Mutual Attraction

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“Two weeks?”

“You’ll be fine, plus Tyler will be here to keep you company.”

Tyler had just walked in on his father and stepmother arguing about something.

“I heard my name,” he said, dropping his keys in the tray by the front door, “I didn’t do it, unless it was something really awesome, then I did it, and I’ll do it again.”

Richard laughed and shook his head at his son, Kimber’s expression didn’t change much, she was still glaring at her husband.

“Glad you’re here, son,” Richard said, “Maybe you can save me from the wrath of your mother.”

“What’s going on?” Tyler asked.

“Your father is leaving us alone for two weeks!” Kimber stated.

“I’ve got to go out of town on business.” Richard said. “You remember my friend Martin, right?”

Tyler had to think for a minute. “I think so, the weird sweaty guy with the ponytail who acts like he’s had too much caffeine?”

Richard laughed, “That would be him.”

Richard had been running a rather successful nightclub business on the East coast, with hopes of expanding to the West coast as well, and his chance had finally come. His longtime friend Martin was willing to help fund the West coast expansion, and had found a few possible locations, and Richard wanted to see them for himself. That of course, required him to fly across the country.

“Well, if you gotta go, you gotta go dad.” He turned to Kimber, “We’ll be fine.”

Truth was, Tyler would kill to be alone with his gorgeous stepmother. Ever since she and his father had gotten together a couple of years ago he’d gotten lost in thought dozens of times with sexual fantasies about her.

“I still don’t like it.” Kimber said, “But I guess it won’t be so bad if I have Tyler around to keep me company. Plus this will give us time to bond.”

Despite the fact that Tyler was nearly a foot taller than her she reached over and ruffled the 21 year old’s hair.

“Kimber…” he mumbled, blushing and pushing her hand away. “So when are you leaving dad?”

“Friday.” Richard said, “Although I have a feeling I may be sleeping on the couch for the next couple of days.”

Friday came, and Kimber and Tyler drove Richard to the airport and went as far as they could with him until he got to the security checkpoint. Kimber seemed a little more forgiving.

“I’m sorry I’ve been such a bitch these last couple of days, it’s just that this will be the first time we’ll have been apart for this long. I’ve just gotten used to having you around.” she said before giving him a kiss.

“You’ll be fine honey, I’ll call you when I get there, and if it makes you feel better I’ll check in every day.”

“Every other day.” she joked.

“Take good care of her son.” Richard said to Tyler.

“Don’t worry dad, we’ll be fine.” Tyler said, giving his father a hug. Richard got in line for the security checkpoint and Tyler and Kimber left the airport. For a few minutes they drove in silence, Tyler taking a few minutes to answer texts from his friends.

Kimber turned up the radio, “God this makes me feel old. This song came out when I was in high school, and now it’s considered classic rock.”

“You’re not old, Kimber.” Tyler said, “My old man, now he’s old.”

“I’m only five years younger than your father, you know.”

“Yeah, but you don’t look it.” Tyler said. “You look like you’re my age. You certainly don’t look like you’re old enough to be my mother.”

Kimber blushed a bit, “Thanks sweetie.” She said, “Speaking of which, I know I’m just your stepmother but are you ever gonna call me mom?”

Tyler sighed, “Did my dad ever tell you why he divorced my mother?”

“Yeah, he told me all about it.”

Tyler was the reason. His mother, Maria didn’t want kids, ever. So needless to say she wasn’t happy when she found out she was pregnant. She didn’t want to get an abortion either, so Tyler came along, and while Richard was overjoyed, she was not.

They argued constantly. Richard was complaining about having to do the majority of taking care of Tyler. Maria’s counter argument was that he was the one who wanted him, not her. They got divorced when he was barely two years old after just four years of marriage. She didn’t even fight for custody of Tyler. They talked mostly through their lawyers during the divorce, and a handful of times after it was final, but that was it. They hadn’t spoken since Tyler was five. Tyler didn’t even remember her, so it didn’t bother him that much. Richard’s parents and close friends, who Tyler considered his honorary “aunts” and “uncles” all helped Richard take care of the rambunctious ball of energy that was young Tyler. Kimber had met all of Richards’ friends when they started dating, and they had all attended their wedding.

Kimber had met Richard when Tyler was 19, through a friend of a friend. The two hit it off almost instantly and were married a year later. Kimber wasn’t able to have kids, but always wanted them. She jokingly referred to Tyler as her “son, no assembly required”. But he had yet to call her ucuz escort mom.

