Jim Comforts a Weeping SlutJim Com

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Her afternoon of wild sex with her mom had just about worn Maggie out. The only problem was that she had promised Jim that they could fuck each other tonight, and he was going to be more than ready after his afternoon at the pool, where he worked as a lifeguard. He’d said before how hot some of the girls were and in his capacity as lifesaver he regularly came into direct bodily contact with them. Maggie quite enjoyed hearing about what her brother got up to at work, especially if he ended up having sex with one of the girls. In fact that would be ideal she thought; if Jim had managed to fuck one of his many admirers he might not require the full service from her. Last week he’d returned home and given her a detailed account of how he’d been locking up the changing rooms at the end of the day when he’d heard a noise from one of the changing cubicles in the ladies only area.


Jim didn’t really think about what he was likely to find, it was so close to locking up time he thought all the swimmers had left. But as he went to investigate the noise, he suddenly realised that it was a girl sobbing. He put his head around the curtain and sitting alone on the wooden bench was a beautiful strawberry blonde of about 25. She was still in her damp one-piece swimsuit, which clung to her every curve, and her eyes were streaming with tears. Without thinking any further than here was a woman in distress, Jim pulled back the curtain and sat down next to her. She didn’t respond immediately, but as he put his arm around her wet shoulders she suddenly glanced up.

‘Who are you?’ she blubbered in the midst of a gasp for breath, before she resumed her crying. Jim pulled her towards him and put his hand to her face to brush away some of the tears. Then he answered in a low reassuring voice that he was the lifeguard and it was his turn to lock up the building. The girl looked up and attempted to smile, but Jim could see that she was in no fit state at the moment. He continued to hug her and after a minute or so she buried her face in his chest and gently sobbed.

Jim was starting to get impatient now, while he didn’t want to turn this distraught girl out he wanted to get home to Maggie. He had been planning to take their sexual exploits to another level tonight, and had got himself highly aroused just thinking about the idea of watching a porn flick with her and then re-enacting the scenes; particularly the one where the guy takes his sister in the ass. Now here he was trying to comfort, an admittedly beautiful girl, but seeming to go nowhere with it.

‘You’re going to have to tell me what’s wrong!’ Jim said in a voice verging on exasperation. ‘I’d like to help if I could, but you must give me an idea of what’s up! Maybe we could start with something simple like your name!’

The girl looked up again and Jim found himself drawn into her beautiful green eyes.

‘I’m Lisa’ she whimpered. ‘… And my boyfriend has just dumped me!’ having said this she once again burst into tears and buried her damp face in Jim’s neck. He tightened his grip on her shoulder and took the opportunity to appraise her lovely body. Her breasts were beautifully proportioned and in the damp bathing suit her nipples stood out firmly from the tightly stretched material. He ran his eyes down the rest of her and let them rest on the mound between her legs. He could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips under the latex suit and he felt his cock beginning to stir as he stared. This girl was so sexy and desirable, how could anyone have been stupid enough to dump her?

Jim lifted her chin and looking into her eyes he asked her exactly why she’d been dumped. Lisa scowled and pouted before she started on her story.

‘He called me a tart and a slut and said that he didn’t want to have a whore for a girl friend.’

‘Why would he say such hurtful things Lisa?’ Jim enquired, trying to see how this girl could possibly be classed as a whore.

‘… You’re going to think so too!’ Lisa responded. ‘He’s right I am a filthy slut.’

‘Well are you going to try me or keep it bottled up forever? After all, I’m a stranger so what does it matter what I think? My name’s Jim by the way!’

Lisa looked thoughtful for a second and then obviously decided to confide in her newfound ‘friend’. ‘He caught me and my best friend together.’

‘What? You mean he caught you doing something together?’ asked Jim, his interest rising.

‘Yeah, we were kissing and stuff and he walked in.’

‘Where in here?’ asked Jim looking round them. ‘This is ladies only in here so why was he here?’

‘I think he suspected something and he followed us in. We thought we were safe in here, but he just marched in and saw us just as we were kissing and stuff. Jane got real scared and ran; I think she thought he was going to start hitting us. You do think I’m disgusting don’t you?’

Jim shook his head. ‘Of course I don’t Lisa. The guy’s obviously a sexually repressed moron. Didn’t he realise rip her up porno that kissing your friends is no competition for him?’

