One Amazing Birthday! Ch. 03

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So several weeks from the previous visit, after nearly 3 weeks of not hearing from her, I decided it was time to just stop in and see what was going on with Cassandra. I walked up and was greeted by the doorman and as I slipped in I saw her sitting with a few other guys, I just smiled, unsure if she had seen me and parked myself by a window and watched the girls up on the stage.

As soon as the next song finished she was up and leaving the gentlemen and headed my way, it was actually both incredibly sexy and cute as she dashed through the rather crowded area before planting herself at my table.

“Hi,” she said with that cute pixie-like smile she has, “I’ve missed you where have you been?”

“Well, I wasn’t sure about you anymore since you’ve not answered texts in 3 weeks.”

“I lost my damn phone,” she replied, the look on her face said she was telling the truth so I went with it.

So after a few moments I gave her the gift I had gotten her on a trip that screamed her, and then I told her it was time to get her in the back so she could dance for just me. After about an hour in the back recesses of the place we bounced over to another area simply because it was more affordable at the end of the night and I loved the way she did her normal teasing. This night she was just as much fun as usual but there was something still missing.

“So, I’ll look and see if there’s an extra phone at home for you to use,” I told her.

She squealed with delight and hugged me, as we walked out of the back, realizing I was the last customer in the building that night. Oh well, it was worth it.

The next night I didn’t make it in until about an hour and a half before closing. Oh she was worth it, she was already tipsy when I walked in, having been drinking our left over champagne from the night before. I had her dance out in the main room first, and it was kind of funny how tipsy she was and she struggled to keep her balance completely.

Little did I know this was the night things were destined to go a bit further, yes, we’d already broken so many rules but this time it was about to get into extreme breaking and pushing the boundaries. It tickled her that I could just chug the champagne she couldn’t understand how I did that. Years of practice, I told her.

The first dance was a bit slow but fun and talky, the second, OMG. She was straddling me and leaning over and I told her I wanted her out of there, soon. I know every guy hits on these women, every guy is led to believe there’s always a chance. There was more to it than that, at least I thought so.

Cassandra, well Jandrica, we can refer to her real name here. Smiled down and leaned over offering me a nipple as she obscured the camera with her hair draped over us. I caught that nipple and sucked and teased her, then I dared to run my hand down and tease her a bit more, rubbing her clit with my fingers through her thong, and then I dipped under the side and rubbed my fingers through those wet tight little lips for just a moment. I pulled back for a few seconds and she looked down at me with a pout.

“I really didn’t want you to stop!” she whispered as she smiled at me and her eyes danced with a bit of mystery.

“Time Cassandra!” the bouncer yelled over to her.

“Dammit!” I exclaimed.

I really didn’t want to hit an ATM and didn’t have quite as much cash as I had thought I brought, hmm. I decided to do one more, just three songs dance in the less private area. She didn’t even bother to get dressed just picked up her stuff and moved over to the other area and as soon as I started to sit down she grabbed me and put me in the next seat over. They can see us in the mirror from the other side, she told me.

Quickly she was back in my lap and in that instant, I knew I was in trouble, she was really worked up and horny now and she was about to attack. As she ground down on my lap facing me she presented me with those amazing breasts again, and I nipped and sucked on them, feeling bold I whispered, “I’m going to bakırköy escort finger you now!”

Slipping a finger under her thong this time immediately, I rubbed her wet slit and ran my fingers up to find her swollen clit, I rubbed it as she leaned forward and her lips found my neck as she bit and kissed and licked.

“I really just want to stay here, and not move,” she whimpered.

I sunk a finger inside her and continued to tease her clit with my thumb. Finally, I pulled my hand away and she leaned forward again and went after my neck once more, and then my weakness she went after my ears and neck back and forth.

“So come on Jandrica, obviously this is more that just a customer thing, you want this as badly as I do.” I told her.

She smiled and with that she went in and attacked one more time. “Of course I do, but I can’t tell you that,” she giggled.

She was going to activate the phone as soon as she could the following week and then contact me. She wasn’t working this week and she really wanted to get together if at all possible.

So come to Wednesday, I hadn’t heard from her, I’m not desperate, but I did keep messaging to see if she had got the phone turned on because hey, I wanted Jandrica to prove how much she kept saying she loved sucking cock was true, and I wanted to do all sorts of things to her.

