More Time with Sgt. Samantha

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Sergeant Samantha is a great woman. Honest, kind, sweet lips, nice figure, and better; she was my lover. That woman could be the softest lover: like a kitten one moment, and then turn into a hungry cougar the next. It was both exciting and scary because she had so much energy coming right at me and it seemed she was insatiable. That first weekend we spent together…there were not enough words to describe the lust and energy we spent on one other. We went at it until that Sunday night when I had to return to the barracks or else we would have continued going at like two rabbits and we had to carry a charade as though nothing had happened.

Guys in my platoon had their wives that troubled them during deployments. There was always the question of fidelity after a year of deployment where communication was sparse, this was before Facebook, and some ended in disaster and others, being single men with a lot of testosterone, were chomping at the bit to screw the first thing that had a vagina or any hole for that matter either in our unit, a neighboring unit, anywhere. The party helped ease some but now that we were back in the states where the booze flowed and more time off it would make things colorful in the barracks to say the least with people running through the corridors, sometimes stark naked, with odd crowns on their heads comprised of toilet paper or a bucket and they hop from room to room; cheering and yelling nonsensically. At first I was alarmed and then angered as I sat in my room and read and played on the computer but eventually they wore themselves out. Unlike them I did not drink or party much thus free time was my own time and I counted the hours until I could see Sergeant Samantha in private again.

I would see her on duty and when I did she was almost the complete opposite with a ramrod straight back, neat hair, firm jaw, spoke clearly and deliberately; a professional soldier. When we happen to meet on duty she was not cold or demeaning to me to try and hide our relationship. She smiled and spoke kindly to me but always referred to me as Private first.

Yes, on duty I was just a private but in her apartment I was “her stallion.” Just thinking about it makes me blush. I was not a hulking man with bulging biceps, a concrete hard six-pack, and glistening skin like the wrestler: the Rock. No, in fact, I was a twig compared to him, but that did not matter. To her, I was her choice and come Monday morning, I was sore all over and drained I would gladly do it all over again for her.

Being back in garrison meant we have more freedoms than being deployed; better food, no worries about IEDs or mortar attacks, warm beds, hot showers, and being able to get into our civilian clothes and enjoy the night life. That first month back guys would come back with all sorts of girls picked up from the off base titty bars, some knew the layout of the base better than we did, but our guys would be sore and regretful the next day waking up to that face they don’t recognize, or there will be those that openly brag about who they had slept with, sometimes they show pictures of them going at it. After a while it grew on you. I put up with it because; aside from this, these were good people. I was deployed with them, trusted them, they watched my back and I watched theirs, but there were times that I just didn’t want them around.

However, what they did not know about me was who I spent my free time with. Samantha was not a hooker or a stripper, but a real woman and being one of the youngest guys in the unit with my first love and I could easily be satisfied looking at her face every morning; listening to her smoky voice in my ear, feeling her firm body in my hands and pressing against mine when we made love, that strawberry-blonde hair that felt like fine sand running through my fingers, all of that I could never tire of. We had sex but we also made love which…*hehe*…was very different, but it was not always sex.

After we first met at the “party” and essentially became lovers, we grew attached to one another. It was difficult, yes, because she being a sergeant and I just a private in the same unit we had to keep it hush-hush, but it was well worth it. When we relax at her place she would like to talk, but she was not a complainer; bitching about being screwed over by S-4 or the banks fouling up their bank accounts, instead, she enjoyed sports; football was her favorite. She loved the Packers even kartal escort bayan though she wasn’t from Green Bay and she had a soft spot for the wrestler The Rock, but Sergeant Samantha also kept a lot inside. I could tell she did especially about her old lover Mike. Just the mention of his name would make her shut down and go quiet. She explained to me the first time they made love, how it was interrupted by Mike’s friend, but what happened to him I did not know and didn’t want to impose asking. Just the way she reacted told me that it was tragic, but she would smile again after a while.

After spending several weekends with her, I honestly feel that it was becoming serious. She expressed the same sentiments and said to me many times that she liked me and that I wasn’t a “fling” or “just a fuck” and she wasn’t that to me either, but what was stopping us from going to the next level was the ‘Regs’ of the military so for right now we had to remain quiet. Once more she even said that she wasn’t going with any other guys since ‘the party’ which I chuckled at because; the first night I met her she blew another man and then had a gangbang and when I pointed that out to her, her cheeks turned beet red.

“I was horny and needed to be loose’ admitting to it rather reluctantly.

That did not matter me now. She was her own woman and I could not stop her from what she wanted to do, but she said several times that I was the only one, that and her other “stallion” her dildo, but if you saw her Samantha was not a busty bimbo supermodel with silky smooth skin, long legs, and a million dollar haircut and 1,000 watt smile. All of that was the use of products and manipulation. Samantha, however was naturally gorgeous. Everything came with what she was blessed with and hard work and with that and her environment she still would be fending off men with a stick everywhere she went.

