My Mother, The Stripper Pt. 14

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Janie and I weren’t alone for more than five minutes before my bedroom door opened once more. Drew along with Jake and Eric walked in. Even though we were both exposed, it didn’t bother either of us since we knew they had all seen us naked earlier.

“What’s up boys,” I asked.

Drew smiled sheepishly, “well mom, Jake wondered if you would mind having sex with him. And Eric wanted to have sex with Janie…Well what do you pretty ladies think?”

I started to ponder the question, but before I could, Janie stood up and said, “sure Eric, I’ll sleep with you.” She then took his hand and walked hastily towards the door.

As she passed by Drew started to ask her a question, she turned to him before he could finish and said no, and continued out the door.

Then he turned towards me, “how about it mom, are you interested in having sex with Jake?”

I smiled, “Sure Drew, I’ll have Jake. Sounds Like fun.”

Jake smiled nervously. Drew said, “great mom, would you mind if the rest of us watched you?”

I guess it shouldn’t have been a surprise. After all, boys will be boys. And if I were going to be an adult film actress, I’d probably have to get use to an audience so what the hell.

I smiled and said, “sure Drew, I don’t mind if ya’ll watch.”

Jake started to crawl into my bed, “not before removing all of your clothes,” I said sternly.

I’m not sure what he had in mind, but it wasn’t going to happen unless he was naked too.

Nervously he removed his clothes and quickly slid into bed along side me. Soon the other three boys had joined Drew at the end of the bed. “Just try and be quiet, OK boys?” I said with a smile. They all nodded nervously.

I finished removing my pajama top then sat up. I asked Jake, “would you like the top or the bottom?”

He paused and thought for a moment, then with a big smile he said, “bottom please.”

His cock wasn’t ready so I grabbed a hold and gently started stroking it and caressing his balls. It wasn’t long before he was rock hard. I got up, crawled on top and lowered myself down. He felt nice and snug inside me, just about the perfect size.

I started going up and down, Jake was now starring at my boobs. “Go ahead Jake, you can touch them,” I told him in a nice soft voice. He immediately grasp both of my breasts and squeezed them firmly.

For the next couple of minutes I continued at the same speed and rhythm, by now he was focused on my face. “What are you looking at Jake?” I asked him.

“I’m looking at you Raye, You’re such a pretty woman, for a women of your age, you ‘re a very sexy and pretty lady and I adore your silver hair.”

Aw, that was sweet. He made me want him even more. As I started fucking him faster, he seemed to enjoy watching my boobs bobbing up and down and swaying side to side.

I looked into the mirror above our headboard, all of the boys were starring. Everyone seemed to be enjoying our activities. Intense looks and erections everywhere including my son.

In no time Jake tensed and let out a loud moan as he came. I felt the hotness as his cum filled my pussy, and ran down the inside of my thigh. He opened his eyes and looked directly into my eyes and then at my breasts again. He placed his hands firmly on my thighs and lay there smiling.

“Damn Ms. Raye, That was fantastic.”

“Yes it was Jake, it was pretty damn fine!” I started to crawl off.

“Not just yet Ms. Raye, please.”

I agreed and sat back down. It was another minute or so before Jake nodded. I got up, separated the boys and strolled into the bathroom. In the mirror in the bathroom, I could see that all of the boys eyes were on me, or my ass I should probably say.

When I returned fifteen minutes later, everyone was gone. That was OK with me, it was time for another shower anyways.

When I finished showering and getting dressed, I went to the kitchen, I was hungry. Janie was already there eating a sandwich while working on her computer.

She told me she had made an extra sandwich, it was in the fridge. I got it and sat down beside her. For the next half hour we talked about some of the requests she’d received from our website.

The schedule for the next two weeks. Next Tuesday we were scheduled at the lodge again. I was looking forward to that. I missed Mark and Roger, Ron too.

The girls had another half a dozen or so events scheduled, it looked like everyone was going to be very busy. A couple of them interested me. Trey’s lodge had contacted us, and Janie had scheduled them at the end of the month. I didn’t want to miss that one for sure.

Also the Jonesboro Men’s Club had scheduled us again for the first week in February, I didn’t want to miss that one either. Business was looking good. I wasn’t sure what we’d do when J could no longer dance because of her pregnancy. I guess time would tell.

