Plumber’s Perks Ch. 15

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Debbie laughed when I told her what happened with Alex Nguyen. “Yeah well, I guess she figured she could give you a quick 30 second hummer and she’d have a load on her gums huh? Debbie laughed.

“Not sure how Connie will like the thought of you having boned the vice president of our esteemed tennis club,” Debbie then whistfully added, “Connie is quite taken by you, or at least your yummy fat cock.”

“Yes, well there’s been a whole ot of fucking going on, but not much in the way of real work, so maybe I should focus on that for a while instead,” I said thoughtfully.

This caused Debbie to laugh out loud; “What, you Nick, working seriously without getting your cock serviced regularly…give me a break!”

I just grimaced at Debbie, and nevertheless got more involved with my real job for a change…

My roommate, Becky, had been giving me some slack over the way I’d dated Rachel, then not given her a ring to sort out a repeat performance. So when I phoned Rachel to invite her over, she was initially cold towards me.

“You think you can just bone a girl and then not call her for two weeks? Rachel scoffed over the phone.

“Ah, yep I believe I can, after all you were the one who got up, thanked me for the root and promptly buggered off,” I said as calmly escort numaraları eryaman as I could.

“Yeah, I guess that was a bit rude wasn’t it,” Rachel said, obviously calming down somewhat. “I am just used to guys chasing after me for sex that I didn’t know how to take you, you know, being so casual about the whole thing,” she then sighed. “But I would love to come over, and I’ll stay the night if you like Nick, OK? she asked.

“That sounds great,” I replied, wondering how this would go down with Becky….

It didn’t go down well with Becky at all, so after the first night Rachel and I would find other ways to have fun….Rachel, it turned out had a rather deviant and naughty streak. Her plan was to call me into her flat, complete with two other young female flatmates, get me to do a plumbing repair and subsequently ‘seduce’ me… or something like that.

I knew the drill, got the phonecall late morning on a Saturday to go to Rachel’s address for a blocked sink.

Rachel showed me in, took me over to the blocked sink and then went back to the lounge where her two flatmates were watching a video. It surprised me that neither Amy or Anna recognised me from a few weeks earlier when I picked Rachel up for our first date….oh well.

During ankara bayan escort quiet moments in the video I could hear the girls whispering amongst themselves…they were hatching a plan, or at least Rachel was winding them up to it.

Rachel was the first to make a move, when she had opened the door for me she’d been wearing a kneelength skirt and a blouse. She went and changed into a skimpy denim skirt and a singlet, minus a bra…showing her breasts swinging free and nipples nicely erect thru the thin fabric.

I heard the girls gasp as Rachel came back downstairs in her new skimpy outfit. She pranced into the kitchen and squatted alongside me, giving me a great view up her thighs, complete with a hairless juicy pussy shot. Damn, I could feel my dick beginning to strain in my cargo shorts and it was making a nice bulge, something which Amy and Anna picked up on immediately.

Anna was the next to get changed, she obviously didn’t want to be outdone and worked on the theory I hadn’t seen her when I came in…well I did…but that didn’t stop her from coming down the stairs wearing just a lacy teddy, barely covering her 19 year old butt and doing nothing at all to stop her nice boobs from swinging free.

Barefoot she padded into the kitchen, elvankent escort making sure to step over me as I was lying underneath the sink, giving me a view up her thighs and closely trimmed pussy. Then as she leaned over into the fridge she made sure to hike the teddy up, giving me an awesome view of her firm young bum….man my cock was straining now!!

Amy was bolder than both of them put together, she strolled into the kitchen wearing what she already had on…she kneeled alongside me and unzipped my cargo shorts, fished out my prick and simply began sucking me off…much to the surprise of Rachel…and Anna.

Watching this 20 year old bottle blonde gobbing my knob and wanking me off at the same time I was then surprised to see the other two girls coming closer to get a good look at Amy abusing me…

Rachel wanted to take over, but Amy wasn’t having it, not letting her mouth off my cock, especially not once Rachel dropped her skirt and peeled off her singlet…making it plain and obvious she wanted to ride my cock!!

Anna in the meantime was just standing there, frigging her cunt, pinching her nipples, just watching my big shaft slide into Amy’s mouth over and over….Rachel standing over her, ready to jump my dick…and in the meantime I am just laying there..thinking how the hell things got so out of control!!

Not sure how this would end I just let go in Amy’s mouth, thus giving her the feeling as though she had won…but this only pissed Rachel off…and she said she didn’t want to talk to me again…. oh we’ll see….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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