My Mother In Law

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I don’t have what you might consider to be a typical relationship with my mother in law, Anita…at least not since her last visit anyway.

Anita lives two states away from my wife, Karina and I.

We’ve been married for eight years now, and are lucky enough to own a spacious home in southern California. Every summer, my wife flies her mother in to stay with us for a month, sometimes two, since the death of her husband several years ago.

My mother in law is a pleasant, but stubborn woman with a warm smile.

Both her and my wife are of Hispanic origin. Anita is somewhat shorter than her daughter, but she’s also shapelier; the few extra pounds that she carries around her middle only add to her curves. Her breasts are much larger than my wife’s…a fact that has not gone unnoticed by me on more than one occasion.

Karina has tried to get her to move in with us but Anita refuses, preferring to live on her own and come to visit every summer.

Anyway, as I was saying, our relationship hasn’t been typical since her last visit.

Anita sleeps in the upstairs bedroom while my wife and I sleep downstairs.

One morning, I had arisen early for my morning workout.

Since my mother in law’s bedroom is upstairs, and since she typically sleeps until later in the morning, I’ve never had a problem with walking around naked early in the morning during her visits.

My wife was still in bed as I sauntered down the hallway with my usual morning wood poking in front of me, headed for the kitchen.

I don’t drink coffee in the morning. Since I wake up thirsty, a long pull of cold water first thing in the morning is part of my routine.

Entering the kitchen, I grabbed a glass from the cabinet and filled it with ice, then water from the fridge.

Now understand, I have done this probably hundreds of times over the years during my mother in law’s visits. As I said, it’s part of my daily, morning ritual, and it has never been a problem. Anita has never risen before at 9 or 9:30.

But for whatever reason, that morning was different.

As I stood by the counter in the nude, drinking from my cold water, I was going over my workout routine in my head. My morning erection was still at full-mast as I pondered the possibility of some early morning sex with my wife afterwards.


Out of the blue, I was ripped from my reverie by the sound of my mother in law’s voice.

Instinctively, I turned at it.

Anita was standing at the end of the counter in her robe, staring at me in shock, as I stood in front of her fully nude, glass in hand, with an erection.

“Oh god, Anita,” I stumbled, embarrassed.

Setting the glass down quickly on the counter, I covered myself with my hands.

“Why are you naked?” Anita said, eyeing my erection behind my hands before returning to my face.

“I’m sorry mom,” I stumbled. I was trying to sound dignified but was failing at it. “You see, I always come out in the kitchen to get a drink of water…I thought you were asleep, and…”

“You always walk around naked as a baby?” she cut me off.

“Where is Karina?” she said.

“She’s still in bed mom,” I said, growing a little worried. “Look, I’m really sorry, I’ll just go and put something on.”

With that I turned to go.

“Wait Hijo,” she said suddenly.

Perplexed, I waited.

“Drop your hands,” she stated flatly.

“Mom?” I said, stunned.

Stepping closer, I noticed the way the top of her robe opened slightly, revealing a line of dark cleavage that disappeared down to her large breasts beneath it.

My kurtuluş escort cock, which had begun to soften behind my hands, suddenly came to life again, swelling at the sight.

My mother in law is a beautiful woman. With her long, dark hair down and the top of her robe playing peek-a-boo with her cleavage, I suddenly found myself thinking of her in a different way. I realized that she was indeed incredibly sexy.

But she wanted me to expose myself to her.

That was strange to say the least. Although, I had to admit that the thought of it was exciting.

Soon, my cock swelled to full mast again.

“Do it Hijo,” she said again.

“Mom,” I protested, still hiding myself.

“I have not seen a naked man in many years,” she said. “You are very handsome. Show me yourself or I will tell Karina that you were running around naked in front of me.”

I swallowed hard. This was a side of my mother in law that foreign to me. She was blackmailing me.

With little other choice, or at least none that I could think of at that moment, I acquiesced. Dropping my hands to my sides, I revealed myself in full to my mother in law.

Eyeing my erection again, she smiled.

“Very handsome,” she said pleasantly.

“But Hijo,” she went on, “you know you shouldn’t go around naked in the house.”

Her tone took on a strange quality that I had never heard before.

