My Family’s Awakening Ch. 01

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I sat bolt upright as the whole house seemed to shake as the front door was slammed shut. I’d been in on my own watching TV all evening. Dad was away on business for another four or five days, and Mum had taken the opportunity to visit her sister for a few days. My twin sister, Annie, was out with her boyfriend, Jake – or she had been until a few moments ago.

As I sat up, I heard Annie running upstairs. I heard her bedroom door being slammed, before Annie threw herself onto her bed. The stillness of the house was then broken by the loud sobs that were racking her body.

“More boy trouble,” I thought automatically.

As I listened to her, I thought about my sister. In her nineteen years, Annie seemed to have had more than her fair share of trouble with boyfriends, although I had thought that Jake seemed to be decent enough. Perhaps I was wrong.

Annie is different to me. She always seemed to be looking for “the one”, the boy who would sweep her off her feet, the one she could fall in love with. I think that this had led to so much heartache for her. Me? I’m more the “love them and leave them” type – or so I thought. Deep down, I knew that I wanted the same as Annie – but I just wanted some fun first.

After fifteen minutes or so, Annie’s sobbing hadn’t got any quieter – if anything, it was getting louder. I decided to go up to her. We had always been pretty close, and talked about most things, so perhaps I could help.

I tapped gently on her bedroom door. There was no answer, but I could still hear Annie, so I went in. She was lying on the bed, her face buried in her arms. I went across to her, stopping at the side of the bed.

“Annie,” I spoke softly, “Are you okay Sweetheart?” I leant over and gently rubbed her arm as I spoke.

She looked up. Her normally beautiful face was blotchy, her cheeks tear stained, her eyes red. She reached out to me. I sat down on the edge of the bed, taking her into my arms. As she held me tight, I was acutely aware of her warm body against me. She buried her head in my chest, her tears quickly wetting the front of my tee shirt. I stroked her hair and back, trying to calm her down, to soothe her.

I gently kissed the top of her head, relieved that at last she seemed calmer, her sobs subsiding. She seemed totally unaware of how tight she was holding me, but I could feel her finger nails digging into me. And her breasts hard against me. As I continued to stroke her back, I thought how smooth she felt. And then realised somewhat guiltily that she didn’t have a bra on. This, and the warmth of her body, and of her breasts against me, was starting to have an effect on me.

I cursed under my breath as I felt my cock starting to react to her closeness, to her warmth, to her body. I wriggled a little to get more comfortable, to try and hide what was happening, but Annie clung onto me. I tried to relax, to think how I could help Annie, rather than anything else.

Annie was quiet now, only the sound of her laboured breathing filling the room. I gave her a few minutes to calm down a bit more before asking again if she was okay. It seemed a stupid question, but I didn’t really know what else to say. There was no answer.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked.

Still no reply.

“Is it Jake?”

That brought a reaction – Annie started sobbing again, her nails digging into me as she clung onto me more tightly than ever. In a way, I wasn’t really surprised – but I was by what came next.

I asked her if there was anything I could do to help. Annie stopped crying, and wiped her face on her sleeve. She half looked up at me, her face partially hidden by her arm. She had a strange look on her face, as if she was making her mind up about something, or couldn’t quite decide what to say.

“What is it?” I asked.

She started to speak, but then stopped. Her voice was muffled by her arm, so I couldn’t really make out what she was saying. I waited, now sensing that she would tell me what was up in her own time. And then it all came tumbling out. And as I sat listening, with Annie in my arms, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

The problem was Jake. No, that was a little unfair. The problem, if that’s the right word to use, was really Annie. It seemed that Annie was scared of making a fool of herself. Jake and she were really close, and their relationship was developing as you might expect. But Annie was scared to take matters further.

”I want to,” she sobbed, “I love his hands on me, his lips on me. But I don’t know what to do next. I’m still a virgin.”

I stared down at her. Her eyes were wide open, looking up at me. I hadn’t thought about things like that really. I suppose I’d always assumed that Annie was having some fun, the same as I was. Not as much perhaps, but still some. She looked down again.

“And I’ve never touched a man before,” she whispered, clinging to me, sobbing again.

I didn’t speak. I didn’t really know what to say.

“I want to,” she told me, otele gelen escort “With Jake. I love him, but I’m scared. I’m scared of what he’ll think, that I’ll do it all wrong, that I won’t know what to do.”

