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A couple of years age I had a coworker who I traded emails with and had a lot of phone sex with but I never let myself fuck her. I regret not doing it because sexually we were a perfect match for each other. After several years apart the following story is what happened when we reconnected.

I got an email from my friend Angela inviting me over for dinner in her new apartment so I left work early to get there around 5:30. I brought a bottle of wine hoping that she might have a little with me over the course of the evening and maybe let me flirt with her a bit. She prepared some thing that smelled wonderful she is Italian and I knew it would be good but I can’t always focus on anything but sex when I am around her. We enjoyed a great meal and caught up on everything. She told me about her new job and what she has going on and what her plans are moving forward. I told Ang about my kids and work and we shared some old stories she took out a little weed and we both smoked some. Between the weed and the wine we were pretty relaxed and I looked up at the clock it was getting near eight and I knew I had to sober up for the drive. Ang offered to make coffee and I gladly accepted I watched her as she worked in the kitchen and I think she felt me looking at her.

“Why are you watching me like that?”

“I have a hard time taking my eyes off of you when we are together but I didn’t want to bring it up.” I replied. “Why not?” she asked still busy at the kitchen counters. “It has been a while and I didn’t want to bring up how much I would like to fuck you I thought we could have a nice evening and I will jerk off when I get home.” I replied candidly. I was a little nervous about my direct response but given our history it was worth a shot.

Ang just laughed “You are going to jerk off cause I made you coffee.”

“I am going to jerk off because you drive me crazy güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri everything about you, I have never in my life wanted something more than I want you,” I answered honestly.

“What will you imagine when you do it?” she asked me while she wipe coffee grinds off the counter.

“I am going to imagine when you go to make that coffee I come up behind you and softly put my hand around your throat and kiss your neck reach my hand around your breast and start to rub your beautiful tits and press my cock against your ass.” I said.

“You would already have your cock out and stroking it while you are imaging this?” she said turning to face me.

“Yeah I would be jerking off thinking of that and how I would try to get you naked next!”

“Well I don’t want you to crash you car on the way home why not jerk off here?” she said matter-of-factly “it is probably safer.”

“WHAT you want me to jerk off here?” I was a little shocked I had cum for her many times over the phone and I have told her how thinking of her makes me cum all the time but I have never jerked off right in front of her.

“Why not I can see you cock pushing against your pants and it won’t bother me at all I am making coffee.” she replied turning back to the kitchen counter.

Not wasting anytime I took off all of my clothes and started to rub my cock out while I watched her.

“Tell me what happens next” Ang commanded, her voice was a little deeper and sexier then when she was just “making coffee.” Jerking my cock slowly I start to tell her the rest of my fantasy “I start to unbutton your shirt from behind and remove your bra while I continue to kiss your neck. I turn you around and slip you out of your jeans. While I am unbuttoning your jeans you remove my shirt. When you are wearing only panties I take a step back to see your beautiful body trying güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to figure out where I want to kiss next.” While I am telling her my story she actually begins to remove her shirt and I have to stop stroking so I don’t shoot my cum all over myself.

“Why did you stop? I will stop if you do.”

So I started rubbing myself again, carefully so I wouldn’t cum, and went back to the rest of my story. “I sit you up on the counter and kiss your breasts I slowly work my way down to your belly button and hook my hands into your panties.” While I am talking Ang starts to remove her pants only unlike in my story she isn’t wearing panties. The fact that she doesn’t have on any underwear is encouraging to me because I think maybe she was planning on giving me something. “I start by licking your pussy top to bottom….” I am trying to make the story as sexy as I can but I am having a hard time concentrating because Ang decided to sit on the couch across from me naked and begins toying with her clit.

“Are you going to finish the story it is making me very wet,” she purrs seductively.

“I have more but I really want to lick your pussy instead, I want to make you cum and fuck you so bad. How about I finish the story later.”

“I told you I will stop if you stop and you told me that you want to fuck me already but for quite a few years I offered myself to you and you never took it so now you don’t get it” she replied.

“I don’t know if I can finish my story watching you like this I am trying not to cum and all I can think about is how much I want to taste you.” I was almost pleading to be allowed to lick her pussy.

“Well if you don’t finish your story I am not going to make myself cum and you will have to finish jerking off on the car ride home.” She said closing her legs to me but keeping her hand pressed against her pussy.

“OK” güvenilir bahis şirketleri I tried to quickly finish my story “I lick your pussy drop my pants pick you up from the counter and drop you on my dick. You use your hands for balance and I fuck you hard until we both cum.” hoping that finishing the story will get me to where I want to be, eating that pussy.

“That was a shitty way to end the story and I can see cum spilling out of the head of your cock. I want to cum and since you won’t help me with a satisfactory end to the story come over here and sit on the floor.” Ang commanded.

I quickly obey her command and sit inches from her pussy mesmerized while she rubs it. “You can’t have this pussy because you have not earned It.” She tells me while she furiously rubs her clit and she quickly lifts her knees up high exposing her asshole. “Lick my ass while I make myself cum.” I immediately started licking around her ass and I could tell she was enjoying the feeling. Before she closed her eyes to really let herself go she noticed my hand still on my cock. “You had better stop touching yourself and pay attention to your job or you will never get the chance to fuck me.” I instantly let go of my cock and spread her ass cheeks to get hard at work. I could hear her moaning encouragement and I love that my nose keeps rubbing up against her wet hole. Finally she half cries half moans “I am going to cum” her body tenses her toes curl and she explodes.

“Now you can cum” she say to me dismissively.

“Can I cum on your tits?”

“You have not earned that either shoot on your stomach”

Without saying a word I stroke my cock like crazy, groan loudly and cum shoots all over my chest and stomach.

She gets up from the coach and gives me a wet dish towel to clean myself. Without really saying anything I put my clothes back on and Ang give me a kiss on the side of my cheek. “I enjoyed our visit maybe next time I will let you kiss me, now you should get home before you are missed”

On the way home I take out my cock again and jerk off in the car anyway just thinking about her and I can’t wait until she invites me over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32