Please Deposit 25¢ For 5 Minutes

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How many of you are old enough to remember pay phones and phone booths? If you don’t have a clue, look them up on the Internet. You will need to know all about them to find out just what went wrong for Sarah, and how right it became.


Sarah had two fingers in her wet snatch rubbing very fast. The man on the other end of the phone said, “As soon as I pull my fingers out of you, I’m going to lick your cunt until you cry. Do you want that?”

“Oh yes, yes,” she gasped and reached into the side pocket of her long Burberry’s raincoat, pulled out a small dildo and got it ready.

“Can you feel me, Sarah, my tongue is hot today. I’m glad you called. I need your hairy pussy to taste so my cock will quiver,” said the voice.

“God, fuck, fuck, I can feel you, my cunt is frothing.” Sarah slumped a little lower into the booth.


The operator’s voice interrupted her rising passion. She scrambled in her purse, jamming it between her body and the back of the booth. As she sat scrunched up against it to hold it still, she fished about for another quarter.


“No, no!” she gasped in panic. “I have it.” She deposited the coin, and the bells rang. Once again her phone lover resumed.

“Now, Sarah, here comes my cock, it’s throbbing, leaking precum on my chair. I’m going to pull you onto canlı bahis my lap now. Spread your legs, Sarah, I want to see the pink of your cunt, you fucking little slut. Open wide. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

Sarah moaned as she leaned in tighter to the back of the booth. She made sure her coat was pulled down to cover herself, and then after opening her legs, thrust the dildo deep into her pussy. Pushing, ramming, turning, sideways, twirling, she tried every move she could think of to raise herself to a climax.

“I’m open wide. I feel your cock. Fuck my cunt, fuck your dirty little whore. Cum inside me!” Her voice was hoarse, breathing ragged, and her head lolled to one side. She sat like that for several minutes playing the dildo like a conductor’s baton, feeling out all the notes and chords of her sopping pussy interior.

“I may cum soon, Sarah, are you ready? Do you want my hot cream in your womb, sperm flooding your dark hole?”

“Oh, YES, YES!”


“Oh Shit! I don’t have any more money!”

“Don’t worry honey,” said a voice from over her shoulder. A man had stepped in through the door. He quickly deposited the quarter and smiled at her.

She was horrified! “Oh, oh…I’m so sorry…” She tried to cover her legs with her raincoat.

He quickly unzipped his pants, pulled out his stiff cock and stuck it bahis siteleri next to her left breast. “Unbutton your blouse honey or I won’t be able to find any more quarters, hear me?” He smiled and then said with more of an edge in his voice, “Now. I want your left tit right out where I can see it.”

The voice on the phone was continuing to drone as the phone sex guy moved in bored tones through his script. Sarah had lost all interest in him; her eyes were locked onto the cock poised to stab her in the boob. She unbuttoned her blouse and went even further, slipping her bra down, so her small breasts were exposed behind her raincoat.

The intruder was now jacking his cock slowly but determinedly and aiming it at her left cheek. Sarah looked up at him just as…


floated loudly from the phone into the booth.

“Fuck the operator, Sarah,” said her new man friend. “Tell her to go stick her finger up her ass for fun.” With that he raised his aim and selected his new target. Leaning forward he nudged the head of his dick against her lips.

She looked up, hung up the phone and grabbed his cock. She grinned, made an ‘O’ with her lips and began to lightly mouth-fuck his rigid prick.

“All the way in, slut. Fuck your throat with me,” he whispered to her. “Now, goddammit!”

He grabbed her hair and forced his seven inches into her until his bahis şirketleri balls hung under her chin like a grotesque growth of wrinkled, globular skin. She gagged a bit but regained her rhythm, pumping his cock with her right hand as it slid in and out.

“You brazen little whore, do you like it?”

She pulled out for a moment and said, “Yes, oh fuck yes.”

Her left hand was busily engaged in finishing off the phone sex promise, her fingers stabbing her gspot with vigor. She rode them as hard as she could, her energy divided between two places, her cunt, and his cock.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming. Swallow it honey-pot, swallow it all. You’re my cumslut!” He blew a load into her mouth and then another.

She couldn’t get it all and dribbles fell down between her exposed tits. He reached forward, caught some of it and smeared it on her forehead. She opened her mouth, and saliva mixed with cum layered over her bottom lip. She turned her head left and right to spill it onto both tits.

With both hands free now, she quickly attacked her clit with her right hand. The smoldering fire in her bowels flamed up into a massive orgasm; both a noisy cry and a sloppy squirting expelled from her at once.

Her unknown male companion zipped up his slippery, cum splashed cock and squeezed her arm.

“Thanks, you made my day, honey.”

“Why did you come into the booth, didn’t you see it was in use?” Sarah growled at him.

“Didn’t you like what happened.” he said.

She grinned sheepishly and said, “Oh…yes…I guess I did. But still, why did you come in?”

“Well, hon, the door was open, now wasn’t it?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32