All this came tumbling out in one breathless, jumbled mass of words. She stared up at me again, and then looked away as her face reddened.

“Speak to him,” I told her, thinking that he’d probably be thrilled at the thought of starting afresh with Annie. After all, my sister was a very sexy young lady.

At that thought, I became conscious again of Annie’s warm body against me, of her breasts, of her head now resting in my lap. My cock stretched, beginning to harden, but Annie didn’t seem to have noticed. I tried to move slightly, but Annie held me tight. She looked up at me again, her face so beautiful despite her tears. She had that odd look on her face again, as if she wanted to say something but couldn’t. She mumbled something, looking back down. And then she looked up again.

“Help me,” she whispered.

I looked at her, puzzled to say the least.

“You know I’ll do anything for you, Sweetheart,” I told her, “But how can I help you with this one?”

“Show me,” she whispered, her voice shaky.

“Teach me,” she added, more loudly, more confidently.

She reached up towards me, her face close to mine. I looked past her head, mesmerised as I watched her small hand, with her red painted fingers nails, reaching on to my thigh. I felt numb as I she tentatively squeezed my thigh gently, before sliding her shaking hand across my cock.

She reached up further, leaning towards me to kiss me, her face pale. I instinctively dipped my head to meet her lips, my cock, my body inflamed by my beautiful twin sister.

“Help me,” she whispered again, her lips almost touching mine, her still shaking hand resting in my lap, her face still pale.

As our lips touched, I felt her kiss me, her tongue flicking at my lips. I relaxed against her, our bodies pressing together, her breasts pressing against me, her nipples hard, her hand pushing down into my lap. I groaned as I kissed her back, as I felt her hand on my cock again.

And then I came to my senses, my head jerking back away from her, my hands automatically pushing her away from me..

What was Annie asking? What was she suggesting?

I stood up so quickly, she almost fell off the bed. I stared down at her before rushing out of the room, the sound of the sobs that were racking her body again echoing around as her cry of “Mar-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-k” followed me down the stairs.

My mind was in turmoil. What on earth was Annie thinking? My brain felt numb, my heart was thumping in my chest – but my cock was painfully hard in my trousers. Slowly, my thoughts became clearer. I could still hear Annie sobbing upstairs. I cursed myself. I shouldn’t have panicked and rushed out like that. I should have stayed and talked to her. After all, she couldn’t have been serious, could she? She was just upset surely.

After ten or fifteen minutes it was all quiet again. I started to go back upstairs to see her, but hesitated, still not quite sure what to say, what to do. I knew that I needed to make sure that she was okay. I walked back upstairs slowly, listening out for Annie. Her bedroom door was still open a little. I pushed it open a few more inches and popped my head around to speak to her. My mouth dropped open at the view that greeted me.

Annie, my beautiful twin sister, was naked.

She was bent over the bed, her back to me, her perfect heart shaped ass pointing at me. Her cheeks looked firm, and were tanned a soft brown colour apart from a thin white band were she had worn a thong to sunbathe. Her legs looked long, slender and beautifully shaped. I could make out the soft swell of her hips, and how they tapered into her narrow waist and back.

My mouth was dry as I glanced across at the mirrored doors of Annie’s wardrobes. As she leant forward, her wonderfully firm breasts swung forward. As they hung down, I could see that her pointy nipples were dark and erect.

I gasped as she moved. She had slowly straightened one leg, rocking her hip to one side. Her cheeks had parted, offering me a glimpse of her tiny puckered bum, and of the sparse, coppery coloured hair further down that barely covered her moist lips, and the promise held by her pink, wet pussy.

I knew that she had heard me, and as I flicked my eyes back to the mirror I saw her expressionless face looking at me. Her face may have seemed blank, but her eyes were bright and her lips moist. My face reddened. I suddenly felt angry and embarrassed. I stepped back from her doorway and onto the landing at the top of the stairs.

My heart was pounding again, visions of Annie, of her beautiful body, of her sexy body, filling my mind. In a way, her nudity had seemed so innocent at first, but then so provocative, so sexy – and so deliberate.

