Madhavi Ch. 06

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Double Penetration

This is a continuation of a two part story published by rolling_leo in 2001, about an adulterous office affair. I liked the two part story a lot, and felt like extending the plot into the next phase of their affair, where they plan a holiday abroad.

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I sent feedback to rolling_leo on Oct 2, 2015 with my intention to continue the episodes, where it was left off, however, I have not received any reply to date, and am assuming that perhaps, there is an implicit licence to progress the plot.

All original characters were created by rolling_leo and the plot so far has been published by the original author, and I lay no claim to it. I have merely enacted the furtherance to where the story stopped. I received good suggestions and editing support from fellow Literotica members, ragini15 and honeybey40. I thank them for their time and ideas. Gratitude is also due to many other sources who have given ideas, but wish to be anonymous.

I would be amiss, if I did not silently acknowledge all my lovers, who by way of active participation in my carnal desires, have urged me on towards my creative expression. It is they who have ignited the passions in me, first by way of caral fulfillment and satisfaction in body to body action, and it’s metamorphosis into creative writing.

Story so far: Rahul in Sales and Madhavi in Accounts got into an adulterous relationship at work. They travelled to other cities from Delhi, their place of work. After a few exciting liaisons, they plan a longish trip abroad next.

To build the story further, and to establish the continuity for more episodes, requires a little more by way of background development, introduction of more characters and their sexual proclivities and willingness, and their personalities too, so kindly bear with me, while we reach the juicer parts, of what promises to be a real erotic thriller.

While I have retained the original author’s narrative style of POV (Point of View), I have perhaps deviated somewhat from the original intent, and have introduced elements of most of the popular story genres on Literotica to satisfy a larger audience. Those who are offended or who dislike certain elements, my request is that they may kindly skip those paragraphs and proceed to the next part. Feedback, public or private is welcomed, and bouquet or brickbat, will be received with due humility.

Main Storyline

Madhavi’s uncle, Surendar Mamoo, (a cousin to her mother) had come by. He had been visiting them on and off, and had eyes on her, and always ask Madhavi to do this and that, and ogle at her tits and body. Her mother, Malathi, had sensed this, and would try her best to keep her away. She remembered his famous roving eye, and knew that he was great in bed, recollecting the times in the village when he would fuck her and her nubile friends behind the haystacks in the fields. She thought of a plan to get to his bed and give him a fuck. She was also itching for a good romp, as she got a chance very rarely these days, and cucumbers and brinjals could do only so much. During serving dinner to Surendar, she suggestively bumped into him, and felt his flaccid cock harden as she grasped it. She knew he would be willing to fuck her instead of lusting for Madhavi. Beti chod, fellow, must have fucked his daughters at least once or twice, she surmised

That night, after dinner, Malathi went to the spare bedroom, which he was occupying, and bolting the door and turning the light off, kissed him. He was waiting for her to come to him. She lifted her wrap over her shoulders, stood naked and offered her pendulous breasts for him to suck on. Meri beti ko chodna soch math rey, mujhe chod aur teri qwaish pura kar key. Usey mat choddo. Don’t lust after my daughter, fellow.. Come and fuck me, and satisfy your cock’s urges. Don’t fuck my daughter. Jab chahon, main tayyar hoon … Anytime you want I am here to satisfy you. Meri choochey chooso .. Suck on my breasts

Malathi lay down beside him, and started to fondle his lowda, thru his lungi. He pulled the lungi off, and she took his cock in his mouth. He had unkempt pubic hair, and some long strands of hair got into her mouth. Pushing his jhant ke baal downwards, she started to suck on his shaft and with her right hand was scratching the bottom of the hairy balls. Her finer would linger near his rim, and move back. He was meantime, pushing her head on him, His cock was now getting hard, and her choot also started to water. Drawing her head back, she climbed on him and rode him. She could feel her pussy with his semi hard lowda as she rode him for a few minutes.

Aahhhhh… Jaaanu … aaah … theri choot to bhosdi ban gayi … Dear.. your cunt has become loose.. he groaned as he gradually şişli escort got harder. Teri is bhosdi say mujhe maja nahi aayega .. Your loose cunt won’t satisfy me .. Chal ab teri gaand mein dalta hoon … I will now put my cock in your arse. She got off the bed and went on all fours, knowing that loose cunt was not satisfying him any more.