The look in her eye was one of mischief and it made my cock jump.

“No, mom…I guess…I guess I shouldn’t,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

Then, my mother in law stepped closer still until she stood merely inches from me. I could see straight down into the top of her robe to the upper portions of her dark brown aureole. My cock throbbed in front of me.

Suddenly, I felt a tingle in my belly as I became very aroused.

Standing naked in the kitchen with a full-blown erection in front of my mother in law while my wife slept down the hall was very exciting and dangerous, and I was finding it difficult to breathe.

“What are we going to do about this Hijo?” Anita said suddenly, sounding stern.

“Huh? What do you mean?” I stammered. This was going in a direction I hadn’t anticipated.

“You’ve been very bad, exposing yourself to me. You must be punished. I can tell my daughter about this, or you can take your punishment.”

I was speechless.

“What is it Hijo?” she said again. I noticed that the top of her robe had come open a bit further and I could nearly make out her thick nipples under my gaze.

I felt my face blush hot as my cock pulled at me. I was staring right down my mother in law’s robe, gorging on her nearly exposed tits.

“Put your hand on it.” She said, boring into my eyes, then indicating towards my erection.

Almost on its own, my hand moved to my cock and I grabbed at it…holding it by the hard shaft.

Anita smiled.

“Good boy,” she cooed sexily.

“Now bend over and grab the counter Hijo.” The sterness had returned.

I was terrified.

My wife could walk out at any moment, and my mother in law was telling me to bend naked over the counter. It seemed like a bad situation either way, but my cock throbbed and pulled at the idea.

In the end, it won.

Grabbing the counter with both hands, I bent over in front of Anita.

“That’s nice,” she said.

Without warning I felt her soft, small hand on my bare ass cheeks.

My erection swelled so hard that it hurt, jutting straight out from between my legs.

Anita’s hand disappeared from levent escort my bare cheeks. A moment later, it returned with a sharp crack across my ass.

I wasn’t prepared for it.

As I felt the sting of her palm across my bare bottom, I winced, moving away from it.

“Stay still,” she said, sternly in a low voice.

Then she cracked me again…harder.

I jumped, moving away from it.

The third blow landed squarely in the center between my cheeks, making me whimper.

“Don’t wake my daughter,” my mother in law warned, “or it will be worse.”

With that, she slapped me again twice in succession.

I felt my ass cheeks beginning to warm beneath her blows.

Suddenly, she opened a drawer beside me and retrieved a thin, flat fiberglass cutting board with a rectangular hole cut into it at the top for a handle.

“Mom…” I said low, “please…”

I watched in terror over my shoulder as she pulled her arm back and raised it. Then she brought it down, slamming the thin board into my naked ass.

The sound of it filled the air around us as the cutting board connected with a stark slap against bare flesh.

Then she did it again and again.

“Bad boy,” she whispered, spanking me hard with the cutting board. “Bad boy, exposing yourself to me…”

My ass grew warmer under the punishment, finally turning hot.

I was mortified and embarrassed…scared to death that my wife would appear at any moment to see her mother spanking her bare naked husband in the kitchen.

Yet, my cock throbbed and ached, bouncing in front of me with every crack from the cutting board.

Unable to stop myself, I braced myself with one hand on the counter and took hold of my shaft, stroking it slowly as she landed the cutting board over my burning ass cheeks.

Anita immediately took notice of what I was doing.

“You like it Hijo…” she stated, smacking the board across my ass again.

“Play with yourself, jerk it, naughty boy…”

Daring a glance over my shoulder, I saw that my mother in law’s robe had fallen farther open. I could plainly see the inside swells of her large, bare breasts, and she was exposed to her midsection. The soft, brown skin of her belly was exciting, and I stroked hard staring at it as she spanked me.

I watched her huge tits sway and bounce, only centimeters from total exposure.

“Oh god,” I moaned, twisting and pulling at my cock.

I wanted so badly to see her naked tits.

“Anita,” I said.

“Call me mama!” my mother said in a harsh whisper as she cracked my ass again.

“Mama, oh god mama,” I moaned feeling my cock swell in my palm as I stroked and pulled on it.