“Then you know why I haven’t said it yet. I never had a mother, or any strong female presence in my life. Sure there was my grandmother and my various “aunts”, but no permanent female presence.” Tyler said, “I’ve never had anyone to call mom, so it feels kinda weird to say it now.”

They continued the drive back home making small talk, getting off the topic of Tyler’s mother.

Kimber dearly loved her husband, but the truth was, Kimber felt the same way about Tyler that he felt about her. She couldn’t explain it, but there was just something about him that got her excited. She’d caught him sneaking glances at her, and went out of her way to make sure he got an eyeful. She intentionally wore a lot of clothes that would accentuate her curves, or loose fitting tops that, when she moved the right way would give Tyler a glimpse of skin, and bought skimpy bikinis that left little to the imagination. She claimed they were for Richard, but in truth they were for both him and Tyler. More than once she found herself thinking less than motherly thoughts about her stepson.

Now she was alone with Tyler for two weeks and the thought got her wet. As soon as they got back home she put a plan in motion to see if he was just as willing as she was to have some fun. There was still plenty of time to get in some sun so she slipped into one of her skimpy bikinis before admiring herself in the mirror. “Not bad for 45,” she said to herself. Kimber had been a fitness instructor when she was younger and had kept up her training, so she still had the body of a woman 20 years her junior. She grabbed a towel, sunblock and a trashy romance novel and headed out to the pool.

Tyler had been planning to call some of his friends and go hang out, until he saw Kimber making her way out to the pool as his room faced the backyard. He watched almost entranced as she laid out her towel on the chaise lounge and started rubbing the sunblock on her tight, sexy body. He felt the blood rush to his cock as he watched.

He then forgot all about his plans and changed into his swim trunks and headed out to the pool himself.

“She shoots, she scores.” Kimber said to herself as she saw Tyler emerge from the house. She had always admired his physique, as he kept himself in shape since he was on the wrestling team in both high school (leading them to two state championships) and college (having just led them to their first state championship in three years).

She kept her shades up pretending to read her novel, but was instead intently watching her stepson as he dove into the pool and did a few laps. Finally Kimber decided to make her move.



“Could you come rub some sunblock on my back? Normally I’d ask your dad, but he’s not here.” she said.

“Uh, sure, gimmie a sec.” he said, getting out of the pool and toweling off some.

She rolled over onto her stomach and grabbed the sunblock, tossing it to him as he walked over. He barely caught it, as his eyes were fixed on the smooth curves of her body. Instead of sitting on the edge of the lounger he decided to be bold and straddled her legs and started rubbing the lotion into her back.

“Hold on…” she said, reaching behind her and untying the bikini top, “I don’t like tan lines.”

The cold water had helped control the bulge in his shorts, but the sight of Kimber’s bare back got him hard again. He rubbed some more sunblock on her back, massaging it in just as an excuse to keep his hands on her.

“Mmm… that feels good.” she sighed. “You know, if you decide not to follow in your father’s footsteps in the nightclub business, you should become a masseuse.”

Richard had promised Tyler that he would start teaching him the ropes of the nightclub business, and let him work at the club, but only once he’d reached legal drinking age.

“You think so?” he asked, being a bit more daring and running his hand along her sides, brushing the sides of her breasts with the tips of his fingers.

“Definitely.” she said.

She arched her back a bit, bringing her ass up until it made contact with Tyler’s groin. She started wiggling back and forth, making Tyler realize she felt the same way about him as he did about her. He got bolder and blatantly rubbed the sides of her tits as he ground his hard cock into her smooth, firm ass cheeks.

Finally Kimber rolled over onto her back, smiling up at Tyler. His eyes went wide as he finally saw his stepmother’s tits for the first time up close and without anything covering them. He reached down and gently squeezed them.

“What do you say we go inside?” she said.

“That sounds like a good idea.” he agreed.

They got up, Kimber grabbing her top in one hand, and Tyler’s hand in the other and led him back into the house. They headed upstairs to the master bedroom, which unlike Tyler’s room had a connected bathroom.

“Before we do anything, I want to wash this sunblock off. I don’t ümraniye escort want to get it all over the bed.” Kimber said, and before Tyler could react she pulled off the bottoms and kicked them off to the side fully exposing herself to her stepson’s hungry eyes.

“You like?” she said turning around for him to admire.