Andar aa rey … meri gaand maro aur meri beti ko mat sattao. Come in me you fellow… Fuck me in my arse and don’t hassle my daughter. He was now grunting with the excitement of a tighter arse, as compared to her looser cunt. In his mind he was lusting for younger Madhavi, but knew this witch would not have anything of it. Ummmh .. she arched her back and lifted up her ample bottom towards him, and wiggled it. His tool, moist with her pussy juice, probed her arsehole.

Clutching her at the hips, he slowly prised it in…aaaaahhh she moaned. He bent over her and started massaging her boobs as he moved in cock in and out of of her gaand. He slapped her arse cheeks sharply, and she moaned… Nahi .. Nahi .. No .. No… He stopped, and started to massage her arse cheeks to help her relax. She responded, and settled back down.

He filled her asshole and massaged up to the small of her back, and tried to imagine where the head of the cock was up inside of her! Aaahhhh… accha lag raha hai … oooh it feels good now… aaaahh. Aur ghussaa andar oh madarchod ooohhh… she groaned in pleasureful agony and he skewered his dick in depper into her arsehole. In response as he thrust in harder and harder, she moaned and grunted herself in pleasure. Meri chhoot ko bhee masalo … Fondle my cunt .. Ek haath say meri chochee ko bhi … With one hand my tits … please she pleaded with him. In response he thrust in harder and harder as he moved one hand to her cunt and put in a couple of his calloused rustic fingers. He loved this, and he felt himself cumming as she reached orgasm after orgasm. He shot his load inside of her as their movements slowed.

Bathed in perspiration, they lay on the floor for a few minutes. Ab mere oopar pesaap kar, he sai. Now piss on me … She lay over his body and started to pee on him starting with flow on his semi erect dick. She had a full bladder now, and the flow increased in force as she drenched his stomach and hairy chest till it stopped to a dribble and she lay on him, piss and sweat soaked Surendar. They hugged each other, for few more minutes, as he played with her choochies. Soon she got up, and mopped the floor of her piss with his lungi, and they moved to the toilet to have a quick bath. She rinsed the lungi a few times, and wrung out all the water from it. There was no piss smell any more.

Unknown to them, Madhavi was watching all this thru the keyhole. She had heard the grunts and obscene language of her uncle, from her room next door, and guessed what was going on. She was aroused seeing the two older people fucking, and it thrilled her to see her mother being fucked by her uncle. She started to rub her cunt, as she knelt down to see at eye level, and parting her legs for easier thrusts of her fingers inside, bringing herself to a climax along with them. At the end of the fucking, she was amazed to see her mother piss on Surendar Mamoo and he obviously enjoying it. She had never heard of this before, and she got a second orgasm just watching it. This is something I must do on Rahul, she thought.

Madhavi’s mother extracted a promise from Surendar to get her sons to be settled. In return for getting to fuck Malathi, her brothers had found employment with him, who was running a steel shop and a flour mill in a nearby town. They had stopped their wayward ways and had settled into a working mode. He (mother’s cousin) had two marriageable shrews and no doubt, the brothers were chosen to serve and manage his family business and join the family as servant sons-in-law as well.

Madhavi was really excited and yet somewhat apprehensive about the foreign vacation plan suggested by Rahul. She had applied for and received her passport under the Tatkal (Fast Track scheme). Things were moving too rapidly and she was a bit worried on where this would lead to. She decided to take the next day off, as her period was due. She had not been taking any contraception, and she was worried about the possibility of a pregnancy since they had unprotected sex.

The thought of Rahul exploding his cum inside her choot, ran a tingle down her spine. She recollected the passion of their lovemaking in the train journey, their bodies rocked both by their eagerness for each other as well as the motion of the train. She looked at her breasts and fondled them, in remembrance of Rahul nuzzling himself against them and nibbling the nipples , chewing. Thinking of this she hugged a pillow, and rocking herself with a finger in the cunt, she dozed escort ankara off to sleep, dreaming of Rahul beside her.