Wednesday night I got a text about 9:30 pm and was from a different number and she said that she wanted to meet me the following day at a hotel near her house, or wherever I wanted but she wasn’t going to tease me anymore. So I changed some of the plans I had laid out for that day and then I responded that I’d be ready for whichever place she wanted to do. She told me she may be free Friday as well. If I was as good as she expected she wanted both days. And then she sent me a picture. I was instantly hard.

I guess I should say she sent me a string of pictures. It started out with her in jeans and a top and each picture revealed a bit more, shirt coming up, shirt off, no bra, pants undone, pants half down in front, a shot from the back. That damn sexy ass just teasing me, and then it got explicit, clothes off, laying back on her bed, fingers in her mouth, then teasing her nipples, playing with her clit, fingers inside her. I am not too ashamed to admit I stroked myself hard to the stream of pictures coming in. Lastly came a quick video.

Jandrica had the camera focused on her face, “I’m going to enjoy every minute tomorrow but here’s something to think about as you go to sleep tonight Chad, Sir!”

With the she pulled the camera back and showed me fingering herself, and then slipping a finger up her own ass. “Please do this tomorrow sir!” She whispered. The fingers that had been in her wet little pussy went to her mouth, “I can’t wait to do this with your cock, suck on it, slurp it all the way down, taste my own juices off your flesh. “

The next morning, I raced down to her area and got a hotel room. I stepped into the room and put down my little bag of goodies and then jumped in the shower. I wanted to be fresh the minute she walked into the room. Apparently that goal was too advanced for this morning because the minute I stepped out of the shower there was a knock at the door. I peeked out the hole and said hello. “Housekeeping”.

“I just got here ma’am no housekeeping required.” I responded.

“How about turn down service Sir?” She replied, something about her voice sounded familiar, so I thought for a quick second.

“I’ll open the door so you can come in but I only have a towel on, just fair warning.”

I still hadn’t seen this woman’s face as she was turned away towards the hall, as soon as I opened the door, this gorgeous vixen put her hand squarely in my chest and shoved me back a few steps, locking the door behind her, she was in a short skirt and a Harley Quinn T-shirt, she dropped to her knees and looked up expectantly. I couldn’t help myself, I smiled and dropped my towel inches from her face.

Jandrica beşiktaş escort looked into my eyes as she reached up and stroked my length until it filled out just a bit more and then she let her mouth drop down onto the full lenth and attacked me. She had told me how much she loved to suck a hard cock but now she was going way beyond the words. It reminded me of the last visits I had had with her at the club. She had pushed every boundary the club had and then some.


“Dude, she has asked about you no less than five times tonight to see if you were here yet!” the bouncer and her roommate had shared with me. I wouldn’t say we were friends but definitely friendly with each other, I liked the guy a lot.

“Yeah, I got delayed on getting here tonight,” I responded.

I slipped in and looked around, not spotting her at one of the stages and couldn’t see her around the room. I wondered if she was back with someone in a private dance. After about five minutes she came sauntering out from the back. Slinky and sexy she jiggled as she ran over and plopped down at my side. Yeah, she always knew she’d make a little money from my visits but hot damn, it feels amazing when one of the hottest girls in the club always rushed over to you to sit at your side without hesitation. She briefly teasingly yelled at me, reminding me I was supposed to be there earlier in the evening. I told her I was there now and she just needed to calm down.

We looked at the clock figuring out the timing and I realized if we were to get any drink this nigh we had to get a move on. The girl, using her stage name Cassandra, had never talked so much during an evening dance. But that was quite alright, as she sat astride me I finally shut her up by tugging her hair and pulling her close. I had her spin around and as she watched herself in the mirror I swatted her sexy ass. She squealed as I did and rubbed her cute little ass. “That was hard,” she whimpered, “give me a minute and do the other side.”

She looked over her shoulder and smiled, god she was so sexy, I thought. I then told her to brace herself after she said she was ready. Before I said anything else I popped her hard on the ass. I didn’t want her to be prepared. She leaned back against me and bit the side of my neck. I’ll spare you more details at this point but we later moved back to our usual area for another dance.

She was feeling tipsy, hell drunk at this point and she worked herself over me, teasing me with everything she had, she leaned in and moaned into my ear, “I did read the text you sent me about what you really wanted.” With that she shifted her hand between us and fingered herself and then pulled her fingers out licking one, then offered them to my mouth. Hot damn, she tasted amazing and she was soaked. A minute later as she leaned forward to attack my neck again, blocking the camera with her hair, I slipped a finger between her legs, under the panties and rubbed her clit. I pulled away and she whimpered, “Why did you stop?”

