If Only They Knew…

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I wake up after a long night of partying and feel my head pounding. I knew I shouldn’t have let my roommate talk me into doing shots last night at the frat party. To my surprise, there is no one in bed next to me. There were so many hot men hitting on me and I was shit faced by the end of the night. My brain is in a haze and I don’t even remember making it back to my apartment. Erin must have drove home and helped me into my room. How I got into my pajamas is beyond me.

I take some Tylenol and walk slowly into the kitchen, pour myself a glass of water and sit down onto the couch. Despite having a headache, I am feeling frisky. Being turned on is normal for me. My roommate says I have a very active libido.

Looking over, I see the remote control sitting on the end table next to me. I grab it and turn on the television. While I am flipping through the channels, trying to find something interesting to watch, my college roommate Erin enters the living room.

“Good morning, Melanie. I am surprised you are up and awake this early. You were wasted last night.” Erin says softly.

I groan then say, “No thanks to you.”

She laughs as she starts making a pot of coffee. I continue scrolling through the tv guide. Four hundred channels and nothing worth watching on a Sunday morning. I eventually settle for watching the Animal Planet channel.

I am not really paying much attention to the show about African primates even though I am staring at the screen. Erin walks into the room and hands me a hot cup of coffee. I slowly sip from the cup in hopes it will help my hangover.

Erin leaves to take a shower then heads to her room while I sip my coffee and watch television. A little while later, my headache lowers to a dull ache. Erin returns to the living room and announces that she is headed to the grocery store. It has taken her almost an hour to get ready to go to the grocery store. She is the opposite of me. I would brush my hair and teeth and go in my pajamas.

When Erin is gone, I become bored with the television show and start flipping through the channels again. I scratch my breast through my shirt as I scan the tv guide and feel my nipple grow hard. It surprises me, but I like the feeling so I roll my hard nipple between two fingers. I am always intrigued by how responsive my body is to even the slightest touch.

I find an 80’s moving on the Lifetime channel that intrigues me and decide to watch it. Sundays are always reliable for finding old romance movies. Massaging my nipple has made the other one jealous and started to excite me. I switch my attention to the other nipple and massage it with my other hand as I watch the movie. I watch the main character and her boyfriend make out and become even more turned on. After taking another sip of coffee and putting the remote on the end table, I slide my free hand inside my pajama pants, under my panties and softly run my index finger over my labia.

My labia feel so soft and smooth against my finger. Needing to feel more of my soft body, I slide my other hand up my shirt and start squeezing my soft breasts. God definitely spent extra time when designing women’s bodies, that is for sure.

A great idea pops into my head so I race into my room and grab my 7 inch vibrator. It is thin, slender and smooth, just what I need on a lazy güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri morning like this. I return to the couch and lay down, pulling a blanket up over my legs. I slide my shirt up above my breasts and run my fingers over my stomach. My hand drifts down my ribs, making my skin tingle and feel good.

I turn onto my side and watch the movie as I continue to tease my body. Soon, my body is primed and ready for more action. I turn on my vibrator and run it up and down my arms then move it down my stomach. My left leg slides up and rests behind my right knee, giving the vibrator access to my sweet spot. My hand moves the vibrator further down and start running it over my inner thighs.

The soft vibrations are teasing my senses and turning me on even more. My body is getting hot so I slide my pajamas and panties off my body, bunch them up and put them next to me on the couch. The cool breeze hits the skin near my pussy and sends a chill up my spine. I place the middle finger of my left hand on the top of my vagina and start to slowly massage it near my clit. I moan softly to myself and close my eyes, enjoying the pleasure I am feeling. Unable to wait any longer, I use my right hand to spread my lips and slowly insert the vibrator inside my vagina. My inner walls tense up and welcome the toy.

I spread my legs as wide as I can and slowly slide the vibrator in and out of my walls, my wetness coating the plastic and enabling it to move easier in and out of me. I turn the speed of the vibrator up, not wanting to wait long for my orgasm. My hips start to softly thrust toward the vibrator as I push it inside me. The vibrations flow throughout my body, making me feel so good. I feel my chest starting to move faster as my breathing increases.

Just as I am starting to feel pretty good, I hear faint voices outside the door. I freeze a split second before rolling over onto my back and quickly pull the blanket up to my shoulders. A fraction of a second later, the front door begins to open. My eyes bulge out of my head when Elise, her handsome boyfriend Eric and Eric’s best friend, Raul walk into the living room. The vibrator continues to tease me with the three of them less than three feet away from me. I want to remove it badly, but do not want to reach down with the three of them just a few feet away.

I can’t believe I am lying here naked from my breasts down, with only a blanket shielding me from the three of them. I can feel my face flush with embarrassment. I grip the blanket near my shoulders and hold it close to my body

“Hey Melanie! How are you?” Eric asks as the three of them enter the apartment.

In my excited state, I can not help but scan both men’s bodies quickly. First, I see Eric’s well built chest and bulging arms then quickly answer, “Just fine.” My eyes quickly move away from Eric and check out Raul, whom I have a crush on. I look up at him and smile then divert my eyes down and glance at his package. At this point, I am beyond turned on. The vibrator inside me continues to tease my body, pushing me closer to an orgasm.

Raul sits down on the edge of the couch, next to my feet and looks at the television. I clinch my legs tightly together in hopes that he does not hear or feel the vibrator inside me. The pleasure has intensified and is driving me insane. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I do my best to hold back my moans and keep my breathing under control.

“Hey, isn’t this the movie, ‘Heart of Gold’?” Eric asks as he takes a seat in the recliner, with Erin sitting down on his lap.

