Just the Beginning

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I’m sitting alone at a hotel bar, feeling kind of sad and maybe a little lonely and just minding my own business. You tap me on the shoulder and ask if you can sit next to me. “Sure,” I say, and don’t really think anything about it. I mean, the place isn’t overly crowded, but there are only a couple of seats left at the bar proper… I certainly don’t think you’re looking for anything other than a place to sit.

I give you the once-over as you’re getting comfortable. What can I say? I’m a guy and guys do that sort of thing. You’re pretty, and it’s not that fake pretty that you can buy in the cosmetics department; just a little bit of lipstick. Glasses, but that’s cool… I can dig on a chick with glasses. Brunette hair with blond highlights, shoulder-length. Style of dress… call it “casually fabulous”. By that I mean you’re not all dressed-to-kill but you look pretty damn good, anyway; tight jeans and a pink sweater not cut too low. You’re not trying to impress anyone, but you’re making an impression all the same. It looks like you have a nice body… kind of tiny, but I dig on that, too. I figure you’re just waiting for a friend, or maybe you’ve been out exploring the town and stopped in for a nightcap before you head back to your room.

You sit and order a glass of white zinfandel, and I turn my attention back to my drink… something called an oatmeal cookie. I know, it sounds like kind of a pussy drink but I like oatmeal cookies, dammit, and if I can drink something that tastes like an oatmeal cookie and get a buzz, too, that’s like killing two birds with one stone. I glance at the t.v. Some game is on but I don’t even know who’s playing. I was just there wasting time, trying to put off going back to my room alone. Sometimes alone is good, but I’ve had a lot of alone in my life and right now I wasn’t in the mood to just have myself for company.

I turn my attention back to you and I notice that your glass of wine is at about half-mast. My cookie is about gone. I have a little internal debate about whether or not to get another because I’ve already had a couple, and the cookie wins. I look around for the bartender and see that now your glass is empty, too. If not for the cookies that I’d already “eaten” I wouldn’t even consider this, but I ask if I can get you another. I fully expect a “No, thanks,” in reply and I’m mildly surprised when you respond in the affirmative.

I give the bartender the order and start sending little conversational “feelers” out to you. Where are you from? What do you do? This isn’t normal behavior for me, especially around a pretty woman. Praise Allah for alcohol. What surprises me even more than the fact that I’m asking you these things is that you’re answering and even asking me things about myself. An honest-to-God conversation with someone was certainly an unexpected turn of events.

We get another round of drinks and move to a booth where we can be more comfortable. Another round of drinks as we sit there looking at each other and I’m not sure what has me higher, the booze or gazing into your eyes. I realize that since we moved the conversation has turned a little more intimate… and then I realize with something akin to horror that I just said something about oral sex. Fuck! I’m trying to think… what did I just say? I had gotten so caught up in the moment that I let my tongue get away from my brain, and now I’d just fucked everything up beyond all recognition.

“Did you really just ask me if I like to have my pussy eaten?”

Jesus Christ!! It was way worse than I even thought.

“I… I guess I did. I’m sorry. I think maybe I’ve had too much to drink. I should probably head back to my room.”

I look down in embarrassment and mumble a couple more things like how you’re so pretty and I just wasn’t thinking and yada, yada and decide that I should just probably shut the fuck up and hope you don’t slap me or break your wine glass over my head before you leave. After a couple of seconds that feel like an eternity, I feel grup sex your hand on mine and you tell me it’s OK. I cautiously look back up at you. You look a little flushed, but you’ve still got a bit of a smile on your face and I begin to think that it really is OK. You lean forward a little.

“Can I tell you something?” The blush on your cheeks begins to deepen as if you are the one that should be embarrassed about something. “I do happen to like that, and it’s been far too long since I’ve enjoyed that particular pleasure.”

My mind reels, looking for the appropriate response. I quickly rule out, “No shit?” You have to be smoother than that, dumb-ass. If you play your cards just right, you might end up getting some for the first time in God knows how long. The trouble is, I’m not exactly Cary Grant. As I begin to stammer a reply, it’s my turn again to feel all blushy and stuff.

“Umm… well… if you want to come up to my room… I’d be happy to show you what it feels like again.”

My heart is pounding and I feel like my whole head must look as red as a beet as I wait to see what you’re going to say or do. You squeeze my hand tighter and begin to rise, then you lean over and whisper, “Let’s go,” into my ear.