Next morning, she woke up relieved, as the flow had started. Breathing a silent prayer, she went to prepare herself. She called up HR and informed them that she needed to take a day’s casual leave, to take care of an emergency at home. Madhavi had an excellent record, and HR was more than helpful to accommodate her. She called her team leader and Rahul too, informing them that she would not be in. Rahul was concerned and wanted to know if he could help, she told him that she needed to take care of some work at home. hence the absence. She told Rahul, that if were free later in the afternoon, they could meet for coffee at any of the usual places they went to. Rahul agreed instantly, and they made a plan to meet at Coffee Day at the Ambience Mall. Finishing the breakfast, Madhavi went to her bedroom, and sat in front of her laptop. She looked up contraception on Google and found a list of articles explaining the pros and cons of each method. She was not certain of any method except getting Rahul to wear a condom, for correct protection.

Madhavi dozed off, and by the time she woke up, it was near lunchtime. She ate lunch silently while her mother bustled around the household. Presently, she came by and sat down at the lunch table. Beti, she started, now that bhayya log are settled with Surendar Mamoo, and they will marry his daughters, I now want you to settle down. I know you are not liking the matches, I am bringing you, if you have someone in mind, do let me know.

Her mother had planned to go and settle in along with her son’s, it would be an opportunity for her to get some good cock thrusts some nights from her cousin, Surendar. Madhavi, did not say anything, her mother’s words only increased her anxiety about her new and rapidly blooming relationship with Rahul. She was still very pensive about the meeting with Rahul in the afternoon.

A few minutes after lunch, Rahul called. Shall I come an pick you up and we go for a drive? And we could have coffee somewhere on the highway? I have to drop off some important paperwork at a customer’s place and it’s on the way, he explained. Madhavi agreed and said she would be ready in 30 minutes, and he could pick her up at the bus stop near her house.

Madhavi, had a quick shower, changed into a fresh but slightly loose salwar kameez. She dabbed some light perfume that Rahul had got for her in Jaipur, and draping a dupatta over her upper body, she called out to her mother that she would be back by the evening.

No sooner she had reached the bus stop, Rahul called on her mobile and said he was around the corner. She spotted his car, and stepped forward as he slowed down to a stop. She got into the front seat, and their lips met. Ummm, badi tazzi lag rahi ro! Ummm, you are tasting so fresh! You are looking prettier than usual, Madhavi, remarked Rahul, as he took the Ring Road. The customer’s office was five minutes away, and soon, Rahul had parked the car. I will stay here, come back soon, said Madhavi. Ok, dear, it won’t be more than 10 minutes, promised Rahul. Leaving the car running for the air conditioning, Rahul stepped out and went into the office.

Madhavi fiddled with the FM Radio and settled down to a station playing older romantic songs. She thought about her concerns and how to express them to Rahul, and when. Soon, Rahul come out of the building, got in and smiled as he heard Kishore Kumar crooning one of his favorite love songs. So, this is what you want it to be, Madhavi!! Yes, Rahul dear, this is what I want it to be. Let’s go on the highway and find a place to sit and chat, she asked. Sure dear, much better than Coffee Day in the Mall.

You seem, a bit worried, Madhavi, sensed Rahul. Not really, dear, replied Madhavi. Madhavi explained about how her brothers had been settled, and Rahul said that it was good for them. Life in the city was spoiling them and they had it too easy with Madhavi bringing in the regular paycheck. Now they would have to work hard and be under the supervision of an older male person, who would knock the required sense into them.

Yes, true, but now my mother asked me if I had anyone in mind to get married to. Oh, Rahul, how can I marry anyone, when my heart and body want to be with you always. Tears, streamed down Madhavi’s face, and Rahul was lost for words. He pulled over to the service lane and found a rest area with a restaurant and a shaded wood which served as a park to stretch the travel weary. He stopped the car, leaned over and hugged her.

Taking a couple of paper napkins, he shushed her, and kissed her closed eyelids, wiped the flowing tears, all the while embracing her. She quieted down, and soon Madhavi had her lips seeking Rahul’s. She drew him closer, and nuzzled him. He moved his right ankara escor hand over her crotch, and fumbled with her salwar. It’s that time, Rahul, she whispered softly He moved his hand over her unopened salwar, and she spread her thighs. He rubbed on her pad over where her clit would be. Ummmm, she murmured. They clung to each other, wordless for a few minutes, and then separated. Straightening their clothes, they stepped out and made their way to the restaurant.

