My Sister Jen

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The Uber driver dropped me in front of a large house on a few acres of land in Cobb County. The house was a McMansion, a new version of a colonial style house setting back from the road and flanked by the greenest grass I’ve ever seen. I grabbed my suitcase from the trunk and wandered up to front steps and rang the bell.

It was a hot summer Saturday in Georgia; the sun was beaming high in the sky. It was noon and I was hungry after the long flight and then drive from the airport. I was in town for a Conference where I was scheduled to speak, but instead of staying at the convention center hotel, I was at my little sister’s house.

My “little” sister is Jennifer, a 34 year old mother of two, happily married to Jim. They have two kids, 11 year old Karen and 8 year old Missy. They are a very successful couple, Jim is the CEO of a tech company and Jen own a series of boutiques in the metro Atlanta area. I haven’t seen them in 2 ½ years, their lives are very busy, as well as my own. Jim’s family lives in the area, so they tend to stick close to home for holidays. This trip would allow me to catch up with their family.

A few seconds after I answered the door my two nieces opened it and looked at me funny. “I’m your uncle Bob,” I said to two shy girls who ran away from the door. I stepped into the large foyer and shut the door behind me so none of the cool air would escape. The house was grander on the inside than the out, and I stood waiting for one of their parents to arrive.

Jim walked out of a door to my left and came over and shook my hand. He was a handsome guy, 6′ tall, blonde hair, clear blue eyes and a square jaw. He was well built, but not a muscled guy. He was American as apple pie. “Good to see you Bob!” he called out, “Guess the girls left you hanging. Sorry about that, they are a little shy these days.”

We shook hands and walked towards the big living room opposite of the foyer. “Jen,” he called out loudly, “your brother is here.” He offered me a drink and I told him I’d love a cold beer and he excused himself into the large kitchen to grab us a couple of beers. He walked back and handed me a Coors Light and just then I saw a glimpse of my sister coming down the large open staircase. Jennnifer hasn’t seemed to age since she graduated from college, 5’10” tall, maybe 110 pounds, blonde hair with green eyes set perfectly on her face. Although tall, she did have modest curves and her short white shorts and tight tank top revealed a very flat stomach and small B cup breasts as she walked over to give me a huge hug. She could have been a model, but she chose gymnastics instead. She attended UCLA on a full ride gymnastic scholarship, it’s also where she met Jim who was there on a baseball scholarship. They made a very good looking pair.

“It’s been so long Bob,” she said as she pulled back to look at me. “You still look good for an old man,” she joked with me as she took my hand wand walked me into the kitchen. “I hope you don’t mind, we are just having some cold wraps and chips for lunch, the girls have gymnastics this afternoon and I didn’t want them to get too full.”

We sat and had a great lunch, the girls eventually joining us at the large island in the gourmet kitchen. They had changed into their gymnastic outfits and looked exactly like their mother at their ages. I am almost 10 years older than Jen, so I most remember her about the ages of her daughters.

No sooner than we had finished our lunch we heard a horn honk in front of the house. The girls grabbed their gym bags and headed out, the neighbor had car pool duty for gymnastics it seemed, and their ride was here. The girls rushed out the tall front door and Jen turned to me and said “Let’s get you settled in.”

She took me out through the French doors overlooking their back yard oasis. A huge pool and deck sat just to the rear of the house. It had multiple slides, a lazy river that had stone bridges and a hot tub in a grotto. Off to the side was a poolhouse. Jen and Jim lead the way with me following to the pool house, which was in fact a mother in laws suite. The living/kitchen dining area sat just inside the wall of windows facing the pool and a large master suite was off to one side. Jim’s mother came to live with them in the winter, and they built it when they put in the pool two summers ago they informed me. They laughed and said “We love Anne, but she drives us crazy sometimes, so we gave her this as a place where she can get out from under our feet,” explained Jen.

It was meticulously decorated, all in a beach theme and had a large 100″ TV hanging on the wall. The bedroom was large with a King Size bed and an attached bathroom with a walk in shower large enough for a small party. They spared no expense in this “pool house.”

