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The first time I felt it I was riding down the highway on my motorcycle. God damn. Out of nowhere, cruisin’ at 65, it suddenly felt like someone was straddling me, legs around my hips, with a hand down my pants fondling my cock, tongue licking my face.

But it wasn’t real. It was…ethereal, ghostly. It lasted for about thirty seconds, this…airy thing…wrapped around me, writhing against me, soft and weightless, but the sensation was definitely sexual. I got a massive and extremely uncomfortable hard on in my jeans.

The next time it happened I was talking to a client, an older lady. We were discussing the repair and/or replacement of the deck in her backyard. I’m a carpenter and contractor, work out of my truck mostly. In the middle of the discussion the sensations returned. This time it felt like the ghostly grope was concentrating on my cock. Talk about a blow job. It was like being fellated by a gust of wind. Oh my god, how fucking embarrassing. My jeans crotch began enlarging, I started sweating and had a slight pant going on. Thank God the woman didn’t catch on. I explained that I was feeling suddenly feverish and quickly rescheduled our meeting.

Last night it came back again, in bed. I was just falling asleep, but woke up to the very definite, though somewhat insubstantial, feeling that I was being fucked. That is, there was a ghostly cunt grinding, sort of, on my crotch. My nipples and neck were being lightly bitten and kissed as if by a breeze. A spirit hand was running through my hair.

I got very hard. I wanted to fuck, to hump, to plow into somebody wet and willing, but there was nothing there to have sex with. It lasted about a half hour and finally I stroked myself to orgasm, made all the more powerful by the sense that I was cumming into a soft, tingly, invisible mouth.

My first clue was the cat. I found my garbage can knocked over one evening, bags strewn around. Picking up the mess I noticed that the bags with kitchen scraps were not scratched open. The contents of the smaller plastic bags from my bathroom, though, were spread out all over the back alley. I cleaned it all up but that night I kept a window open on the alley side of the house. Around eleven I heard the can tumble again and I quickly sneaked out the back door.

It was a black cat, sniffing through the overturned contents of my can. It found something and was slinking away with it in its mouth when I opened my gate. Startled, it panicked, tried to jump a nearby fence. But it was clumsy and didn’t quite make it, fell backwards with an undignified thump, though, of course it landed on its feet, being a cat. That’s when I saw what it had in its mouth. A tissue. Not just any tissue. It was the one I’d used to jack off into. It had my semen in it. I mean, how gross is that?

Well, the next night the sensations returned, and about ten times more powerful than before. Now I could actually feel the squeeze of vaginal walls on my erection, feel thighs gripping me. The love bites hurt a bit. A tongue wrestled mine. I didn’t have to whack off, the ghost girl fucked me to orgasm.

But it was still just cumming in the air.

I had to do something. I was going nuts. Being between girlfriends, I didn’t have any real flesh to plow, so I was, I guess, pretty vulnerable to this, this, what?, “succubus” that was after me.

Saturday morning I woke up with an erection that would not subside, even after a shower and reading the morning news. I thought modern politics were guaranteed to kill anybody’s sex drive.

But it was like my phallus was a compass needle. Or a water witcher’s wooden stick. My dick kept pulling itself in one direction, as though pointing at something. At what? At the window facing the alley, so I opened it. I mean I could have fucked that open window the feelings of being sucked towards it were so strong. What was over there? My side yard, the alley, another back yard that led to my neighbor’s house.

Who lived there? I didn’t really know. I mean, they had a large, really overgrown yard but their front door was around the corner facing the street perpendicular to mine.

I started doing some research on line. I learned about incubi and succubi, the first being ghostly men who visit women’s beds and has sex with them. A succubus is a spirit whore who fucks men.

Okay, so I was being haunted by a succubus, sucked by succubi.

A few days later I saw her. I was driving home, coming the back way up the perpendicular street and she was just walking up the walkway to her front door. It was the neighbor from the house off the alley, or, more likely their daughter. She looked about twenty.

The feeling I got just looking at her was so strong I almost jammed on my brakes to get out and confront her. But she was in some kind of hurry. Even though I slowed down to look at her, she seemed to make a point of avoiding me, with her head down she made a quick beeline for her front door and quickly disappeared.

