Self-Isolating With Mom Ch. 09

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Seth had been banished to his room while his mother took Dani into hers. She’d promised to let him know when he could come back. They were going to change out of their dresses and into something which his mother called ‘more appropriate’ for what the rest of the night had in store. Seth couldn’t wait to see what she had in mind. From all those times he’d gone through his mother’s drawers when he’d been left in the house alone, he knew she had a ton of sexy lingerie—many of which he’d pressed against his face when he’d jacked off—and he could only imagine what she was going to pick out of that plethora of goodies for this special occasion.

His mother told him to grab another shower. He knew she wanted to make the night when Dani lost her virginity special for her and he had no intention of screwing that up in any way. He’d asked his mother what she wanted HIM to wear. Her answer had been short and to the point, “As little as possible,” she’d said, glancing down at his crotch as she gave him a naughty smile. So, here Seth stood, under the shower with the stinging pellets beating down on him, muttering to himself over and over, “You lucky bastard…you lucky fucking bastard…”

Any of his friends—fuck, any red-blooded male on the face of the earth—would have jumped at the chance to be with either his mother or his sister and, now, here he was, getting to fuck both. “Maybe this pandemic does have a silver lining after all,” he thought to himself. Just the thought of what had already happened had his dick on the rise once more. He quickly washed it, but not before giving it a few slow teasing strokes. He knew he could have whipped off another load in no time thinking about either of them but, with the real thing awaiting him just a short distance down the hall, Seth spun the shower dial to COLD and shivered through the rest of it as he rinsed off, his rising prick behaving itself.

Freshly scrubbed, Seth sprawled out on his bed naked and checked his phone. “Fuck,” he said under his breath. There were nine text messages from Lizzy. The gist of each one was about what had happened after his mother had caught them. After the first few, they took on a concerned tone, which became almost frantic in the last couple of messages, wondering why he wasn’t responding to her.

Lizzy had been a good girlfriend to him—if you consider sucking your cock while you fantasize about your mother and sister a positive quality that you look for in a girlfriend. And Lizzy had been wonderful at that, even if she could only take about half of his cock into her mouth. No, he’d had no complaints. She’d eagerly swallowed every load, and enthusiastically went for more. She had no problem taking three or four loads in a row without asking for anything in return, although most of the time he’d finger her or lick her twat until she was climbing the walls.

Seth scanned through the messages one more time, with a somewhat heavy heart. He didn’t want to be a real dick to Lizzy, but after what had happened today—which he deemed to be the start of the sinfully illicit fulfillment of all his incestuous dreams—he knew he couldn’t turn back. He couldn’t go back to Lizzy after experiencing the cock-hardening pleasures his sister and mother had to offer. Just thinking about his mother, and what it had felt like to have her experienced mouth working on him, and then fucking her with every inch of his big hard cock…fuck…his prick was starting to stiffen again already as he just lay there thinking about her, like it had done so many times over the years.

And now he was going to experience the same exquisite delights with Dani, who was basically a younger version of his gorgeous, sexy mother. It was sad to say, but Lizzy had to take a back seat to those two. Seth knew that was the truth, and whether he was a fucking sick perv for wanting to have sex with his sister and mother, well, at this point, he was beyond all hope of redemption, and there was no way his rising cock would allow him to deny what his heart truly wanted.

Seth knew he had to call Lizzy. There was no way around it, and he wasn’t going to be an asshole and leave her twisting in the wind, wondering why he wasn’t getting back to her, or break it off by sending a text. How cowardly was that? No, she deserved a call, even if there was no way he could tell her the full truth. The illicit incestuous acts that had already taken place in this house today, and all those to come, would be their little secret. Seth smiled to himself, thinking that from now on, things at home were going to be like going to Las Vegas: “What happens in this house, stays in this house.”

He went to his list of contacts and hit Lizzy’s name. She answered after the first ring.

“Seth, I was so worried when I didn’t hear back from you. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry I took so long getting back to you. My mother and I had a really long xvideos porno talk and I had to think about everything we talked about.”

“What did she say? She looked pretty angry.”

“I think she was at first, but then she calmed down and we had a really good talk. Knowing what she’d seen us doing, I found it hard talking to her.” Seth couldn’t keep the smile off his face after saying that last sentence.

