My Sister My Slave

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My Sister Gina is a few years older than me. She and I get along great. The fact that she’s sexy as fuck and has gorgeous 36D tits is just one reason. The fact that’s she’s in love with my cock and she’s my willing sex slave is an even bigger reason.

We still live together. She’s so good at pleasing my cock, I want her as close to me as possible. She’s standing in my bedroom, her arms behind her back, her hands handcuffed. She’s got a ball gag in her mouth. She’s nude. Her big, natural, milk filled tits are poking out, milk dribbling from her thick, pink nipples that I’ve been tweaking. Her dirty blonde pussy is leaking. She’s ready to fuck… but I’m taking my time with her.

I stand by her side, looking at the breast milk clinging to her phat nipples. I lean over and softly lick them clean. Gina moans softly. I softly bite her thick, rubbery nipple, sucking more milk out. I squeeze her right tit, as I suck her left. Gina moans loudly into the ball gag and cums. I see the pussy cum running down her thighs. I rub her cumming pussy FASTER… FASTER… FASTERRRRRRRRRRR!! Gina screams into the ball gag… and cums again. I smirk, as I suckle on her nipples.

My seven inch cock is rock hard, ready to fuck the shit out of my sexy, big titty sister. I go behind her and bend her over. I smack her phat ass… Gina moans… I smack it harder… she moans louder. I squeeze her thick ass rub my rock hard cock slowly, up and down, her soaked, puffy labia. Gina screams in ecstasy, her screams muffled by the red ball gag.

I SLAM my cock up her pussy… then hold it still in her pussy. Gina whimpers, wanting me to plow her swollen, soaking etiler bdsm escort wet pussy. I smack her ass again… and again… and again. Gina screams into the ball gag, loving the rough smacking. Her thick white ass is red from my spanking. I reach up, grab her dirty blonde hair… and… SLAM MY COCK IN AND OIT OF HER THROBBING PUSSY. EVERY ROCK HARD INCH PLOWS HARDER AND HARDER UP HER TIGHT…AND NOW CUMMING AGAIN… PUSSY.

I plow, hyper speed fast, and awesomely hard up my sisters cumming cunt. I reach under her and squeeze the fuck outta her big, hanging titties. Her milk shoots out onto my floor. I slap them, side to side, harder and harder. Gina screams loudly into the ball gag, squirting two times in a row. I smirk, slapping her big titties harder. I love rough sex and so does my sister. I squeeze those big titties so fucking hard, they turn beet red. I PUMMEL her twat harder, deeper, faster! My cock throbs hard and pumps out my cum, deep up Gina’s still squirting pussy.

I pull out and remove her ball gag. Gina knows what to do, immediately gobbling up my cum dripping cock. She eagerly sucks my whole cock down her throat, massing it with her throat. Gina drinks down every last drop of jizz left in me. I smack her face. “Good slut!” I smack her face again, grabbing her short hair and force fucking her face. I pound the fuck outta her mouth and throat.

Gina happily opens her throat and gives it to me. I shove all the way down her throat, her nose buried in my crotch. I bang her throat so damn hard, her saliva pours out. I keep pounding her throat harder. Gina vomits on my cock, as I pull out. She gasps for air, breathing hard, sucking in the air. I shove etiler elit escort back down her throat and force fuck it faster and faster and fucking faster. I grunt loud and pump another creamy load of cum down her slut throat. She looks up at me, as my cock jumps in her throat, pelting out my sticky load. Gina gulps it down happily, quickly.

I pull out and piss all over my sister’s face and tits. My warm urine beats down on her sexy face and big, beautiful melons. Gina moans happily, smiling at me, as I cover her in my piss. She sucks me in and drinks down the rest. My slutty sister loves my piss… and I love feeding it to her.

“I love your cock James. I love being your sex slave too. Use me baby. Use me.” Gina gives me a slutty smile, as she sucks me dry.

I spend the next hour ass fucking my sister. I do her doggy style, bent over the bend, slamming up that phat ass, slapping her big titties silly. She then rides me cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. I squeeze her big tits the whole time. They’re turning blue from my rough squeezing. Gina rides me hard, bouncing her ass all over my happy cock. I fill her ass full of creamy jizz. She sucks me dry again, licking and sucking me spotless.

Gina sleeps in my bed, her hands still handcuffed behind her back. She sucks me off twice during the night. She’s a cum slut and I’m more than happy to feed her, as much as possible. I go to the bathroom and make her follow me. She holds my cock, as I piss. Gina leans over and sticks her tongue out, lapping up my piss, as it pours into the toilet. She wraps her sexy lips around my cock and drinks the rest. I close my eyes and groan. My sister makes me feel so fucking good. etiler escort Gina drinks my piss, licking my plump head in her mouth, as the piss shoots out into her mouth and throat.

The next day, we go grocery shopping. Gina is wearing a gray sports bra and gray spandex workout pants. Her thick nipples are rock hard, poking through the thin sports bra material. She pushes the cart. I stand behind her and pull her pants down, fucking her in the store. People walk by us, staring. They can’t believe we are fucking right there in the store. I love public sex. I get off on it big time.

I pound my sister’s sweet, tight cunt in front of everyone. I just smirk at the nosey motherfuckers. “Yeah… I’m fucking my sister… so what. Ha.” I tell em. A lesbian couple watch. I let em eat Gina’s pussy… after they suck my cock. They suck out my cum and swap it between them. Fuck, that’s hot.

I pimp my sister too. I let the store manager fuck her ass in his office… for $500. We fuck everywhere. We fucked at a baseball game. Gina rode me, while everyone watched. I sucked her titties through the whole seventh inning… stretch and all. I drank down six mouthfuls of her tasty milk. I handcuffed her again and wrote FREE FUCK on her phat ass. Four dudes fucked her outside one of the men’s bathrooms.

I even had Gina film me fucking the lesbian couple from the store. Both blonde, thin, great tight bodies and tattoos. They love my cum and piss too. Gina filmed them drinking my piss, after I ass fucked em both. I put it up on a few porn sites. They both strapon fucked Gina while I filmed it. We all pissed all over her. The lesbians moved in with us. We film our sex adventures and put em up on porn sites all the time.

My sister sucks me off every day… at least four times a day. Between her and the lesbians, they almost wear me out… almost. (Wink)

I love sexually owning my sister. She’s a great fuck… and always horny. Gina and I have a beautiful, sexually charged relationship. She’s… MY Sister My Slave.

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