Kristina Ch. 03

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Kristina knocked on the door, a voice said “come in.” She opened the door and went in. There were two oriental women in their late thirties early forties in white three quarter length coats, they both walked up to Kristina and each took a hand and both kissed her on either cheek, they felt the warmth of her body and were getting wet between their legs, their thoughts raced ahead to the next half an hour of so when this lovely ripe young wife’s body will be there’s completely.

Dr Loi said. “Hello Kristina you are on time for your full medical.”

Nurse Su- Lee will get you ready for your eye test first. Su-Lee took Kristina’s hand and led her to the eye testing machine, she sat her down and placed her hands on either side of the machine and told her to put her chin on the rest pad and to look in to the machine, and focus on the two yellow and black balls. She switched the machine on and the balls kept going around in circles, Su- Lee looked at Dr Loi as she locked the door and slid the bolt across and switched on the video cameras, Dr Loi came over to the eye testing machine and sat opposite Kristina.

Kristina started feeling drowsy as the balls moved around in ever faster circles Kristina heard Dr Loi’s voice telling her as she counted till fifty she will go into a deep trance and await a command from her, when the doctor got to thirty nine Kristina completely lost consciousness. Dr Loi told her that when she heard the name of Loi- Lee she will go into a trance and her body will feel very sensitive and sexy, and she will then obey the voice and instructions of the person who said Loi-Le to the full without any hesitation.

Dr Loi said “I will count till ten and you will awake and remember nothing of what has happened.”

At the count of ten Kristina awoke, and asked the two of them, “are my eyes good.” Dr Loi said the eye test went fine and she had perfect vision she asked Kristina to walk over to the examination table, as she approached the table, she heard a voice say” Loi-Lee.” Kristina stopped in her tracks.

Dr Loi. “How old are you.?

Kristina. ” I am 23 years old.”

Dr Loi. “How long have you been married?”

Kristina. “Two days only.”

Dr Loi. “Did your husband fuck you on your wedding day?”

Kristina. “No.”

Dr Loi. “Why?”

Kristina. “He had to get back to the Army barracks to be shipped to Iraq that same afternoon.”

Dr Loi. “So you have never had sex with a man?”

Kristina. ” No never.”

Dr Loi. “What are you measurements?”

Kristina. “34D-24-36.”

Dr Loi. “Do you shave your pubic hairs?”

Kristina. “Yes always.”

Dr Loi. “Do you masturbate and how often?”

Kristina. “Yes, about four times a week.”

Dr Loi. “So you are highly sexed?”

Kristina. “Yes I suppose so.”

Dr Loi. Looked at Kristina and said. “As from today you will become a Sex Slut you will do everything asked of you, you will never say NO, to any command, and you will forget everything that has happened to you when you hear the words. Lee-Loi, do you understand.”

Kristina. casino oyna “Yes.”

Dr Loi. ” I want to hear you say yes, I will be an obedient Sex Slut.”

Kristina. “Yes I will be an obedient Sex Slut.”

Dr Loi Spoke. “Lee-Loi.”

Kristina awoke and was told to take her uniform and shoes off and get on the table, as her uniform dropped of her shoulders and down her hips Su-Lee let out a gasp, Kristina was beautiful with big round arse cheeks and nice firm breast, and the thong outlined her pubic mound to the full, she got on the table with only her tong on and then she heard the words “Loi-Lee.”

Kristina was under mind control again. Su-lee started to remove her thong, and slipped it of her legs, and spread her legs as wide as she could, leaving her cunt with her puffy lips fully exposed to their eyes, the two women stripped naked and came on either side of the table and started rubbing their hands all over her body they put their mouths to each of her breasts and suckled like babies breast feeding. The hands roamed down to her cunt each of their fingers opening the puffy lips and felt the wetness dripping out of her cunt, both their fingers slipped between her swollen lips and started to finger fuck her together, while sucking her breasts.

Kristina body gyrated on the table as the lust took over, every part of her body was tingling. Dr Loi took her fingers out and moved down to her puckered arse hole, she played with the rim of her hole and pushed her wet finger deep into her tight hole. Kristina body Jerked as the finger sunk deeper into her arsehole.

Kristina started to moan and was cut short by Su- Lee’s tongue penetrating her mouth and her lips sucking on her tongue. Dr Loi’s finger moved faster in Kristina’s puckered tight arsehole. While Su- Lee’s four fingers were fucking her cunt hard as her thumb played with Kristina’s enlarged clit. Kristina was whimpering into Su-lee’s mouth. Su-lee’s hand came out to be replaced by Dr Loi’s mouth which had opened wide, taking the whole of Kristina’s cunt lips inside her mouth, her tongue slipped through her puffed wet lips licking her clit. Kristina’s body jerked and shuddered and with a high pitch scream, her climax flooded Dr Loi’s mouth as she felt the doctors lips sucking every drop of her thick white cum from her cunt, and continued licking her clit.

Doctor Loi stopped sucking and moved aside. Su-Lee’s mouth replaced hers and continued sucking her cunt, Kristina’s body was on fire, her hips jerked and gyrated and her second cum flooded in to Su-lee’s mouth who gulped it down till there was none left, she was turned over and pulled to the end of the table and her legs were spread wide her arse cheeks were pulled apart and Su-Lee started tongue fucking her puckered arsehole as her tongue went deeper and deeper. Su-Lee suddenly stopped sucking as Dr Loi moved between her legs with an 8″ strap on cock.

