“No Boundaries” Water Canoe Area

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This is a Earth Day Story Contest entry so please vote. All characters in the story are at least 18 years of age even if not explicitly stated in the text. This story follows a mother and son on a canoe trip in the wilderness as they try to resist their forbidden lust for one another. In addition to voting, please be sure to leave a comment, I’d love to know how this makes you feel.


Amber never claimed to be “mother of the year” material, but even as a single mother she managed to provide for her son Jake and stay involved in his life. When Jake was young she found time to be a den mother for his cub scout troop. Like most teenagers, over the years her son pulled away from his mother and spent more time in his own social circle of friends. That’s why Amber was shocked when her son asked her to join him on a 2 week trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area during the summer before he started college classes.

Jake had been to the BWCA the previous summer on a high adventure outing with the boy scouts and really enjoyed the isolation and peacefulness of the north woods wilderness. Amber jumped at the opportunity to spend some quality time with her son before he left for college, but the trip sounded intimidating. It wasn’t the rigorous physical requirements which concerned her, she led a very active life including daily runs and regular visits to the gym. However, besides her running and biking on the city trails, she wasn’t much of an outdoor gal.

Her son quickly dispelled Amber’s concerns by reassuring her that he would be there to help and that they would take a backwoods camping and canoeing course before their trip. True to his word, Jake and his mom took the preparatory courses and spent weeks planning for their trip.

*** Days 1 – 3 ***

Mother and son left early on a Saturday morning with a 2 day drive to reach their launch site in front of them. Immersed in conversation after conversation, the drive went by quickly. The first night the two stayed in a roadside motel and got back on the road early the next day. The drive was tiring and when they pulled into the outfitter’s lodge in the early evening of the second day they had a big dinner and went straight to bed.

On Monday morning Amber was refreshed and really excited to start the trip. Together with her son, they grabbed a canoe and brought it down to the water’s edge.

“I still can’t believe how little we’re bringing along,” she told her son.

“Pack light and go far,” Jake replied with a grin.

Amber had never packed this light in her life even for a short weekend getaway and they were about to leave all civilization for more than a week. Their gear included mostly survival essentials. A 2-man tent, sleeping bags, mats, toiletries, fishing equipment and food took up the majority of the allowed space and weight in their packs. There wasn’t much room left over for clothing. Amber brought only a rugged pair of zip off pants, a light jacket, a couple t-shirts, 2 swim suits, underwear and a sports bra.

Jake was intent on getting on the isolated waters far from the launch site and the first day they paddled hard from launch time to dusk. That first day included 4 short portages and one nearly a ½ mile long. After setting up camp and cooking some fish they had caught for dinner, mother and son crawled into their sleeping bags and were asleep before even saying goodnight.

*** Day 4 ***

“Good morning mom,” Jake said cheerily when his mother emerged from the tent.

“Is that coffee I smell?” asked his mom.

“And oatmeal,” Jake replied. “We need to fuel up for another long day.”

Jake couldn’t help notice his mother. She was still wearing only a t-shirt and panties and in the low 50 degree morning air, her nipples were poking at the shirt’s material. His mom was fit and younger than most of his classmate’s moms. She had gotten pregnant with him while still in high school and at 36 was hot for her age. His friends often teased him about his MILF. Secretly Jake agreed with them.

The 2nd day was a little less strenuous than the first day with 3 short portages and one of about a quarter mile. It had been hours since they had seen another paddler.

“I need a break,” Amber finally admitted to her son in the heat of the mid afternoon son.

“OK, let’s find a place to make camp and you can rest while I catch supper,” replied Jake.

Within 15 minutes Jake was paddling away from his mother on a beach. Amber watched her son paddling away. Without a shirt she saw the muscles in his back, arms and shoulders flexing in the sunlight and she struggled to see her boy in the body of that man.

After setting up the tent, Amber decided to remove her athletic style swim top. It certainly was giving her the support she needed while canoeing, but the thick straps and full coverage were not giving her very flattering tan lines. Jake was out of sight fishing somewhere and she doubted anyone else was in the area. After a couple hours of sun bathing, Amber grabbed soap, shampoo, conditioner and a razor, removed her bottoms and slipped nude into izmir escort bayan the cool summer waters.

