It Was Just a Little Joke

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*click* the bathroom door unlocked.

“I swear to god Samantha. I have to go to work. I heard the ice machine. If you do what I think-“

His words were cut off as the cup of ice water came flying over the shower curtain on him.

“Fuck!” he screamed.

“Told you I’d get you back” she said with a laugh, happily prancing out of the bathroom until she heard the water quickly turn off and the curtain yank open. Then she broke out in a run to go try and hide until he had to go to work.

She didn’t even make it out of the bedroom before he caught her hair and yanked her backwards eliciting a yelp from her.

“And I told you not to do it” he growled, sitting on the end of the bed and pulling her across his lap.

“I’m s-” she cried before his hand made contact with her ass, making her yelp again.

“What was that?’ he asked. Smacking her ass when she started to reply again. This continued for a few more minutes, with Luke pausing every few smacks to rubs her ass. Watching as it slowly turned redder. Samantha’s yelps slowly quieting down and sounding more like moans as she started squirming on his lap.

“Learn your lesson babygirl? Going to listen next time?” he asked letting her off his lap.

“I guess…” she whimpered as she rubbed her sore ass, “…jerk.”

She didn’t even hear him move before he pulled her backwards across the bed. Moving quickly to kneel on the bed over her and pinning her arms under his shins above her head. “Looks like someone’s a feisty bitch today. What was that you said?” he asked, smiling down at her as he takes his dick in his hand, rubbing it across her face from cheek to cheek, over her lips, before slapping her with it.

“Nothing” she replied with a whimper looking up at him.

“Good. Now open wide” he says, pressing his dick against her lips

She paused before changing her mind and parting her lips for him. Closing her eryaman escort eyes as he starts pushing his cock into her mouth. Sucking greedily as he starts working his hips, moving it in and out.

“That’s right. Suck it” he moans. Leaning forward to pull on her nipples as he softly fucks her mouth. listening to her slurping around his cock and do her best to press her mouth up and take more of him in her mouth.

“Fuck yeah” he groans “You’re such a good girl.” He leans forward over her more, pulling her tank top up and letting his hands roam her chest, pinching and pulling her nipples hard. “Well…sometimes” he growls before twisting them, causing her to moan around his cock. He can tell she’s enjoying him taking her mouth when her knees come up and she starts rocking her hips on the bed.

“That’s it. My good whore. Suck it” he commands. His hands squeezing her breasts harder as he starts forcing his cock deeper. The moans around his cock driving him wild, making him take her mouth harder until he starts pushing into her throat and feels her gagging around him.

He shifts above her, pulling one of her arms out from under his shin. “Rub your clit. I want you to cum with me.” She quickly moves her hand to her pussy, moaning as she makes contact. Trying to suck him harder as she moves her hand frantically. Desperate to cum. Listening to his moans as he continues thrusting in and out of her mouth. Feeling his cock swell. Her hips jumping wildly as her climax washes over her as he pulls out of her mouth, pumping his hand up and down his cock, and cumming across her pretty face.

She lays there panting, coming down from her own orgasm as he strokes his cock, covering her face and open mouth. She swallows what landed in her mouth and licks her lips. Smiling up at him as he looks down on her.

“Fuck. You always look so hot like this” he says. Dragging his cock across her face again, escort ankara pushing his cum to her mouth so she can lick it off. Taking a handful of her hair to keep her in place as he moves to lay down on top of her, his knees spreading her legs. Kissing her as he feels her breasts press against his chest. Her hands pulling at his hair as he kissing his way down her neck, chest, and stomach. Stopping at her thighs, rubbing his beard against them causing her to shutter.

“God, that fucking beard” she whimpers softly as her head rolls back. He moves her legs over his shoulders, sliding her panties off, and letting his hands caress her thighs. Her hips involuntarily rocking against him as his tongue barely touches her pussy lips. Softly licking her with just the tip of his tongue. His hands traveling up her body to squeeze her tits.”Mmm. Fuck. You’re such a tease” she moans as his thumbs rub across her nipples. Squeezing her legs over his shoulders, trying to press her pussy to his mouth.

Gasping when he finally touches her clit. Swirling his tongue around it. Her moans quickly getting louder as he pushes his tongue inside her. Pinching and pulling her nipples while he tongue fucks her. His lips encircling her clit as he sucks. Flicking his tongue across it over and over again causing her back to arch under him.

“Oh fuck yes Luke” she moans. Tugging at his hair as her hips grind faster against his mouth. His arms wrapping around her thighs, pulling her harder against his mouth. “That’s right you hot little slut. Give it to me” he growls before jamming his tongue back inside her as she cries out. Her thighs squeezing tight around her head and her hips jumping off the bed, bucking against his mouth.

Smiling, licking his lips, as he watches her squirm below him. Reaching into the nightstand drawer for her vibrator and quickly using it to fill her cunt as she’s still coming sincan escort down from her climax. Burying his face between her thighs again, licking and nibbling her clit as he starts slowly pumping her toy in and out of her. Her moans steadily getting louder. Moving her hips to fuck herself on the toy

“Mmm. Yes Samantha. That’s it you little slut. Fuck yourself” he growls before biting at her thighs. Starting to thrust the toy harder into her. Moving his free hand to rub her clit as he starts kissing his way up her stomach. Her hands pulling at his hair as her back arches, pressing her heels into the bed, lifting her hips.

“Oh fuck yes Luke, I’m gonna cum” she moans before screaming. His teeth biting down and pulling her nipple as he bottoms the toy out in her. Growling in response to her nails digging into his back. Quickly pulling the vibrator from her dripping pussy and thrusting himself in.

“Fuck me” she begs. Pulling him down on top of her and biting his shoulder. Growling again as he pulls her legs up of his shoulders, folding her in half. Slamming into her tight pussy over and over again

“Yes yes yes” she screams as her nails continue to claw into his back, “I’m cumming.”

Her hips bucking up hard, her legs shaking under him as another orgasm tears through her. Scratching and biting him wildly until he grabs her throat and forces her head back on the bed.

“Oh god Luke. Don’t stop. Oh god yes” she cries out.

“Fuck, I Love it when you keep cumming for me” he groans, thrusting wildly.

“Harder. Take me there.”

“Fucking take it” he roars. Her entire body shaking under him as he grabs her by the shoulders, driving his cock as deep and as hard as possible into her, listening to her cry out. His cock exploding and pumping her full of his cum.

“Oh god yes Luke” she cries desperate for release.

“Mmm. Have a good day kitten” he says with a smirk kissing her forehead and heading into the closet.

“Wait, what?” she asked sitting up to look at him

“Told you not to do it” he said with a wink. Laughing when he heard her groan in frustration and fall back on the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32