The journey to my room is a blur. We nervously chatter away about anything and everything and your hand is still in mine. The old couple sharing the elevator watches us with a knowing look and I catch our reflection in the glass as the car shoots up into the night sky. It occurs to me that we look like newlyweds. Not a young married couple for sure, but two people who found each other a bit late and are still in the thrall of unexplored passion. That thought continues to play in my head… I find it calming somehow and by the time we get to my door I’m not nervous at all. Excited, yes, as the slight bulge in my pants gives testimony to, but nervous, no.

We enter the room and you’re immediately drawn to the view. The curtains are open and the huge window looks out over the ocean. The moon lights your path through the room; you go over to gaze out at the night while I get things situated. Door locked, drinks, shoes off, radio on something soft and romantic. I start to turn the lights on but I decide that the moonlight will do just fine. I join you by the window and slip my arm around you, my hand grabbing yours on the other side. There’s no one on the beach and the moon is so full and bright that it seems to be shining just for us.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Absolutely stunning,” I reply, but I’m not looking out the window anymore. You turn towards me and you blush again at the realization that I was talking about you. I lean down and kiss you softly on the lips. I pull you close with both arms and our kiss grows more intense, lips teasing each other and tongues darting. I kiss you on the cheek and the neck, trailing kisses up to your ear. “Are you sure you want this?” I whisper, and by way of response you kiss me again, hard, your tongue probing into my mouth and against mine.

I move around behind you, arms around your waist. It feels good holding you like that, and you must like it, too, because you push back against my hardness and shimmy a little. I kiss the back of your neck and my hands move up to your breasts. Your nipples are already as hard as diamonds as I brush against them and I realize you’re not wearing a bra.

“No bra,” I whisper… “did you go out tonight looking for something like this?”

“No,” you say quietly and I can hear a hint of embarrassment creeping into your voice. “I’m just kind of… small.. up there, so I don’t always bother with one.”

“Can I see them?”

We part and turn towards each other as you pull your sweater over your head and drape it across the chair. You look out the window. I guess you’re still embarrassed and wondering what my reaction is going to be. You’re so damn beautiful and you don’t even know it.

“Hey,” I say, and softly touch your cheek to latina fuck tour porno turn your face to mine, “they’re perfect.” To emphasize the point I lean down and place a kiss on each hard little nipple and another on your mouth, pulling you close again. Our tongues play against each other; my hands slide down down your back to cup your ass and I delight in the fact that you do the same to me. One hand pulls away and I moan into your mouth as it moves around to caress my cock through my pants.

It feels so good and I want to fuck you so badly, but I remember there was a certain promise that got you here in the first place.

“OK, baby… it’s time for me to lick that pussy.” My words surprise me a little, especially pussy. In the confidence that seems to have come with my newly found calm, though, they feel right. Only a short time ago I was ashamed to be using that word in the presence of a woman but now it excited me. Pussy. If you’d told me this morning that tonight I’d be going down on a beautiful woman I’d have laughed in your face. “That is why you’re here, isn’t it? For me to eat your lovely little pussy?”

You give my cock another little squeeze. “I think I want some of this, too, but yes, that’s what got me here. I want to feel your tongue all over my pussy.” You seem to revel in the word as much as I had.

“Let’s get comfortable, baby,”

I start to undress, moving towards the bed. I’m down to my underwear by the time I sit down on the side of the bed. I have a moment of self consciousness as I realize you were watching me, but it passes. I reach out for your hand and pull you to me. “Come on,” I say, laughing. “Let’s get these pants off.”

I undo the button and unzip your jeans and slide them down over your bottom. They fall to the floor and you lean on me for support as you pull your shoes and socks and pants off. While you work on disrobing I let my hands roam up and down your body. I cup your ass and stroke your legs and you sigh as my hand travels up the inside of your thigh. Approaching the top I can feel your heat and I consider stopping there. Your sigh turns to a moan as I move on up and begin rubbing my fingers up and down across the smooth fabric between your legs. Your panties are already wet and I can smell your sex.

You stand before me naked except for your panties. Glorious. I roll you over me on the bed and wind up on top of you, kissing you, my hard cock pressing against your leg. I kiss both sides of your neck and begin to move down your body. I get to your breasts and cover them with kisses. I suckle briefly on your nipples and you gasp as I graze one of them with my teeth. Any other time I’d spend some time playing there, but there’s a sense of urgency now. I’m a man on a mission.

I kiss my way on down your body, pausing only briefly to tongue your belly button and then the time has come. I grasp the top of your red silk panties and pull. You lift yourself up to allow me to get them past your butt and then raise your legs up and together so that I can pull them off and toss them into the corner.