When Jake rounded the shoreline, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Not 50 yards from his location he saw his naked mother bathing in the waters in front of their campsite. She didn’t notice him probably because he was concealed in the dark shadows formed on the water by the tall trees and the sun was at his back. Jake reached down into the canoe and pulled out his binoculars. He’d already used them a couple times to get a better look at moose and bear, but he was much more interested in his current quarry.

His mother looked like a Nordic water goddess standing in water which tickled the underside of her belly button. His mom’s long blond hair was dark with wetness, and droplets of water shimmered on her sleek skin in the sunlight. Jake’s dick began to swell in his shorts at the sight of his naked mother washing her breasts, the soapy bubbles cascading down her skin before trailing off into the dark waters.

Jake was like most hormone-driven teenage boys, and like his friends, fantasized about his mother. He had often tried to catch a glimpse of her, but never successfully until now. Her breasts were better than he could have imagined, they looked like heavy grapefruit-sized globes of flesh, still held high on her chest. The fair skin of her breasts contrasted deeply with the other parts of her arms, chest, stomach and shoulders which were deeply bronzed from 2 days of exposure to the sun. Capping her fair, globes were large pink nipples ringed with matching 2″ diameter areolas.

Ever since his trip here last summer, Jake had fantasized about bringing his mother here. In his fantasies he saw her naked and so much more. It seemed like his dreams were coming true.

The throbbing stiffness in his shorts was too much for Jake to ignore, so with eyes still looking through the binoculars at his bathing mother, he freed his erection from its corral and started slowly stroking up and down the shaft. Almost immediately he could feel the energetic tingles in the shaft of his cock, building in intensity. His hand moved more quickly, demanding the release he desired. When he climaxed, long streams of thick cum splattered across the sidewalls of the canoe and into the water. Hungry fish greedily attacked the protein strings which hit the water.

Amber rinsed the suds from her breasts allowing her finger tips to bump her hard nipples and send shocks of pleasure between her legs. She was so horny. In the comfort and privacy of her own bedroom her nightly routine included masturbating to at least one, but more often two and sometimes three orgasms. The past three nights since leaving the house she had not been alone at night and was robbed of her customary satisfaction. Amber looked around for her son, but didn’t see him on the water. She slowly walked out of the water and laid face down on a large beach towel still nude and dripping with water.

Instinctively Amber’s hand found its way between her legs and gently began to massage her throbbing clit. Her imagination wandered between fantasies and landed, unexpectedly, on the broad back and shoulders of her young son. She quickly pushed the thought from her mind, but as she fought back the throws of her climax, it returned again.

Jake was paddling as quickly and quietly as possible to the shore where his mother lay face down, completely nude. He could see his mother’s tight ass moving rhythmically in the air and he knew she was masturbating. Jake fantasized about what could happen if he caught her in such a vulnerable state.

A large bang from the paddle slamming against the side of the canoe interrupted Amber’s building orgasm and alerted her to Jake’s approach. Turning she saw her son much closer than expected, not 20 yards from shore.

“Jake!” she screamed as she quickly stood and ran away from him, grabbing her clothes and ducking behind the tent. “What the hell.”

His mother’s reaction had not been what he had fantasized and Jake was overcome with shame and embarrassment.

“I’m sorry mom,” he pleaded. There wasn’t much else to say.

“I can’t believe…. You….,” Amber stammered incoherently while dressing.

“I’m going to collect some wood for the fire,” Jake said pulling the canoe on shore. He figured his mom would need some time to cool off and he wanted to let his erection fade before talking to her.

When Jake returned 20 minutes later his mother was sitting on a log by the fire.

“I’m really sorry mom,” he said again.

“No, I’m sorry,” Amber answered, “you didn’t do anything wrong, I was just embarrassed.”

“You’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about,” her son replied. “You were just working on evening out your tan, and if you don’t mind me saying, you looked really good.”

His mom smiled. She appreciated his complement and hoped he had been far enough away that he didn’t notice what her hand was doing between her legs.

Together they prepared a pot dinner with dry potato flakes, seasoning and fish and settled into good conversation izmir escort about how far they had traveled into the BWCA and the many natural sites they had witnessed.

“I’m pretty sore,” Jake’s mother admitted. “Do you mind massaging my shoulders son?”

