Saturday Night Special

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The phone rang, and rang, and rang, and I debated whether or not to pick it up. I picked it up, fumbled, flipped it open, and pushed talk.

The female voice on the other end was so frantic and incoherent I couldn’t make it out. The display showed Teri’s number, and I finally heard Teri’s voice. She was screaming, and mingled was an angry male voice, and sounds of violence, bangs and slaps. The phone went dead.

I hadn’t made out a word of it, but Teri obviously was in trouble. I pulled on jeans and a pair of sneakers and felt around on top of the refrigerator for my little .22 revolver. Not much stopping power, but enough to cause some hurt at close range. Besides, it was the only gun I had.

My urgency grew, and suddenly I was wide-awake and sober as I bolted out the door and up the lane toward Teri’s trailer. Even from this distance, I could make out sounds of a loud struggle — a man hollering, a woman’s broken cries, glass breaking. I went up the step to Teri’s door and yanked it open

Ronnie had a tight grip on Teri’s neck, and Teri kicked and kneed at Ronnie, scratching and clawing at his face. I lunged at Ronnie and hit him as hard as I could on the back of his head. He let loose his grip on Teri’s neck and turned his fury on me, cracking me with his fist so hard I saw stars.

Ronnie went for a carving knife on the kitchen counter. I saw the knife out of the corner of my eye and kicked him flat-footed on the ass to put him off balance. He stumbled sideways and came up with a small, heavy pan that he threw at my head, striking me a glancing blow and drawing blood

I found a crow bar and laid into Ronnie. His eyes widened at the first blow, and the second knocked his head to one side, and then I really went after him, swinging with the flat end and beating him down with the crow end. He grunted and fell, and I kept whacking until Teri grabbed my arm and screamed, “Bobby, no. Bobby, you’re going to KILL him.”

I let the adrenaline rush subside and dropped the bar to the floor. Ronnie was bloody and out cold, or worse. Teri knelt to take a closer look at him, determined he was breathing, and that was that.

Not that either one of us gave a shit about Ronnie. Ronnie and Teri had been fucking each other for a year, then got married, and they’d been married now for almost a year. Teri was 18 and was lucky not to have gotten pregnant by this asshole. I’d never asked, of course, but I guessed she’d been smart enough to take her pills on schedule.

Ronnie worked about half the time — mostly he sat around and watched TV and drank beer. He also regularly beat the shit out of her, so this wasn’t the first time I’d had to rescue her, allthough this definitely was the worst. On nights she couldn’t take it, she’d come down and stay on my couch, or go over to one of her girlfriend’s.

As for me, I just didn’t like the son of a bitch, never did.

Thing is, like a lot of couples like this, they’d fight and holler and slap each other around, then like as not take each other back. I always figured a guy like that had to have something extra in his pants for any woman to want anything to do with him. I just never could see through it

Teri wasn’t blameless either. She was always out fucking around, and that naturally pissed Ronnie off. She waited tables at the Waffle House, and it seemed sometimes like a big tip, or even a big smile, had a persuasive effect on her. Ronnie would find out and beat her up and throw her out, and she’d beg to come back, and he’d take her back and they’d get all cuddly and fuck.

Teri was my kid sister. I say “kid”, she was two years younger than me. I’d noticed as she grew through her teens that she’d become a pretty little thing — not much over five-foot-two, certainly not more than 110 pounds, dark hair, pretty eyes, small tits, cute ass — but even as she got to be a woman, I’d never really looked at her, you know, THAT way.

A lot of guys did, though, and that bothered me a little; I mean, this was my sister. It bothered me a little more when, on the nights she’d come and stay on my couch, she’d peel down and pull on one of my shirts, then cover up with a blanket, and I’d get that all-over feeling looking at her stretch and undress.

I was getting mostly enough anyway. Karen was my on-again, off-again girlfriend, and that was about all either of us needed. If I was horny, I’d call Karen. If Karen was horny, she’d call me. We never took ourselves too seriously, and neither of us got so friendly that we’d get jealous of the other. It was about perfect, really.

If Karen was over and Teri needed a place to run to, I’d shoo Teri off, and she’d go stay with her bud Tammy and Tammy’s weird roomate — I never could remember that girl’s name. Or there was that other girl from the Waffle House, Susan. Sometimes Teri would go hang with her for a day or so.