“I’m so embarrassed. I can’t believe she caught us.”

“The good thing is, she understands what it’s like for us. And not just for us, for everybody.”

“So, in the end, she wasn’t really all that mad?” Seth could hear the ray of hope in her voice.

“No, don’t mistake what I said—she was plenty mad at me. It wasn’t so much what she saw us doing that made her angry, but that I had lied to her, that I’d gone behind her back when she’d trusted me. When she put it to me like that, I felt awful, just awful.”

“Oh Seth, I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah, it really hit me when she talked like that. We talked some more, and ended up getting a few things straight between us.” Seth paused, thinking about how they’d gotten his big cock nice and straight between them. “And so, like I said, I did a lot of thinking, Lizzy, and I have to let you know that we can’t keep doing that.”

“What? You mean…?”

“Yes, we were being stupid. This virus isn’t something to joke about. You know, it might not hit either of us too bad if we got it, but if I passed it on to someone older, like my mom, or even my grandmother, I couldn’t live with myself.” Seth paused, thinking about his pretty grandmother, who his own mother had taken after with her looks and charm. As Dani was just a younger version of his mother, the same could be said of his grandmother and her daughter, his mother. The apple wasn’t falling far from the tree with any of those three women, all three of them possessing the looks and bodies that made men weak with desire.

“So we…we have to stop?” Seth could hear the tears now coming through the phone.

“I’m afraid so. It’s the safest thing for everyone if we just don’t see each other until this thing is over. I’m really sorry, Lizzy, but I’ve made my decision, and that’s the way it has to be.”

“But…but what are you gonna do about…you know? You know you have to get off a number of times a day. Maybe we can find some other way that I can help you with that. Maybe we can connect over the internet and at least watch each other get off.”

Seth hadn’t thought of that possibility when he’d called her. He knew he had to come up with something, even if it was a lie, which he hadn’t really done during the entire conversation so far. “I just can’t do that, Lizzy. It’ll be too hard for me, being able to see you, to see that pretty mouth of yours, but to know at the same time I can’t feel it on my cock. I’m sorry, we’re just going to have to quit—cold turkey, as they say.”

“Okay, okay. I get it. Thank you for saying that. Maybe after this is all over, and things kind of get back to normal, we can see each other again?”

Seth thought about what she’d just said, “when things get back to normal.” Fuck, how long was that going to be, if ever. “We’ll see, Lizzy, we’ll see. Look, I’m sorry, but I’ve gotta go. We’re going to do a family thing together tonight.”

“What, like watch a movie?”

Seth smiled to himself, thinking about the night ahead. “Yeah, something like that. Okay, I’ve gotta go. And Lizzy, until things change, it’s probably best if you don’t even text me either, okay?”

There was a pause and he felt bad as he heard her crying on the other end. “Okay, okay. Goodbye Seth.”

He pushed the END button and put his phone down. She was a nice girl, and it was too bad he had to end things that way. He felt like telling her to hit on her brother, who was home from college because of the pandemic. He was sure a frat boy like that would certainly be happy to pump a few loads down his pretty sister’s throat. But how the hell do you bring up something like that? He really hoped she’d be happy, but he just knew it wasn’t going to be with him.

Already, as soon as he’d finished the call, his thoughts had gone back to his mother and sister. Subconsciously, his hand had strayed down to his limber cock, idly stroking it as he pictured the two women, and what the night ahead was going to be like. It was only a few seconds later when his phone pinged, indicating an incoming text. It was from his mother:

“We’re ready. Come over any time and, like I said, wear as little as possible.”

“If that’s what she wants, that’s what she’s gonna get,” Seth said to himself as he tossed his phone aside, sprang up from his bed and padded down the hallway, his long heavy cock hanging majestically between his legs.

The double doors to the master bedroom were closed, so Seth opened one door and tentatively stepped inside. The drapes were closed and one of the bedside table lamps had been turned on. He saw that yerli porno his mother had put out a number of votive candles strategically placed around the room. The warm radiance of the light and the flickering from the candles cast a warm amber glow over the whole room. He caught a whiff of their perfume, the sensual fragrance teasing his senses as he breathed it in. He could see that his mother had pulled down the covers on her four-poster bed, getting it ready for the action that was about to take place, a set of rich crimson-colored sheets covering the mattress.