Jim showed me how to operate the TV and stereo system and Jen laid out fresh towels in the bathroom. She handed me a key and explained that the bedroom had a lock for my privacy, and since they were having a pool party the next day, the kids would be in and out to use bostancı escort the bathroom off the living area, and to play video games on the big screen TV.

I slipped the key in my pocket and with that, they told me that they would give me some time to rest up from my long flight. That I could come in the big house anytime, that they had some work to catch up on and to relax and enjoy myself. And that I did, I took a long shower and a short nap on the very soft king sized bed.

The rest of the day was uneventful, I took a swim in the fantastic pool and hung out with my sister and brother in law. We had a few drinks after dinner, and I went to bed thinking my sister had a perfect family and was living the perfect life.

The next morning the kids were up early and Jim was vacuuming the pool when I went out to smoke. He nodded at me and told me Jen had coffee in the kitchen. I walked across the wide patio and went into the large kitchen and found my sister bending over getting something out of the lower cabinet. She was dressed in yoga shorts and a bikini top. Her ass was not wide but it was marvelous stretched into those spandex shorts. I had to avert my eyes from my sisters ass as I moved to get a cup a coffee. She saw me and stood up and smiled brightly and asked how I slept. It was nearly 10:00am, but coming from the west coast it was still early to me. I told her the bed was very soft and I slept like a log.

She informed me the people would be showing up for the pool party around 11:00. It was some of the girl’s friends and some of their neighbors, they seemed to have a regular party to use the pool during the summer months Jen said. They’d be cooking hot dogs and hamburgers, nothing fancy she said, but in the meantime, she made me a bowl of fresh cut fruit.

She and I talked and I noticed her nipples poking through her thin bikini top. I was trying real hard to have a normal conversation and look her in the eye, but between the hard nipple and the camel toe, I was having a very difficult time. After a few minutes, she said she was going to get changed and asked me to start the dishwasher after I finished eating.

It seemed like just a few minutes later the people started to arrive, most were neighbors it seemed, and the girls had a few friends from gymnastics. It was a big mixture of people, seven couples and about ten kids in all. I assisted Jim with the grilling and helped Jen refill the coolers with beer and sodas for the kids. Most of the kids were playing on the slides and floating the lazy river, and even a few of the parents were in the pool by noon.

After lunch I retreated to the porch of the pool house and drank a beer and watched the crowd. I had been introduced to all the people, but it was impossible to remember their names. I watched as more and more of the parents shed their street clothes and hopped in the outdoor oasis that my sister had built. It really was something straight out of a HGTV show (they got the idea watching one of those shows, and when Jim took a large bonus they decided to build the pool rather than buy a cabin in the mountains).

A few of the moms had caught my eye, one in particular was a black woman who was tall and skinny with big round boobs. Her swimsuit was mom approved, but it did little to hide her ebony body and near six pack abs. Her name was Amanda if I remember right, and her husband was the big hulk of a man that was busy throwing around the kids in the pool for fun. Amanda was in the shallow end of the pool talking to another one of Jen’s friends, doing that thing where she was casually scooping up water and having it cascade over her breasts as they stood there and teased all the men watching.

I wasn’t watching, I was staring at this beauty when my sister walked up beside me and snickered at me “You shouldn’t be so obvious.”

I looked up at her like a kid that got caught stealing candy and she laughed loudly at me. “You men, you all stare at her. Don’t worry, I won’t tell your secret.” She winked and handed me a full beer, this time in a can. She then told me the kids were going to use the pool house to play video games and listen to music. That I should get my butt in their expensive pool and enjoy myself. I laughed but followed my younger sister’s orders and striped my t-shirt off and jumped in the pool.

I spent an hour playing around; floating down the lazy river, going down the water slides and talking with their friends. I like to people watch, and watch I did. They had a good looking bunch of friends. Amanda and her husband Titus were the ring leaders it seemed. She was the girl’s gymnastics coach and he ran a local gym. When they called for volunteers to play sand volleyball, nearly everybody volunteered. It was too hot and I was too old to go compete so I pulled myself out of the pool and went to smoke a cigarette and get a cold beer. I sat watching the teams pare off for volleyball and watched as they competed.

One thing was soon obvious to the observant, they çeliktepe escort were a friendly bunch. When one teammate made a good shot or play, there was a lot of butt slapping…and squeezing. And lots of hugs. Sweaty, sandy bodies coming in for a hug and a butt squeeze.