Lisa shook her head. ‘I didn’t realise that he would be so disapproving. I even thought that he might quite like the idea of me and another girl. But he’s so possessive and jealous.’

‘You don’t want him anyway then!’ said Jim forcefully. ‘Hey come here you deserve a cuddle and I’ve got to assure you that you may be a slut and a whore and all those things, if that’s how you see playing around with your girlfriend, but its not for him to accuse you and then dump you! You know some guys find sluttish behaviour a real turn-on.’

He wondered quickly whether he’d said the right thing, but was immediately reassured when Lisa turned her face up to his and smiled.

‘Does it turn you on then Jim?’ she asked. Suddenly Lisa’s face had lit up and Jim could see that she liked the idea of arousing this stranger sitting next to her. This girl was a slut and Jim had started to enjoy himself. He decided to play along with her and nodded slowly in response to her question.

‘I love sluttish girls, and I have no problem with knowing that you have been making out with your girlfriend. It makes you all the more desirable in my opinion. In fact, I think you and your boyfriend were not at all compatible; why were you with him?’

At this question Lisa’s face started to burn, and as she blushed Jim noticed her nipples also grew more pronounced.

‘OK I’ll tell you. He has, well he has, oh what the hell, he has a really big dick and I love playing with it. There I’ve told you and now you really do think I’m a slut and a whore don’t you?’

Jim once again shook his head. ‘No I don’t but I think I can understand where he was coming from. He’s probably worried that being with your girlfriend will have put you off cock, and that now you’ll only want pussy. He probably thinks that it was only his dick that you were interested in and without that you wouldn’t want him anymore anyway.’

Lisa looked thoughtful. ‘Hey I guess I can understand that, but he never asked, he just got angry. If he’d asked me I would have told him that I still love cock I just like pussy too. In fact he’s really missed out, because I was planning to get him and Jane together sometime soon, and I can’t believe he wouldn’t want to try having sex with her, she’s lovely. That’s how I got to making-out with her in the first place, she said she’d do anything to see Jake’s cock and I asked her if she really meant anything, and she said yes she did. So I let her know that I wanted to play around with her and asked if she’d let me lick her pussy. She agreed straight away and we did it right there in her mom’s front room. I just watched while she pulled up her skirt and pulled her panties to one side and then as she stretched out on the couch with her leg up on the arm she opened her pussy lips and held them like that. She was already so wet Jim; I think the talk about Jake’s dick had partly done it, but I know she was really turned-on by the thought of me licking her pussy. I couldn’t resist, as soon as she’d got in position I kissed all up her legs and then pushed my tongue right into her hole. She let out a long moan as I licked and when I touched her clit with the tip of my tongue she went crazy, and started humping my face. I think she’d wanted me even more than I’d wanted her!’

As she’d been talking Jim had watched Lisa getting more and more aroused. He could see not just her nipples pushing though her costume now, but also the whole area of her dimpled areolas pressing into the fabric. Her hand had moved down to her mound and she was pressing her fingers into her crack. As for himself, Jim’s cock had tented out the front of his trunks and was impossible to hide. ‘You know Lisa’ he said in the husky voice of the severely aroused ‘you are a whore and a slut and I love it. I think it’s time you showed me what you’re really like and stop pretending that you didn’t like being abused by Jake. You were crying at being dumped and losing his big cock, and worse you couldn’t come through with letting Jane feel his dick anymore; but you do want to be told how nasty you are don’t you!’

With a startled look in her eyes Lisa looked at Jim and then nodded as if ashamed of herself.

‘Look at you, you tart, playing with yourself and telling me, a total stranger, about how you licked out your best friend’s pussy. That is seriously the behaviour of a born whore and slut!’ Having chastised her, Jim stood up in front of the girl and undid his shorts. Her eyes widened as he quickly pulled his very hard cock out into the open. ‘Now show me what a dirty girl you are and take my cock into your mouth.’ He moved forward as Lisa pulled her head back and looked up at him with a mixture of lust and fear in her eyes.