“Why are you all congregating around me?” I scream at them inside my head. “Yes” I blurt out loud, my voice squealing at first.

If there were one time I needed them all to leave me alone, it would be now. I am so hot and horny. I need to orgasm and feel the endorphins release throughout my body. My inner walls are clenching harder and harder against the vibrator. In turn, the vibrator is manipulating my body. I want to reach down between my legs so bad and turn off the vibrator, but Raul is looking at me.

He asks, “Are you feeling okay Melanie? Your face is flushed and you look sweaty.”

Erin and Eric turn and check me out. The last thing I need is three eyes staring at me as I try to hold my building orgasm back. Alone time is what I need right now.

“She is hung over and not feeling well.” Erin answers for me.

Raul reaches down and puts his right hand on my calf. My body instantly jumps in response. I try to pull my leg away, but the second I move my leg, the vibrator touches a different spot inside my pussy and causes me to moan unintentionally. I quickly straighten my leg back out. My quick movements have pushed part of the blanket off my left foot, baring my leg up to my knee.

“You don’t sound good, over there moaning and groaning.” Eric said, trying to be funny.

Little does he know that my moan was not in anguish. I wish I could get up and run to my room, but I am naked underneath the blanket and my shirt is pushed up above my breasts. There is no way I can grab my pajama pants under the blanket, hold the blanket and grab the vibrator from between my legs without being exposed.

I can feel sweat starting to run down my forehead. I am burning up and want to throw the blanket off of my body, but that would expose me! I am stuck. To make it worse, Raul reaches out and starts rubbing my exposed leg. Any other time, I would welcome his touch and beg for more, but not at this moment.

His touch is torture, sending a wave of energy in a direct line toward my aching pussy. My clit is screaming for attention, but I dare not touch it. My thoughts are starting to escape me in my excited state. “Ohhhh” I moan, trying to make it sound like I am sick.

“Maybe you should go lie in your room.” Erin says to me. “You look miserable.”

If she only knew the truth. Raul continues to massage my legs as my body betrays me and starts to shudder. He looks away from the tv and glances into my glazed eyes as if he is looking into my soul. I can do nothing but stare back at him.

Erin becomes my saving grace when she says, “Maybe you should go sit over there, in case she is getting sick Raul.”

I look over at her and see her pointing to the love seat on the corner of the living room, close to the front door. He stands up and moves over to the love seat. Part of me is relieved he has finally moved and the other part of me wishes his hands were still touching me.

While they are all watching the movie, I reach below the blanket to turn off the vibrator. güvenilir bahis şirketleri As my hand slides down my body, the under part of my arm brushes against my aching clit, causing my body to shudder. I try to hold back a squeal, to no avail. Everyone glances over at me as my body shakes.

I quickly lift my right leg to raise the blanket slightly and block the view of my hand which reaches for the end of the vibrator. As my fingers search for the knob at the end of the vibrator, I feel the it push deeper inside me. I am at the brink of an orgasm and briefly ponder the thought of letting the orgasm wash over me, but err on the side of caution and turn the vibrator off. It is at this point that I realize how hard I am breathing.

I turn onto my side with the vibrator still inside of me, feeling my inner muscles continue to contract against the vibrator. I take a deep breath and try to hold it in a second before exhaling slowly. Everyone is still looking at me, trying to figure out if I am okay.

“I am fine.” I blurt out. “Just need rest.”

The three of them finally turn away from me and look at each other. It is at this point that I realize Erin did not bring any groceries in with her, though she said she was going to the grocery store. I glance in her direction and she answers my question as if she is reading my mind.

“Eric, are you going to go to the grocery store with me?”

“Sure, let’s go.” he replied.

“I was headed to the grocery store when Eric called and said they were on their way to the apartment so I turned around.” she said, looking at me. “We will let you get some rest.”

A drop of sweat runs down my forehead. I wipe the sweat off my brow then do my best to pull my shirt down over my breasts while they are standing up. The blanket rides down my body as my shirt slides over my breasts. I feel the shirt brush my rock hard nipples, sending a bolt of pleasure through my body, pushing me close to an orgasm once more. I see Raul’s eyes drift to my breasts and it turns me on.

My clit starts to ache strongly once more and I do my best to fight the urge to touch it, knowing my hand will thrash it. It is torture, being on the verge of an orgasm, with the vibrator inside of me and not being able to finish the job.

When Erin, Eric and Raul finally exit out the front door, I throw the blanket off, remove the vibrator and leap off the couch to lock the front door. I quickly pull my shirt over my head while making my way back to the couch. I lay the vibrator down on my stomach then begin kneading my breasts with my hands and pinching my hard nipples between my pointer and middle fingers. I moan loudly and spread my legs wide, one on the top of the couch and the other resting on the floor.

I turn on the vibrator and reinsert it inside my dripping wet hole with one hand and ravish my clit with my right hand. I thrust the vibrator in and out of my clenching inner walls as my hips thrust off the couch, toward the vibrator.

It doesn’t take more than thirty seconds before my body is going wild. I am thrusting the vibrator deep inside of me and running my fingers wildly over my clit. I lock my hips, pull the vibrator out of my walls only to press it against my throbbing clit, sending my body into an intense spasm as blissfulness washes over me. I feel my hips thrust over and over into the air, feeling my orgasm rock my body.

This is one of the best orgasms I have given myself in a very long time. Perhaps, I enjoy the idea of almost getting caught while masturbating. I will have to explore this more at a later date. For now, I need to sleep.

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