Monday night I was asleep well before Dan returned home. Even with a nap, it had been a long day. The warehouse, J’s pregnancy, the boys, a very busy day!

Tuesday şişhane escort morning Janie and I were going shopping. We both wanted to find nice conservative dresses for Jerry’s party. I hadn’t thought much about it, but now I was becoming excited just thinking about the neighbors.

The neighbor men including Jerry and Sal, it would be the first time most of them had seen either of us naked. And a couple of the neighbors were very good looking gentlemen.

I woke up the next morning at the sound a Dan shaving and getting ready for work. He kissed me goodbye and left.

After coffee and a danish, Janie and I left for the mall. TJ Maxx then Victoria’s Secrets, and several more stores along the way.

I’d decided that I wanted something very conservative, yet spring looking. I know it wasn’t spring just yet, but it would be along shortly. A dress I’d enjoy wearing after Jerry’s party. Something all of the neighbor men would then recognize, when they saw me out and about.

I settled on a simple white dress, a few pastel flowers and a bit of white lace. I knew my white pearl necklace and matching earrings would have a nice and fresh look about them. Simple yet elegant looking.

Janie chose a similar dress, white with vibrant colors of green and red. She wanted to wear the Emerald necklace and earrings Dan had given her for Christmas.

At Victoria’s Secret’s, we both wanted simple white lace underwear. We finally agreed on a shiny set with minimal lace, very conservative looking.

Janie had a good idea, wearing white ribbons in our hair. A little old fashioned, but something a good and conservative housewife or woman just might wear, vintage.

Neither of us owned a simple pair of white heels, so we finished the day by going shoe shopping.

Once while having dinner with Jerry and his wife, Jerry said that he really loved seeing women in thigh highs, so I decided to purchase a nice new pair just for Jerry. Since my outfit is white, white thigh highs it is.

On the way home from the mall, I received a call from Nate, he wanted to speak to Dan and I. After speaking with Dan, I finally agreed that we’d meet a little before eight at our usual establishment.

I hoped Nate had news about my adult contract. I hadn’t heard anything yet , I was beginning to wonder if Harold even wanted me?

When we arrived home after a full day of shopping, I showered and sat on the bed trying to decide as to what to wear. I wanted to look good for Dan, I’d hoped we could finally spend a night together.

But honestly, I also wanted to look good for Nate too. There was just something about Nate, I loved Nate.

I chose a bright red blouse with a short black skirt and black thigh highs, And I do mean a short SHORT black skirt. Probably the shortest skirt I’ve ever owned.

The thigh highs I’d chosen had an elegant and pretty lace trim around the top. I figured if they were going to be exposed, they should look sexy.

As I finished getting dressed, Dan came flying into the bedroom. He was running late, something he always hated. He was in then out of the shower in a flash. By seven he was dressed, but I was still primping. A woman can never be too pretty or too sexy.

We arrived at the bar on time, twenty minutes till eight. Nate and Haley arrived ten minutes later. Dan and I stood to greet our guests, We hugged them both.

Nate noticed my outfit and smiled with approval. Quickly he slid in along side me while Haley then slid along side Dan.

Nate glanced down at legs and the lace at the top of my thigh highs, he kissed my cheek as he placed his hand over the lace and started caressing it. Nate started explaining my proposed contract.

He and Harold had agreed on most of the issues, but were still ironing out a couple of the details. My share of the contract would amount to around $75,000. Not bad for a newbie and for a months work.

What he was still working on was a small percentage of the gross. Haley or Windy was already getting one and a half percent of the gross. Breezy, or the actress playing her mother in the movie was getting one half of a percent.

Nate was trying to get me a quarter of a percent.

I know it didn’t sound like much, but if the movie did as well as Nate thought it would, it could be as much as a hundred thousand dollars or even more, wow just wow!

As Nate spoke, he played with the stocking lace and my legs. Suddenly he slid his little finger between my legs and against my pussy lips right there in the bar. It surprised me, my heart beat faster and faster.

As he continued to talk he rubbed his little finger splitting my lips, as he did, I relaxed and spread my legs even wider. Nate didn’t skip a beat, but it was hard for me to concentrate, by now I was on fire!

I looked at a table facing us, A nice looking gentleman was watching us, even though it wasn’t very light, it must have been light enough.

But you know what, I didn’t care. şişli anal yapan escort I loved the fact that Nate was fingering me right there at the table in the bar. Gently he was rubbing the tip of his little finger over and around my swollen clit. It was difficult to concentrate on what he was saying, but I tried real hard.