She barely knew this guy and somehow she was suddenly actually living one of her long held fantasises. The fear seemed to be somehow making her more rus porno needy for his cock, and she could feel the rush of liquid seeping though her swimsuit as she contemplated Jim’s seemingly huge member. He looked down apparently angry at her reluctance to take his cock immediately, and then with a swipe he hit the side of her face with it. Lisa yelped and knew that she’d get another slap with his cock if she didn’t act quickly. She bent forward, took his cock-head between her lips and tasted his swollen glans for the first time. It tasted so good she wanted more. She brought her hand up and took hold of his cock at its base and then fed it into her mouth. Jim tensed at the incredible pleasure that coursed through his system. Even if Jake had been a dead-loss in other ways he had certainly given this girl some good lessons in cock sucking.

Thrusting his hips forward, Jim took hold of Lisa’s hair and held her face right up close to his balls. His cock slid right to the back of her mouth and into her throat. Lisa gagged and choked, but he wouldn’t let go. She was enjoying this and he knew it.

She couldn’t believe how hot she was getting. Her whole body was responding to this mouth fucking and her pussy in particular was churning out juices so they seeped through her costume and dribbled down her inner thighs. She knew that if she carried on much longer Jim was going to spurt his seed straight down her throat and she didn’t want that yet. No Lisa wanted to feel this cock between her legs, forcing its way into her excited cunt. She pulled her head back and this time Jim knew why. He was also reluctant to cum yet so he allowed Lisa to withdraw his over excited penis from her mouth and they both watched it for a few seconds as, covered in spit, it bobbed and jerked around in front of her face.

‘Get up Lisa you slut!’ demanded Jim. And the girl immediately obeyed. She wanted to feel this cock deep in her pussy so much. ‘Take off your suit and make it slow’ Jim continued ‘I want to enjoy watching you uncover those lovely tits. Lisa smiled and as Jim continued pulling on his cock she sensuously slid the straps of her costume down her arms. Jim stared in anticipation, waiting for those glorious nipples to come into view. This, Lisa realised, was where she had some power over him. She made the most of it and with tantalising slowness she teased the tight fabric of her swimsuit over her breasts and eased her nipples into view. Jim took a sharp intake of breath as the large pink discs of her areola emerged. Then her right nipple appeared, it was thick and rubbery in texture, just waiting to be sucked and fondled beneath his fingers. Her left nipple the same, hard and aroused, demonstrating Lisa’s strong desire to be well and truly fucked.

Once her lovely tits were free of the tight fitting suit she stood before Jim and swayed her hips from side to side. He watched as her tits swayed as well, her pert nipples pushing towards him. Lisa knew what he wanted to see, so she slowly traced her fingers around her areola and drew them up to the tip of her nipples. She shuddered at her own attentions, and at the sight of his cock thrusting out before him.

‘Take off the rest!’ Jim demanded. ‘I want to see your sluttish pussy!’ Lisa shivered, enjoying the feeling of Jim’s eyes raking over her body, and the hardness in his voice. She’d never even considered doing this before; Jim was a total stranger and she was stripping for him, more than that she was going to let him fuck her as well, and she hoped he was going to fuck her hard. Being unsure of his real state of mind was making this whole experience even more exciting. Lisa was not convinced that Jim was putting on an act; he sounded absolutely genuine in his demands, what’s more she didn’t care, she realised she really wanted this stranger to take her in any way he wished!

Jim, for his part, couldn’t quite believe that he was being so aggressive. Before this he’d always played the complete gentleman, believing that unless he was polite the girl he was with would dump him or refuse his advances. Here was a situation he had never contemplated before, he’d started by not giving a damn about sex with Lisa (he always had Maggie at home) and yet things had escalated to a point where sex seemed inevitable! And yet he found he still didn’t care if Lisa wanted him to fuck her or not. This had put him in a wonderful position of power. She obviously wanted him and she seemed to be enjoying his aggressive attitude more than he would have believed if anyone had told him!

Before him stood a very sexy girl, and she was willing to follow his every command. Jim watched in admiration as her swimsuit crept down over her toned stomach. Lisa looked up at him and smiled.

‘You’re enjoying this aren’t you, you whore!’ barked Jim. ‘Look at you; you’re a filthy slut, stripping for a total stranger! I bet your pussy is drenched isn’t it?’

Lisa nodded, this time without the smile. She felt that Jim would rather see her looking sert porno a bit scared, and as she did actually feel scared; she had no idea where this was leading. Jim didn’t even know himself; he was just following some sort of primeval instinct.