“Honey, you’re going to get us both in trouble,” I told her, “But when you hide us like that it’s too tempting,” watching her for a reaction.

Once again, her lips closed around my neck as she leaned forward, I can take a hint, I slipped a finger back beneath her thing and instead of just rubbing this time, I slipped my finger inside her, only to find, wet, molten heat and geez did she attack me. She grabbed onto my shoulders and shuddered and rode my fingers for about 30 seconds.

Now to finish this flashback I’ll take you to the very last visit, I slipped in late, she was already drunk, it was getting close to closing. We did the very private room dance this time again, and as our time ended, she leaned forward, we had been talking throughout most of this dance, and she spoke very slowly, “You know what you really wanted this time,” as I turned my head to answer her she kissed me. Some tongue, and then backed up smiled down and leaned in for one more kiss.

Not much beylikdüzü escort else risky happened that night but she definitely got the message across she wanted more if we could ever manage it. She was just afraid of putting herself out there because of her marital situation, and custody issues, plus she just didn’t want to be hurt.

It’s funny how most guys just see the hot chick in a thong dancing for them. I really enjoyed talking to this girl, she could be sitting across from me totally clothed and I’d still hang on her words. I told her as much and she just smiled and blushed a bit one time.

I truly think I eventually needed to fill her in, my background completely. Let her know I wasn’t the super savory person she may think I was, a dark abusive childhood, rough teenage years, being kicked out at 17 after graduating high school. The fact that even though I played sports in high school and college I was a complete nerd who had always struggled to find a path that wouldn’t do me any harm. A bit broken inside, with an IQ level of a genius and never even needing to try to understand things, just bored in college, dropped out, played with drug use, alcohol too. Finally deciding on going into the military and having the physical and mental ability to go into a specialized field. All of it, I wanted to lay out for her, she wasn’t just a stripper, I adored this girl, I had to be careful. Those tingles aren’t from arousal, it’s the high of when you see that person that you have a connection with and want to spend time with. That’s why I wanted her outside of work, I wanted to talk to her, but hell yes, no lying here, I wanted to fuck her until she was begging for mercy or passed out.

Who knew where I would be in a year, if I’d still be married or if I’d be in an open marriage. Who knew if she’d even really want more than a one time in bed with me? Or if she was just playing the part of an accomplished dancer who knew how to make a guy feel special. But I suspected she wanted more, she was just scared, she didn’t want to just be a piece of ass, or have someone find out she had been with a customer. Also if she felt more she couldn’t explore outside of something casual and sneaking around because of her custody orders with her daughter.

When I told her we could take that one step at a time, that I wanted her out of work, I wanted her and her body, she smiled demurely and hinted that she wanted the same. That was the same night she kissed me. I knew she didn’t let guys get a finger on or in her like I had, barring two guys that she had told me about. I also knew she didn’t just kiss a guy, there was something boiling just below the surface with her. She wanted more but was being as careful as she could be about it. I would do whatever it took to prove to her she could trust me on every facet, privately, at work, and I’d be whatever I could be with her.

*Flash forward

As this beautiful girl knelt at my feet bobbing back and forth and looking up into my eyes, I knew she had gotten past any issues. Enough was enough though, this wasn’t just about me. I stepped back, even while she tried to follow on her knees and lifted her up and put her on the bed. I reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off and spread her legs wide. She looked at me like I was crazy, slipping my hand up her thighs I smiled at her. “You got your taste, it’s my turn, we have plenty of time for that later or another time.”

Jandrica looked down at me and tugged her top off and tossed her bra to the side as well. I slid up and sucked the lips of her wet little pussy and slipped a finger in her and ran my thumb over her clit. She was already soaked and more than ready for me but that wasn’t happening yet. I spread her little lips with my fingers and sucked on her clit running my tongue over it and listening to her squeal and feeling her bounce her pelvis up to my mouth.

It didn’t take long and as she came the first time I worked her hard, fingering and tonguing her until she pushed me away. As she did this I flipped her over facedown on the bed and grabbed her hips and bit her ass. I swatted each cheek hard and then pulled her up on all fours. Getting up behind her I slipped inside inch by inch and then squeezed a hand around her throat before tugging her head back and kissing her as I slammed my hips into her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32