My Sheltered Cousin

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Her thigh trembled under my fingers as we watched the leading lady expose her ample breasts and erect nipples to the hero to begin delivering his reward for saving her from the ravages of the savages. What the savages wanted, he was going to get.

I glanced at Chrissies breasts, her nipples were expressing themselves through the heavy sweater she wore, I’m certain she didn’t even know it. She’d been sheltered from all things sexual all her life. Even the music she knew had been carefully selected and presented as the most wonderful thing on Earth by my highly controlling aunt. I’m positive Chrissie had never seen an aroused woman’s breasts, ever. I knew for certain that she’d never seen what the bulge in the hero’s represented. As far as I knew, she’d never had more than a few carefully chaperoned dates and little, if any, hanky panky.

My aunt thought I was the greatest thing since the electric toaster. Well educated, gainfully employed, paid leave of absence from the company to finish a year of post doc study. I’m 12 years older than Chrissie who was in her second year at a catholic college only 10 miles from the university. Auntie dear thought I was sent by heaven, if only she knew. She had no idea I was in a living poly relationship at home and when I’d been a graduate assistant the semester before I’d worked my way through half the girls in class by mid terms. I had all kinds of unsavory lusts and passions.

The movie was auntie dears’ idea. Just not this movie. We were supposed to be down the hall at some G rated kiddies movie. On the drive over I’d talked up this romantic adventure and Chrissie decided we should really see that instead. As we waited in line I called auntie up and told her we’d happened into a great double feature arrangement and would be home late, good thing I didn’t mention what time we’d be home.

She’d blushed and breathed heavy through the kissing of the first romantic interlude, only to be denied satisfaction when the bad guys tried to blow up the hotel. The hero and heroine continued to grab kisses and touches as they dodged bullets and bombs. But now, the near was ending, the bad guy was gone, the romantic dinner disposed of, candles lit, bed ready.

During one explosion scene Chrissie had damn near jumped into my lap, she was always grabbing my arm when things got tense, and at one point had slipped my arm around her, and left it there. As things got hot, my other hand at started at her knee and had been working its way up slowly since. Now her thigh pangaltı escort trembled as the couple eased into the bed, my fingers only inches from her heat, my finger tips sensing increased damp from less than an inch from her crotch.

She was wearing a heavy sweater with something under made of light weight silk, loose flowing grey pants of some fine and flowing, slippery material. Material so light and smooth I could feel the goose bumps forming on her leg under my hand. A small gasp escaped her lips as the hero mounted the heroine, showing us a well formed, taught ass. Her breathing increased as he started his rhythm. Another escaped Chrissies pretty lips as the heroine her first little whimper of pure pleasure, her legs parted slightly as the actress begged him for more. My finger slid up Chrissies covered pussy as the actress began yelling and hollering. She was soaking wet and I’m pretty sure she didn’t even realize it. As our heroine screamed her way through what had to be an explosive orgasm Chrissies head dropped bad and she let out a moan as I increased the pace and pressure of my rubbing. She was panting heavily as the music crested and the credits began to roll.

“God Jon, what happened?” she was panting and her eyes were huge as she looked at me.

“Did you enjoy that ending?” I asked her, my palm still covering her concealed mound.

“I don’t know, I’ve never felt anything like that before, what was it?” she murmured.

I watched her face and eyes, “have you ever had an orgasm before?”

“No, why would I do that, isn’t that one of those nasty sexual things? Mom and Father George are always going on about that stuff”

I watched her eyes for signs of panic. “You either just had a little one or just missed it, did you like it?”

“I’ve never felt anything like that!” she told me in an animated whisper as people filed out the door behind us.

I have her one of my little devil smiles “its about time you did, wouldn’t you say?”

“Well, I guess”.

“Do you want to learn more about it?”

Her eyes got huge “oh God, what if mom ever found out?”

My hand slid up from her crotch to cup one sweater covered breast. “You’re an adult now Chrissie, technically you have been for several years, I’d say its your choice to make, wouldn’t you?”