Nate thought he’d have an answer from Harold by the weekend. With that kind of money out there, I was beginning to get excited…and in more ways then one.

Then the gentleman that had been watching us stood up and walked over to our table. I wasn’t sure what he wanted, but I didn’t care, I wasn’t going to stop Nate from what he was doing.

“Hello Nate, good to see you again,” he reached his hand out to Nate. Surprisingly to me, Nate removed his hand…stood up and shook the gentleman’s hand.

I was a bit concerned, I’m pretty sure I was moist with the attention Nate had been giving me and as hot as I was, well? But the gentleman didn’t seem to mind or even care.

Nate introduced Dan and I to his friend Teddy. Teddy commented on how pretty Haley and I both were, we thanked him. He and Nate continued with some small talk before the gentleman thanked us again for our time and returned to his table.

Nate explained that Teddy had been an old college friend, and he’d run into him every now and then. When Nate sat back down, again he placed his hand on my leg.

I spread my legs immediately wanting to return to where he’d left off. Teddy was a handsome man, and I didn’t mind him watching, but Nate, oh my darling Nate…umm.

As Nate and Dan talked, it wasn’t long before Nate found my lips and clitoris yet again.

I looked up at Teddy, he was watching intently as Nate continued fingering me. I didn’t know if Dan knew what was going on or not, either way I didn’t care.

I hadn’t paid much attention to Haley, her and Dan seemed to be getting along nicely. She had her arm wrapped around Dan’s and had her left breast pressed firmly into his arm. But you know what, I just didn’t care!

As Nate continued talking and still not missing a beat, fingering me, I was close to climaxing. A bead of sweat ran down my temple. By this time, Nate was twiddling my clit again and again with the tip of his finger. I was nervous, I’ve climaxed in public before, but never under these conditions.

As I started climaxing, I squeezed Nate’s arm, trying to get him to stop or at least slow down. He didn’t or wouldn’t, he was enjoying himself way too much. The little devil!

Not being able to control myself, and Nate being as ornery as he is, I finally moaned loudly… twice while climaxing, catching the attention of everyone at our table and others close by.

Well damn, Dan and Haley were smiling and so was Teddy. I took my hand off of Nate’s arm and smacked him hard. “Shame on you Nate, you’re a bad boy.” I said embarrassingly. Everyone laughed including Nate.

For the remainder of the evening, dinner and drinks, we all visited. Haley and Dan really seemed to hit it off. She seemed as interested in him as he was her.

As the night neared an end, Nate turned to me and asked if I’d mind spending the night with him. Then he asked Dan if he’d mind spending his night with Haley?

Quickly Dan agreed as long as it was OK with Haley. She smiled and pulled his arm even closer. I don’t believe she’d left go of it all night long.

Dan’s dreams was about to come true…mine too! At the beginning of the night, I’d thought I was going to be with Dan…It’s been a while, but I wasn’t disappointed that I was to be with Nate.

Nate was taking me to his apartment, Dan took Haley to our house. Whew, I’m sure glad I decided to change our bed sheets.

When we arrived at the apartment Nate asked me to undress while leaving my thigh highs on. In the bathroom I removed everything except my stockings and my heels and crawled in bed. It wasn’t long before Nate was in bed beside me.

“Ah Raye, I really enjoyed this evening. You are a jewel.” He said.

I kissed him on the lips, “Nate I’m so glad we ran into each other again, even after all these years. And it took me becoming a stripper to bring us back together.”

“I know Raye, if you and your daughter hadn’t decided to take up stripping, I may have never found you again.” We kissed passionately.

You know, he was right. If he hadn’t heard about our stripping we may have never reconnected. And now Nate, the adult film industry… it’s funny how life works out sometimes.

My previous times with Nate were usually about Nate…and I didn’t mind. But tonight, starting at the bar, he was paying more attention to me.

He sat up, removing the covers he spread my legs apart and for the very first time went down on me in this manner. For several minutes he licked my lips and the soft skin around them and my thighs. Even lifting my ass to lick my bum. I loved the attention.

Looking at his handsome face between my thighs, şişli bdsm escort I marveled as to how lucky I was to have found him again. He was handsome and very distinguished looking.