But what really caught Seth’s eye and made his heart skip a beat were the two occupants of the room. His mother stood at the foot of the bed, one hand wrapped around the tall post at the corner of the canopy-covered bed in a teasingly sexy pose. One knee was slightly bent as she looked at him, giving him a provocatively suggestive look that had him squirming within seconds. She’d redone her makeup, her eyes made up in darker smokier tones that looked sinfully erotic, and her lustrous blond locks were fluffed up wildly as they framed her lovely features. She had a new layer of lipstick on those gorgeous full lips, another vivid shade of blood red. He couldn’t help but picture those pouty lips of hers pursed forward, providing a perfect target for his throbbing cock. Yes, his mother had a mouth he could picture face-fucking all night long.

Seth finally allowed his eyes to drift downward, which wasn’t a hardship by any means. As expected, she was dressed in devastatingly sexy lingerie, with every wickedly provocative garment being jet black in color. His eyes immediately set on her huge mouth-watering breasts, which were breathtakingly displayed in a lacy open-cup bustier. The bra portion was more like a shelf, with the supporting cups ending just below her openly-displayed nipples, the dark pink bullets already stiff and pointing at him suggestively. The black shoulder straps of the bustier came up from around the sides of her breasts and then up, before they disappeared over her shoulders, the ribbon-like straps taut as bridge cables. He knew that bustier and the partial bra cups must have had some serious reinforcing in order to be able to support the heavy load of those massive breasts, and still push them together and up spectacularly.

Seth’s eyes tracked lower as the black satin and lace bustier followed the enticing curves of her shapely hourglass figure. He was so glad that his mother took care of herself, eating well and working out regularly, making good use of their basement gym during the pandemic. The bustier ended at her waist with a few lacy scallops that looked wickedly sexy. When the bustier ended at her slender nipped-in waist, there were a few inches of her tanned stomach on display, a glittering stone winking out at him from her navel, the twinkling stone drawing his eye to her toned abs like a hypnotist’s watch.

Allowing his eyes to drift lower, Seth saw that she was wearing lacy French-cut panties, the dainty panties cut wickedly high on her broad flared hips, with made her legs look a mile long, and devastatingly sexy. The sheer black thigh-high stockings she was wearing had something to do with that too. The broad lacy band at the top of each stocking gripped her upper thigh suggestively, mere inches below the narrow strip where her lacy panties disappeared between her thighs.

Seth felt his eyes being drawn downward, following the enticing line of her shapely legs, down past her full creamy thighs, taking in the cute shape of her dimpled knees, over her muscular calves, past her trim ankles until they came to rest on her stunningly sexy shoes. They were black stilettos, with pointy toe caps, and a single black leather band that circled her slender ankle sensually. The sky-high heels made her toned legs look beguilingly sexy, and the shoes alone made Seth gulp, his heart-rate soaring as he took in the whole gorgeous ensemble. His mother looked more beautiful and sexier than in any outfit he’d Photoshopped her into. He couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Seth’s attention was drawn to the bed as Dani moved slightly. Beyond his mother standing at the foot of the bed, his sister was reclining on her side on the crimson sheets, her head propped up on her hand. Seth felt his heart flutter as he looked at her, never imaging that his sweet little sister, the competitive soccer fanatic, could look so beautiful, and so cock-hardeningly sexy.

Where his mother had been dressed all in black, Dani was dressed all in white, brilliant virginal white. He knew his mother had done this on purpose and, as Seth took in Dani’s exquisite form, he was so glad she had. His sister was wearing a full merry widow corset, complete with garter belt and stockings. The corset itself was made up of numerous structured panels of shiny white satin, with lace trim running up and down along the divisions between the vertical panels. The big curving bra cups were totally covered with an intricate layer youjizz porno of the delicate white lace, making the corset look intimately feminine and pretty, as well as spellbindingly sexy.