But what I saw floored me. I’ve seen and had beautiful women before, but this one took my breath fake agents porno away. The slope of her shoulders, the arch of her neck, the shape and contour of her legs rising up to a jaw dropping ass, the glimpse I had of her full red lips, innocent face, soft white skin, all of it just sort of grabbed me, bodily, and I knew, I knew, I just knew, that was the body that had been ravishing me, in some sort of witchy way, these past few weeks.

I had to do something to learn more. So I purposefully backed my truck into their alley fence, taking out a post and about ten feet of fence boards.

I knocked on their door and waited. Eventually a nice lady answered, looking like your typical older suburban mom. Her husband was not at home, but oh goodness, she sighed, yes these things happen, and okay, she’d send Frank over to consult about repairing the damage, thank you for your honesty.

Frank and I came to an easy agreement as we surveyed the needed fence work. I assured him that fixing the damaged section and more was all on my dime but before we were finished he decided to pay me to replace the full length of fence down the alley side and along the street line as well.

Standing there talking, I felt her watching me. I even knew which window she was looking out. I sensed, strongly, her eyes on me. I felt, at that moment, that I was beginning to take my life back.

That night I stood at the window that faced their backyard, naked, hard, defiant. I slowly began to thrust my hips in her direction, imagining myself between those supple young thighs, sliding into her buttery sweet cunt, taking handfuls of those firm little titties, forcing her to cum all over my demanding and relentless cock.

That Friday I made time to start their project. At first I didn’t feel her, but around two o’clock that afternoon, the sense of being watched came on very strong. So I put on a show. I removed my t shirt, exposing my hairy chest and carpenter’s physique. I had long ago learned that a tool belt is one of the sexiest things a man can wear. I stopped to take a drink and allowed a generous amount of water to flow over my chest and down the front of my pants.

I scratched my balls and adjusted the levitating length of my penis, several times. I bent over and gave her a good view of my tight, muscular ass. I even licked my lips while looking at the window where I knew she was peeking out.

The next day, Saturday, I finally got a good look at her. Her parents, inspired by the work I was doing improving their fence, had decided to begin clearing out the backyard. She was enlisted to help, clearly reluctant though she was.

And so I formally met Phoenix. Majoring in medieval history, she was a local girl intent on teaching someday, so her proud parents said. She looked all of twenty and this woman was a vision. Of course, she’d cast a spell on me, so I wasn’t exactly objective, but Phoenix was the very picture of gorgeous – healthy, glowing, adorable and yet sensual, more than cute she was beautiful. I swear her breasts swelled as I looked at her. Her lips blushed, if that’s possible. Certainly her face did, the red rising from her neck to her cheeks. Her legs kind of folded in on themselves in an awkward way as she nervously took my proffered hand for a shake. The skin to skin contact with her was electric. We both, it seemed, felt the direct connection from the palms of our hands to our genitals.

I smiled and made direct eye contact with her. It was like looking at her naked soul, like falling into two pools of clear cool water, like fucking her brain with my eyes.

Well, the rest of the day was pure torture for both of us. How difficult it was to focus and not ravish each other with lustful, longing and invasive looks, stripping each other naked with our eyes. I made several frustrating miscuts. She seemed to be stuck on one part of the yard, mindlessly pulling weeds where there were few, pointing that magnificent ass in my direction, letting me fantasize about sticking my face into it.

The day finally ended and I went back home for a cold shower. It was no use. I could feel her on me, under my skin. No doubt she was also in the shower and no doubt stroking her clit while the water washed over her hair and face and tits and tummy and cunt. My mouth watered imagining the taste of her body in the shower. My dick was so hard it hurt. Even after cumming serious streams of semen into the now warm water of my shower, it stayed uncomfortably erect.

Sunday came and for some reason, her parents decided to go into the city and spend the day at some sort of event. It was so unexpected, so spontaneous, I should have known they’d been manipulated by some sort of witches spell.

When Phoenix appeared in the backyard to resume work, she was dressed in a baggy set of coveralls. She seemed to barely acknowledge me, just a quick hello, then just got to work. But oh my god, I could feel the very presence of her as a physical force of nature. Speaking of which, I swear their backyard was a tumult of fake angets porno wind, the trees and blackberries swaying in a swirling breeze that seemed only to be blowing there. But it was hot, blazing hot, too. I was sweating, through my shirt, all around my crotch, a constant drip off my forehead.