I was one of the few not playing, but I wasn’t the only one. There was a young couple with a toddler and they were playing on the slides in the pool and there was Kiko, Jim’s partner’s wife. Tadaaki (or Tad as he was called) and Jim met at UCLA and formed their company soon after graduation. They were best friends and they lived in the same neighborhood. Tad was a handsome man himself, tall for Asian standards and very fit. Kiko was a mystery. I had met her at the wedding, but she was very demure and kept her distance. Maybe 5’1″ tall and very thin and beautiful from what I remember. Jen had told me one time that it was an arranged marriage, but they were happy it seemed.

Today, she was seemingly keeping to herself, dressed in a white knee length mumu type dress and a huge straw hat with large sunglasses. I know Asians don’t like exposing themselves to the sun, they feel that dark skin is a symbol of “working people” and spend thousands of dollars to keep their skin lily white. Tad, on the other hand, was deeply tanned and showed it off his tan in his red speedo. The guys teased him about it and the women seemed to like it, always making suggestive remarks about his package.

While I smoked in the shade, Kiko spent her time picking up half empty soda cans and keeping things tidy around the pool. They didn’t have any children and she would volunteer to watch a kid or make sure they got to the bathroom in the big house, if the one in the mother in law suite was being used.

After a half hour the volleyball game broke up with loud laughter. Seemed Amanda lost her top diving for a ball and didn’t realize it. Damn, I wish I could have seen those round chocolate tits covered in the white sand.

Most of the adults lined up to rinse off in one of the outdoor showers. I went to grab another beer from the cooler and ended up running right into Amanda, she grabbed me around my waist and pulled me into her and whispered, “You missed the show Bob, you should have come and played.” She pulled back and winked at me and bent at the waist showing me her perfect ass in her small white bikini bottom while retrieving me a beer from the cooler. She turned and handed me the beer while staring in my eyes, “It was good to meet you Bob, hopefully we will get to see you again soon,” then leaned over and kissed my cheek, very close to the edge of my mouth. She turned to walk away and I found myself staring at her ass that seemed to have a bigger swing than before. As I was lost in thought watching her ass, my sister walked up to me and tickled my side, “Caught you again,” she whispered as I jumped from her fingers on my ribs. I turned to her and returned the tickle and she jumped and ran away laughing.

Because I was so much older than her, when she was little, we would get into tickle fests. She was very ticklish, and I was a cruel teenager. I tickled her so long one time that she peed her pants. I never did that again, because Dad whipped me so severely that I couldn’t sit for a week.

The party seemed to break up at that point and most of the guests collected their children from the pool house and were in the process of leaving. A few of the men stayed behind and they all were gathering under large pergola to smoke cigars and drink brandy. Jim asked me to join them and I said I would in a few minutes. I had a stash of some Cuban’s that I’d brought back from Asia on my last trip and they were in my suitcase. I walked into the pool house, the music still blaring from when the kids occupied it during the party, I grabbed the key and opened the bedroom door and walked in.

What I saw shocked even me.

My innocent sister was laid over the bed with her feet on the floor and her face buried in the comforter. Behind her, Kiko was impaling her slowly with a flesh colored dildo into her wet pussy. Jen was still fully clothed in her bikini top and her short skirt coverup, her bikini bottom pushed to the side to allow the intrusion. Kiko’s right hand held the dildo and her left was on Jen’s back, pushing her down into the bed covers.

Neither of them heard me come into the room, probably because the music was so loud from the stereo playing in the main room and the fact they both faced away from the door. I stood and watched as Kiko increased the speed of the dildo being plunged into my sister’s wet cunt and watched as her left hand drifted back to Jen’s ass, where Kiko inserted her thumb into her backdoor.

I stood motionless as Kiko began to fuck my sister with the phallus faster and faster. She was talking to her, but over the noise of the stereo and my beating heart I couldn’t hear what she was saying. Jen’s ass was thrusting back into Kiko’s hand and I knew she was about to cum soon. I turned cihangir escort and quietly left the way I came back in and escaped to the porch to smoke a cigarette and drink my beer. I could see the guys sitting under the pergola across the pool and waved at them when they motioned me over. I needed to calm down a little as my dick had become hard watching my sister being violated by her Japanese friend.

