Recovered Briefcase-the Response

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I have to be honest and say I did not leave my case by accident. I saw you early in the day heading into the office and asked about you. I found out you were working in the conference room for a few days alone on a project. When you were out for coffee in the afternoon I dropped my case off in a corner of the room.

When I first saw you early in the day I immediately started to get hard. The way you were dressed and carried yourself made me think that you might be my next great conquest. I could almost smell your sex from a distance. I decided on a plan of action and waited for the right moment to drop the case off. Really glad you left the door unlocked.

When I entered the office in the evening I just stood and watched you, my heart racing and my blood moving to my lower extremities. Your skirt had risen a bit in the back, which just added to my urgency to touch you. I cleared my throat to gain your attention, but only after I was sure my hardness had gone down enough that it would not be noticeable.

You asked if you could help me and I explained about leaving my case behind after a meeting. You accepted my story and watched me as I recovered the case.

I hesitate before leaving in hopes of an opening communication. Desperate, I ask about your work piled high on the table.

I walk over to you with a smile and attempt to show interest in your work when all I really want to do is have you close enough to me to feel my hard cock that wants to have you. You perfume excites me more, but your scent is giving you away, or is it my imagination driving me on. You tell me how boring the work is as you rub your neck, which is sore from working at the table all day.

As I watch you, I have trouble keeping my focus on your eyes as your breasts are visible where some buttons have come lose. I again feel stirring etimesgut escort between my legs as blood begins to flow rapidly to my cock again.

I hesitate before saying “Long day??” As I attempt to control my desires your blouse opens even more. I tell you “I can take care of that”, not really meaning your neck as I motion to it.

You play coy and hesitate before saying “Would you?” then you pull your hair out of the way with your hands and I begin to rub your neck. As I rub your neck I am working further down your shoulders and soon push your blouse open more for easier access. I move slowly and deliberately until I finally am compelled to move your bra straps down to give me better access to your neck and a view that turns my heat up and blood to my groin.

As I take greater liberties your, moans give you away and I am now losing control of myself. I realize now I have gotten close enough to you that you may have felt my hard cock against you. You continue to moan and say yes.

I am getting very warm now and take the time to remove my jacket. As I start in on your shoulders again, I push my cock against you. I expect you to stop me and tell me I am a pervert and to get out before you call security. Instead you push back against me. As I push my pelvis forward more so you can feel how hard I am for you, you moan louder.

At that moment I risk everything and turn you around. I pull you to me with one arm and unbutton the balance of the buttons of your blouse with the other. As I pull it out from the waist of your skirt, I kiss you hard and my tongue explores your mouth. What I am doing with my tongue I wish was doing with my cock.

As I push you back, we come to the table where we stop and you immediately undo my belt and then after undoing my pants you reach in to feel my cock. As my cock sincan escort throbs in your hand, I know you want me in you. You drop to your knees and kiss the tip of my cock before allowing me to feel your lips around its head. You squeeze my balls as you slowly lick and suck my cock. I know you are tasting the pre-cum that is leaking from my cock.

Suddenly you release my cock and lean back to remove your skirt and panties, which appear to be quite soaked. You pull me down next to you. You spread your legs and I reach out to feel the object of my desire. As I touch you, I find your hairless and very wet pussy, so wet that my finger easily slides between the lips of your pussy and touch your clit. I probe your pussy slowly and feel a flood of moisture. I know it will not be long. I want to taste the sweet nectar of your being, but know that should wait for another time as I need to be in you and soon.

As I part your outer lips and expose the more tender inner lips, I take your hands over your head. I whisper “You don’t know what your in for, young lady.”

“Oh, my god!” you moan.

Still holding your hands, I move between your legs an rub my cock against your wet outer lips. I have no control now and have to be in you. I linger for only a moment at your opening before slowly sinking into you. I pull it almost all the way out before moving just the head into you a few times, waiting for you to beg me to plunge deep into you. I can feel you trying to fight the need to have me deep in you. I stay just at the opening of your pussy with my cock as I tell you to beg if you really want it.

I know you are mine now and you will not be able to control yourself. Your body and desires have given you away. You may be fighting it, but your pussy is in charge now. That is what I saw in you early in the day and what drove me escort etimesgut to seek you out. I was so right about your desires and lust.

I need to be sure and want to completely control you, so now I pull even the head of my cock from your pussy.

You beg me again to give you more.

Instead I lay back on the floor and tell you to climb on me and take what you want, to put my cock where you need it. You straddle me and take my cock in your hand and rub the head of my cock the full length of your slit, before slowly sliding down to full depth in your pussy.

Your eyes are closed as you rock on top of me.

Your hands on my chest, you begin to rock back and forth as your wet vagina strokes my cock. I am in another world as I watch your breasts moving in time and see you ride my cock. You look like you are in another world as your eyes are closed and you are breathing hard as you ride me.

It feels so good and I tell you how good it feels and to keep it up. When I do not think I can be in you any further, you push down in an effort, it seems, to get even more of me deeper into you. Then you reach down and stroke your clit.

As you are stroking, I reach up and take your breasts in my hands and firmly squeeze and massage them. The pressure is building and I can not hold back much more. Soon I will have no choice but to release my seed into you.

As I feel the pressure, I push back to get into you as much as possible. I grab your hips and pull you to me, over and over. I tell you to take what you want and my cock begins to jerk and throb harder now. I feel you on the edge as you are rubbing your clit even faster now as the moment approaches.

You tell me to cum in you… as if I had a choice… and then my cock explodes into the warm depths of your pussy and it squeezes and throbs around my cock, squeezing the last of my cum from my cock, milking out its last drop of cum.

We don’t speak as you collapse across my check and our juice running out of your pussy and onto my belly. I am spent, but already want you again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32