We actually got a lot done. When she finally took a break and asked if I wanted some ice tea, I was glad to accept. She disappeared inside and came back with two tall, cold glasses. As I drank the peculiar but pleasant tasting tea, my eyes were drawn to her, the way she could make overalls look sexy, especially the way the open buttons in front exposed a little bit of her cleavage, hinting at the wonders therein.

Phoenix kept the conversation light, but the body language was intense. Her legs crossed, her breasts pointed at me, her hands casually caressing her thighs. Her lips and mouth wet and inviting.

The more of the tea I drank, the better she looked. When we finished and resumed work, I was hopelessly hard and waves of lust washed through me watching her walk back to the weeds. She turned and looked over her shoulder, from under her floppy sunhat, and said something I sort of ignored as my entire attention was riveted on that ass pushing out from the coverall seat.

“Pardon me?” I asked, trying to maintain some semblance of cool.

“Would you help me a moment?” she cooed, “I’ve got to reach up into the tree.”

Sure, fucking yes, I’ll help, I thought. She directed me to lift her up a bit so she could clip a particularly large cane of blackberry from the crotch of the old oak tree.

I could feel my mouth fill with water and the blood surge into my dick as I put my hands around her waste and lifted her into the air. She snipped the vines and when she finished I slowly let her down. Before I moved back and away, she bent over to clip something on the ground and her ass loomed up at me, filling my vision with nothing but a big, lovely, round, full moon of fine butt flesh wrapped tantalizingly tight inside those old coveralls. I swear it twerked back and forth slightly in front of me.

The wind came up at that moment and for a moment we seemed to be inside a tiny tornado. When she stood back up, she had to catch her hat from flying off and the motion caused her to lean back slightly. I caught her waist and held her steady a moment.

“Thank you,” she purred. I leaned in and kissed her.

“Oh my,” she said, as innocent as a school girl. “I’m being ravished.”

She kissed me back, lightly, but it was clear that I was the aggressor here. She sort of let me kiss her neck and lips again as she pushed those breasts up and her hips leaned in against mine.

“Mr. John,” she said in a faux southern accent, “I do believe you are carrying on here. What exactly are your intentions?” As she said that several of the buttons on her overalls popped open, all by themselves, revealing a sweaty white shirt beneath, so wet it showed her nipples, hard and swollen.

“Just to kiss you, Ms. Phoenix,” I growled, even as my hands pulled that ass in against my raging hard on.

“Just a kiss then, sir,” she whispered, and the kiss we shared at that moment was one that filled my nose with the smell of her, and filled my mind with pictures of things yet to cum, of two naked bodies writhing in a dark, candlelit room, of the smell of semen on tits, the taste of cunt juice on my face, the feel of sweat swathed torsos banging together, of rituals performed in pentagons, of my soul being roasted over a hot, searing fire of lust.

We pulled apart. “You had best come inside out of this heat, sir,” she gulped as she spoke, “I do believe it has gone to your head.”

I followed her into a door that led to a laundry room. She turned, still acting as innocent as if she was showing a plumber a plugged sink, and said, just like a southern belle, “please be on your best behavior, John. You are worked up for some reason.”

Of course, she knew exactly the reason, or reasons. At that very moment I caught the odor of a musk emanating from her that I had not noticed before. It came from her cleavage and the affect of it went straight to my head, an intoxicating and heady smell that seemed to turn my entire body into one giant phallus. She stood so close in that confined space, I was hopeless to resist.

I pulled her close, roughly, and I kissed her deeply, playing my tongue inside her mouth, wrestling with hers. I grabbed her thighs and lifted her onto the washing machine, causing her legs to splay open and our genitals to smash together. Somehow the washing machine started up and began to rock gently beneath her, rhythmically rubbing her cunt against my cock.

“What do you mean to do, sir?” she asked in her best, high pitched, sweet little girl voice.

“Fuck you,” I growled, “until you cum all over me, until you spew your cunt juice all over my face, until you turn into quivering jelly and suck the very last sperm from my balls.”

“Oh my,” she breathed in my ear, “I do declare fake cop porno I am helpless, then.”

I pulled her coveralls down off her shoulders and ripped opened her shirt to reveal the finest pair of twin globes of alabaster flesh I ever hope to see and lick and suck and kiss. Her legs were locked around my hips. Her hands gently brushed over my nipples, then pulled my mouth to her tits, grabbed my ass into her.