Jake replied, “sure,” stood behind his mother and began to massage her shoulders.

“That feels great,” Amber said.

Her son’s hands felt strong yet caring on her shoulders and back, gently rubbing out the knots from the 2 day activity. His touch reignited her hormones and a guilty tingle started between her legs. For a moment she imagined turning, unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock, but quickly pushed away the forbidden thought.

Relaxed by her son’s massage, Amber was first to crawl into the tent. Jake watched her from the fire. Once inside the tent she pulled off her top and bottoms replacing them with a t-shirt and white cotton panties before slipping into the sleeping bag. Jake had managed to catch a few short looks at his mother’s exposed breasts, but nothing like the show he’d seen earlier from the boat. A few minutes later Jake crawled in to the tent and his sleeping bag next to his mother.

In the dark quiet of the night Amber waited to hear her son’s breathing slow and deepen indicating he was asleep. It had been so long since she had felt the wonderful release of orgasm and couldn’t wait any longer. Rolling over to her stomach she began to massage her pussy with the expertise of a single mother with 18 years experience. Her orgasm came within a couple minutes and in the climax an erotic moan somehow escaped her lips.

Jake heard his mother’s moan of pleasure and knew that she was touching herself next to him in the tent. His dick hardened at the thought.

*** Day 5 ***

As usual, Jake was up with the son and had coffee and breakfast ready for his mother by the time she stumbled out of the tent an hour later.

“We’re in the back-country now mom,” said Jake over breakfast. “Now we get to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.”

Still sore from the first 2 days of paddling, Amber almost cheered at the news.

“So, you’re going to paddle me around while I work on my tan?” she asked her son.

“Sure will,” Jake answered, “it’s your vacation too.”

By 9:30 they had packed up the camp and were shoving off into the waters. The sun was already warm and temperatures were climbing into the 80s. Amber used her paddle and the spare to span the distance between the bow of the canoe and her seat then put a blow-up raft on top of them to fashion her sunning spot for the day.

Jake’s dick never went flaccid while he paddled his mother around the clear waters. While her first swimsuit was athletic and made for activity, the one she wore now was a tiny bikini style so she could maximize her exposure to the sun’s bronzing rays. It was light green in color and barely concealed the full round mounds of his mother’s breast which parted toward her sides with their weight. Likewise, the bottoms did little more than conceal his mother’s forbidden sexuality. When wet they did that poorly, providing an outline of her beautiful pussy lips and landing strip.

Around midday, Jake spied a rope swing someone had tied to a tree which stretched over the water. Jake directed the canoe to the shoreline and started to climb the shore. After a few minutes he reached the rope and launched into the air. The swing took him over the water and when he released he was 15 foot above the cool waters.

After watching her son swing and splash 3 times, Amber found the courage to try it for herself, while Jake cheered for her still in the water just outside of the landing zone. With a joyful scream, Amber swung through the air and released at the top of the arch, her body accelerating with exhilarating speed toward the water.

“Shit!” exclaimed Amber when she came up to the surface.

“What’s wrong mom?” Jake inquired.

“I lost my top,” admitted her mother. “Help me find it.”

The two dove and felt around for Amber’s bikini top for 15 minutes before finally admitting defeat.

“Will you go get my other swimsuit top,” Amber asked her son.

“Nope,” taunted Jake. “You’ve got nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“I’m your mother,” she answered.

“I’m topless and, I’m sorry, but your tits need some sun,” Jake spat back.

He had a point. If she wore the other suit, her tan lines would be similar to wearing a sleeveless shirt and would look terrible under summer dresses when she got home.

“OK,” Amber conceded, “but you can’t look.”

“Mom, you have better tits than most of the girls my age,” Jake protested. “I won’t be able to help it.”

“Well,” his mother paused, “Just try not to stare.” Her son’s complement of her breasts did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. It felt good to be desirable to a younger man, even if he was her son.

“Deal,” replied Jake.

They climbed back into the boat and paddled around for a couple more hours, Jake’s eyes trained on his mothers, pink-tipped, silky smooth globes.

The escort izmir summer heat seemed relentless and finally Jake decided to jump in for a dip. His previous swim in shorts had caused some chaffing as they dried so he decided to shed them before jumping in. His mother was laying on her front so he was able to do this without her noticing.