One day she said, “If you want, you can have a girlfriend, you know, if it makes you comfortable,” but I said that I wouldn’t. I only needed and wanted one woman, but she would tease me, “So,” she would say, “Meet any cute girls lately?”

“Well,” I would say, “I did meet this one girl….”

“Oh?” raising an eyebrow and smiling.

“Yes, she’s in the Army, a real tough woman but deep down…she’s a real wild woman.”

And she would kiss me and prove how right I was.

The more we met the more I learned about and from her. She actually enjoyed watching porn movies, particually ones of three somes with two women and one man and I couldn’t help but blush in response; again refering to the party with that enormously gifted redhead that Samantha actually pinned to the floor to wipe up my spunk. Seeing this Samantha laughed and checked my hip and teased, “If you’re real good; i’ll bring her over. Just the three of us.”

Simply amazing that she would do that for me. She even enjoyed swallow and liked facials more than having cum inside of her. I asked her why and she shrugged saying “It feels a bit…dominating or powerful and I like being dominated now and again.” We would try new things, but nothing extreme like BDSM. Neither of us liked pain much, but we did try handcuffs once and that became a hilarious event when she cuffed me and then said she lost the key. I thought she was joking, but then began tossing the room and I was tied to the bed post.

We also did surprise sex where I would catch her in the shower or washing the dishes. I wouldn’t just rip her pants down and force my cock into her butt would ease up, run my lips up her neck and kiss the flesh, she loved that, and slide my hands under her shirt and rub her stomach. She loved that as well, and in return she would kiss me while I slept, on the lips; I loved that, and whisper things into my ear, but she knew what drove me up the wall was her wearing her uniform. I just couldn’t explain it, but seeing a woman, especially one as gorgeous as Samantha, clad in a uniform, would get my heart racing.

This one Friday we were released from parade, I went to my barracks and changed into my civvies and came out to the parking lot in front of the barracks. It was rapidly emptying as guys would pack up for the weekend and head out to their families or just to get off base, but I had no car, so I would just wait and sure enough her came Sergeant Samantha in her Santa Fe. She would wait in the street next to the lot long enough for me to escort maltepe climb and off we went.

When we reached her place, we didn’t just throw ourselves into the door and fuck like rabbits, though there were times I wish I did, but this time was special. During the drive Samantha said she was having a difficult time with several females in her company. One was pregnant and they had a quarrel that she got knocked up on purpose just to get out on a general discharge and a couple of others were being handfuls because they were 18-19 year olds and believed they knew better than the sergeants. She wanted to smack some sense into them, but she couldn’t that is why she was thankful for it being Friday and that smile came back with a tease on those lips and a flair in those gray eyes as she looked at me.

When we reached her place and went inside she said for me to wait downstairs so she could change. In a couple of minutes she came back down, walked into the middle of the living room where I was sitting on the couch watching tv and snapped to attention.

“Sir! Sergeant Samantha reporting as ordered!” it caught me off guard because looking up from her boots to her head…she was in uniform! It was her desert combat uniform, DCU with tan leather boots and on her head was a desert garrison cap, not a black beret. For a moment I was flustered and stood up and looked her over and realized what she was getting at. Under her blouse was supposed to be a brown t-shirt but there wasn’t this time and she had not buttoned it up completely so it showed some cleavage, but other than that a sharp image with her hair neatly tied up in a bun behind her head, straight back, arms and hands at her side. The deployment changed our bodies. I stayed about the same weight but grew a lot more muscle lifting and walking as did she and looking her over, that fine, well-crafted figure that stood 5’6″ and long , strawberry blonde hair that would fall just below the shoulders and gray eyes and when she stood at attention her natural, perky 36C chest would project out, even without a bra.

Walking around and doing a inspection of her uniform, she took great care in the appearance, but knowing this game I went along the lines and pointed out the fatal flaw, “Sergeant Samantha!” trying to make my voice deep by dropping the tone, “You’re almost out of uniform. Explain yourself.”

Her thin eyebrows would buckle in surprise and bit her lower lip, “Sir, I…I guess I forgot it.”

“You forgot your undershirt? You’re a sergeant. You’re supposed to be an example!” When I said that she snapped back to attention, “Sergeant, you need to un-fuck yourself. This is a no-go. Now, what can we do to fix this cluster fuck?”

Her gray eyes danced around in their socket before she said, “Well, sir, can I make a suggestion that you finish the inspection before you write me up on an Article 15?”

Nodding but still trying to keep a straight face, “Very well.”

It was the same pair of trousers she wore at the party, they were torn in the right spot and when she bent forward the hole widened to show her tight holes and every time I saw them, it made me smile because they were mine. “You like that, sir?” she whispered back.

