My First Time with Mom

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It was a typical Saturday morning in Washington state in the summer following my 18th birthday. The sun was shining and the temperature was warming up outside when my mother suggested that I go to the beach with her and her friend Lori to go beachcombing. Mom knew that I loved combing the beach and the place we usually went to was pretty secluded so I had a chance to find some really nice treasures.

I didn’t know Lori very well but I didn’t like the thought of my mom going out to the beach by herself due to the lack of people and the fact that there was no way to reach us in case of an emergency. This was in the days prior to everyone having a cell phone. So, I agreed to go with them to the beach and spend some time walking and searching for some shells or various random items.

We picked up Lori and made it to the beach around noon. Lori was a very attractive blonde with a great body. My mom was a brunette with a smaller sized body but she carried it very well. When we got to the beach they both changed their clothes and it was the first time I had seen my mom in a bikini top in person. I had seen some polaroids that my dad had taken of her that I found in their drawers while snooping around but this was entirely different. The pictures that dad had taken didn’t do her justice at all. Her slim body and modest breasts we much better in person and I glanced but looked away whenever she caught my glare.

I had thoughts about my mother before that started before I found the pictures but I was ashamed to admit to it. After I found the pictures that my dad had taken, I sometimes took them to my room and masturbated while looking at them. She looked so perfect and I thought about having my cock in her mouth. It wouldn’t take long and I would be shooting my cum thinking about my mom sucking it. Then I would be sure to replace the pictures in the same order that I got them before anyone would get home.

One this day at the beach though, I saw how much more attractive her body was. Her tits weren’t big at all but they looked great on her build. Standing there I wished I could have seen her changing and got a glimpse of her nipples.

She and Lori walked and talked and I decided to start combing the beach for some “treasures” as the sun reached the middle of the sky. It was a perfect day. As they walked on ahead of me, I noticed that Lori took out a cigarette and lit it up. I am not a smoker and really didn’t approve of it but it was her life I guess. After a while, she passed the cigarette to my mother and I saw her puff on it and hold it in her hands. I was upset about that because my mother didn’t smoke! At least I didn’t know that she did. I was catching up to them now and she must have noticed the upset look on my face because she passed it back quickly to Lori.

I walked right passed them without saying a word because I couldn’t really think of what to topkapı escort say. She is my mom and I guess she could do what she wanted but I didn’t have to be happy about it or agree with it. She caught up with me and started casual conversation about the beach.

“Find anything new yet?” Mom asked.

I just shrugged and let out a mumble indicating that I didn’t really want to talk about it.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing mom, everything is fine,” I said while looking away. “Just fine.”

She pulled me by the arm and I spun around to face her. I could see the worried look on her face and I guess she could tell that I was a little upset.

“Tell me what’s wrong or I will attack you right here,” mom insisted.

I pulled away and didn’t say a word. What was I to say to her? That I didn’t approve of her smoking and thought that it was kind of stupid to be starting something that late in life? She was 38 and wanted to start smoking now? For all I knew she had been doing it for years and I just never saw her doing it. I was upset so I just turned and walked down the beach alone.

A few seconds later, mom was true to her word and ‘attacked’ me by sternly grabbing me again and asking what was wrong but this time a little more insistently. As she turned me I tried to pull away and fell on my ass there on the beach. Mom was quick to get the upper hand in this situation and she pushed me backwards onto my back and then straddled me, pinning my arms back onto the sandy beach. She was small in stature but she could hold her own and, of course, I wasn’t about to fight back with a woman. I did pretend to struggle a little but she knew I wasn’t going to use force against her.

“What’s wrong? Is it that I smoked?”

I looked at her in the eyes with a look of disapproval and then diverted my eyes downward. My eyes caught her bikini top and one of her nipples was slightly exposed. I couldn’t see all of it but I saw that she had dark areolas and that they were about the size of a half dollar. I was always a huge fan of big areolas and this was amazing to see. I could feel myself starting to get turned on.

“Hey, eyes up here mister,” mom said. Then she looked down and saw that her top was askew and adjusted it with one hand while still holding me down. “Oops.”

She turned, back up to me, blushing a little. I was starting to feel my dick getting hard after seeing mom’s partial nipple and the thoughts of jacking off to her pictures came rushing into my head. She must have noticed it because she moved her hips a little and looked up at me with a slight look of surprise.

“Oh my, did I do that?” Mom asked even though she knew the answer.

“Umm, sorry mom. Some things are uncontrollable,” I replied while looking away.

“It’s ok, I don’t mind. It just surprised me to feel it move under me,” türbanlı escort she slyly said.

“It was just that I saw your nipple and it just kinda happened,” I embarrassingly said.

