Roommates Get Acquainted Pt. 01

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The three girls ended up in the same apartment by chance. They had only been acquaintances at the University of Chicago before all moving to Washington, DC to start their careers. Alex was their nominal leader, in the sense that she had concocted the rules for taking care of the place and limiting interference in the lives of the others. However, she spent weeks on end traveling for the job on which she was so intently focused. Sheela had found a job in DC also, but was less enthusiastic about it. Hailey was fine with the decent job she had, but was the most keen of the 3 on the city itself. They all knew a few people in the area either from college, high school, or recent meetings.

By the fourth month the excitement of the new locale had not yet worn off, though the adjustment to being thoroughly in charge of their lives was affecting them in different ways. College provided many options for things to do and promoted them rigorously. In life these had to be pursued. For Alex the result was more work. With little prompting from other facets of her life, it took over. She was not concerned about dating, though she would go on an odd date with an interested guy who was inevitably very preppy (“a sentient ascot”, in Hailey’s words). Her looks – tall, thin, dark-haired, chicly but professionally dressed, and with slight bust – did attract quite a few.

Sheela looked upon Alex’s ostensible certainty with a measured awe. She had finished school with high hopes but little direction and took a job in software that matched that. While this did not feel like the start of a career, her new life was fun. She was dating a guy casually, and occasionally flirted with others. Her short stature made her appear slightly chubby, but all in the right places and well matched with her dark complexion and large eyes. Her wide hips rocked when she walked often catching the eye of an observer. The acquaintances might label her personality as subdued, though she would bristle at this simple description.

The girls sometimes tagged along with Hailey who always knew where a party was. She had a schedule of regular social activities as well as volunteering and exercise every weekend. Her long blond hair was almost always up and toned body usually showing through a tank top or sundress. Hailey was a bit of a showoff. Exercise did not shrink, but just tighten her shapely ass. She had the best of classic midwestern Dutch features – everything long, narrow, and smooth.

Weekdays in the fall were less exciting than they had been in summer with all the interns in town. Sheela and Hailey would sometimes find each other there with no plans more ambitious than watching tv. One such night happened not long after Hailey had discovered the joys of boxed wine – mostly that you tended not to notice how much you drank. By 9 both were quite tipsy with lips dyed maroon. Hailey was laughing about her most recent hookup – sweet, but clumsy. Sheela asked for the first time what had been on her mind since first hearing about the hookups, “what is it like to be intimate with someone you don’t know?”

When she saw the serious look casino oyna on the other girl’s face Hailey burst into laughter. “It’s … fun. It’s curious and sweet, or daring and surprising… or embarrassing.”

“You always seem to say it is bad, or they are so bad at it.”

“You enjoy those stories.”

“I guess.”

“Well everyone seems to. Do you want to hear about one that was kinda mediocre, or pretty good?”


“Uh… Ha. OK.”

Sheela felt slightly embarrassed, having initially missed the sarcasm. “I mean, you seem to be enjoying it less and complaining … I mean, you don’t make it sound good.”

“The guy I slept with 2 weeks ago was amazing. I was on fire down there, and I don’t mean a UTI.”


“How are things with that guy in Philly?”

“We have good, you know, times and it’s fun when we are together, but it’s not really going anywhere. The interest seems to be waning mutually.”

“You bone like crazy when you go up there?” – “Bone??” – “Bone, plow, smash, bang, whatever you want to call it, princess.”

“It’s good, but we don’t see each other enough. So our ‘boning’ is infrequent.”

“I’m with you on that.” – “You are?” – “Hey, I go a couple of weeks at a time without it sometimes, too. Of course, I take care of myself.”

“Yea, that helps. Though the intensity is not the same.” – “It can be.” – “Come on.” – “No, really. I don’t necessary go without it, even if I am getting some.”

Sheela looked to the other end of the couch, square in Hailey’s eyes. She had a full smile that showed the warm feelings stirred by the thought of getting herself off – it took Sheela by surprise. Before she thought of her roommate’s sex life mostly with a little discomfort, but now she could almost see the pleasure it brought written on her face. “How do you do it?”

“I usually start with lotion on my body, and on my boobs. Then I use my hands and a toy or two.”

“Toy? Two?”

“Ha ha. I guess I have a little bit of a ritual to it. I take my time and bring myself off in bed a few times. Sometimes I put porn on – mainly for the sound.” (This was a mild surprise to hear.)

“Same with me, except for the lotion, toys, porn, and multiple orgasms.”

“You need to change that, let me tell you.” Hailey would not say this if she were sober, though she was happy, proud even, with her masturbation. She was drunk and not self-aware enough to realize that she was lightly massaging the side of her right breast in the opening of her tank top.

“Are you starting already?” – “Well, I am definitely doing it tonight.” – “Ha, I probably will too.” – “I’ll get the lotion.”

This shocked Sheela. She was pretty drunk and not too disturbed, however. Girls rooming together would, as they already had, see a lot of each other.

Hailey returned with the bottle and started describing her self-massaging as she did it. She started with her legs and arms, then moved on to her abdomen moving her hands under her shirt. Sheela took some lotion and followed these without issue, sliding her flowing pants up to reach her canlı casino thighs. The mutual act fazed neither of them, surprisingly.