Amber felt the canoe shift beneath her body and heard the splash a fraction of a second before she felt the cool water spray across her back. The splash was refreshing and beckoned her into the water. Standing she faced her son in the water, no longer burdened by modesty, breasts exposed for his viewing pleasure. The lustful look in her son’s eyes made Amber feel weak in the knees, she could tell she aroused him and the guilty pleasure was enchanting.

Diving from the canoe, Amber swam, eyes closed under water towards her son. She embarrassingly misjudged the distance and she smashed into him while still underwater. In the confusion she felt his erection on her face and then somehow she grasped it in her hand.

“What the…?” Amber gasped coming up from beneath the water. She felt angry and embarrassed at the same time.

“I’m sorry son, I didn’t mean…” Amber stammered.

“Its fine, you didn’t know,” answered her son. “I’m not wearing shorts.”

“Really…” quirked back his mother.

“Wet shorts caused chaffing that I’d rather avoid,” Jake continued.

“Got it,” smiled his mother.

Mother and son splashed playfully in the cool waters before starting a game of Marco Polo. The first time her son grabbed her breasts Amber knew this game was not appropriate for a topless mother to play with her naked son, but the touch was probably accidental. Throughout the game, Jake’s groping became more deliberate to the point where he would boldly pinch his mother’s hardened nipples. Amber knew this was forbidden, taboo in society, but it was just for fun, so she let it continue.

The sexual attention and its forbidden nature was making Amber hot with envy. Most of the touching had been by her son, but now she was joining in, letting her hand graze his cock a few times and even occasionally giving it a playful tug.

In the heat of the moment, Jake pulled his mother in and began to kiss her. Amber’s womanly instincts reacted first, welcoming his kiss, opening her mouth to receive his tongue. Then, like on a delay, her motherly instincts resurfaced.

“Stop,” she exclaimed pushing away from her son in the water. “That’s too far.”

“I’m sorry,” called Jake after his mother as she swam towards the canoe. “I just got caught up…”

Amber didn’t reply. She was the parent, it was her responsibility. She was angry at herself for allowing it to go too far…. as a mother. As a woman, Amber had never desired anything more than to feel her son’s young cock inside her. She almost came thinking about it on her swim back to the canoe.

By the time Jake crawled back into the canoe, his mother had found and donned her athletic swim top concealing the temptation from him. They canoed in silence, Amber torn between mother and woman and Jake hoping his impetuousness hadn’t ruined any future chance he had with the woman of his fantasies. Their silence continued through making camp and dinner and they even went to sleep without saying anything to one another.

Their forbidden attraction and taboo play hung in the tent like a thick, steamy cloud.

*** Day 6 ***

“We should start heading back today,” Amber told her son when she rose for breakfast the next morning. “I don’t think I can handle another paddle parade like the one we took to get this far out.”

“Sure, that’s fine mom,” Jake answered. “Listen, I’m sorry about yesterday, it’s just you’re so fucking hot I couldn’t help myself.”

“We just can’t let it happen again,” his mother answered. “We need to respect the lines.”

Within an hour they had cleaned up camp and were back on the water headed back to the launch site. They were crossing a large lake when Amber pointed out the storm clouds on the horizon. The two paddled hard, but still had several hundred yards to shore when the winds and driving rain hit them like a hurricane. As the rain fell so did the temperatures dropping from the upper 70s to the low 50s. They couldn’t stop paddling long enough to put on their rain gear for fear of losing ground, capsizing or worse. For at least an hour they battled trying to gain the last 200 yards to shore, their bodies exhausted, aching and numb from the cold.

Amber wasn’t sure they were going to survive this storm. Jake had similar thoughts.

Somehow, they finally pulled their canoe on shore and even more amazingly managed to set up their tent in the driving winds and rain. Fortunately their gear was all safe in waterproof bags and their sleeping bags were warm and dry.

Even in the relative safety of the tent, Amber and Jake were wet and cold, dancing dangerously close to hyperthermia. Their classes had primed them for this situation. Without saying a word, both mother and son peeled off their cold wet clothes. Jake zipped together the sleeping bags and both damp chilled bodies crawled inside. Jake wrapped his arms around his mother and pulled her tight hoping to preserve whatever body heat still remained between them.

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