One hand graced her backside and gently went over her tight holes and felt them and her body quiver, “Very nice, sergeant. Glad to see you took care over yourself more than your uniform.”

Straightening her body back she snapped, “Thank you, sir!”

Moving and standing before her, her chest heaved up and down with each breath. She was trying to draw my attention with them, but kept a straight face as I looked her over once more. They were very appealing. 36C all natural I looked at the open slit and said, “Sergeant, are you trying to seduce me?”

“No, sir!” she snapped, “I would never!”

“Well, then, if you’re not…” slowly I stepped towards her and my left hand reached up, the index finger touching the rim of the “V” in her blouse, “Then, what are you trying to do?”

Her thin lips quivered and she smiled before leaning in and giving a kiss on the lips and I kissed her back. In a flash she threw her arms around me before pushing me against the couch then straddled my lap facing towards me. We continued to kiss, our tongues sliding into each other’s mouths deeper and deeper as we exhaled hard through our noses. She knew how I felt about her uniform and kept it on, pendik escort but ripped off the cap and threw it aside as her hands fell over my shirt and began to pry it off to get at my body. Though not possessing a ripped body my chest and abdomen was hairless allowing her finger tips to feel the firm.

Throwing off my shirt she sank her face into my chest and licked over my nipples and then lightly clenched her teeth down on both of them and pulled a little before releasing. It was painful, but exciting as she giggled and did it again all the while slowly grinding her pelvis onto my lap. It was almost like our first time at the party, except this time we were alone, we could do whatever we wanted and my arms wrapped around her thin waist then dropped to feel her soft backside and just like the first time there was that hole in her trousers where I penetrated her and was wide enough that it uncovered both of her holes. Samantha ran her fingers into my waistband and coached my rod out between us. The more we kissed the more her hands stroked it, very slowly as precum leaked from the tip and flowed over her hands and with her movements lubed my meat. At the same time my own fingers were rubbing over her anus, teasing the rim by running the tip of the finger around and then plunging it inside very slowly, one digit at a time so she could savor the pleasure of being penetrated. Her smoky voice gave her moans became vivacious once I plunged the entire index finger inside her anus and retracted it all the way before plunging it back inside. Reciprocating this momentum increased and she did the same for by stroking my rod.

She was panting for breath, calling my name, addressing me as ‘Sir’ even the more we did this and then she begged for me to pound her pussy. Sliding up a bit and forcing my rod underneath to come out the back the temptress sergeant forced it inside her own busy and once seat began slamming her pelvis down onto me, throwing her head back and grasping the back of my head and pressing it into her half open top where the heat coming from her body was suffocating.

A week of being deprived of one another we were about to burst within the first couple of minutes, but we had the week, thus no need to draw it out. When I was going to climax she could tell by the way my eyes widened but nothing escaped my lips.

“Gonna cum, baby?” she moaned. I nodded.

She stopped and slid to the side and laid upon the couch on her back, “Glaze me” moaning louder as she slid one hand down and sunk two fingers into her snatch, “Glaze me.”

I obeyed.

Rising onto my feet and shuffling to her head the tip of the rod fell onto her lips and she gave a kiss as I resumed stroking. Her left hand rose up and caressed my inner thighs and then reached behind and touched my ass cheeks as I beat off.

“Give it to me. Give it to me…” Samantha was pleading. Looking down at her body, still clad in that tight uniform and fingering herself and that tongue wiping over her lips and those grey eyes looking back I shuddered as my body exploded throwing all the seman saved up this week that poured onto her smooth face. volley upon volley shot out and splattered in thick, white, streaks as they rolled over her face from one cheek to the other all the while I tried to aim as my heart thumped so violently that I struggled for breath. In just a few seconds all that escaped from was a few drops and Samantha lifted her head up, wrapped her pink lips around the fat head, and suck it out. Her touch on the nerves pained me and I moaned and she laughed before flopping back upon the couch and was amazed. I had actually coated her face and her eyes strung as globs began to run down into her eyes from what landed on her forehead. “

That was hot” she complimented cheerfully, “You’ve been saving up for me, my stallion?”

All I could do was nod before sitting back down. There was not enough to lift up my pants as Samantha continued to slowly finger herself as she lapped up all the spunk she could, running fingers over the bridge of the nose, forehead, and chin to wipe it all up and dropping it into her mouth.

“How does it taste?” I asked.

Laughing Samantha replied, “Salty. What did you eat today?”

“Pizza and coke”

“Well, there ya go”

After catching our breaths Samantha sat up and I pulled up my pants and she rested her head upon my shoulder. Even though wiping up the cum I could still smell it but I did not reject her. Instead, her position allowed me to look down that low opened top and I couldn’t resist to saying to her, “Next time, I’m going to cum on your chest.”

Looking back she snickered, “Next time, I’m gonna finger your asshole.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32