Emotions played across her face as I stood up and took her hand, I hauled her up out of her seat and slipped my arm casually around her waist as I led her to the door. As pendik escort we headed for the theater entrance I paused and looked at the schedule, “you’ve seen both of the movies we told your mom we were going to see, haven’t you?” She nodded hesitantly, “good, lets go somewhere private and have a chat, shall we?” Her nipples were still showing through her sweater as I gave her bum a squeeze and guided her to the door. I had to keep assuring her that I didn’t care that I’d already bought tickets for the other movie, I could always come see it later if I felt like it.

In the car I probed her for more information; she’d been kissed but had never really made out with anyone. One guy had gotten a hand full of her luscious ass, but I was the only one that had ever touched her crotch or tit outside a medical exam. By the time I pulled into the first motel we came to, I had a raging hard on. Her eyes got big again but she didn’t say anything as I checked us into the motel and lead her to our room, I explained that we didn’t have time to go across town to my apartment.

As the door closed I molded my body to hers and gave her a long deep kiss, her lips parted easily for my tongue as my hands massaged her ass. She whimpered a bit through the kisses as my hands began to slide up and under her sweater. Squirming gently as my fingers contacted her bare skin. As I removed her sweater I saw her light silk cami under it, tucked in tightly, then her plain white basic bra, which made me even hornier. She said nothing as we slipped it over her head and tossed it on top of the tv.

Her eyes looked on the edge of panic but she didn’t say anything as I kissed her again, nudging her towards the bed. “Oh God, what are you going to do?” she whispered as my thumbs hooked the band of her pants. “I’m going to do my duty as a proper, caring cousin and see you get a proper, satisfying fuck my love”.

I kissed her cleavage as I slid her pants down to her knees. Kissing her mound through her conservative panties as the pants pooled around her ankles. I caressed her bare skin as I stood up, watching her shiver, the goose bumps rising all over her body. I caught the hem of the cami and slipped it off quickly before stepping back.

She didn’t say anything as I quickly shed my shirt and pants, my hard on making a large bulge in my boxers. She whimpered and moaned as I caressed her skin and opened her bra. What she’d been hiding in there all these years were magnificent, not too large, not too rus escort small. My lips closed over her large erect nipple as I lowered her to the bed. A gasp escaping her lips as her warm excited skin contacted the cool, smooth surface of the sheets.

She began to moan and wreathe in pleasure as I sucked and nibbled the nipple. Worming my finger under the elastic of her panties, I was not at all surprised to fine she had a full bush of light blonde hair, soaking from the events of the evening. I smiled knowing what a sticky mess we would eventually leave in those soft curls. My finger lightly traced the edge of one pussy lip. She moaned louder and her pelvis rose into my hand. My large strong finger slid between her wet lips, her hips began gyrating. I almost creamed my shorts when my finger found her prominent, engorged clit and she almost bucked me off, the first orgasm of her life claiming her body.

I stood and removed my boxers, stroking my cock as the tremors in her body subsided. Her eyes finally opened as I started sliding her panties down her legs. I slipped them off before laying next to her. Chrissies eyes got huge once more as I took her hand and wrapped it around my hard, thick cock. I knew she wouldn’t be ready to suck it, yet, instead, kissing her again I gently but firmly opened her shapely legs, exposing her womanhood for the first time outside a doctors office. The petals of her labia were dark red and of moderate size, her engorged pink clit protruding prominently. I needed to be in my cousins hot pussy, now, it was time. I wanted to suck that clit but the need to fuck her was more urgent. I mounted between her legs and teased the tip of her clit with the tip of my cock. Her eyes screwed shut as I pressed the head into her hot wet depths. She was tight but opened easily, bit by bit my throbbing cock settled into her pussy. I smiled and thanked the gods for tampons as I began thrusting slow and easy.

We fucked, her hips rising to meet my thrusts, her hips beginning to twist and grind into mine, drawing me deeper. I was so excited I wouldn’t last long. She moaned and gasped as I drove into her. Over and over. Deep. Hard. Thrusting and grinding. She stopped short of screaming as the orgasm ripped through her body. I bit down on my own scream and unleashed a huge load deep into her virgin depths.

I collapsed onto her, nuzzling her nipple as we caught our breath. With a little squeal she pointed to the clock by the bed. It was half an hour after the last movie would have ended. We wanted to fuck again but knew that her mom would start calling all over town if we didn’t get her back to the house in the next half hour.

It was our first fuck, it wasn’t the last. In two weeks we’d “seen” every movie in town, and her sister was coming with us regularly…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32