Teri and I both lived at Country View Village, a fair-size trailer park off the 49 near Madison. The places weren’t public agent porno new, but they weren’t bad. They were mostly clean, and the plumbing and everything worked most of the time. There was a wide dirt lane down the middle with a row of trailers down either side, and with room to park a car or two beside each unit.

I got a place at Country View because it was close to the job site I worked at at the time. It was only $400 a month with all utilities. When Teri needed a place a year ago, I told her they probably had a vacancy, and she rented the unit about three up the lane, on the opposite side from mine.

I kept intending to move, but I couldn’t beat the price, and even when Universal started a new job, 25 miles away, I stayed where I was, figuring I’d try to save for a down payment on a house.

Anyway, the first business was to figure what to do about Ronnie.

“He’s got to go to the hospital,” Teri said. “He’s hurt pretty bad I think. You beat the shit out of him, Bobby.”

I sort of agreed, although I started to wonder whether I’d more finished off what the bottle of bourbon had started. “Did he drink all that?” I asked Teri. “Yeah, mostly,” she said, pointing also to an empty on the floor. “I had a couple. We kinda been drinkin’ all day”

Me, hell, I’d been drinking beer most of the evening, but it was Saturday. I’d gotten about half-drunk on toward midnight and was dozing off when the phone rang.

I checked Ronnie out. Aside from the blood and some cuts on his forehead and mid-skull, he seemed more po’d drunk than beat unconscious. “He’s all right,” I told Teri. Let’s get him up on the couch.”

“No Bobby,” she said. “I don’t want that motherfucker around, tell you the truth. When he wakes up and figures out what happened to him, he’s REALLY gonna be pissed. I’d rather have him in the hospital, or in jail.”

“Well, we ain’t getting the cops involved in this,” I said. Then came a moment of comic inspiration. “Let’s put him in the car,” I said to her. “We can put him in the car and lock the doors.”

Better yet . . . “We can shut him up in the trunk. He can sleep it off in there, and when he wakes up, no way will he be getting out. He can lay there in the trunk and think it over until morning. Then you can call me up and we’ll take him to the doctor’s.

Teri laughed. She was a little dubious about the idea, but she went along with it.

I cinched Ronnie under the shoulders and dragged him to the door. When I had the door open, Teri got Ronnie’s feet, and together we hauled his carcass to the car. I keyed open the trunk of the Pontiac, and we raised Ronnie up and rolled him into the trunk. I pulled the lid down and pushed it shut. There wasn’t a sound from inside.

We went back into the trailer. We sat down, and she turned on the TV — some movie with Glenn Close as a lawyer and she falls in love and fucks her client who is charged with murder. Teri got two glasses, put ice in them, and made two drinks out of what was left of the Early Times.

She handed me one. I noticed she was trembling. I was shaking too, from the adrenaline. We watched the movie for a few minutes. I noticed she had begun to cry a little, trying to keep it hidden.

“Thanks for saving my ass again, Bobby,” she said. I took a sip of the whiskey. “Not a problem, baby sis,” I said.

As she sat next to me, I put an arm around her shoulders to comfort her. Then — maybe it was the excitement and the adrenaline — I noticed suddenly that she looked good, real good. I leaned toward her and gave her a kiss on the mouth. She was surprised and pulled away. “Bobby, no. Why did you do that?”

I don’t know exactly why I’d done it, but I did it again, and again she pulled away. “Bobby, damn it, stop that. It’s not right.”

Somehow, right and wrong didn’t matter to me right at that moment. I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her again, harder and more insistenly. I felt my dick growing, and all the sudden, damn it, I wanted my little sister. I wanted her bad.

Tery twisted and struggled and tried to stand, but I held her down tight, and she began to melt and yield. She began to return my kiss. I felt her tongue tangle with mine, and I moved my hand to one of her small, firm breasts. Her t-shirt was torn, and I could sense sweat and heat from her body.

I realized that in my hurry to get up the lane to her trailer, I hadn’t put on a shirt. I also could feel a trickle of blood on my face from where the pot hat hit me. Teri reached up to the side of my head and wiped at the blood with her fingers.

I tugged at Teri’s ripped shirt and pulled it over her head. That was all she’d had on over her upper body, and I could see and feel her breasts. I pulled her close to me and felt her precious, tight titties against my chest. She hesitated, then sighed and lowered her hand down my belly to the swelling outline of my dick in my pants. She rubbed it up and down. It got reality kings porno so hard it hurt.