I move down, climbing in between your legs and spreading them. Your scent is intoxicating and I want to dive right in, but I make myself stop and take at least a moment to look at what I’m about to devour. My cock jumps and I groan when I see that you’re shaved. You have kind of an innocent look about you, so I had no idea what to expect. Your lips are slightly puffy and everything is pink and glistening in your arousal. I look up at you and you’re watching me in expectation. “You have a beautiful pussy, baby… I’m going to enjoy this as much as I hope you do.”

I move in and lick the top of your inner thigh. You’re so turned on that even the skin there is a little dewy. I smile to myself, thinking, “She should have a little tattoo here that says, ‘Slippery When Wet’,” and then I place gentle kisses all over your mound, careful not to touch any of the real “hot” spots. You moan lezbiyen porno slightly and I smile again because I know your pleasure is just beginning.

I really can’t wait any longer to taste you. I stick my tongue out and you moan again as I swirl it around your pussy. You taste so sweet… I lick one side of the opening and then capture the lip in between mine, sucking on it lightly. Your hips lift slightly and I feel your body shiver in delight. I kiss the other lip and then take them both into my mouth, sucking up the sweet nectar that’s now flowing more freely from inside of you.

I stick out my tongue and press my face into you, trying to get my tongue in as far as I can and wiggling it around. I back off and then press into you again once, twice, three more times. You moan each time and the sound thrills me. My cock is as hard as a diamond in an ice storm, as Ricky Bobby would say. I settle into a steady rhythm, in and out, fucking you with my tongue.

“Ooohhh…, ” you sigh. “That feels so good.”

Your hips buck off the bed as if you’re trying to force more of me inside you. I put my hands underneath you and grab your ass as I jam my face into you one last time. I hold you to me, wriggling my tongue and you groan as my nose brushes your clit.

“Oh, God!”

I back out and ease you back down to the bed and slide my tongue along the length of your slit. You gasp as I flick it against your clit. I lick you lightly, and you start to moan again as I slide first one finger and then a second one into your pussy.


I quickly get into a rhythm with my fingers as I lick and then kiss your nubbin. I begin to suck on it and move my fingers into you harder and a little faster.

“That’s it! Fuck me, baby!”

Your hips begin to buck again and your moans intensify, keeping time with my fingers as I plunge them into you. All the while, my mouth has been busy kissing and licking at your clit. I can tell you’re getting close.

“Oh. Oh. Ohhh…gonna cum….”

I want to tell you to give it to me, to cum for me, but I don’t dare stop what I’m doing with my mouth. Instead I wrap my lips around your clit and suck on it. You buck a couple of more times and then scream and grab my head and pull it tight against you. I quickly switch, rubbing your clit hard with my fingers and sucking on your pussy as your sweet honey explodes into my mouth. I keep sucking and drink down every bit of juice that flows from you as you squeal and twitch, and finally the spasming of your body begins to ease.

I release you from my lips, swallowing the last little bit as I lightly lick at your pussy. Your breathing begins to return to normal and I continue to gently minister to you down there, cleaning you with my tongue. I note that your body is glistening under a light sheen of sweat as I crawl up to where I can look at your face.

“How did I do?”

“Oh, my God,” you sigh. “Mm mm… so good.” Then you laugh a little. “I should have taken my glasses off. They’re all fogged up. I can’t see very far without them, though… and I wanted to watch as long as I could.”

I grab a tissue from the night stand and hand it to you, settling in next to you. I wrap my arms around you as you take your glasses off and wipe them down.

“I’m glad you like. I normally don’t like to brag, but someone once told me I could get paid for what I can do with my tongue.”

“I better get my purse,” you say, laughing again.”Let me see if I have enough for another round.”

I laugh along with you. Once again I’m struck by your beauty. Your hazel eyes are sparkling behind your glasses and your skin is glowing. My heart swells with the knowledge that I had something to do with that last part. I pull you tighter against me.

“I’ll tell you what. You were such wonderful company tonight that it’s on the house. This was so much better than laying here alone watching t.v.” Snuggling in against you, I sigh. “Hell, just talking to you down in the bar would have been better than that. This was icing on a very sweet cake.”

“I hope you’re not trying to tell me that it’s almost over,” you whisper, looking down and nestling your head into my chest.

“Oh, no,” I whisper back as I place your hand on my still-hard shaft. “This is just the beginning.”

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