Without realising it, I pendik escort was naked, my clothes in a pile at my feet, my mind made up. I stroked my cock, looking down as I did so. I was stunned. I couldn’t believe how hard I was. My balls were aching, my cock longer, thicker, harder than I’d ever been before. I turned, my cock bouncing in front of me, and stepped back towards Annie’s bedroom door. I pushed the door open, and stepped inside.

Annie was stood facing the door, her naked body glowing softly in the light. In the seconds it took her to cross the room and fall into my arms, my eyes unashamedly ran over her nakedness, taking in her full, firm breasts, her swollen nipples, her flat tummy, her smudge of pubic hair.

My cock seemed to get in the way as I held her to me. At first our lips were crushed together, our kisses hopelessly frantic. But then we kissed more tentatively, her lips moist and warm, our tongues shy at first but then more eager, more probing. Her naked breasts pressed into my chest, their warmth flooding through me. Our lips parted reluctantly as we gasped for breath.

“Are you sure?” I whispered, fearful that this was all a dream.

Annie didn’t say a word, but took me by the hand and led me out of the room. She didn’t comment on my clothes strewn all over the floor outside her door, but led me to my room, with its big double bed.

She dropped my hand and crossed to the bed. She climbed across the bed, showing me her delightful ass again, and giving me a delectable glimpse of her pussy before rolling onto her back. She lay with her arms stretched out above her head, her face framed by her mass of copper coloured hair, her body open to me. She looked perfect as she held out her arms to me.

“Yes, I’m sure,” she told me, her voice no more than a husky whisper.

I joined her on the bed, lying beside her, leaning over to kiss her, my hand reaching out to caress her breast, my fingers playing lightly across her taut nipple. I kissed her mouth softly, my tongue flicking across her lips before probing her mouth gently, feeling her teeth against my tongue, feeling her tongue slipping and sliding alongside mine.

I kissed down her neck, licking her, sucking her, easing my way slowly downwards. I kissed her throat, my tongue swirling around the hollow there before my lips moved towards the deep valley between her breasts. I kissed her breast, and then her nipple. She jumped under me and sighed as my tongue caressed her hard nipple, as I sucked gently on her rubbery flesh. My tongue swirled around her nipple, around her smooth aureole as I tasted her, teased her.

My cock was pressed hard against her thigh, my hand stroking lightly down her belly towards her pussy. I pressed down on her pubic mound, the palm of my hand flat against her, her heat rising up to meet me. Annie reached her arm around me, pulling me towards her, wanting me on top of her. I felt her need, her urgency. I released her hard nipple from my mouth, leaving wet trails on her body. I moved to cover her, my cock hanging down heavily against her smooth tummy as I straddled her.

My cock dragged across her hot flesh as I moved to kneel between her legs, my hands each side of her shoulders, my arms straight. I could feel her heat, her wetness, her lust, as my cock head pressed down against her pussy. She reached up to me, pulling me to her. Her pussy was wet, very wet, around me as I entered her slowly, our bodies moving as one as my cock head spread her pussy lips wide as they stretched around me.

I felt her tense, and heard her gasp, as I entered her virgin body. She froze, suddenly unsure. And then her arms were around me tighter, pulling me to her, her hips pushing up to meet me.

”Quickly,” she gasped.

I gently pushed down and forwards with my hips. Her pussy opened up to me, and I slid easily into my sister’s hot, wanton body. Her pussy stretched to accommodate my throbbing cock. Annie seemed to mould herself around every ridge, every contour, of my long, stiff cock. In seconds, I was buried deep inside her, my balls nestling against her ass, my coarse pubic hair rubbing against her soft, downy bush.

I watched her in amazement as she came almost straightaway, as I held myself deep inside her, as an almost gentle orgasm rippled through her. She gasped as her pussy clung onto my cock, squeezing me as her wetness wrapped itself around me, thrills of pleasure running through her.

As her body relaxed she spoke again.

“Now fuck me,” she demanded, the coarseness of her words suddenly right.

I eased out of her, watching the puzzlement, the annoyance, on her face. I felt her juices escaping from her, running onto my cock and balls. And then I plunged back inside her, watching her face again, watching the lust in her eyes as I drove into her harder and harder, deeper and deeper.

Her moans and groans echoed around the room as we fucked, her hips pushing up to meet mine as I thrust into her over and rus escort over again, her tight pussy gripping me, her wetness pouring from her onto my balls, onto her thighs and bum.

