Long Weekend: Sunday

23 Nisan 2021 0 Yazar: admin

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It was so nice to be able to sleep in late Sunday morning and to wake to the sounds of singing birds just out of our window as the sun shone brightly thru open windows. I almost hated to move from next to you as you are snuggled up close to me still sleeping but I know we must go on and get our day started. Finally I convince myself it is time to get up and I nudge you and you start stirring with mild protest to it being too early.

“It in 9 in the morning Lisa, how is that too early?” Laughing at you I get on out of the bed and go get in the shower. Enjoying the warm water I can help but recall what has gone on over this past weekend and how marvelous it has been for us, gosh we are acting like kids again I think to myself as I finish up shaving and washing in the shower. Coming in to the bedroom I see you have gotten on up and out of the bed and by the sounds I hear downstairs figured first you got some coffee perking for you, and was hoping that you had heard my stomach and started some breakfast for us before we had to go. I take my time getting dressed, putting on my old faded out jeans and an old button up shirt that has seen its better days to say the least. Off down the stairs I go following the aroma of all you got going on in the kitchen. You are sitting at the breakfast bar drinking a cup of coffee and smile as I get me a glass of orange juice and sit across from you. You catch me eyeing you in my robe and smile and untie it and it falls open showing me that you are not wearing anything at all underneath it.

“Are you inviting me to eat you up for breakfast” I ask smiling broadly. Slowly you pull the robe closed and shake your head no but still smile, tying the robe loosely this time. Getting up you bring over a plate with some toast, bacon, scrambled eggs and some orange slices for me and you.

“Dig in before we have to get ready to go pick up the kiddies honey” you say and wink at me. I can’t help but notice how your skin seems to be glowing and a smile seems to be fixed on your sweet mouth and think how much we really needed this weekend. Just as we are finishing up our peaceful breakfast the phone on the kitchen wall rings and you get up to answer it, the robe falling open and I get to watch your breast sway as you make it to the phone and answer it.


“Oh, Hey Mom! No, you didn’t wake us, we were just finishing up breakfast before getting ready to head that way in a little while.” You look at me and sigh cause you know even though we are going to be at her house before long she will still want to talk for a solid thirty minutes. Deciding to help you out I get up and take the dishes from you and rinse them off and load the dishwasher as you sit on a stool and lean back against the bar talking away. I don’t think you realize it but the way you sit the robe is open both up top showing your creamy white breast to me and with your legs spread I can look right up them to what has been a source of constant pleasure bursa escort this weekend. I go out of the kitchen and get some firewood and bring it in cause it is supposed to be another cold spell moving thru tonight and don’t want to get caught without. Coming back into the kitchen you look and shrug your arms and mouth that you are hurrying. Laughing I finish off my orange juice and go to the sink. Turning around I find you still sitting there legs spread even wider. I move to in front of you and you finally look up at my face and ask what when you see such a big grin on my face. Softly I place a finger onto your lips as if to quiet you. Then, I move down on to my knees in front of you and before you can close your legs I move my shoulders between them and hold them open and move my head in.

Despite every protest you can make by twisting and turning and trying to push my head away with you hand I out do you and before you know it you feel my hot breath flowing over you naked puss. I feel you relax and look up and see u smile and shake your head no, but I I know that you don’t mean it since u are smiling. Slowly I roll my tongue out and let it move its way up and down your puffy lips, licking up and down and trailing down the middle of them where I find your juices are beginning to flow. Looking up at you, you have your eyes closed while trying to concentrate on all that your Mom is having to say.

“Yes, Mom, I know, I can’t believe it either” I hear you say as I press my tongue flat against you and run it up and down you slowly, back and forth.

“Mom!” you say with a little urgency as the tip of my tongue dips into your damp puss, ” I really need to get off of the phone and finish getting the kitchen cleaned up and get ready so we can be on our way.” I feel your free hand moving over my head, weaving your nimble fingers thru my hair, pulling me closer to your face. “No, I didn’t know that, when did it happen?” I look up at you to find you looking at me with lust filled eyes and u mouth “stop” I just shake my head no from side to side, my tongue still in between your wet folds. Your body shivers and you concentrate on not dropping the phone or letting on to what is going on while talking to your mother.

I decide the teasing is over and really go to working on your wet puss. My hands are on the inside of your thighs holding them open as I move my head up and down licking you deeply inside. Coming out I move my tongue up and circle your throbbing your clit and then sucking your clit in my mouth, tucking it in my teeth and then flicking my tongue over the tip rapidly back and forth, up and down, all around. While I treat your clit to some TLC I ease two fingers inside of your now your drenched pussy and begin to move them in and out. You are pulling at my hair, trying to get me to stop then at the same time pushing me against your puss harder. Moving my fingers inside of you faster and spreading them out and licking your bursa escort bayan clit fast and hard you begin to buck your hips against me, really getting into it now.