My ass was on fire. My cock felt like hot iron. Two opposite sensations from front and back, coupled with the sight of my mother-in-law’s bare flesh, and the fact that she was spanking me in the kitchen while my wife slept drove me insane with lust.

I pounded myself as she pounded my ass with the cutting board.

Suddenly she stopped.

The sensations on my bare ass were indescribable, pain, hotness, and yet somehow, it was pleasurable. The air on my swollen flesh felt cold.

“Stand up Hijo.”

Obeying, I straightened, facing her, stroking my cock.

“Anita,” I moaned.

“Call me mama,” she reminded me sternly.

“Mama…” I said again, stroking my iron rod in front of her.

“What do you want Hijo?” she cooed, teasing me.

“Mama…I want,” I stammered, unable to breathe and talk at the same time.

“You want to see my tetas?” maçka escort she said, grinning wickedly at me.

“Yes, mama…please…”

“Say it,” she warned sternly again. “Say mama, I want to see your tetas.”

With my fist flying over my cock, nearing orgasm, I said it.

“Mama…please,” I begged, “I want to see your tetas.”

Smiling, my mother in law pulled at the edges of her robe, freeing her big, bare breasts.

I feasted on them, gorging my eyes on her dark, swollen aureole and thick, hard nipples. They were so much bigger than my wife’s. I had secretly longed to see them for years and now here they were, bare, exposed right in front of me.

“You like my tetas Hijo?” she said, watching my hand fly over my cock.

“Yes, oh yes…mama…I love your big tetas,” I moaned loudly…too loudly, no longer caring.

“You want to see me naked?”

“Please…please…” I breathed hard as my orgasm swelled in my belly.

“Say it Hijo.”

“Mama, please…I want to see you naked,” I said, on the edge of insanity as I pounded myself towards orgasm.

My mother in law opened her robe and pulled it out and away from her sides.

I saw her big bare breasts and thick dark bush between her legs. My mother in law, whom I had fantasized about on occasion was not totally naked right in front of me.

“Oh…god…mama…mama…I…FUCK!” I moaned again, cumming hard.

As I gorged on her hot, mature, naked body, I came…sending thick white ropes of hot cum straight out in front of me where it spattered the floor at her bare feet.

“Yes…Hijo…yes…” she hissed, “cum…cum for mama…such a good boy you are…”

Her words spurned me on as I jacked my cock, shooting my load all over the floor.

My orgasm rocked me from head to toe and back again. Raising myself to the balls of my feet, I pumped hard and fast, thrusting my hips forwards and back, fucking my hand as my mother in law looked on, teasing me hard with her naked body.

“Hijo,” she said, low, cooing. “Think about me when you jerk off from now on…think about me on top of you…riding your cock…”

If were possible for a man to cum twice, I would have at that.

“Oh god…mama…” was all I could possibly say, stroking and pulling the cum from my body.

Finally, I shot my last, and collapsed as my knees buckled, grabbing at the counter for support.

Just then, I heard the sound of my wife opening the bedroom door.

Anita closed her robe, tying it up hurriedly.

Smiling at me, she turned and was gone.

I panicked, fearing the worst…but my wife had gone the opposite direction towards the bathroom at the end of the hall.

Quickly, I tore a handful of paper towels from the roll hanging beneath the cabinets and wiped my cock clean as well as the cum from the floor.

While my wife was still in the bathroom, I bolted from the kitchen into the bedroom.

Opening the dresser, I snatched my running shorts from the drawer, pulled on a t-shirt and grabbed a pair of socks.

Taking my running shoes from the closet, I hurried out into the living room and slipped into them, just as I heard my wife come out of the bathroom.

Now fully dressed, I stood with my hand on the door.

“Good morning,” my wife smiled at me, coming around the corner.

“Good morning babe,” I smiled back.

“Going for a run?” she said eyeing my attire.


With that she entered the kitchen to make her coffee.

I swallowed hard, relieved, but shaking inside.

“Hey babe,” she said from the kitchen. “Why is the cutting board out? And why is the floor wet?”

Opening the door, I pretended not to hear her and set out for my run, worried and excited by what had just happened.

“Think about me…” my mother in law had said.

I didn’t see how that was not going to be possible.

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