My balls slapped against her as we moved as one. Her firm breasts bounced gently with each thrust, her nipples engorged with blood, begging for attention, as she threw her arms above her head. Her head was rocking from side to side, her mouth open, her breathing rasping, her eyes full of want, as I dipped my head and sucked hard on her erect, rubbery flesh, sucking her nipple, her breast, into my mouth.

This time she screamed out loud as she came, her orgasm building deep within her hot, young body and then tearing through her as my cock pounded into her, as her pussy sucked me into her hot depths.

I sucked harder on her nipple, biting her, licking her. She grabbed her other breast, roughly tugging on her nipple as she came. My balls felt as though they could burst as I came, seconds after my sister, as I felt her extra wetness hot around me. My cum gushed out to mix with her juices, jet after jet of it pouring into her pussy. She cried out again and again as each spurt of cum hit her, as it filled her body.

When at last my balls were empty, I slumped on top of Annie. We held each other tight, our damp, hot bodies pressed together. We rolled onto our sides, my cock still inside her, both of us still trying to get our breath back. We lay still, not speaking, not sure what to say. As our breathing settled, and leant forward and kissed her. We kissed – soft, tentative kisses at first that became harder, more passionate, more urgent.

I ran my tongue along her parted lips, meeting her tongue as it slipped easily into my waiting mouth. I sucked on her, drawing her into me, our tongues flowing against each other as they inter-twined playfully. We pulled each other tighter, her breasts now hot and firm against my chest. As she began to thrust her tongue into my mouth, fucking me wetly with it, I felt my cock hardening, growing inside her hot pussy.

I watched her face and saw her eyes widening as my cock stretched into her, as her pussy moulded itself around me again, as I began to push forward, my hips rocking towards her.

This time it was Annie who moved me, using her body to push me onto my back so that she was straddling me, my cock buried inside her. My sister’s breasts hung down from her body, their shape, their firmness, their size, evident to me as I reached up to cup them in my hands, feeling her hard nipples pressing into my palms. She sighed and moaned, pressing her hips down onto me as I rubbed her nipples, gently at first, and then harder, more insistently.

She moved her body slightly, and lowered a nipple towards my hungry, waiting mouth. I pushed my hips up to meet hers as I sucked on her, as I tasted her delicious body in my mouth. She forced her breast down into my mouth, wanting more, needing more. I sucked hard on her nipple, and then drew her aureole, her beast as far into my mouth as I could, sucking her, licking her, nipping her.

I reached for her ass, holding her firm cheeks and pulling her down onto my thrusting cock. I drove upwards even harder, meeting her as she pushing downwards, driving our bodies frantically together. We fucked madly, our cries filling the room, the house. We fucked until we could take no more, her breasts bouncing above my mouth, her nipples between my lips, her ass jerking in my hands, our hips clashing together as my cock pumped in and out of her wanton pussy.

We fucked breathlessly until Annie screamed out as she came, as my sister’s orgasm built into a crescendo before exploding from her pussy through her body. We fucked until I could take no more, and my cock jerked inside her as my cum pumped out, mixing with her hot juices as I held my cock deep inside her. We fucked until our bodies became calmer, until the wonderful pain and pleasure subsided and we could cling to each other, kissing softly, wondrously, until we fell asleep, our bodies still joined as one.

When I woke up the next morning, I thought I’d been dreaming. Until I felt Annie’s arms around me, her breasts pressed into my back. I lay still, thinking about the previous night, of what we had done, of what Annie had asked me to do, and that we had only just started. My cock began to stiffen just as Annie stirred behind me. She wriggled her body deliciously against me and sighed, her hand moving down to hold my cock.

She stroked my hard cock a few times before speaking.

“Thank you,” was all she said as she kissed my shoulder.

I turned to face her. Her smile seemed to light up the room.

“Thank you for my first lesson,” she continued, before adding, “I hope there’s lot’s more to come.”

As she said that last word she squeezed by cock, before stroking me some more.

I rolled onto my back, and lay back to relax, my hands behind my head. Annie snuggled up to me, her glorious breasts hard to me, her head propped up on one hand, her other hand roaming across my body.

Her hand ran lightly over my chest and stomach, pausing to rub and pinch my hard nipples, to play with my belly button. She ran her fingers through the hair on my chest and belly, commenting on my firm body, all the time teasing and touching me.

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