“OK Mom, OK, yes, we will see you soon, bye!”

As soon as you hang up I feel your pussy clinch onto my fingers and your pussy throbs and first wave of orgasm rushes thru your body.

“Oh yes!! Yes, yes Mike!! Drink all my cum baby” you scream right after getting the phone on the cradle. Your juices flow from your puss as you hold tight to my hair keeping me against you, drinking all your sweet nectar. After a few moments I can feel the waves subside and your hand loosens it grip, standing up between your legs I hold your face in my hands and kiss you very passionately, my lips searing yours as they meet, my tongue tracing your lips before working its way inside of your mouth and finding your tongue and rolling and wrapping it all around. You moan to my mouth, tasting your juices off of my lips and tongue.

Breaking away, looking deep into your eyes, “now go and get your shower and get ready to get the kids.” Moving back I give you room to get by me and give you a playful swat on your round ass as you move by me.

I go out and make sure there is plenty of gas in your van and that the care seat is in there for the little one and that we have no flats. All good I head back inside to wait on you. Bout fifteen minutes later you come down dressed and ready to. I was surprised to see you dressed in a long dress you hadn’t worn in a while.

“You look very nice today” I tell you, eyeing your legs and the cleavage that the dress is showing. “Come and lets hit the road.”

Your Mom lived about two hours away and I was wanting to get back before dark incase the weather did take a turn for the worse. All settled in we head off and you manage to scoot across the middle console so you could be close to me. What you did next kinda surprised me when you slid the console back so there was nothing between our seats. At first I really didn’t know what you had in mind until you reached over and undid my pants and slid your hand inside of them, holding my cock in your warm hand. You got of your seat and kneeled down between our chairs and pulled my cock out of my jeans and slowly moved in close until I could feel your warm breath spreading of my growing cock.

“Now baby, you just concentrate on driving” you whisper just as your hot mouth wraps around the head of my not hard cock. I can feel your tongue circling all around the round head, teasing me with just the tip. Slowly you move down and begin to take my whole shaft into your mouth until I can feel the tip inside of your throat. Closing my eyes I have open them back up real quick before running off the road and having a wreck due to the wonderful sensations.

“Drive safe Hun, I would hate to have to explain to a sheriff on how come we had a wreck and your pants were undone and I was out of my escort bursa seat” you say with a wicked smile. That said, you move and take my cock back inside of your heavenly mouth and work it up and down running your tongue all around up and down and circling the head. It all feels so good. I realize where we are and remember an old road that we use to park on while were dating and decide to take it. You seem to be lost in giving me some fantastic head that you don’t realize I have made a detour. Only when I stop do you look up to see what is going on.

“Where are we? I know we haven’t made it to mom’s house yet.” You sit up and look out the window and a smile of recognition crosses your pretty face.

“Come on, lets go to the back” I say and let you get up and lead the way back.

“Now you get to find out how come I decided to wear a dress today” you whisper in my ear as you pull the dress up before you sit down and recline the chair back. My hard cock is pressed against your naked flesh now as we kiss hot and heavy. I feel your hand wrap around my cock and jerk on its hardness some before you guide it to your wet lips. I take your hand and move it and my cock up and down between your wet lips, getting your juices on the tip of my cock before penetrating you. You moan out loud as my cock splits your folds and I sink deeper and deeper into you hot, tight, wet puss until finally all of my cock is buried deep inside of you. I hold myself still and you begin to move your hips up and down against my cock as I keep it pushed deep inside of you.

“Oh yes Mike, I love having your hard cock deep inside of me, it feels so good.”

“Oh yes Lisa, work them hips around my cock and make it throb deep inside of your hot pussy.”

Panting our bodies move together in rhythm of wild, unrepressed lust. Feels so good burying my cock deep inside of you. Laying down against you I feel your legs wrap around my waist pulling me tighter to you as we kiss passionately. Faster and faster, my cock pistoning in and out of you, going deep with each thrust you are moaning in my ear each time my cock tip spreads you open deep inside. It feels so good having my cock working in and out of your slipper cunt now, I can feel my cum starting to boil in my balls, ready for an explosion and a release inside of you.

“Oh yes Lisa, I am going to cum baby” I tell you, looking directly in to your half open eyes.

“Do it baby, cum deep in my pussy, I am there too Mike.”

Taking faster deeper thrust I finally feel my seed coming up thru my throbbing cock. Just as the first volley is shot I feel you tense under me and then your pussy starts to throb as your own waves of passion overcome you. My cock swells and throbs as your work your hips up and down milking my hard cock of all its love juice.

Spent, I kiss you softly, “that was wonderful Lisa, no other way to end a perfect weekend with you.” Holding on tight we hug for a few moments before getting up and straighten ourselves up before finishing what we started off to do, pick up the kids. Realizing we had made a mess we move the car seat to cover the telltale spot of our love making. Smiling, on the road again we go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32