Even lying on her side, Seth could see that Dani’s breasts looked incredible, the corset making those big tits of hers look even bigger than they were, the structured cups pushing them together to make her cleavage look a mile long and as deep and dark as midnight. She had on a pair of skimpy white lace panties which, like the ones her mother was wearing, were cut sinfully high on her hips, emphasizing the teasingly erotic shape of her curvy hourglass figure. Ribbon-like garters extended down to her thighs, where they bit teasingly into the intricate broad lacy bands of white nylons, the stockings so sheer that they seemed like mere whispers of silk against the tanned skin of her legs.

Dani had one leg cocked suggestively over the other as she lay on her side, allowing Seth’s gaze to move fluidly over her reclining form. His eyes drifted down past the lacy stocking tops and over those teasingly sheer stockings, along his sister’s muscular legs to her slender feet, which were clad in white pumps, with pointy toes that could kick the eyes out of a snake, and rapier-like high heels that were already making his cock start to stand up and take notice.

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Seth let his gaze roam back up over her lush curvy body to her face. Her pretty young face looked absolutely gorgeous. Her eye shadow was done up slightly more exotic too, but still with those soft magenta and bronzy tones that brought out her youthful allure. Her eyelashes had been touched up with mascara, making her sultry blue eyes jump from beneath the bold dark lashes.

And her mouth, her beautiful full mouth and pouty lips. Dani’s lips were covered with a shiny coating of cherry-red gloss that glistened teasingly in the flickering light from the candles. Seth thought it was a perfect color for a mouth that was just made for sucking cock, which is what he planned on having his sister do a lot of from now on.

Her hair looked just as beautiful, framing her lovely features attractively. It had been pinned up and curled slightly again, but this time with more of those wispy tendrils and dangling soft golden curls hanging loose about her regal neck, making her hair look even more wild and sexy than it had earlier. Around her slender neck, she still wore her graduation present, the glittering rhinestone choker her mother had given her. “God, that choker is so hot,” Seth thought. It looked bewitchingly sexy, making her look like a seductive enchantress, a confident woman who knew how sexy she looked, and could make any man’s fantasy come true.

Seth knew this was the look his mother wanted him to see, the look she wanted Dani to have on this special night, the night where her daughter was going to lose her virginity, and not to just anyone, but to her loving big brother.

“I think he approves of what we’re wearing, or at least part of him does.”

His mother’s voice broke Seth out of the trancelike state he’d found himself in as he’d stared at the two of them. He was standing there almost stupefied. He’d never seen such a dizzying display of pulchritude in his whole life as when he looked at the two stunningly beautiful women before him, his mother and his sister. Coming out of his illicitly exciting daydream, he saw both of them looking over at him, broad smiles on their faces. He looked down to see that his cock was already stiffening, the bloated head getting bigger by the second as the veiny shaft lengthened and rose from between his legs.

“Isn’t that a thing of beauty, Dani?” Sonya said as the two women watched Seth’s huge cock continue to grow, the lengthening shaft bobbing with each beat of his powerful heart as it got harder and harder. Now it was their turn to stare as if hypnotised, both of them on the verge of drooling as they watched the enormous cockhead rise higher and higher, until that beautiful cock was like a soldier standing at attention, the engorged head at full salute.

“Doesn’t Dani look pretty dressed all in white like that?” Sonya said, once it was clear Seth was back with the living.

“She looks incredible!” Seth answered, feeling himself sweating with excitement already.

“I thought some bridal lingerie would be the perfect thing for the night my sweet girl loses her virginity. Good thing I’d put mine away. And it’s so nice my boobs were the same size as Dani’s when I got married.”

“That’s the outfit you wore on your wedding night?”

“Everything, right down to the shoes. It was only worn once. What a shame. I think the choker is a nice touch though, don’t you?”

“I love it,” Seth replied, his eyes raking blatantly over his sister’s gorgeous ensemble. “And she looks fabulous in the whole outfit. At least we’ll get some good use out of it tonight.”

“That cock of yours seems to think so too,” Sonya said as she took a couple of steps forward and stood next to Dani. “Why don’t you come over here and give your sister something nice and juicy to suck on.” She turned to her daughter. “Dani, get up on your hands and knees and show your brother how much you want to be his little cocksucker.”

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