Settling down at a corner table, they placed their order. Rahul was also in deep thought. He too woke up to the realities of the tryst. He was aware now, that Madhavi was well and truly smitten by him, and as he was already married, it would be a real triangle to sort out. Penny for your thoughts, smiled Madhavi, as she snapped her fingers in front of Rahul. Rahul broke out of his reverie, and smiled back wanly. Did I say something that disturbed you Rahul, she asked. No, it’s reality, Madhavi, isn’t it, returned Rahul. I too love you a lot, but you know, I can’t leave my wife. I am all she has in this world. Until I met you and wanted you, she too was all I had, he continued. The waiter served their order, and they finished it in silence and got up. Rahul left some money on the table and they were soon on the highway back towards Madhavi’s house. The rest of the journey was in silence, as each absorbed the complexity of what lay ahead, and how they would sort this out.

Reaching the bus top, Rahul squeezed Madhavi’s arm, and she turned towards him and gave him a peck on the cheek. She got out, waved to him and turned into the lane. Rahul sighed, as he saw her cute perky bums swaying. He had hoped that they would have some fun this afternoon, but with her periods running and the wake up call, things had turned out differently. Looking at his watch, Rahul decided he was in no mood to go to the office any more. Dialing his manager, he told him that he had delivered the documents package to the customer, and since his car was giving some problem, he wanted the day off to get it fixed. Getting his boss’s consent, he set off towards home, planning to get a beer en route to cool off.

Rahul finished the beer in his car, and chucked the empties in a trash can, en route home and for good measure, peed alongside it. Reaching the apartment block, and parking his car, he made his way to the elevator, feeling more refreshed than when he dropped off Madhavi. Getting out of the elevator, he was home a couple of hours earlier than usual. He wondered whether his wife, Radhika, was at home.

Seeing the door closed, he got the keys out and thought that Radhika was probably at a neighbours place and decided to call her mobile when inside. He opened the door and stepped in. The TV was switched on and was playing a late afternoon game show for ladies.

Sitting down, and taking off his shoes, he noticed the bedroom room door ajar and he was seeing an amazing and astonishing sight.

Two women were completely nude, and oblivious of the entry of Rahul into the house. Radhika was standing being embraced and having her breasts sucked by their neighbour Pramila. Radhika soon knelt down and buried her face in between Pramila’s spread legs and started to use her tongue on her, while Pramila was squeezing her own tits. Radhika stook up and Pramila started on her. One could see the enjoyment on their faces that they were loving it very much. They moved over onto the bead and were soon licking each other in 69 and they were in the throes of a bringing each other to mutual orgasm. Pramila put a double dildo in her cunt and Radhika was pushing it in and out to Pramila’s moans of delight. Pramila had her fingers in Radhika’s choot, and he could see her moist fingers with the dew from his wife’s cunt, as he went closer to the door. He could smell the juices, so powerful was the aroma released women. They were really enjoying with each other, and Rahul was startled by the fact that he had discovered that his wife was a true bi.

She had told him earlier that as college girls they would indulge in lesbian acts with close friends in the hostel rooms. He had dismissed this as her sexual fantasies when they used to indulge in role play during fucking. He realised that this was a fact, and that she must have been indulging in this with Pramila for some time. He now had a raging hard on, and was tempted to enter the room and commence a menage-a-trois, but held back, thinking that he could use the knowledge to best sort of the triangle of his own.

Areey, meri pyari Pramila… meri Radhika, … aaaja, … andar aaja, aa rahi hoo, kaisa lag raha hai, ooooh, aur ghusa andar

Areey, my darling Pramila… my Radhika, … inside please, … come inside, i am coming, how is the feeling, ooooh, more, more, push it in

Having realised that this would be the way out of the triangle, he wanted to grasp the chance with both hands. The only snag would be if Madhavi was unwilling to get into a lesbian arrangement. To the sounds of the two women screaming and screeching, calling each other to get it on harder, he walked back to the sofa.

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