Pool Escapade

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Big Tits

The pool full of friends had finished playing volleyball and were now leaving to get dry and have a few drinks downstairs. As the last girl starts to rise up the ladder to get out, a hand touched her inner thigh and ran up to the edge of her bathing suit. Pulling her back down into the water, his hands worked their way up her body, brushing everywhere, and as they touched her he rubbed up against her body. Sliding his hand slowly up to the outside of her breast he stopped, giving her a moment to anticipate what was to follow. Grazing his fingers over to her nipple he began to circle, and rub, till it hardened to a peak, tweaking it before repeating the same action to the other. Once aroused he slid first one strap and then the other down her arms slowly, creating a shiver for both of them.

The lapping of the water against their bodies caused a warmth to start curling within both of them, which is enhanced in her as he breathes warm air on her shoulder. Reaching forward he traces the top of her bra with his finger, while whispering in her ear about what he was about to do next. With each trace he moved farther down her chest, lower and lower, till he had exposed her full bust to his sight and touch. Squeezing her breasts, he kissed down her neck, when reaching just above her shoulder he gave it a slow lick before kissing it, ending it with a light suck, causing her head to fall backward, her knees to go weak, and her body to lean backwards into him for support.

With each kiss she had pushed her butt into his crotch and rubbed in a circular motion, which had produced a very noticeable, hard, reaction from him for which he now moaned lowly in her ear. Reaching down through the water, she touched his protrusion, that was kissing her cheeks. Splaying her fingers out, she took the palm of her hand and brushed from the top to the bottom of his hardened rod contained within his swim trunks, closing her fingers around his balls when she came to the end.

Leaning his head backwards he groaned and sucked breathe into his lungs. She continued to massage his already rock hard cock, with the relish of a woman eryaman escort with a mission in mind. Grinning to herself with satisfaction at his reaction of pleasure from her manipulations. Using her fingers, she stroked up the shaft, to the edge of his trunks, pushing her hand between him and the waistband, she eased her hand down inside till she reached her goal, where upon she squeezed, and rubbed her finger over the tip of his glans.

Turning him around she kissed, then sucked his lower lip in between hers and flicked her tongue inside his mouth, at the same time started rotating her hips back and forth over his frontal, rubbing her bare tits over his chest, licking his lips as she did so. With her hands she worked her way in to the edge of his shorts and started pushing them down, keeping her palms flat against his body. Taking her time, she finally reached the beginning of the shaft of his member, with a quick flick of her hand she allowed it to pop free of its restriction.

Pushing her body into his, she began lowering her self down, kissing a trail behind. Pulling him back towards the edge of the pool so that she could brace herself, where upon she held onto the ledge and lowered her head to just below the surface of the water and blew bubbles around his flickering cock.

Reaching down he pulled her back up and proceeded to pull her swimsuit farther down, exposing her abdomen down to the top of her hairline. Taking his hand he tugged the material out a bit so that he could see her curly hairs, and the top of her outer lips that kept her nub from his view. With his other hand he parted her lips so that he could expose her clit to the sensation of the water moving around them.

Gasping as she went weak in the knees, she reached out to grab at his shoulder for support.

Lifting his head, he leaned in, and thrust his tongue into her mouth. Finding her tongue, sucked it into his mouth and nibbled the tip, then sucked it again. Pulling back a bit he let go of her tongue, licked her lips like a cat lapping cream off its paw with delicious delight. Watching her face he decended to her bobbing sincan escort breasts and placed his mouth on one of nipples adn flicked it with his tongue, increasing the pressure of it till he was sucking on it, pulling it in more with each moan that expelled from between her lips.

She could feel the heat swirling down in the depths of her wontonness, and it was becoming harder to stand on her own. She reached out to hold onto the top of his head as he continued to assault her other bud, bringing ripple after ripple of delicious delight coursing through her body. After bring her tips to hard erections longing for more, he continued on down her belly to where a tasty mound was waiting for him to pay attention to badly. Placing his hands behind her hips he raised her up out of the water, placing her legs over his shoulders. Undoing the ties on each side he pulled at the material till it was floating on top of the water. Looking into her eyes he held her gaze while he put his head down and stuck out his tongue flicking the outer edge of skin covering her clit, pushing his tongue in a little deeper he licked lightly on her nub.

Not being able to pull away or relinquish his gaze, she parted her legs, giving him better access to her, for she was hot for what she knew was to come next, he knew exactly how to drive her wild with intense sensations and feelings of pleasure. Pushing his tongue in further, he pressed onto her clit as he swirled around and over it, taking a suck every now and again, moving lower he pushed his tongue into her pussy and rolled it around, making her writher and moan loudly. Taking his finger he replaced his tongue and pushed it in and out, then entered two, flexing them in different directions at the same time, while he moved his mouth over her clit and assaulted it at the same time.

She was now beside herself with heat and knew that she was about to cum, and she wanted him to be in her when she did. He could tell that she was close to the edge and he didn’t want her to go over just yet, lifting his head he smiled. Reaching for her tits he tweaked and pulled batıkent escort on her on her nipples till they were crinkly hard and she was pushing her hips up towards him. Seeing her movement he gave a quick poke and a lick on her erect clit, making her gasp and moan with need. With every taste he took of her, every moan and gasp out of her mouth, and every thrust and wiggle of her hips, was making him so hard with want, combined with every movement of the water, he could feel himself being drawn closer to the point of no return. Splitting her pussy lips with his fingers, he tasted once again of the sweet honey that she was offering to him, increasing his manipulations, doing exactly what he knew would push her over the edge.

Knowing that she was about to cum hard she started breathing deeper and deeper. She couldn’t hold on much longer and begged for him to stop so that she could ride him and bring him with her.

The only answer that she heard was her own scream as she started to buck against his tongue, and fingers that he had inserted into her pussy and was thrusting back and forth with a swift twist and roll of each push.

Once she was done he placed his arms under her back and drew her over to the ladder and sat her on one of the rungs, stepping up he drove hard into her creamy cunt, gasping with a loud groan at how tight she was. With each shove, her muscles squeezed and pulled on his cock, sucking it in farther each time. He knew by the tightness of her that she was about to cum again and drove even harder, quicker, deeper, growling with the intensity of the feeling that was building up in him. Her legs wrapped around him and tightened, pulling him in closer with each of his thrusts. He sucked in his breath as her pussy started to convulse around his throbbing cock, sendinghim into a wild bucking frenzy, causing him to explode inside her with a foce that had him grabbing on to the rails of the ladder tightly. She continued to clench her muscles, milking every drop of cum that he had from deep within his balls.

Feeling fully spent his head fell against her chest, as she sighed and rested her cheek atop his head, where they stayed breathing deeply till the world had righted itself once again.

Looking up they noticed that someone else had taken great delight in watching their water play and gave each other big knowing smiles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32