Mom let go of my wrists and adjusted her bikini again even though nothing was showing anymore. She moved off of me and sat there next to me on the beach. She asked if I liked it, seeing her tit. I pointed at my crotch and asked if she thought I liked it or not. We laughed a little and then she turned to me and said that turnabout is fair play and that she should get to look at me. Then she moved her eyes from mine down to my crotch and then back to my eyes.

With a sly grin, she reached her hand down to my hard cock. I looked down the beach to see where Lori was but she was nowhere to be seen so I relaxed a little. Mom looked at me questioningly.

“Sure, I guess so,” I said and moved to pull my cock from my shorts. My nearly 9 inch cock was as hard as it had ever been when I took my shorts down. Mom sat there staring in awe at it.

“Damn, baby, that is amazing. I knew when you were younger that you were going to be gifted but I never expected this. You cock is so much bigger than your dad’s,” mom said and never took her eyes off of it.

For some reason, the thought never occurred to pull my shorts up while my mom looked at it and gave it compliments over and over again. I could see her nipples getting hard under her bikini top and smiled at the thought of my own mother getting turned on by my cock. She reached out for it with her hand and I was more than willing to allow her to grab it. Her small stature made her hand look so small as she grasped my big cock and started to stroke the long shaft.

“Such a huge cock and just seeing my nipple did all this,” Mom asked, knowing good and well that is was the reason. I smiled and nodded in agreement. Mom let loose of my cock, which stood at attention, and reached back and undid her bikini top exposing her breasts. They looked better than I had imagined they would. Her areolas were perfect, in my mind. Her hand went back to my cock as I just looked at those amazing tits.

I reached my hand up and slightly caressed her tit. I had to slow down because I thought I was going to blow my load right then and there. Sitting here on the beach with my mom stroking my cock and her tits in my hand was a dream come true and I didn’t want it to stop here.

Mom looked over at me and moved a little to the side. I could sense where this was going and I hoped I could maintain my composure. She slid herself a little closer to me and lowered her face down until I could feel her warm breath against my cock head. Mom then licked the precum off of my swollen cock.

“Mmmm, baby, your precum tastes so good,” mom teased while just licking the head.

“God, mom, I want your mouth on my cock,” tüyap escort I anxiously said.

She must have agreed because she opened her little mouth and slid the head of my dick into her mouth. Mom had amazing skills and could almost take all 9 inches inside her warm mouth. I reached down and risked putting my hand between her legs while she sucked my throbbing cock. My mom’s pussy was sopping wet and she opened her legs to let me have better access to her juices.

She moaned as she went up and down on her son’s hard cock with her mouth. I loved her mouth on my dick but I was getting turned on about having the chance to cum inside of her pussy. I kept glancing up and down the beach looking for Lori and making sure no one else was around and glad to see that there was no one there.

Mom pulled off of my hard cock and looked up at me.

“Do you want to fuck me,” she asked but not really needing an answer. I nodded and my mom stood up and removed her shorts exposing her nicely trimmed pussy right in front of my face. She was dripping wet and I really wanted to taste her cunt but she said she wanted my cock inside of her.

She pushed me down on my back again in the sand and straddled me just like before. Only this time we were naked and about to fuck for the first time. My mom’s hot pussy hovered over my hard cock for a second and then she slid over the head. She placed her hands on my chest and lowered herself onto her son’s cock until it was all the way inside her.

“Oh baby!! Your cock feels so good! Fuck mama,” she moaned.

I reached up and cupped her beautiful tits while my mom was riding my cock. I had dreamed of this moment for years and it was finally happening. My own mother was on top of my dick and I was fucking her. She bounced up and down on my thick cock while looking me in the eyes. Mom then bent down and kissed me on the mouth. Our tongues found each other and I was passionately kissing my mom while I was fucking her. I was in complete heaven.

“I want to tell you sweetie. This wasn’t an accident. I had this planned and had Lori as my watchout. I have wanted your cock ever since you turned 18 and I also knew that you had been looking at my pictures and jacking off,” mom said, “I just wasn’t sure how to do it.”

My cock throbbed harder. My mom had wanted me as much as I wanted her. I was completely astounded and loving every second of it.

“Baby, I am about to cum and I want you to cum inside me,” mom sort of ordered. She bounced harder on my cock. My dick grew harder and I knew I was about to shoot my hot load inside of her. She went down all the way on my dick and screamed my name.

“Rich!! I am cumming!!”

“Oh mom, take your baby boy’s cum!”

I held her hips and thrusted deep into her as I shot my warm seed inside of her sweet pussy. I shot streams of cum deep into the pussy that I came out of and wanted this moment to last forever.

Mom must have read my mind because after cumming all over my hard dick as I unloaded into her with mine, she leaned down and kissed my again and said, “Don’t worry baby, this isn’t a one time thing. I plan on fucking your big cock as much as I can.”

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