out of a desperate need to join our bodies. To say we were hot and horny for each other would be a gross understatement! Her body was as hot as a sirocco, desert wind and as wet as a Summer thunderstorm! I could swear I even saw lightning bolts shooting from our genitals as we finally touched. It may have been the lights from the outdoor stage streaming through the bushes; I’m still not sure about that!

I reached into my pocket for an emergency condom, ripped open the package and rolled it onto my cock. She quickly turned around, facing away from me and backed her ass into me again, just like she had on the dance floor! This time, there was no question as to her intentions: With her pants bunched around her ankles and mine down below my knees, she’d taken-over in order to get her own rocks off without giving a care to my feelings on the matter. God, it’s a turn-on sometimes when a woman takes control of her own pleasure and yet, still includes you (me) in on the fun! Being a Dom in the bedroom usually doesn’t allow for this type czech couples porno of behavior; which is probably why I enjoyed this so much!

Well, I was sweatin’ up a storm, under that damned mask (this IS Florida, you know and it’s still freakin’ hot, here) and had been, all night. But this… THIS… was really making me sweat more than I had in months! I could feel my costume getting heavier and heavier as it got wetter from all my perspiration. I didn’t care that it was slowly compressing the vertebrae in my neck, either. I just started to rhythmically thrust into this young girl’s smoldering cunt!

Ohhhh, man, was I hard! My dick was like forged steel as I plunged into her oven of a cunt! We rocked back and forth onto each other until I felt her fingers touch her clit and then she screamed-out (luckily the music was still playing) that she was coming! I felt my balls twinge as my own orgasm was building to its inevitable conclusion. When I felt her body go slightly limp, signaling that her orgasm was over, I thrust into her body once more and filled up that ribbed Trojan with a big load of semen!

She carefully extricated herself from czech estrogenolit porno our point of union (she slid her twat from my shaft) and rested on her knees for a moment. We could hear that the song was ending and she looked over her shoulder, smiled and said, “I don’t know your name or what you look like, even.” I just lifted my mask off the lower half of my face, exposing my lips, grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it, like a Gentleman, and said, “I know.”

She then reached for her little purse and grabbed a business card and told me to call her on her cell phone, if ever I get horny again. Of course, I told her I would and she hugged me through that silly costume and then walked back to the dance party to join her friends.

I threw out the card because I knew I’d want to call her…

I think it’s better that this encounter remain a true, “zipless” fuck. It seems more, I don’t know, romantic, like, a “two-ships-that-pass-in-the-night,” kinda’ thing. OK, so, we were two ships that passed then collided then fucked like rabid dogs — but you know what I mean, right?

Oh, and if you’re ever in the

Halloween-theme park attraction in America and you see the bushes around you rustle and hear heavy breathing coming from the area, too, just know that it might not be a ghost, ghoul or werewolf stalking you. It might just be “Mr Shrunkenhead” getting head from a comely, young lass!

That’s all.

Until next time…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32