I held off for as long as possible, I was enjoying his attention. But his tongue was too talented and my clit was way too stimulated. As I climaxed, I pulled his hair and his head firmly into my crotch. He seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

After several more orgasms I was finally able to relax. He laid down beside me and we started kissing. We kissed and fondled each other for a good ten minutes, our sweaty bodies entwined.

Finally he got up, I raised my legs in the air. He snuggled up to them and slid his cock carefully into my pussy. He was warm and hard. As he kissed my legs feet and ankles, he told me that he loved me. I told him that I loved him too… I did!

As he watched my boobs wiggle and giggle with every stroke, he fucked me harder and faster. Before long he moaned and grimaced. With his eyes closed and spent he finally collapsed on top of me.

We lie there intertwined, holding onto one another like two long lost lovers.

For the rest of the evening and all through the night, we made love five more times. Some soft and gentle, some rough. I really did love Nate, he will always be my other great love, or at least I hoped so.

Several times over the evening Nate said he loved me, and I loved hearing it each and every time he said it.

Wednesday morning, I was to be at the Warehouse around nine. Nate dropped me off a few minutes after. I enjoyed my time with Barbara, we talked and got along wonderfully. She was a sweetheart and was going to be a big help to me.

I must have fallen asleep on the table, when I awoke , Nate had mounted me and started fucking me…again.

Barbara and her assistant didn’t seem to mind so…

Afterwards we kissed and again said we loved each other. I was surprised he had said it in public, but I was quick to agree with him and tell him that I loved him too.

I had told Barbara about my bachelor party later that evening. She touched up the hair on my head as well as my pubic hair, making it completely silver. It looked pretty, very nice and soft.

Nate drove me home, he kissed me before I got out of the car. I walked into the house a little before noon. Janie was there waiting for me.

“Hello mom, good to see you again,” she said as she laughed.

So mom, tell me about Haley.”

I guess Janie had found out about Dan and Haley.

I smiled, “so what do you want to know J?”

“well,’ she said, “what was that all about, you know last night?”

“Well Janie, I guess we just swapped partners for the night, that’s all I guess.”

“Hum, seemed like a lot more than that. Dan’s never late for work, He didn’t leave the house until after ten today. Not like Dan at all mom!”

Janie looked stern, “And when he walked her to the car, she was all over him like stink on shit!” Then Janie smiled jokingly, “they really seemed to hit it off.”

I was tired, and if I were to be at Jerry’s party and stripping later on I was going to have to take a nap. I was relieved that Janie wasn’t upset. As I walked away I told Janie not to worry, I was glad they’d hit it off. It might even give me more time with Nate.

I awoke from my nap a little after four. I noticed that I probably needed to change the sheets again. Later Dan called and said he’d be running late again tonight, probably because of Haley…again. When we were ready, we should head on over to Jerry’s. He’d be along shortly.

A little before seven Janie and I headed towards Jerry’s house next door. When we arrived, Jerry took our music and let us know he’d signal us at the proper time, or when he felt Sal and the guys were ready.

We went into the kitchen to help Kasey, Jerry’s wife and her friend Rachel. Both ladies greeted us warmly, something I wasn’t sure would happen.

The guys started arriving a little after seven. as it got closer to seven thirty, Jerry had a room full. All four of us women were busy serving drinks and horderves.

The gentlemen were all very friendly, I guess because we knew most of them, they were our neighbors. Dan didn’t show up until after eight, pretty late for him. He’s usually on time or early.

But it wasn’t Dan that surprised me, it was the two gentlemen that came in just before Dan.

“Well hello Raye, fancy seeing you here.” It was my first cousin Frank from Jonesboro, and his son Bobby.

I was surprised, I knew about the neighbor men but…

“Hello Frank and Bobby, this is a nice surprise. I wasn’t expecting to see you guys here.”

Frank grinned and gave me a big hug and kiss. “Yes Raye, this certainly is a surprise. I knew Jerry lived somewhere in your neighborhood, I just didn’t realize you knew one another.”

“So how do you know Jerry, Frank? I asked him wondering.

“OH I’d just met Jerry, but I’ve known Sal for several years, we work together. Bobby works there too.”

I picked up my tray of horderves, “Well it’s good to see you two anyways, horderves Frank or Bobby?” They each helped themselves. I quickly returned to the kitchen.

Janie was just ready to leave when I walked in. “J, guess who’s here?”

She paused, “Who mom.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32