Marcus and Katie Ch. 01

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Katie arrived at the hotel ballroom at seven. They’d agreed to meet at this costume party but hadn’t mentioned what they’d be wearing – a little extra excitement, he’d said. She couldn’t help but agree. After talking online for a few weeks they’d decided to finally meet each other, and bring some of their fantasies to life.

Wandering through the crowd she spotted him. He was talking with a couple but was obviously distracted, his eyes searching the sea of people. He was a little taller than she expected. The sight of him sent an erotic thrill through her. If his touch is half as good as his words, she thought, we’re in for an amazing time.

Marcus has just arrived at the party and was immediately pounced on by a couple he knew from work, the same couple that had convinced him to come here in the first place. At first he’d been disinclined, but after Katie showed interest in meeting here, there was no other place he’d rather be. He knew what she looked like – they’d traded photos after all – but this was a costume party. After a few minutes of scanning the crowd he spotted someone in a slinky cat outfit. The right height, the right hair colour, the right body. It had to be her.

When he looked her way again she was striding towards him. She wore a black mask that covered the top half of her face, and was smiling at him. She handed him an index card that read:

May I have this dance?

He nodded and led her to the dance floor. Since this was an adults-only affair there was a lot of slow dancing, and plenty of couples taking advantage of it.

They’d danced for half an hour, not speaking, communicating only through touches on each other’s’ bodies, when she handed him another card:

Room 328 in ten minutes, Marcus. There’s a key card at the desk.

When he looked up, she was already nearly illegal bahis out the door.

She hurried up to her room, and laid on the bed in what she hoped was a seductive pose. The butterflies she’d been feeling had given way to something more intense and primal. Needful. After a few minutes she heard a key card sliding into the lock, and the door opening.

As he rode in the elevator, he almost couldn’t believe this was happening. All the talks, the teasing, the fantasies, all about the come to a head. Before he knew it he’d arrived at her room and had the door open. He paused, taking a deep breath, and headed in.

He could see the foot of the bed, and a black velvet-clad pair of legs. As he continued, more of her became visible, until he beheld her in all her glory. Still in costume, the suit was taught against her breasts, her nipples erect and straining against the material. She reached behind her and grabbed another note:

You’re a little overdressed, aren’t you?

He grinned, removed his costume, and stood before her in his underwear. He noticed a smile on her face, one he’d been wanting to see in person for a while, and stepped out of his boxers. He approached the bed and looked at her, cocking an eyebrow. What now? he wordlessly asked.

Stretching out, she moved towards him. Kneeling on the bed and looking into his eyes she kissed him, a slow lingering kiss that left them both wanting more. She slowly kissed along his jaw, down his neck, listening to him moan in pleasure. Reaching down she grasped his cock, feeling him grow in her hand. She felt his hands on her back, moving upwards. One gathered a handful of her hair and pulled back, forcing her face upwards. He kissed her again, passionately this time. She could feel how badly he wanted her, and the knowledge made her even illegal bahis siteleri hornier than before.

Marcus pulled her off the bed and she was now standing in front of him. He turned her around, and she responding by grinding her perfect ass into him. Groaning, he reached her shoulders and pulled her upright. Kissing her neck, he moved his hands to the zipper in the back of the costume and slowly lowered it. As the cool air touched her skin he saw goosebumps erupt, and decided that they, too, needed kissing. His lips followed the zipper downward until it stopped just above her tailbone. She took her arms out of the sleeves, and he continued pulling the costume down until she stepped out of it.

Standing, he let his hands wander up her sides as he nibbled her ear. Moving up her chest, he grasped her breasts, letting his fingers lightly brush against her nipples. He could feel the heat of desire emanating from her body, just as she could feel his arousal against her. One hand moved down her torso, and slowly slid under the waistline of her panties. Unable to resist, his middle finger brushed against her clit, eliciting a sharp intake of breath and a moan. She slid her underwear off and spread her legs slightly, giving him better access. Moving in light, slow circles, he built her arousal to greater and greater heights.

The feel of his hands was better than she expected. He knew just how to touch her, and she felt the glow of an orgasm starting to build. Deciding to take control she turned around and faced him, kissing him deeply and pulling him towards the bed. Spinning, she pushed him onto the mattress and kissed down his stomach until she reached his cock. She licked the length and swirled her tongue around the head, hearing him moan in delight. Curling her fingers around him, she began a slow and canlı bahis siteleri steady motion, up and down, mouth following hand. Her tongue massaged him and she could hear his breathing quicken. She reached down and felt her own arousal, surprised at just how wet she was.

Standing, she climbed onto the bed and straddled him, ready to feel him deep within her. He grinned. “Do you really think I’m letting you off that easily?” he asked, and flipped her onto her back. Gasping she felt his mouth on her pussy, his tongue exploring everywhere. He focused on her clit – god it’s even better than his fingers – and she pushed her pelvis against him. His hands played with her nipples, and her world exploded as she orgasmed. He kept up the motion with his tongue, softer this time, letting her enjoy the moment, and she felt a second start to build. She grabbed his hands and pulled him upwards, returning the favour and flipping him on his back.

He couldn’t remember the last time he was this turned on. Watching her straddle him and grasp his member, he felt the intense heat of her pussy against his raging erection. Guiding him into her, his hardness and her tightness fought against each other, finally relenting. They cried out in pleasure as she reached the bottom of his shaft, and she started grinding against him. He saw her eyes roll back in pleasure, and could feel her pussy quivering against him. As she rode him he continued playing with her nipples, eliciting sharp gasps.

She moved quicker now, feeling his beautiful hardness hitting just the right spot. His hands played with her body; he lightly pinched a nipple and she felt herself go over the edge. Cumming hard, she screamed in ecstasy. The sensations were too much for him and she felt him get harder before he came as well, his cock pulsing deep in her.

As they came down from their orgasmic bliss, she laid on top of him. They lightly kissed, smiled, and laughed. “Damn that was good,” she moaned.

Smiling, he wandered his hands to her ass and squeezed. “The night is young,” he replied.

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