As the cock touched the rim of Kristina’s arsehole she felt a sharp pain as the cock pushed past her sphincter stretching her hole, as it penetrated inch by inch into Kristina’s tight hole, she screamed in pain canlı casino as the dildo went deeper till she felt Dr Loi’s pubic hairs rubbing her cheeks she was fully impaled on the 8″ dildo

Su-lee’s left hand moved to Kristina’s cunt and slipped four fingers into her wet hole. While her thumb played with her clit. Kristina was moaning her breathing started getting heavier as the dildo moved faster in and out of her hole.

Su-lee’s fingers were fully imbedded in Kristina’s cunt, then with her right hand she started spanking her arse. The blows started stinging Kristina’s arse as she moved up and down on the cock , through the pain of her arsehole and cheeks of her arse being penetrated and spanked, Kristina felt the pain been overtaken by lust the cock pulled out and entered her cunt and started pumping in her, as the finger was working her clit and the hand continued spanking her she jerked and screamed as she climaxed and explode her cum all over the cock her body was shuddering as she lay there whimpering, then she felt the cock withdrawing from her cunt to be replaced by Dr Loi’s mouth sucking her clean.

They left her sprawled over the table while Dr Loi went over to the phone and dialed a number.

Dr Loi said. “Hi Kara, Mrs Kristina Lenko passed her medical with flying colors, she is ready to perform her duties as a Sex Slut.”

Kara said. “Was her medical recorded?”

Dr Loi said. “Yes it was all recorded, the pass word is Loi- Lee to put her under control, and Lee- Loi to bring her back to normal, her instructions are not to disobey and accept all commands and be very highly sexed during her submissions, and to forget everything that has happened when the command Lee-Loi is heard.”

“Good send her up to me straight away I have to taste her goodies.”

Dr Loi “Give us another half hour I want to swallow her thick warm cum one more time, she squirts like a man and tastes superb, and Su- Lee wants to fuck her arse a well”.

Kara. “You greedy bitches Ha’ Ha’ leave some cum for me” send her up when you have finished, oh by the way how many times did she cum?.

Dr Loi “three at this moment but four when we have finished with her”.

Su-lee was rubbing her hands all over Kristina’s body when Dr Loi joined her at the table. Dr Loi made Kristina get of the table, while Su-Lee strapped on the dildo and laid on her back on the table. Dr Loi told Kristina to get on the table with her back facing Su-Lee, as she straddled Su-Lee her arse was lowered on to the dildo. Dr Loi guided it to her puckered arsehole when it was lined up she was pulled down on to the dildo as inch by inch disappeared into her tight hole Su-Lee pulled her down to her and played with both her breasts pulling and twisting her hard nipples.

Dr Loi looked at Kristina laying with her back on Su-Lee, legs spread wide her arse impaled on the 8inch cock, she moved between Kristina’s open legs, and started licking her legs up to her thighs to her love hole she feasted her eyes on her beautiful puffy hairless red cunt lips, and slowly inserted her tongue between Kristina’s lips licking kaçak casino her way up to her clit which was hard and protruding as her tongue licked the hard nub, Kristina’s hips started gyrating in rhythm to the tongue as she fucked the cock inside her arsehole.

Su-Lee pulled Kristina’s head towards her mouth and slipped her lips inside her mouth and sucked on her tongue, all the while squeezing those large soft breasts with her fingers pulling and twisting those hard protruding nipples.

Dr Loi’s tongue moved faster darting in and out like a piston, tongue fucking her cunt till she felt Kristina ‘s body jerk and gyrate on top of Su-Lee’s body Kristina’s mumbled loud into Su-Lee’s mouth as she climaxed, her cum spurting into the waiting mouth of Dr Loi who gulped down every last drop.

Su-Lee withdrew the dildo from Kristina’s arsehole and slid out from underneath her and stood next to her and started to kiss her.

Su Lee Said. “Kristina you have been a very good girl but you have one more task to do before I have finished with you, as I straddled your face you will have this urge to suck my cunt clean is that clear”.

Kristina. “Yes I will suck your cunt clean”.

Su-Lee straddled Kristina face and lowered her cunt downwards onto Kristina’s mouth she rubbed her wet lips all over Kristina’s face spreading her precum, she felt Kristina’s tongue slip inside her wet puffy lips till it found her clit, the tongue started moving faster over her hard nub and soon she was ejaculating as she climaxed into Kristina’s mouth, but still the tongue kept licking till she could not take anymore and had to dismount of her face.

Dr Loi got on to the table and opened her legs and slid between Kristina’s legs till her cunt was touching Kristina’s cunt, she opened Kristina’s cunt lips and put her puffy lips inside Kristina’s and started to fuck Kristina’s cunt with her own.

Dr Loi was in ecstasy as she felt the juices from Kristina’s cunt flood her own cunt as Kristina was brought to another climax just before she came inside Kristina’s wide open cunt, as their cum mixed together they lay there panting when Su-Lee pulled them slightly apart and started licking both their cunts clean.

After they had both recovered. Su-lee started to clean Kristina up and told her to get dressed and take a seat at the desk. Su-Lee walked over and unlocked the door.

Kristina sat down near the desk. Dr Loi spoke the words. “Lee-Loi.” Kristina slowly came out of the trance.

Dr Loi smiled and said. “You have passed your medical with flying colors.”

Su-Lee. Told Kristina she was the best patient they ever HAD. She winked at Dr Loi who smiled.

Kristina said “Thank you very much you have both being very kind making me feel at home here.

Not at all my dear said Dr Loi. “Believe us you were a joy to Have and you will always be welcomed here, we will be happy to see to you at any time, are doors are always open to you.”

Dr Loi. ” Oh don’t forget to go and see Kara as she is expecting you this morning she has a few things she has to do for you before you are registered as a trainee nurse. Su-Le and I are sure you will PASS her test with flying colors.”

They both smiled at each other as Kristina opened the door and left.

To be continued…

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