When Hailey lounged back on the couch and put both hands in the side of the tank top to massage her chest, it became harder to follow. The bra and tshirt allowed for less dexterous kneading from the underside.

“You need to wear tanks more, they are so freeing.” – “You mean like every day? These would be falling out.” – “Grab my green one… and lose the bra. Loosen up a little.”

Sheela did so hesitantly but without question. The thin material stretched over her chest and left some of it spilling out. Upon return she saw her roommate sipping yet more Syrah with one hand still busy.

“He-yo, side boob!” – “Freeing, right?” – “Relax, we’re all friends here.”

Sheela ran her hands over the front of the tank once, then dipped in the side. This continued for a bit longer while they shared reactions and little more wine. Hailey dared to dive into her pants a few times, but only briefly.

“Well you were right about this, a rousing success. I am going to go to my room for the grand finale.”

“Do you want one of my toys?” Hailey asked genuinely.

“Can’t be too shy to try, right?” she said trying to suppress her discomfort. “What, um, do you have?”

“A vibrator, a little vibe, a dildo… and a plug that I used only once with this guy.”

“Uh, (she tried to ignore the mention of the plug) I guess the little vibe?”

“Sure, don’t worry, I keep them clean.”

Both in their rooms on the opposite side of the shared bedroom, Hailey could hear faint moaning for several minutes until she turned the vibrator on and started moaning herself.

The following day found them both thinking about their adventures in similar ways. They felt closer to each other, but somewhat unsure of themselves. No regrets, just the question: was that really me? After another day things were pretty normal – happy hour with friends, then the apartment to themselves. Alex was in Boston, or Atlanta… Tallahassee?

Back in the living room, curiosity and more wine got the best of Hailey. “So, how was it with the vibe?”

“Ha ha, is that always on your mind? (“Sorta.”) It was pretty good.”

“That’s all? Awww.” She sipped the glass.

“It was an adjustment. I did not finish with it, though I’d try it again.”

“Oh, yea. It is all about positioning. I should have given you a little more instruction.”

“Ha, ok, teacher.”

“Hey, I like my toys and,” she trailed off, “I probably will like them later.”

“You must be so moisturized. That’s what your secret is for skin.” This was only a half joke as Sheela did, in fact, notice how soft her skin felt.

“I am full of tips. Like genie’s lamp, rub and out they come.” (This, it turned out, was true.)

With little provocation, Hailey got the bottle of lotion, took some, and placed it in front of Sheela.

“Practice makes perfect. I want you to enjoy it as much as I do.” – “That will probably take years of practice.” – “Less time with a good teacher.”

Hailey kaçak casino got to work massaging just like last time and describing it in detail, while Sheela changed into the one sleeveless t-shirt she owned. The commentary this time around was more intimate and explicit. One led, the other watched intently and followed. The sleeveless shirt having proved less suitable for this was pushed up to the bust exposing the bottom of the right breast.

This continued as Hailey’s fingers ventured into her short athletic shorts. Posture, angles, positions, movements, and speed were all shared with nothing held back. This was the point at which the instruction became its own stimulation. Sheela noticed the smooth skin showing on her roommate’s midriff and from her upper thigh as hips gently rolled. It looked very nice to touch.

Hailey saw a deep brown tummy that was flatter than expected under those “huge, amazing tits” (her thoughts). She was slightly embarrassed when she looked directly at her roommate’s big eyes gazing in her general direction. She continued her monologue of pointers. “I have to show you how to vibe right.” (Sheela paused.)

She returned with both and set the small one aside. At first she used index and middle finger for demonstration, then moved to her clothed but spread open crotch. The vibrator was turned on shortly after, with more explanations, but no penetration. As she did it, she stretched back and her left hand pushed her shirt above the left breast now only covered by the hand itself.

“Here you try.” – “Right here.” – “Yea, just like I did.” – “Uh, ok”

“No, tilt it more at first… That isn’t going to work once you are putting it in you.”

Hailey then moved closer and took the toy back to show what she meant, though she did not think that the other girl was getting it.

“Why don’t you try without the pants in the way? … Uh, i mean you are wearing panties, right?” – “Well, yea.”

Finding a surprising drive to get this “right”, Sheela acquiesced. The pants were discarded revealing a predictable wet spot. With the shirt raised, Hailey could see bare thighs, hips, and even a little dark pubic hair up close. She was suddenly even more turned on. This girl is sexy and pretty much getting herself off right in front of me, she thought. Sheela was starting to grind the vibrator right into herself.

“That’s it. Now try turning it on.”

The orgasm hit her hard and almost immediately. Taken completely by surprise she almost ripped her own shirt off. Her stunned roommate stared without moving, getting more wet.

“Oh. My. God. I can’t believe… I did that right in front of you.”

“No problem here. That was amazing. It was… hot as hell.”

“I need, I need to use that like right now,” Hailey said as she grabbed the toy and stood up to go to the bedroom.

“Just do it here. You got to see me,” the still overwhelmed girl said.

Having delayed enough already, Hailey dropped her shorts, sat back down on the couch, and pulled her soaked panties to the side. She announced it as she drove it into herself and stared back lustfully at her protege. Sheela hand went back into her own panties as her aftershocks became another full orgasm. They slumped in opposite directions and dozed off. One and then the other woke and went to bed.

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