Sally Finds a New Hot Spot Pt. 01

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Adriana Chechik

It was a hot dry summer day. They had just gotten back from the beach. But, now they were stuck in traffic, and she got a glazed over look in her eyes. Jim thought it was just the pot, but Sally had sex on her mind. She glanced at him with a wicked smile and a twinkle in her eye. She had that mixture of pure beauty and sexuality that is a hard balance to find. She was a keeper.

“I’m horny, touch me,” she grabbed is big strong hand and put it between her legs. He could feel the heat through her cheap stain panties. She always looks so hot in a sundress, young and vibrant, dripping with a raw sexuality.

“Damn baby your ready to go,” he smiled while driving with one hand on the wheel, the other trying to spread her lips and find her clit through the thin material covering that amazing pink pussy. His cock quickly stiffening in his swim trunks and the outline of its bulbous head was showing… driving her further into frenzy.

She loved his cock it was so hot… big and fat… it tickled spots no other man had reached. It was smooth and long, so easy to suck… she would always try to choke herself on it while practicing her deep throating skills. His hands and cock where what really got her going, but she loved his mouth too.

But, that cock, oh that lovely cock, it had her do crazy things… like the other day when they where taking a shower together….

He had been trying for weeks erotik film izle to get into her virgin ass. Licking his fingers and rubbing around her sphincter while his cock was buried deep in her tight young pussy. Hot and wet her lips gripped to his shaft and she loved the feeling of her asshole sucking on his finger. She moaned and pushed her pussy grinding his meat deeper and accepting another finger in her anus. Mmm, so sexy to just let go and cum on his big cock…

She snapped back to the present when he finally found he clit and began rubbing circles on her tender button through her soft panties.

No, I mean I’m really horny today… you know when I get like this…. You can do anything you want to me,” she had a crazed look in her eyes.

He thought she might be talking about anal sex, until she threw curve balls his way. “Do you remember how you licked me in the shower yesterday? I want to do you like that.”

A bit embarrassed he recalled last night’s events… Fucking her from behind in the shower with the warm water cascading over their bodies. Her perfect ass, it was round and tight in her skin, he had wanted to taste it for so long, to bite it… to love it. But, how would she react? Would she like it, or think he was a freak. Either way he couldn’t take it anymore, he had to taste her.

“Let me eat you from behind,” he pulled his rock hard cock from her steaming film izle love, her labia left spread lewdly like a sexual flower in bloom. Urgently, he pushed his face into her and she arched her back to accept his mouth on her quivering pussy. She loved being eaten out and from behind made it that much hotter. She arched more.

Jim couldn’t take it any more and began trailing his tongue ever upward, now eating the bottom of her pussy closest to the taint, then licking the taint, and slowly but firmly finally reaching his desire, burying his tongue into her perfect pink asshole.

The feeling was an instant sensation; something she knew that she had always wanted, somehow, in the back of her mind… but she had never had the opportunity to uncover the exquisite pleasure of having her ass eaten out. Her previous lovers were as not adventurous. But now the man she loved was giving her an incredible new sensation, lick and sucking on her backdoor, it was like nothing she had ever felt, she was melting. Now, she was open to ass play and more… her backdoor was open, and it wasn’t going to close, she was a lover of the pleasures of the ass. If a tongue felt like this what would his big dick feel like? He would have to work it in slowly that’s for sure… and only after he ate it out…

Jim could tell she loved the anal attention. So he started eating Sally’s ass in earnest, tonguing it deeply, sucking seks filmi izle and slurping on it, and licking her from clit to asshole in a frantic rhythm, stopping to suck on her pussy lips and taste her juices from inside, spreading her delicate flower with his tongue, and using it like a cock to fuck her pussy lips. He tried to bury his face as deep as he could in her plump round bottom and she responded by reaching back and spreading her cheeks wide for him…. As wide as she could, opening up her hole to his talented tongue. She moaned.

A red light snapped him back to the present. He push on the breaks firmly. The car bounced. Jim looked toward Sally flushed,

“Um really,” He was excited and embarrassed. Did she really want to eat his ass? “Why do you want to do that baby?” Jim replied acting as if he wasn’t that into getting his ass rimmed.

“Because you made me feel so good when you licked me there, I want you to know how it feels”, the look on her face was of lust. She was smiling ear to ear, eyes full of hormones, she smelled of sex.

“Well o.k baby, I’ll let you do me like that if you let me fuck that pretty plump ass of yours” He tried to play his cards right to finally get in her ass. He had been massaging, fingering and stretching it for so long. He couldn’t wait much more…

“I told you, when I get horny like this, you can do whatever you want to me” Sally pulled his cock free from his shorts and bent over taking his manhood into her mouth. He leaned back in his seat, he loved it when she got this way… crazed with sex… it was going to be a fun night for both of them.

to be continued…

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