I should explain. Teri and I had been close growing up, although never in any physical way, other than juvenile horsing around. We were the two kids in what amounted to a family, and when Pop disappeared and Mom hit the street, Teri and I were left to look out for ourselves.

That also meant we looked out for each other. I always came to Terri’s aid when she got in a scrape, with schoolmates, authority, or what became an endless succession of boyfriends from about 14 on — I even helped pay for an abortion she had at 15 or so. She tried to see I ate properly and didn’t drink too much (although she didn’t set such a great example), helped with homework (she was way smarter than me), and helped me look after money.

Sure, I noticed she’d grown to be a pretty girl, but I’m not meaning that the way you might think. That seemed never to have occurred to either of us. OK, there was one time that was kind of vivid. We’d gotten into a fight over something on some steps, and we both tumbled halfway down, with me on top of her. I remember her hard breathing and the look of fright and defiance in her eyes. But I got off her quickly and helped her up, and we thought no more about it.

And now here my kid sister was, rubbing my dick through my jeans. The same admission seemed to come to both of us at once, without a second thought. We fumbled at buttons and zippers, and with some effort i worked her tight shorts around her ass and off her tanned legs. She hadn’t bothered with panties either.

Teri got my zipper down and reached inside my boxers to pull out my hard dick. It seemed a little strange that my sister was actually looking at my cock — moreso that she actually saw it than that she had her soft hand wrapped around it. I felt something similar when I pushed her knees apart and moved my hand to her pussy. This was not Karen, or any of my other whores. This was the family treasure.

Teri stroked my dick to full length. She smiled at it, then at me. Her eyes closed and her head lay back as I worked my fingers into her tight pussy, forcing them in and out, teasing her clit with my thumb. Teri began to moan softly.

She finally took the lead, standing and walking toward the bed in the back room. I followed, eyeing the dark hair that fell to mid-shoulder, her back, and her pretty ass. I saw a butterfly tattoo on one cheek — I’d never seen it before. She lay on her back on the bed and motioned me over, looking me up and down.

“God, Bobby, you have a nice one,” Teri said, then added, joking. “I’m not afraid of it at all.” She put an arm around my ass and pulled me closer, reaching for my dick with her mouth, then sucking it in through her lips. She took it with her other hand and stroked it as she sucked. She sucked harder, turning her hand around the base of my dick as she drew it into her throat.

I could feel the muscles in her throat tryng to swallow the head of my cock. God, it felt fabulous. Teri obviously had sucked a few dicks.

This was all the pleasure I could stand for now. I pulled out of her mouth and got between her spread legs, giving short, swirling pokes at the entrance to her silky tunnel. She let out little mewling sounds, then a loud groan as I pushed it all the way in with one, strong motion.

I held it there, deep inside her, not moving, and lay on her, giving her mouth a hot, hard kiss. Again she moaned, and she wrapped her legs around my ass, holding me in.

At that I pulled out slowly, then drove in hard. Again a moan, which became a cry as I buried my fat dick deep in her tight pussy, feeling the cunt muscles stretch and ripple around it. I moved into a fast, hard rhythm, pumping in and out of her, flexing my ass to pound her pussy.

We became lost in our motions, with this reaching for that and meeting halfway. We fucked for several minutes with me on top, then rolled about so as to get her on top, all in one smooth, rolling motion. She held tight to my dick, adjusted herself, and began riding me hard. She seemed almost to faint as she fucked me. I palmed her breasts, then moved a hand down to rub at her clit as she rode my rigid pole.

“Oh Bobby, this is soooo good,” she cried, breathless. “God, I can’t take it. This is too good baby.” She moaned in time with her motions, and I could feel her pussy heating up as her orgasm built.

All together, I kissed her mouth, pulled her hair, played with her titties, and met her rocking actions with upward thrusts deep into her. Her pussy, her womb, her ass, her back, her legs all joined together as her orgasm spasmed and ripped through her body, and I continued to pound my dick up into her as she came with a sequence of loud cries.

We pulled apart in a joyous confusion, and I rolled and raised myself to mount her from behind. Driving in surely, I pushed my dick into her pussy from behind, slamming rus porno into her fast and hard. She was very vocal, and her cries and moans gave evidence of her pleasure, while at the same time pushing me to the edge.

