My Adventures in Pleasure Ch. 10

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This is the continuation of the time my cousin Jyothi brought her mother Sarvani over to stay at my little one-room studio for a week! By Wednesday afternoon, I had ended up in a situation where I had managed to make passionate love to both of them at the same time, on the same bed! The fact that I had had Jyothi, and that her mother guessed it, did help, I guess.

Sarvani told me I was lucky to sleep with a mother and daughter at the same time, as we lay on the bed, exhausted, with my arms around both of them! At least, it seems I was the only one exhausted – Sarvani had rock hard nipples, and began slowly rubbing her thigh on mine, and Jyothi began doing the same thing on my right. I said I was still tired, and that they would have to please each other for the moment. Jyothi then rolled over me, and on to her mother, where they started kissing each other, while hugging and fondling. I did realize that this was obviously not the first time they had done it together (and Jyothi confirmed it later), seeing the easy, knowing way they went about it. Jyothi settled herself between her mom’s spread legs, and raised herself on her arms, so that her breasts were hanging down, just barely brushing Sarvani’s protruding nipples with her own. She began alternately swinging her breasts forward and back, and from left to right, just making contact with nipples only! This got Sarvani all fired up, and she was kneading Jyothi’s plump buttocks, moaning “do it, do it”! Jyothi then settled herself and started moving her hips back and forth, rubbing her smooth shaven pussy on Sarvani’s trimmed one.

As I lay on my side an watched them, I could not imagine a more erotic sight – two beautiful, well endowed women pleasuring each other in this way! Sarvani spread her legs, wrapping her ankles behind Jyothi’s knees, and slightly spreading her daughter’s thighs too! This increased the contact of their pussies even more, and Jyothi fell on Sarvani’s chest, while continuing to hump her. Because both women were plump, the contact did not seem sufficient. Jyothi sat up, and pulling Sarvani slightly to her side, lifted her left leg and set herself zeytinburnu escort in between. This way, they ended up with their legs crossing each other at the hip, like two pairs of scissors.

Holding her mom’s left leg raised, Jyothi pushed herself in, so their pussies were now spread and rubbing real close. Jyothi was sitting up, and really moving, and I could hear a smack of soft flesh each time the cunts met. I sat up next to them, and got my hands on one breast of each woman, pulling the nipples, playing with them. Sarvani reached for my semi-hard dick, and gripped it hard, pilling it in tune with Jyothi’s movement. Watching Sarvani’s huge breasts wobble on her chest, while Jyothi’s were swinging, with each stroke, got me hard again. I leaned down, and took one of Sarvani’s nipples in my mouth, sucking on it. This got her over the edge, and she began to moan that she was Cumming. Jyothi started a soft scream, and they came together, their hips jerking more violently, till, with one last thrust, Jyothi froze, then collapsed on her mother. The smell of pussy juice was strong in the little room, as it glistened on their spread thighs. I slowly started licking their thighs alternately, relishing the taste of a heavenly cocktail of mother and daughter’s pussy juices.

After lying in a heap for a while, and realizing it was getting dark outside, we three got into the shower, taking our time to soap and rinse off each other completely. We dried ourselves, and when Sarvani picked up a nightie to wear, I suggested we could all stay nude, as it was a warm evening. Though they blushed, both women agreed, and it was a treat to see two plump women, with big breasts, and hard nipples, walking around naked. I did not stay soft for long, as we kept brushing up against each other in the small place.

I asked how often and for how long they had pleasured each other, and Jyothi said since her unfortunate divorce. While she did not go into details, I understood that it had started when they comforted each other at that time. They would then satisfy each other whenever they met, though Jyothi’s aksaray escort other sisters did not know anything.

We made a simple dinner, and I opened a bottle of merlot that we shared from one glass, sipping alternately. Jyothi took a sip and kissed me, sharing the wine, and I did that with her mom, who in turn shared with Jyothi, slowly heating up the atmosphere! We finished dinner, and continued with the wine, chatting about life. When the topic of the future came up, we began to discuss it. Since I was on a comfortable job, Jyothi would work out a way of taking up a job in Texas, so we could all stay together, though we did not discuss making the situation formal – like getting married, though that would be the best way in the end.

The thought that I would have two hot women as a permanent part of my home made me horny, and my dick stood out! Sarvani noticed, and gave me a knowing look, slowly sliding her palm on my thigh, barely brushing her fingertips on my balls.

She commented that I had been the first man after her husband, and thanked Jyothi for sharing me with her. At this, Jyothi leaned over me and kissed her mom, saying that was the least she could do for her.

Conversation stopped as their kiss grew more passionate, and Jyothi climbed over me, and sat on her mother’s lap, without breaking the kiss! With her legs spread on either side of her mom’s thighs, and their huge breasts squashed together, they kept kissing. Sarvani had her hands on either side of Jyothi’s head, while Jyothi had her arms around her mom, holding on tight.

Sarvani pulled up Jyothi to a kneeling position, so she could reach her daughter’s breasts with her mouth, and began to slowly lick them. As she began to suck on the hard nipples alternately, I got down to the floor, and started to lick Sarvani’s thighs. She spread them and moved forward on the seat, so I could get better access, and exposing her dripping pussy more. As I licked closer to it, the top of my head kept bumping Jyothi’s soft butt, so I licked and nipped it too, making her moan and push her pussy against her mom’s chest. When ataköy escort I looked up, I saw Sarvani hold her right breast and rub the hard nipple against her daughter’s now dripping pussy! As she kept sawing her hardened nipple and breast against her daughter’s pussy, Jyothi moaned and I almost forgot what I was supposed to be doing! I could see the glistening juices spread on the mother’s belly and breast, as Jyothi held on to the back of the sofa and wall, raising herself further. As she got to the right height, Sarvani gripped Jyothi’s buttocks in both her hands, and pulled her close, burying her mouth in the waiting pussy. Jyothi began to moan and push herself against her mom’s face, and I got back to the task at hand (or, in this case, mouth!), running my tongue in long strokes against Sarvani’s wet pussy. She slid down further, till her butt was on the edge of the sofa, and she pulled down Jyothi with her to maintain contact. Kneeling down further, I pulled Sarvani’s heavy thighs over my shoulders, and began sucking on her pussy in earnest. She began to buck against my face and I heard moans almost in stereo, as both mother and daughter were getting more excited. I buried myself into that wonderful pussy, holding on against the bucking of Sarvani’s hips.

As I started poking my tongue into Sarvani’s pussy, and licking her clit at each upward stroke, I could hear her growl, muffled as it was against Jyothi’s pussy. Suddenly, Sarvani grabbed my head and pulled me up, then grabbed my rock hard dick, directing it to her pussy. I took the hint, and raised myself up, so I could enter her. She wrapped her thighs around my waist and pulled me into her in one strong thrust. I was now against Jyothi’s back, so I reached around and held on to her soft breasts, pinching her hard nipples as she turned her head, so we could kiss. The three way love making did not last though, as both women began to spasm, and with Sarvani milking my dick with her vaginal muscles, we all three came almost simultaneously, collapsing on the sofa in a heap.

The exercise was too much, and we tottered on to the bed, collapsing together, naked, sweaty, and covered in a blend of pussy juice and semen, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The situation is continuing, with a few twists, which I will write in future submissions, when I get a few moments to actually sit at the computer, and will also appreciate feedback, preferably constructive!

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