I slowed my breaths and took a long drag off my cigarette followed by a long pull of the beer. My heart rate slowly dropped along with the hardness of my dick. In a few minutes I had calmed down enough that I was just getting ready to head over to the guys when I heard the music being turned down to a lower decibel and then heard the door open behind me from the pool house. I turned to look and out walked Jen, who looked her normal self except that she was flushed in color. Kiko walked out behind her with her big hat and glasses on and appeared 100% normal.

Jen smiled at me and walked over to where I was sitting, “You should go join the guys and tell lies with them. I feel bad your isolating yourself,” she remarked.

“Yeah, just getting ready to go over there, was just enjoying a little quiet time,” I remarked while looking at my sister in a whole new way. I could feel the blood running back to my dick.

“I’m going to go clean up the kitchen, I’ll be back soon, and I expect you to be having fun mister.”

“I will keep him company,” Kiko said in her accented English.

“Thanks Kiko!” Jen said cheerfully as she walked away towards the big house, my eyes watching her in a totally different perspective. Her legs were long and tanned, her butt, while not wide was built like a Cowboy’s Cheerleader. Her thin waist and long blonde hair. She was incredibly beautiful.

“She is very beautiful Bob,” I heard Kiko say as she sat on the loveseat next to me.

“Yes she is,” I heard myself say in response.

Kiko placed her hand in my lap, just below my hard cock. “You didn’t lock the door.”

I turned to her with a questioning look on my face.

“When you left the room, you forgot to lock the door on your way out,” she smiled as she rubbed my upper thigh with her hand.

“Oh,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

“Jennifer is a very complicated person Bob, she has needs beyond what Jim can give her,” she whispered as she rubbed her hand over my now swollen cock. “I knew you would be big.”

She grabbed my phone from the coffee table in front of us with her left hand and gave it to me. “Unlock it.” I did as she asked and handed it back to her where she typed in her contact information into my address book. She then hit send to call her phone and hung it back up. She put the phone back on the table, withdrew her right hand from my lap and stood up. Walking directly in front of me she took off her oversized sunglasses and looked at me in the eye, “Go smoke cigars Bob, but don’t get drunk with those fools. I will send you a message later. I need to go help Jen clean up from the party.”

She smiled and put her glasses on and turned to walk towards the house. I took another long drink from my beer and let my dick soften before I returned to the bedroom in the pool house and grabbed the cigars from my suitcase.

I walked over to the pergola and handed out the Cubans to the delight of the guys. I sat back and lit my cigar and was handed a small sifter of brandy by Jim. I laid my head back in the chair and closed my eyes, tasting the sweet tobacco.

I let my mind wander, to my sister and to what Kiko had said about her needs. To Kiko, and how she had kept the secret of me walking in on their activities. I had to sort this out before it got out of control.

I opened my eyes and for the first time since I arrived, I participated in a lively discussion with the guys. We talked Football, Baseball and work. It was good to just let my mind think about anything other than my sister being fucked by her husband’s best friends’ wife. How long had it been going on? Were there others? It was none of my business, but for some reason my cock wanted to know the answers.

Kiko had said she would send me a message and I would press her for answers later.

After we all finished our Cuban Cigars, the guys all got up to leave. It was a work night and it was getting a little past 7:00pm. After they left, I helped Jim clean the pool and back flush the filters. I emptied all the ash trays and we tidied up the areas around the pool. He told me the yard guy would be by tomorrow to rake the sand volleyball area and clean up the bigger stuff. We would have a salad for dinner Jim said.

After we were done outside we went into the big house, the cool air reminded me that all I had on was my swim trunks and flip flops. Jim and I sat at the big island in the kitchen and Jen brought us our salads and each of us a large glass of water. The water tasted like it was made of gold flakes after the long day in the sun and the cigars. I emptied it in short order and Jen brought me a refill. The kids were already upstairs getting their showers and getting ready for bed. Jen was still in her bikini top and short skirt coverup, the cool air-conditioning making her nipples pop in her top. It was the same outfit she was wearing when she was being fucked by Kiko.

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