I grabbed a fistful of her hair in each hand and pulled back hard, yanking her head backward while I fucked her tight, wet hole. My hands gripped her hips and held her impaled on my dick as I jammed it into her, deeper, faster, harder. my nuts slapping against her parts. I felt it building through my back, felt myself aching to cum.

At the very last moment, I pulled out of her, rubbing my dick on her soft ass, roared like a great warrior and fired shot after shot of white juice up the smooth skin of her back, from her white ass up and across her sun-covered back. The blasts of cum — two, five, eight, ten thick hard shots of semen — reached as high as her hair and covered her back in ribbons.

I couldn’t at that moment remember ever having come so much, so hard. I wanted more.

Instead, I fell weakened onto her back and ass, the pool of cum smearing between our bodies. I kissed her hair, then brushed it aside to kiss the back of her neck snd the edges of her ears. I rubbed my softening dick up and down the cleft of her ass, my cum spreading like melted butter between us.

Finally, the motion stopped, and we lay spent the way we fell. Teri gave a little laugh. “Bobby baby, we should not have done that,” she said, half-joking. “That was bad. That was very bad of us.”

We rolled apart and lay side-by-side facing each other. We kissed, and we laughed and sighed as we transformed from physical ecstasy to loving satisfaction. It had been wonderful, and we both knew it. “Teri baby,” I began. “I don’t know about you, but that was something I’ve wanted for years but didn’t know how much.”

We never really stopped touching, and before long, the touches began to take effect. I kissed her nipples, and she began to rise from the plateau of contentment we both had reached. At the same time, she reached to my dick and began again to stroke it up. It responded quickly to her tugs and rubs. becoming hard again.

Again I rolled her onto her back, and again she opened her legs for me. Again I mounted her, and again I drove my cock into her tight, wet cunt. She cried out through her quickening breath, crying in time with my thrusts.

This time, if possible, was better, at least for her. Already primed with orgasms, she came quickly as I increased my tempo, driving deep into her warm hole. The faster and harder I fucked, it seemed, the more quickly she came — over and over again. Her pleasure increased my own, adding the thrill of conquest to the heightened physical sensory load.

I pounded at her hard, nailing her to the bed, as if with a large spike through her tight pussy. We kissed, moaned, groaned, grasped at breasts and balls. I gripped her wrists tightly and pinned them over her head, holding her down and stretching her body full-length. All the time, I fucked her pussy unmercifully.

By now, it seemed she was cumming endlessly; I honestly had never seen this kind of response in a woman. No sooner had she finished one orgasm than another would build and, shortly afterward, explode throughout her body.

I needed it so bad. I released her wrists, then placed my hands under her ass so as to hold it tight as I fucked her cunt hard. I clenched my ass, making my body a straight, solid fucking machine, driving into her like a steam piston — harder and harder, with increasing force, power and passion.

Again I felt my orgasm building in my back like a ball of fire. I rammed my stiffened body at her, my ramrod deep inside her, and my orgasm erupted through my cock, firing the load into her pussy. Teri screamed in pleasure as I gave her my cum, all of it, all my cum pumping into her hot hole.

I collapsed onto her, relaxing as if into a hot bath, groanng in complete pleasure and release. Teri stroked my hair idly, and I could almost hear her smile. It couldn’t possibly be more pure and perfect.

We heard it at the same time, the sounds of muffled beating and shouts coming from outside the trailer. “It’s that damn Ronnie,” I said, and Teri laughed. “At least we know he’s not dead,” she added with a grin.

“We better do something about him,” I said. With that, Teri and I got up from the bed and began pulling on clothes. I tucked the gun in the waist of my pants. Teri found her car keys where we’d left them earlier, on a small wooden table, and we went out front to the Pontiac in the yard.

Ronnie sounded furious, and a little desperate as well. He beat on the trunk lid from the inside. It was priceless..

“You ok, Ronnie?” I called out innocently. The flailing and banging stopped. “You better let me out of here, you cocksucking bastard,” he answered.

“Yes,” I said. “I’ll let you out, pal.”

Teri and I got into the car, and I started it. We drove away in the direction of town and stopped maybe a quarter-mile from the hospital. I was guessing it was about 3 o’clock in the morning. The night was warm and humid, and locusts hummed in the trees as Teri and I got out of the car on the side street.

We walked around to the back of the car, and I opened the trunk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32