“Even better than I imagined.” he said, pulling down his swim trunks and showing her how much he liked the sight.

“Ooh, like father like son I see.” she said, smiling as his erect cock sprang into view.

She headed into the bathroom and got the shower running with Tyler right behind her. As soon as the water was warm enough they both stepped in, and Tyler took the opportunity to pull his stepmother into his arms and plant a deep kiss on her. Kimber returned the kiss, their tongues intertwining as they wrapped their arms around each other.

Kimber broke the kiss long enough to grab the body wash and Tyler took the moment to pinch himself. Ow. Yep, this was really happening.

Kimber squirted some body wash into her hands and started soaping up Tyler’s chest, he responded in kind, making sure to pay extra attention to her tits. She moaned as he lightly pinched her nipples. She turned in his arms and pushed her ass up against his cock.

“I can’t wait to feel you inside me.” she moaned.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this.” he whispered in her ear, before moving his head to nibble on her neck.

“Probably about as long as I have.” she said, “Do you remember what I said when your dad first introduced us?”

“Something about how attractive I was.”

“Well actually I said handsome, but what I wanted to say was fucking hot, because Tyler, there is something about you… I can’t explain it, but you are just… you make me so wet.”

Tyler moved his hands between Kimber’s legs and gently rubbed her clit. “And I think you can feel what you do to me.” He said rubbing his cock on her ass.

“Let’s get out of this shower, and see what else we can do to each other.”

Tyler reluctantly released Kimber long enough for them to get out of the shower and dry off. She took his hand and led him to the bed and motioned for him to lay down.

“Let mommy take care of that cock for you.” she purred as she crawled between his legs and grabbed his throbbing cock. Keeping her eyes locked on his she licked the length of his shaft from his balls to the head, before swirling her tongue around the head. Tyler propped the pillows up behind his head to get a better view as Kimber swallowed as much of his cock as she could, which was the whole thing.

When she came up for air she smiled at him again. “Oh, by the way, no gag reflex.”

She went down on him again, giving him, without question the best blowjob he’d ever had in his life. Even his longtime girlfriend MJ didn’t give head this good. He moaned in pleasure as Kimber continued to deep throat his cock, slowly at first, but picking up the pace as the two of them got lost in the moment. Tyler eventually reached down and gently pulled her off.

“Whoah, slow down. I’m not ready to cum yet. I want… no I NEED to fuck you. Right now.”

He pulled her up his body and kissed her as he rolled her over onto her back.

“Mmm, I like it when you take charge.” she sighed when they broke the kiss.

“You ready mom?” he said.

“So all it took to get you to call me mom was getting you in bed? I should have done this sooner!” she joked, “Yeah, I’m ready, fuck me honey. Show me what you can do with that magnificent cock of yours.”

Tyler’s hips thrust forward and they both moaned as he penetrated all the way into the warm depths of her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh my fucking god, that feels so fucking good!” she said when he was all the way in. “Fuck me Tyler, fuck your mother good and hard.”

“Goddamn you feel good,” he said before he started pumping in and out of her. Like she had with the blowjob she had given him earlier, he started off slowly and picked up the pace until he was slamming in and out of her, the sound of flesh slapping flesh echoing off the walls, combined with their moans and the squeaking of the bed springs under their sweat covered bodies.

Their athletic backgrounds paid off as they fucked hard for several minutes before Kimber’s body started to quiver with orgasmic pleasure.

“Oh fuck, Tyler,” she moaned, “That’s it… just a little more… I’m cumming! Fuck! Fuck! YES!”

The rest of what came out of her mouth was a wordless scream of pleasure as she came, wrapping her arms and legs around her stepson’s body. Tyler to his credit, kept pumping his cock in and out of her as she came. He did slow the pace a little as she tried to catch her breath once her orgasm passed.

“Holy shit,” she gasped. “I hate to say this, but you’re better than your father.”

“God, dad would kill us if he ever found out about this.” Tyler said.

“Well, I’m not gonna tell him, are you?”

“Hell no, as long as we can üniversiteli öğrenci escort keep doing this.” he said.

“Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. We’ve got two weeks to ourselves, let’s just enjoy that. Now get back to work mister.” she said, smiling up at him.

“Yes ma’am.” he said smiling back as Kimber threw her legs over his shoulders.

“I love these long legs of yours.” he said as he slid his cock back inside her and started slowly fucking her.