‘Show me: you dirty bitch! I want to see how wet you really are!’

With her eyes on Jim, Lisa slid her fingers down into the tight space between her costume and her pussy. She was definitely wet, soaked in fact. She could feel the moisture before she even reached her hole. Her index finger probed between her swollen lips and slipped quickly into her excited pussy. The juices oozed around her digit and she had no trouble scooping out a thick coating of creamy juice. She carefully withdrew her hand so as not to lose any of her precious offering, and held out her hand to Jim for inspection.

He nodded in approval, ‘lick it off; go on suck your cum off those fingers!’ Lisa obeyed and looked enquiringly at Jim for the next instruction. ‘Now remove the rest of your costume!’

With a quicker movement this time Lisa wriggled her way out of the tight fitting bathing suit. Jim watched carefully as she eased it down her hips and over her thighs. Suddenly there it was; Lisa had revealed the juiciest pussy he could imagine. Her hair was neatly trimmed in a little bush just above her clit, and below he could clearly see her plump labia pushing out of her crack. His immediate impulse was to get down on his hands and knees and to thrust his tongue as far into her as possible. But he knew that was not what was needed here; so instead he stayed put and kept on watching as Lisa slid the costume down her legs and kicked it to one side. Then he put out his hands and grasped her by the shoulders, pushing down at the same time. Lisa didn’t resist and quickly sat on the hard wooden bench. It was low, and sitting in this position meant that her legs had to part and her knees were raised. Consequently Lisa realised that her pussy was now on open display. From his position of advantage Jim could see right between her parted thighs and into her very wet pussy.

He licked his lips in anticipation. Lisa’s pussy was showing all the signs of excitement; he could see a dribble of creamy juices emerging from her crack, her labial lips were swollen and splayed open, and her clitoris was clearly visible pushing through its fleshy hood. With his cock in his hand Jim stepped forward and then he squatted directly in front of Lisa. She looked into his eyes and shivered.

‘Put your fingers into your pussy and show me how you play with yourself you little slut!’ Jim rasped. He was barely able to control his voice now.

Lisa slid her hand between her legs and started to slip her fingers between the fleshy folds of her pussy. Knowing that this guy was watching her every move was intensifying the whole experience for the girl. She craved Jim’s attention and found herself getting wetter than she ever had done before.

‘Pull your lips apart! I want to see right inside!’ he demanded. Once again Lisa obeyed. With a deliberately slow movement she followed his instructions and opened herself right up. Jim’s mouth watered. He so wanted to taste this girl, and yet he wanted her to continue with her fingering. Instead he reached out and took Lisa’s left nipple between thumb and forefinger and tugged on it. The girl gasped, and Jim went for her right breast and did the same. This was almost too much for her; Lisa knew that she was on the verge of cuming hard. She found, when she masturbated at home, that when she gave her breasts this sort of attention she couldn’t last long, now in this changing room with a total stranger she was even closer to climaxing.

Even as he played with her nipples, Jim felt them growing more erect. Her areola puckered and tightened beneath his fingers. ‘You need some lubrication on your nipples Lisa!’ Jim managed to rasp out, barely able to control his voice. ‘Scoop some of your juices from your pussy and rub it into your tits for me!’

Lisa responded immediately. Withdrawing her fingers from between her legs she brought them, thickly coated, up to her nipples and smeared the creamy mess over her breasts. Jim watched, his mouth watering, then he took her hands in his and brought her fingers up to his lips. As he licked them clean he reached down and continued to fondle her now wet nipples.

With a groan Lisa suddenly raised her ass off the bench, and thrusting her hips forward she pushed her fingers back into her cunt. This was her point of no return, her pussy clamped hard around her fingers and then with a spasm that released not only her hand but also a flood of juices she came hard. The splash of her cum hitting the floor caught Jim’s attention and glancing down he saw a puddle forming between them.

‘So you’re a spurter Lisa! A definite sign of a slut.’ He gasped as he felt his cock starting to throb. Just watching her cum this way had triggered off the beginning of his climax. Jim angrily grabbed his cock at the base and gripped tightly. He had no desire to shoot his load yet, and he knew from experience that this was the only way to stem the inevitable flow of sperm from spurting from his cock. Instead he was going to take control!

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