Screw Me

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It was a cold evening as she shut the door and locked it. Business had been slow this evening, and she was very glad that the time had come for closing. With the door locked she wandered to her back room, thinking about her life and paperwork this evening. The past few nights her dates had just gone bad, really bad.

While typing she had moved one had to her bottom to fix her short skirt, as she pressed a hand against herself it felt so good. She stopped what she was doing and did the motion of cupping her butt again. A pulse echoed through her body and she liked the way it felt. Her hand drifted forward to touch her panties, only to find a wet spot there. She rubbed herself for a second.

“Ohhhh…” She gasped and she rubbed harder now. A moan escaped from her mouth. She closed her eyes and let her hands act on their own. One hand moved her panties to the side and the other she pressed a finger against her wet pussy. She let the finger run up and down the lips as the other hand moved up her chest and started gently grabbing her breast.

“Gah…” She gasped as she placed her finger near her entrance, her hand squeezing her casino siteleri breast harder. One finger pushed in and out gently through her wet lips, her hand dug under her low cut shirt and into her bra. She pulled at her nipple as she added a second finger to her penetration. She licked her lips and gasped, feeling her body tighten around the second finger.

She opened her eyes and snatched a pen, she needed something more. She pulled her panties down and kicked her legs up on the desk. Then she slowly inserted the pen, it moved easily in her hole, as the wetness poured over onto her lips. She licked her fingers and found the tasted great as she pushed the pen further and further in her. Now she started to pull it out, then in, faster and faster. She gasped.

“More…” She grunted as she squeezed her breast. She withdrew the pen and sucked on it as she rummaged through her draw. She found a highlighted and slammed it into her body. She met with some difficulty at first. The thickness of the highlighters was different, much bigger than the pen. She found herself getting slicker and slicker and started a faster assault on canlı casino herself. Screamed a few more times, yanking her breast out into the open office. She continued to slam the highlighter into her pussy as she licked at her large breast.

“Fuck…” She gasped. “More…” she called to no one. She wanted to get off, but this wasn’t doing it, not yet. She felt close, so close, but something…

“Bigger, longer…” she mumbled as she went through the drawers. She found the answer, a screwdriver. She removed the highlighter and sucked on the juices, amazed at how she craved the taste of her own sex.

She slowly inserted the handle of the large screwdriver. Her eyes rolled back and she leaned back for a better angle, inserting the long tool into her wet snatch. Her inner muscles fought her for every inch but she pushed it deep within herself, slick with need. She pushed screaming until just the Philips head was sticking out.

“Fuck yeah…” She called to herself. Her fingers griped her tit and pulled and pinched while her other hand withdrew the screw driver and then forced it back into herself. She called out and kaçak casino screamed as she found the right spot to pull and push to. Her body tightened around the tool as she fucked herself over and over. Her juices spilled out into the chair. She cried out as she flicked at her own nipple and bit into her own breast, all while pumping the screwdriver in and out.

“Oh My…” She screamed, her eyes shut, sparkles of light exploding behind her eyes. “FUCKING GOD!” She screamed and grunted at once as she came, her body exploding, juices squirting all over her and the chair.

As she regained focus she withdrew the object of pleasure and sucked on the creamy fluid. She lapped all around it, sucking on it if needed. She let out a sigh of joy and licked her fingers clean. When she could stand she replaced her panties, washed her hands and the screwdriver and went back to the office.

Only there was a giant stain on the chair and also the screwdriver smelled like sex.

The next day she came into work and her boss looked at her strange.

“What happened to your chair?”

“Oh,” she laughed and turned pink thinking about the night before. “The chair broke on me, so I threw it out.”

“And the screwdriver?”

“Well I tried to fix the chair with it, but it didn’t work; so I figured if it was going to screw with me I should take it home with me…”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32