Tyler pounded his cock in and out of his stepmother’s soaking wet pussy again, as they looked deep into each other’s eyes.

“Don’t you fucking hold back on me, young man.” she gasped. “I want to feel that hot, sticky cum of yours inside me. Cum in mommy’s cunt.”

Her deep green eyes locked on his combined with her dirty talk, and the smells and sound of sex in the room pushed him over the edge and he hit the point of no return.

“Oh fuck, mom… I’m gonna…” he grunted unintelligibly “Fuck! I’m cumming!”

Kimber felt his cock throb inside her as he fired off, one, two, three, four jets of cum deep inside her. Tyler’s body shuddered as he fired off two more weaker jets inside her before slowly pulling out and collapsing in a sweaty heap next to her.

“I’ve had wrestling matches that didn’t take that much out of me.” he mumbled into the pillow.

She giggled, making her tits jiggle, “I know what you mean. That was the best workout I’ve ever had.”

He drank in the sight of her sweaty body next to him as he tried to catch his breath. He rolled over onto his back as she propped herself up on an elbow to admire him as well. She trailed a fingernail down his chest towards his still rock hard dick.

“Still hard I see.” she said. “Most men usually lose it after their first orgasm.”

“Most men aren’t fucking the hottest woman on the planet.” Tyler said, making Kimber blush.

“So then does that mean you have more for me?” she asked.

“Good god woman, you are insatiable!”

“Huh, I thought your wrestling training would give you better endurance. Guess I was wrong.”

Tyler raised an eyebrow, “Are you trying to appeal to my ego?”

“Maybe,” Kimber said, giving him a sly smile. “Is it working?”

She yelped in surprise and pleasure when Tyler suddenly rolled over pinning her underneath him. “Maybe.”

She made a token effort to try and get from underneath him, but she liked where she was just fine.

“You know what I’ve always dreamed of?” Tyler asked.

“What honey?”

He moved up her body and slapped his cock down between her tits.

“This.” he said.

“You wanna titty fuck me sweetie?” she cooed, pushing her breasts together around his cock. “Is that it? You wanna rub that huge cock of yours between your stepmother’s heaving tits?”

Tyler grabbed the headboard to steady himself and started sliding his cock back and forth between Kimber’s tits. Every now and then she would either stick her tongue out and lick the head, or grab him and suck his cock all the way into her mouth before placing it back in the valley between her tits and enjoying the feel of her stepson’s cock sliding between her tits.

They never broke eye contact and were wordlessly groaning in shared passion before Tyler felt a familiar tingling in his balls.

“Oh fuck, mom…” he groaned, “I’m gonna cum again.”

“Give it to me baby.” she purred, “Let me taste my son’s sweet cum. Cum in my mouth honey.”

Tyler pulled his cock free and stroked himself the rest of the way to the finish line, but Kimber had other ideas and tried to grab his cock and suck it deep into her throat. But he erupted in a wordless groan of pleasure before she could get his cock in her mouth. The first jet of cum flew from his cock into her mouth, which she eagerly swallowed. The next two landed on her chin and neck, a final less intense jet dribbled on his hand and down on to her tits. She scooped up the cum with her fingers and seductively put them in her mouth to lick them clean.

“Mmm… you taste good.” she said. “But you made a mess.”

“Okay, now I’m tired.” Tyler said, getting off of her and collapsing on his back.

Kimber got out of bed and headed to the bathroom to get a towel to make sure she got all of Tyler’s cum off her face and chest. As she returned to clean him up, she found out in the two minutes she had been in the bathroom he had fallen asleep.

“Well, there’s one way you’re just like every other man.” she mumbled. She gently cleaned off his cock before snuggling in bed beside him.

A few hours later they were both woken up by the sound of Kimber’s cell phone going ringing. It was Richard. She sat up on the edge of bed to grab the phone off the nightstand.

“Hi honey.” she said, motioning for Tyler to be quiet as she put the call on speakerphone.

“Hey babe, how is everything?” he asked.

“Oh, it’s all gone to hell in the four hours you’ve been gone. The zombie apocalypse has started, we’re barricaded inside the house, we’re all out of milk and there’s nothing good on TV.” she joked. “Everything is just fine, honey. How was your flight?”

“Uneventful, which is good. I got a bit of jet lag, but I’m okay. Martin is taking me to his place to get some rest before we go check out the possible locations for the club. How’s Tyler?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32