“You are a beast, sir, a horned beast,” she sighed, “I am just a poor school girl in your sway.”

Indeed, a poor wet, flushed, grasping, clutching, horny school girl witch who had turned her neighbor into a living sex machine to fuck her nasty little pussy till it exploded cum juice all over the floor beneath us.

I managed to remove her overalls and oh my god she only had a pair of black panties on underneath. Yes, there was a little red tail on the ass end of them, and they easily stretched aside to allow me to insert the head of my pulsating penis in against the oozing maw of her hairless vagina. I swear I could feel her cunt physically sucking my cock inside her.

“Do you mean to put that inside me?” she pouted at me. “Will you now fuck my little pussy?”

I slowly let my hard rod be pulled inside her, with no effort of my own, it was literally sucked into that incredibly hot, gushing, grasping hole as though it was a candy cane in her mouth.

I can’t believe the suction she was able to maintain on it. I couldn’t have removed my cock from her cunt if I’d wanted. Her vaginal walls played over its length like a tongue would. I looked down at where we were conjoined and her clit was swollen to twice its normal size.

I began to ram into her with some force.

“You are a bad man, John, to be taking advantage of poor little old me,” she whispered into my ear as I fucked her. I felt a power beyond anything I’ve ever felt surge through my body and I picked her up off the washing machine and began power humping her pussy, fucking her entire body, pulling back against the inward suction of her cunt then skewering her on the spit of my cock with each upthrust. It felt like I was fucking all the way up through her torso and I swear she opened her mouth in a gasping pant and I could see the fleshy, wet head of my phallus poking out from around her tonsils. Her eyes had a reddish fiery tint as though lit from the inside. Her long black hair was waving around like snakes in a wind.

When I came she bit my neck, hard, and I howled like a blowing storm, like a lion over a fresh kill, like a wolf who’s just brought down his prey, trying to shove my dick all the way up into her brain, to shoot bullets of semen into her cranium, and I swear wet white goo began oozing out her ears as I continued to spray incredible amounts of cum inside her. She became a wild thing, humping against me as hard as I fucked into her, digging her fingernails into my ass and back, biting my neck so hard it hurt, and gushing what felt like a gallon of hot liquid out her erupting cunt and down her ass and my legs.

In the end I saw lights dancing at the periphery of my vision, felt darkness encroaching on my consciousness, felt every cell in my body empty itself into my cock which continued to spasmodically twitch and pulse until the last of me was shot inside her.

At some point, I can’t tell how long, I regained my senses. She was Phoenix again, the sweet, gorgeous girl next door, only now I was a big, bad dog with my penis inserted into her swollen pussy, having just ravaged her virtuous, angelic body with my uncontrolled lust. She looked up at me, sort of innocent and helpless, her legs still hugging me to her, and a line of drool dripped out the corner of her mouth. I pulled out of her with an obscene plop and a gob of cum splotched out of her freshly fucked cunt and splashed on the floor.

What had I done? She began to tremble slightly, her legs quivering as though cold. She bit her lip and pouted up at me as though I’d just hurt her feelings.

Fuck it. I pushed my cock back inside her, lifted her up and carried her inside the house. I found a TV room around the corner, carried her inside and I dropped us down onto a couch in the center of the room. The curtains closed all by themselves, leaving us in an almost completely blacked out room. Several candles lit themselves. Phoenix seemed to morph into a sort of flesh puddle beneath me, her skin so soft and pliant I could mold it with my hands, but her vagina, her cunt, became a portal of fire, a sucking maw that seemed to reach down into the bowels of the earth, and when I began to plumb those depths with the drill of my steely flesh, I was fucking the planet, sinking my cock miles deep into the hot and roiling molten cum inside the core of the earth.

Later, much, I learned that she had not meant to actually fuck me, originally. When this all started, she was just learning and testing out her skills. Evidently, her powers pretty much only worked when she was having sex, with herself or any other way. With samples of my hair taken from my trash she learned how to be a succubus. Samples of my semen increased the effect immensely. The cat, of course, was her familiar. But when I began fucking her in my fantasies, she became powerless to resist me. During the sex we had that day she found things just happened, and she had powers beyond what she dreamed possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32